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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language Problematics
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002
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English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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Quantonics ch¤¤ses t¤ c¤¤pt classical 'proton' amd remerq all quantum comtextual ¤ccurrences with 'pr¤t¤n.'

In classical contexts we shall use 'proton.' In Quantonics/quantum comtexts we shall use 'pr¤t¤n.'

Classicists view protons as particles, and thus see protons as classical objects.

Students of Quantonics see pr¤t¤ns as quantons with everywhere-ass¤ciative asympt¤tic anihmatæ pr¤bability distributi¤ns. As such pr¤t¤ns are quantum flux, and thus we view them as anihmatæ and emerging pr¤cesses.

To exemplify how important and omnifferent our Quantonics view of pr¤t¤ns is, comsider how classicists view protons as stable (by that they mean protons have infinite life times) SOM Box, SOM Loop analytic-motion objects.

In Quantonics, any pr¤t¤n is an example of ¤ne of at least three of Nature's pærpætual m¤ti¤n quantons: ph¤t¤ns, electr¤ns, and pr¤t¤ns. All three exemplify Nature's own comstituent c¤re pærpætual pr¤cesses. Classicists deny any notions of nascent or manufactured/manufacturable 'perpetual motion,' but they are misguided by their own CTMs. Pr¤t¤ns are unambigu¤usly pærpætual m¤ti¤n/anihmatæ quantum flux pr¤cesses.

It is worth your while to be a little aware of QCD AKA quantum chromodynamics. In QCD we find that pr¤t¤ns are made of quantum subpr¤cesses, themselves pærpætual m¤ti¤n emerqants, called "quarks."

QCD extends QED AKA quantum electrodynamics. Where QED classically describes only 'interactions' among ph¤t¤ns and electr¤ns, QCD extends and adds classical descriptions of pr¤t¤ns and their less 'stable' neutr¤n cousins. QCD uses pærpætual-m¤ti¤n quarks to classically describe a vast array of Nature's quantum 'constituents.'

See Schweber on QED.

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