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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language Problematics
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002
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English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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  • experience
  • sensory impression
  • data from sensation
  • mental experience
  • empirical
  • experiential
  • ~observation by sensation
  • adept awareness
  • astute understanding
  • palpable insight
  • acumen: scope of grasp
  • discernible intellect

 : Percept, percepts, perceptual, etc.

Classical percepts are axiomatically and dogmatically "objective experience." Classical percepts are dialectical percepts. Dialectic requires substantial stability, EEMD localability, isolability, separability, and reducibility of all objective reality: we call it "lisr."

Classical percepts are (tend to be) logical and logically positive. See Logical Positivism.

: Pærcæpt, pærcæpting, pærcæptings, pærcæpts, pærcæptual, pærcæptualihzing, pærcæptualihzings, pærcæptuals, etc.

Quantum pærcæptings aræ "quantum epæriænce." Quantum pærcæptings aræ quantonic pærcæpts. Quantonics ræquiræs anihmacy, amd REIMAR ihnterrelati¤nshipings am¤ng ahll quantons ihn quantum ræhlihty.

What did we just describe?

We just described complementaroception! Ihn Quantonics wæ cahll iht "quantum~pærcæptual~straddqling." Doug - 2Jul2006.

What are "REIMAR ihnterrelati¤nshipings am¤ng ahll quantons ihn quantum ræhlihty?"

They are ensemble, self~other~re~organizing networkings (SOrONs) of quantum~phasicityings!

What does that last sentence describe?

A holomovement!

Quantum animate holograms SOrON their affective coobsfecting comtextual phasicityings.

Quantum pærcæptings aræ hærmænæut(ihc(ing))s ¤f basæs ¤f jihudgmænt.

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