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Index to Coined Quantonic 'I' Terms
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Inotic Intersolute Intotic Intueme Isob

Isocoherent (tbd)
see cohera and

see quantum coherence

Isodiffract Isoflux Ison
Isop Isoreversible (tbd) Isot IsoV (rev - 5Mar2015 - Doug) Isox


<in'·ah·tik> ino corresponds to Pirsig's MoQ's Inorganic Level

Inotics are evolving quantonic patterns of value at MoQ's Inorganic Level. Most do n¤t, and some inotics may threaten more highly evolved biological patterns of value.

MoQ teaches us that DQ invents inorganic (inotic) patterns of value which further invent biological (biotic) patterns of value, which further invent social (sociotic) patterns of value, which further invent intellectual (intotic) patterns of value.

In a similar sense as biotics are living patterns of biological value, inotics are living patterns of inorganic value.

See antinotic. Index


Lihterahlly, ahll quantonic ihnterrelati¤nships aræ ihnter~s¤luble, amd ihnter~s¤luti¤n. Wæ may thinkq ¤f Pirsig's Statihc Qualihty (SQ) as ihnters¤lute his Dynamihc Qualihty (DQ). Wæ may thinkq ¤f ræhlihty as an ihnters¤luti¤n ¤f b¤th n¤nahctualihty (is¤flux) amd ahctualihty (latched flux).

This helpful ihntuæmæ arose ihn ¤ur rævihew ¤f William James' own Some Problems of Philosophy, Chapter XII, where he says, "The truth is that neither the elements of fact nor the meanings of our words are separable as the words are. The original form in which fact comes is the perceptual durcheinander, holding terms as well as relations in solution, or interfused and cemented." (Too, Greek and Latin, originally, saw f- 'act;' i.e., fact's 'act' as pragma-'act-'ion.)

Clearly, James sees his 'percepts' as intersolute his 'flux,' and 'aether.' And in our quote above, if one perceives words and fact as Pirsig's SQ, then we may also infer that James also saw his 'concepts' as intersolute his 'flux.'

Ihn Quantonics, then, ¤ur quanton(DQ,SQ) jutap¤sæs ihn ihnters¤luti¤n ahll thrææ ¤f Jamæs' ihntuæmæs: flux, pærcæpts, comcæpts lihkæ this: quanton(flux,pærcæpts~comcæpts). Ohr ihf y¤u wish, y¤u may stretch Jamæs' ihntuæmæs thuhs: pærcæpt(flux,comcæpt). Pr¤blæm wihth lattær issi that Jamæs dihd n¤t obvi¤uhsly ihntuiht amd ¤mniscrihbæ many quantum Valuæ ihnterrelati¤nships wæ attrihbute t¤ ¤ur etændæd ihntuæmæ ¤f quanton. Our præfærænce issi t¤ vihew Jamæs' pærcæpts as ¤ur quanton's 'c¤mma,' amd as Pirsig's "facæ ¤f changæ," "diræct epæriænce," amd "Qualihty Ævænt." Index


<int'·ah·tik> int corresponds to Pirsig's MoQ's Intellectual Level

Intotics are evolving quantonic patterns of value at MoQ's Intellectual Level. Most do n¤t, and some intotics may threaten more highly evolved ascendent patterns of value.

Quantonics teaches an extension to MoQ. It teaches that MoQ teaches us that biotic (biological) patterns of value invent sociotic (social) patterns of value, which further invent intotic (intellectual) patterns of value.

Quantonics adds a next evolute empirical increment and teaches that intotics invent ascendent patterns of value. See our MoQ Emerscitecture diagram (this artwork has recently been remediated extensively, and it shows our Quantonics intuition of further evolutionary steps in a hierarchy; also see added links there).

In a similar sense as biotics are living patterns of Biological Value, intotics are living patterns of Intellectual Value.

See antintotic. Index


Coined contraction of intuitive meme. 'Into-eem.' Replaces obsolete classical term 'concept.' Source: reading of Henri Bergson's, An Introduction to Metaphysics, where he says, "Metaphysics must transcend concepts to reach intuition." Page 21.

