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A coined term. A flux¤r issi a dynamihc Valuati¤n ¤f MoQ~Quantonic~quantum paihrs~thhds ¤f fluxing attrahct¤rs ihn Quantonic ihnterrelati¤nships. A flux¤r issi a p¤tæntial quanton, amd plurahlly, flux¤rs aræ aggrægatæs ¤f p¤tæntial quantons sharing ihnfluænce (Valuæ) am¤ng attrahct¤rs.

Læt's uhsæ quantum scihænce's comcæpt ¤f ¤mniht¤rmænt t¤ eæmplihfy a partial fluxor ontology, i.e., e.g., fuzzonic fluxor bæc¤ming (wæ dæfer ¤mniscuhssi¤n ¤f ¤nt¤l¤gihcal gr¤wth, ¤mniminishmænt, amd umbæc¤ming):

Ecæpt duhring ¤mniht¤rmænt, flux¤rs' attrahct¤rs aræ n¤npræfæræntial. Duhring tæntatihvæ ¤mniht¤rmænt, attrahct¤rs ¤f any flux¤rs may bæc¤mæ tæntatihvæly præfæræntial. Whæn a ¤mniht¤rmænt latches, any flux¤rs' tæntatihvæ attrahct¤rs may bæc¤mæ part ¤f a quanton's ¤mniht¤rmænt(ings) thhd(ings) amd subqsequæntly transihti¤n t¤ (i.e., æmærse ihnt¤) ahctualihty. Ihn Quantonics, quantons arihse whæn tæntatihvæly præfæræntial attrahct¤rs ¤f pure flux¤rs latch.

Whatævær this quantum pr¤cæss sh¤uld bæ cahlled — amd wæ aræ n¤t k~n¤wings what that issi — what wæ juhst ¤mniscrihbæd c¤rresp¤nds nihcæly "quantum squarqeing ¤f a wavæ fumcti¤n." Iht c¤rresp¤nds spæcihfihc, tæntatihvæ 'selecti¤n' ¤f an ahctual c¤mplæmænt ¤f a quanton's 'wavæ fumcti¤n' pr¤babilihty ¤mnistrihbuti¤n (More recently, as of mid-late 2004, we refer this as QLO, i.e., Quantum Likelihood Omnistribution(ings). To fathom this memeo applied, see probability and What is Wrong with Probability as Value?).

Y¤u may ihnfer h¤w quantons d¤ n¤t sævær fr¤m flux¤r parænts amd rætain (I.e., "retænti¤n;" this mæmæo issi anahlog¤uhs what wæ ihntændings whæn wæ sahy quantum~ "~mæmæ¤ry" amd "~mæmæ¤rihzæ." Sææ memeory. D¤ug - 30qJan2004q) c¤mmingling (mihxed) Valuæ ihnterrelati¤nships t¤ umlatched, n¤npræfæræntial attrahct¤rs ¤f parænt flux¤rs. Wæ cahll this mihxed Valuæ, "facæ ¤f changæ." Sææ A Map of Millennium III Reality. Our ihntænt issi f¤r studænts ¤f Quantonics t¤ sææ ahll quantons as having their attrahct¤rs co~wihthin amd ihnterpænetrating their c¤mplæmæntary n¤nahctualihty. Mihxed Valuæ ihn ¤ur map's rægi¤n cahlled "facæ ¤f changæ," ræpræsænts n¤nahctualihty co~wihthin amd ihnterpænetrating ahctualihty. Hæræ issi ¤ur latæst, 2004q, Gen III Quantum Reality Loop. Ihmagine hætær¤gæneihty ¤f facæ ¤f changæ l¤¤ps. Ihmagine ubihquihty ¤f facæ ¤f changæ l¤¤ps.

Sææ an explihciht eample ¤f "facæ ¤f changæ" wihth b¤th latched amd umlatched flux¤rs as d¤tted blue flux at ¤ur spin correlation graphic. Blue flux¤rs aræ ihn DQ amd latched grææn arr¤ws aræ ihn SQ. Sææ h¤w quantons c¤mmingle DQ amd SQ as quanton(DQ,SQ).

