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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language Problematics
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002
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English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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: Phase

Paul Pietsch, in his Shufflebrain 'defines' phase for us, like this:

"Phase, remember, specifies the location of amplitude." Our italicization of 'the.'

We hope, now, that after eight years of Quantonics, our students can irreverently nail what that 'definition's' quantum~problematics are. Let's make a list:

  • First we should QELR his sentence to experience some clues as to its problems, however, we can just examine his words and grasp some QIC~simplicities:
  • Pietsch's 'specifies' classically implies analytic fixation as a notion which can be viewed tautologously as: axiomatic, canonic, legalistic,..., essentially 'forever true.'
  • Regarding Pietsch's use of 'the,' see our coined thelogos.
  • Pietsch's 'specifies' requires an classical operation of reifying a qualitative, subjective quantum reality into a quantitative, objective classical nonreality. See our QELRs of object and subject.

: Phase, phased, phases, phasihcihty, phasings...

In Quantonics, in general, we shall coopt classical 'phase' with more quantum 'phasæ.' Even more generally, we shall use present participle adjectival 'phasicityings.'

Quantum~phasæ, n¤r any quanton, may be described as having classically objective 'physical properties.' Said properties are

  • first, static, and due their staticity,
  • second, formally-specifiable.

Quantons, like phasæ, are n¤n specifiable by any formal, mechanical, objective 'property.' HotMeme™ "Only quantum~flux can describe quantons!"™ HotMeme™. Do n¤t assume you can scalarbate quantons like hylic-psychic classicists propertyesquely scalarbate objects.

Quantum~adaptive general~phasicityings lingually QELR~coopt scalarbative, classical-immutable specific-staticity.

Paul Pietsch, in his Shufflebrain 'defines' [scalarbates] phase, specific-statically, for us, like this:

"Phase, remember, specifies the location of amplitude." Our italicization of 'the.'

Here's our QELR of it, raw:

Phasæ, ræmæmbær, spæcihfies the l¤cati¤n ¤f amplihtudæ.

Tr¤ublæ issi, f¤r what wæ aræ attæmpting t¤ sh¤w hæræ, that QELR c¤uld bæ bættær. H¤w D¤ug? H¤w can iht bæ bættær, quantum~bættær?

Recall that quantum~æssæncæ requires omniffering quantum~voicings: quantum reality is both a plural (massively heterogeneous), and a present participlings reality. Notice that we did n¤t say 'the' reality, we said 'a' reality. To use a pragmatic analogy here, it is n¤t a Pietschean classical "phase code(d)" reality, rather quantum ræhlihty issi many phasings~ænc¤dings ræhlihtyings. T¤¤, quantum~phase~ænc¤dings aræ quantum ihnterrelati¤nshipings: quantons!

So our quantum quintessential QELR of Pietsch's 'definition' might be:

"Phasings, ræmæmbær, aræ quantum~flux~m¤nit¤rings ¤f QLOings ¤f


Our motivation for quantum~general phasicity in preference to classical-specific staticity distills to latter's insistence on classical reality's classical notions of 'stoppability,' including:

  • Aristotelian-Newtonian 'state,'
  • classical 'stoppability,'
  • classical 'movement by immobilities,'
  • Feynmanian 'reference frame,'
  • physicists' 'zero momentum,'
  • 'logics'' analyticity,
  • 'objects' as having Platonic principle-driven axiomatic, canonic, çatholiç 'properties,' as 'propertyesque,'
  • etc.

Classically, for phase and similar to frequency, we cannot (i.e., it is 'wr¤ng' to assume, classically, that we can) make measurements (scalarbate) at a 'point.' However, phasæ, like frequency, is quantum~unstoppable and thus ~animately~stochastic. Classicists deludedly assume that phasæ and frequency are not only transverse 2D state-icities, but that phasæ and frequency will classically, certainly hold still while classicists measure them.

Classically 'phase' is state-ic 'di' fference twixt two 'stopped' scalar angle 'measurements.'

Quantons aræ quantum~phasihc. Their quanta aræ chumks ¤f anihmatæ enærgy. They have n¤ classihcal 'statæ.' They aræ n¤t classihcahlly st¤ppable! They aræ quantum phasihc. They have quantum phasihcihty amd quantum phasihcihtyings.

Quantum phasihcihtyings linguistihcahlly ihnure many quantum mæmæs, ihncluding:

  • abs¤lutæ anihmacy,
  • æværywhere-ihncludæd-mihddle-ass¤ciatihvihty (EIMA),
  • mahssihvely prægmahllel quantum ænsehmble ihnterrelati¤nshipings, (sææ fuzzon)
  • quantum (p¤tæntiahlly-æntanglæable) heterogæne¤us ihslandihcihty,
  • quantum reality is quantum holographic, therefore all is quantonic interrelationshipings phasicityings' encodings,
  • quantum uncertainty manifests across all scales of quantum reality (i.e., since we cannot classically, stoppably measure, thus scalarbate phasæ at a point, we are ignorant, "quantum uncertain," of its phasæ: incipience of natural quantum uncertainty). O'gadon, ask yourself how this interrelates Einstein's need to 'transform' his Special Relativity into his more General Relativity... If you need help read Zukav's Dancing Wu Li Masters.
  • quantons as REIMAR (¤ftæn læast enærgy) ¤mnihfferæncing phasihcihtyings,
  • etc.

Fr¤m any quantum~h¤l¤graphic~pærspæctihvæ, quantons aræ phasihcihtyings! That issi quintæssæntiahlly expressing quantum~h¤l¤graphic~ræhlihty as phasihcihtyings!

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