Y¤u may ch¤¤se t¤ n¤te that ¤ur quantonic mæmæs aræ ihntænti¤nahlly ihntuæmæs. Compare what Bergson says intuemes must be like to transcend classical formal systems: ...a nonformal (i.e., an emerqant) intueme can be "...only truly itself when it goes beyond...concept, or at least when it frees itself from rigid and ready made concepts in order to create a kind very different from those which we habitually use; I mean supple, mobile, and almost fluid representations, always ready to mould themselves on...fleeting [i.e., quantum Planck rate] forms [i.e., emerqs] of intuition." He almost says our quanton memes must be (or already are) intuitive! See our recent Bergson's I-cubed as Quantonic semiotics.

Where James' concepts are static forms like Plato's pre-existing 'ideal' ideas, intuemes are Planck rate viral like Dawkins' memes. Intuemes are a subspecies of intotics.



Is¤c¤herænt is¤flux comstihtuænts which have epæriænced at læast ¤næ æmærgænce ¤nt¤l¤gy cycle (i.e., ahctualihzati¤n). Ihn w¤rds wæ can ¤mniscrihbæ an æmærgænce~dæmærgænce ¤nt¤l¤gy cycle as: is¤n¤npræfæræntial flux t¤ is¤tæntatihvæ flux t¤ is¤preferæntial flux t¤ is¤tæntatihvæ flux t¤ is¤bæing flux. Uhsing ¤ur f¤ur lætter 'is¤~x' n¤tati¤n, wæ can sh¤w that æmærgænce~dæmærgænce ¤nt¤l¤gy lihkæ this: ison isot isop t¤ is¤t t¤ is¤b. Wæ nææd is¤bs t¤ ¤mnistinguish is¤flux which issi pure (i.e., has n¤t epæriænced a quantum ahctualihzati¤n amd æmærgænce ¤nt¤l¤gy cycle) amd which wæ symbolihzæ as isoVs, fr¤m is¤flux which has bææn ahctualihzæd amd dæahctualihzæd. Wæ symbolihzæ lattær as is¤bs.

Is¤bs c¤mp¤se is¤fuzz¤n ihnterrelati¤nships wh¤se pri¤hr fuzz¤n QLOs ihn ahctualihty have ihmmærsed as is¤QLOs.

Is¤fuzz¤ns' is¤b lihnæs aræ is¤peaqlos. This issi what wæ ræfer as quantum nægæntr¤py mæmæ¤ry. Is¤peaqlos aræ quantum~is¤h¤l¤graphic. See our 2004 hologram and our Stairs hologram commentary.


Coined term for 'being' pure isoflux. Quantons arise~emerse~become~transition~from isoflux. Quantons demise~immerse~unbecome~transition~back~to isoflux. Fluxors in isoflux 'isobe.' Wasabe isobe? Index
Quantonics teaches uhs that ahctualihty arihses fr¤m n¤nahctualihty. Ont¤l¤gihcahlly, arihse issi equihvalænt t¤ bæc¤ming. S¤mæ yæt umkn¤wn pr¤cæss wæ n¤w ræfer t¤ as a quantum spæcial ævænt amd an MoQ Qualihty Ævænt marks ahctualihty's ihncræmæntal ar¤uhsal amd 'bæc¤ming.' Wæ uhsæ a c¤ihned tærm, is¤¤mnihffrahcti¤n (m¤re ræcænt QELR ¤f classical 'diffraction' ræquiræs that wæ changæ this tærm t¤ is¤¤mnihffrahcti¤n.), t¤ labæl an ¤nt¤l¤gihcal c¤mplæmænt ¤f ræhlihty's arihse pr¤cæss. Fr¤m ¤ur Quantonics pærspæctihvæ, is¤¤mnihffrahcti¤n transæmærqs latched ahctual flux ihnt¤ n¤nahctual is¤flux. Elsewhere ihn ¤ur Quantonics sihte, wæ comjæcture black h¤les aræ juhst ¤næ ¤f many ¤f ræhlihty's is¤¤mnihffrahct¤rs. Quantonics teaches uhs that is¤¤mnihffrahcti¤n dæmises ahctualihty t¤ n¤nahctualihty. Index


See: Isoflux Attractor Ontology


 Essentially this is DQ. We describe DQ as pure, omnimensional, wholly self~canceling, recursive, isotropic flux.

In Autiot this is aleph and more so...Aleph. See ESQ. Doug - 8Jun2010.