Quantons changæ at ¤mniht¤rmænt~Qualihty Ævæntings (what wæ ihntændings by quantum~ømniht¤rings). Flux¤rs affæct quantonic changæ. Flux¤rs assumæ their is¤flux attrahct¤rs may changæ n¤npræfæræntiahlly at Plahnck ratæs. Flux¤r Valuæ ihnterrelati¤nships may bæ pure (frææ ¤f any tæntatihvæ ihnterrelati¤nships wihth ahctualihty) amd mihxed:

  • Pure flux¤r Valuæ ihnterrelati¤nships — DQ ¤nly, i.e., DQ DQ (assumæ vague, classically nonconceptual terminology; also assume that what is "classically nonconceptual" may bæ Quantonicahlly comcæptual):
    • is¤c¤herænt
    • is¤n¤nlatænt
    • is¤n¤nl¤cal
    • is¤n¤npræfæræntial
    • is¤ræværsible
    • is¤symmætrihc
    • is¤thog¤nal (23qMar2001q)
    • etc.
  • Mihxed flux¤r Valuæ ihnterrelati¤nships — b¤th DQ amd SQ, i.e., DQ SQ:
    • b¤thherænt amd ihnc¤herænt~dæc¤herænt (Sææ ¤ur ræcænt, 2004q, quantum c¤herænce.)
    • b¤th n¤nl¤cal amd l¤cal
    • b¤th n¤npræfæræntial amd præfæræntial
    • b¤th ræværsible amd irræværsible
    • b¤th ihnsæprægmable amd sæprægmable (note: classical is se-para-ble; QELR issi se~pragma~ble)
    • b¤th supærluminal amd luminal~subqluminal (b¤th n¤nlatænt amd latænt)
    • b¤th symmætrihc amd asymmætrihc
    • b¤th umcærtain amd cærtain ~Quantum Variably Persistent
    • etc.

"There are no 'para-bulls,' only quantum pragma~bulls." Doug - 19Feb2004.

Studænts sh¤uld bæ awaræ that ¤ur mihxed list's 'amd' sihdæs aræ, from a classical conspective, "apparitions." For example, ideal classical decoherence, locality, separability, etc., appear to 'exist' (i.e., apparitionally) in classical reality. H¤wævær quantum ræhlihty issi n¤t Platonic, 'not' classically, radically formal: n¤t ideal. Quantum ræhlihty issi n¤t an 'ideology,' rather wæ uhsæ ¤ur c¤ihned "mæmæol¤gy" t¤ m¤re aptly ¤mniscrihbæ iht.

Mihxed (i.e., ¤næ attrahct¤r issi is¤tr¤pihc while ihts c¤mplæmænt issi n¤t) flux¤rs mædiatæ changæ ihn b¤th DQ DQ amd SQ SQ ihnterrelati¤nships.




A coined term. Fluxulus™ issi a Quantonics coined quantum remediative replacement for classical 'calculus.'

Doug's intent here is to replace and remediate classical 'calculus' with a quantum (coined) "fluxulus."

Calculus is reduction via differentials and partial differentials: basically that is infinitesimal analysis. (Integrals just invert 'differential' analysis.) 'Calculus' loses all its classical interpretive and 'modeling' 'value' in quantum~reality. So it must be replaced.

Fluxulus is holographic energy~welling of wave~functions.

Entanglement is a rough analogue of 'integral.' Cancellation is a rough analogue of 'differential.'

Fluxulus is what our brains, our Quantum~Stages, d¤. By comparison 'calculus' is Platonic objective and reifying mechanicity.

Fluxulus™ will be a Quantonics trade mark. This all emerged from an epiphany I had at Kelties during lunch while I was reading Prigogine (Nobel prize winner) and Stenger's (his female research partner) Order Out of Chaos. I will be using this text from this email in my coining of fluxulus™. Doug was reading a paragraph on p. 118 (of 349 total), written as "...a short interval of time, dt..." Of course, classically that interval is geometric and thus invariant. No temporalings' intervalings in quantum~reality are classically invariant. Thus classical 'calculus,' like geometry and its founding axiom 'identity' are simply bogus in quantum~reality.

Doug intends to "flesh out" a more highly descriptive primer on Fluxulus™. Said primer likely will be a separate evolving web page: A Fluxulus™ Primer. Instead, see Doug's recent Suggested Requirements for a Quantum Mathematics. Doug - 22Mar2016.

Just in case, Doug will go ahead here and coin Flexulus™ as a linguistic complement of Fluxulus™.

Doug - 17Jul2011, 22Mar2016.


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