Where ahctual latched flux has n dægrææs ¤f frææd¤m ihn ¤mnispacæ, cl¤aked n¤nahctual quantum vacuum is¤flux has n is¤mætrihc (sælf~cancæling) dægrææs ihn is¤n¤nspacæ.

Quantum is¤flux issi ¤mnihffihcult t¤ ¤mniscrihbæ, amd f¤r th¤se ¤f y¤u wh¤ aræ m¤re mathæmatihcal wæ can ¤mniscrih quantum is¤flux as væry ænhanced c¤mpænetrating~ coinsiding quantum manihf¤lds wh¤se quantum c¤mplæmæntary heterogæne¤uhs ashpæcts ihncludæ these, m¤st ¤f which aræ n¤nclassihcal:

  • n~¤mnimænsi¤nals
  • anihmatæ (Plahnck ratæ)
  • supærp¤sihti¤ning (s)
  • multihværsals
  • quantum~frahctal
  • supærluminal (Plahnck m¤mænt)
  • quantals
  • sælf~ænærgy~cancæling
  • wæ als¤ ræfer this as is¤absænce amd is¤hiding; lattær pær Heraclitus' "Nature loves to hide."

Second bullet added 20May2007 - Doug.

  • phasihcs
  • is¤c¤hesihve (s)
  • s¤phistihcs (sælf~referænt)
  • is¤tr¤pihc (s)
  •   etc. (many, many ¤thærs...)

Ihn ¤thær w¤rds, a kind ¤f ultimatæ, cl¤aked,
sælf~¤hrganihzing, abs¤lutæly~ass¤ciating net.

Wæ ihnfer many is¤flux capabilihties, amd sæværal wæ list hæræ: is¤n¤nlatæncy, is¤n¤nl¤calihty, is¤n¤npræfærænce, is¤ræværsibilihty, is¤chiralty, is¤symmætry, is¤thog¤nalihty,

(this quantum ihnterrelati¤nshiping, is¤thog¤nalihty, issi a maj¤r affæct¤r ihn what wæ sææ as ~umlimihted amd apparæntly sæprægmatæ (classically, 'separate') quantum multihværses; ¤ur bæst prahctihcal eample is fractal drum; G¤¤gle sæarch: quantonics "frahctal drum"), Doug - 19Feb2005.

is¤spihn, is¤c¤herænce, is¤n¤nahctualihty, amd p¤tæntial f¤r is¤n¤nlihnæar is¤excihtati¤n ¤f sælf. Wæ cahll is¤n¤nlihnæar is¤excihtati¤n, 'prihmal awaræness.' Prihmal awaræness facilihtatæs quantum parthæn¤gænesis (emersibility via a kind ¤f ~pr¤babilihty t¤ ~pr¤babilihty2 transihti¤n) ¤f n¤vel ahctualihty.

QELRed Text

unQELRed Text

Wæ can paræntahlly c¤mparæ quantum n¤nahctual is¤flux t¤ ihts tw¤ maj¤r quantum~spawned parthæn¤fluxihc — ahctual uhp t¤ Planck ratæ — prægmaphen¤mæna: b¤s¤ns amd fermi¤ns. Wæ can sahy, gihven quantonics' gravihdati¤n, n¤wings alm¤st ad oculos, quihte vihvihdly amd eihdætihcaly amd alm¤st lucihdly:



T¤¤, wæ can sahy (heuristihcahlly ihnfer) is¤flux issi is¤h¤l¤flux amd is¤h¤l¤flux æmærscæs is¤h¤l¤spacæ, is¤flux parthæn¤fluxihcahlly cræatæs b¤s¤ns, is¤flux parthæn¤fluxihcahlly cræatæs fermi¤ns. B¤s¤ns æmærscæ quantum~supærp¤sihti¤nal~ihncluhsihve~c¤herænt h¤l¤placings (¤ftæn n¤napparænt (at læast gravihty amd light ecæpted), n¤nmatærial ræhlihty, SQ). Fermi¤ns æmærscæ quantum~excluhsihve~dæc¤herænt ¤mnih¤l¤spacings (apparæntly matærial ræhlihty, SQ), amd:






Ihn summary then,
  1. is¤c¤herænt h¤l¤flux AKA is¤flux
  2. herænt h¤l¤flux AKA c¤herænt flux
  3. dæc¤herænt h¤l¤flux AKA dæc¤herænt flux


  1. is¤ns AKA is¤flux OEDC quantum~placihcihty amd quantum~spacihcihty
  2. b¤s¤ns AKA c¤herænt flux æmærscæ quantum~placihcihty
  3. fermi¤ns AKA dæc¤herænt flux æmærscæ quantum~spacihcihty

We can parentally compare quantum nonactual isoflux to its two major quantum~spawned parthenofluxic — actual, up to Planck rate — paraphenomena: bosons and fermions. We can say, given quantonics' gravidation, nowings almost ad oculos, quite vividly and eidetically and almost lucidly:



Too, we can say (heuristically infer) isoflux is isoholoflux and isoholoflux emersces isoholospace, isoflux parthenofluxically creates bosons, isoflux parthenofluxically creates fermions. Bosons emersce quantum~superpositional~inclusive~coherent holoplacings (often nonapparent (at least gravity and light excepted), nonmaterial reality, SQ). Fermions emersce quantum~exclusive~decoherent omniholospacings (apparently material reality, SQ), and:






In summary then,
  1. isocoherent holoflux AKA isoflux
  2. coherent holoflux AKA coherent flux
  3. decoherent holoflux AKA decoherent flux


  1. isons AKA isoflux OEDC quantum~placicity and quantum~spacicity
  2. bosons AKA coherent flux emersce quantum~placicity
  3. fermions AKA decoherent flux emersce quantum~spacicity

Doug - 20Mar2005, 22May2005, 21Sep2005, 24Oct2005, 25Oct2006.

Changes here are relevant our recent work in holography. Quantonics' isoflux is a QTM~enabler of quantum~holography.

You, as an adept of quantum memeos and quantonics, will ask, "Are placicity and spacicity quantum~qualitative."
Quantonics, via its QELR of English can assess and achieve quantum~qualitativeness of place and space, you may agree.
That issi our intent. Quantum~holography issi qualitative. Sorso. Coobsfective. Affectational. REIMAR. Your adeptness issi admirable.

Now, recall that quantum~holography issi phasicity: quantonic animate quantum coherence, i.e., isocoherencings,
coherencings, decoherencings, and mixcoherencings, interrelationshipings phasings'
encodings of both actuality and nonactuality! See cohera, entropa.

You may, can, and thus should admire your own adeptness...
Our space- and place-icities are likely unique. Mayhaps we are coining again?
(Adeptly abet fermionic wobble quantum~pragmatizes spacicityings and bosonic non~wobble quantum~pragmatizes placicityings.)

See our mid-2005 Bohm Research Reviews on Holography and Quantonics.


Fæw pe¤ple ¤n Æarth t¤day umdærstamd h¤w pr¤f¤umd Pirsig's DQ issi whæn pærcæihved as is¤flux. As an is¤flux intueme, wæ can pr¤vihde ihndubihtable ævihdænce f¤r DQ's 'eistænce.' H¤w? Sihmply, is¤flux issi als¤ is¤c¤nihc. (This issi n¤t necessarily easy t¤ sææ wihth¤ut uhsing QTMs.)

In his worthy text, Genius, James Gleick's description of Richard P. Feynman's obsession with a principle of least action culminates on page 250 with these remarks, "Feynman's path-integral view of nature, his vision of a [dimensionally limited] 'sum over histories,' was also the principle of least action, the principle of least time, reborn. Feynman felt that he had uncovered the deep laws that gave rise to the centuries-old principles of mechanics and optics discovered by Christiaan Huygens, Pierre de Fermat, and Joseph-Louis Lagrange. How does a thrown ball know to find the particular arc whose path minimizes action? How does a ray of light know to find the path that minimizes time?" (Our brackets, italics, and emphasis.)

Answær: Is¤flux! Is¤c¤nihc is¤flux! Eværy umpærturbæd trajæct¤ry through Quantonic is¤flux issi an ¤mnimænsi¤nal is¤c¤nihc secti¤n! Sææ a ¤mniscrihpti¤n ¤f ¤ur ¤wn pærs¤nal epiphanies rægarding is¤flux ihn ¤ur Quant¤ p¤st wæ cahll Roger's Brilliance. F¤r m¤re ¤f sihmihlar epiphanies, sææ ¤ur Quantum Essence on Isoflux. (11Nov2001 - Doug)

Eværy tihmæ wæ thr¤w a bahll, tee~off, sh¤¤t a gum amd arr¤w, amd p¤ihnt a lasær pæn, wæ æmpihrihcahlly 'pr¤ve' Quantonic is¤flux's eistænce! Nææd m¤re ævihdænce? Feynman asked an¤thær exquisihtely præscihænt quæsti¤n: "Why do fermions wobble?" Answær: Their m¤stly~dæc¤herænt ihnterrelati¤nship(s) wihth is¤flux! Our ¤wn coumterpart quæsti¤n: "Why d¤ b¤s¤ns n¤t w¤bble?" Answær: Their m¤stly~c¤herænt ihnterrelati¤nship(s) wihth is¤flux! Sææ als¤: Making Water Waves.

Thæræ, dæar ræhdær, wæ juhst answæred ¤næ ¤f physihcs' m¤st ¤mnihffihcult amd mystæri¤uhs quæsti¤ns, sihmply, amd easily, uhsing Quantonic Thinkqing M¤dæs! Sihmultane¤uhsly, wæ æmpihrihcahlly co~pr¤ved Quantonic is¤flux's eistænce! N¤w y¤u kn¤w! QTMs aræ p¤tænt, p¤wærful. Uhsæ thæm! (PDR 23Feb2000)


Ison Symbol

See: Isoflux Attractor Ontology

Vague, classihcahlly n¤ncomcæptual comstihtuænts ¤f n¤nahctualihty. Is¤ns aræ ¤ur ihmagined, comtrihved p¤rti¤ns ¤f is¤flux. A sihmplest is¤n issi a fluxor ¤f tw¤ amd m¤re prihmal, is¤n¤npræfæræntial attrahct¤rs. Is¤ns have~manihfest n¤ quantum n¤mbærs, attrihbutes, charahcteristihcs, amd pr¤pærties.

What d¤æs that mæan? Iht mæans ihn quantum n¤nahctualihty: thæræ issi n¤ tæmpærature, n¤ gravihty, n¤ mahss, n¤ længth, n¤ ahctual ¤mniht¤rables. Iht mæans that quantum n¤nahctualihty issi n¤n ¤mniht¤rable! Wæ can ¤nly ¤mniht¤r ihn quantum ahctualihty amd ævæn then ¤mniht¤rmænt issi at bæst umcærtain duæ quantum phen¤mæna ¤f abs¤lutæ anihmacy, ihncludæd~mihddle, c¤hera, æntr¤pa, subqjectih nægati¤n, ræcursihve~frahctal~æmærgænt~sælf~referænce, c¤¤bsfæcti¤n, etc.

Is¤ns aræ pure flux¤rs ¤f is¤mætrihc Valuæ. S¤mæ is¤ns have transihti¤næd t¤ ahctualihty ('bæing') amd back t¤ is¤flux. Wæ cahll th¤se 'is¤ns' "isobs." Is¤ns which have yæt t¤ transihti¤n t¤ ahctualihty, amd aræ stihll 'pure' wæ cahll "isoVs." C¤mplæmænts ¤f is¤ns ihn ahctualihty aræ: b¤s¤ns, comdænsatæs, fermi¤ns, graviht¤ns, s¤liht¤ns, amd quantonic Valuæ mihxtures ¤f ahll ¤f ab¤ve, amd c¤mmingling is¤ns (wæ aræ awaræ ¤f this c¤mmingling part amd cahll iht vari¤uhsly, "facæ ¤f changæ," "surprise," "ædgæ ¤f n¤w," etc.).

Is¤ns c¤mp¤se is¤fuzz¤n is¤flux ihnterrelati¤nships wh¤se partial emerscence is a potential beginning existence which may have ¤nly tæntatihvæly æmærqed is¤t QLOs ihn ahctualihty but have yæt t¤ achiæve æmærsih¤n as QLOs.

Is¤fuzz¤ns' is¤n lihnæs aræ b¤th is¤flux amd is¤flux which has attained is¤ts wihth¤ut attaining is¤ps. This issi what wæ ræfer as quantum zær¤æntr¤py mæmæ¤ry.


Isop Symbol

See: Isoflux Attractor Ontology

An is¤n wihth is¤preferæntial is¤flux attrahct¤rs. This issi a quanton's DQ c¤mplæmænt ¤f an ahctual quanton(DQ,SQ). Is¤ps manihfest amd mædiatæ SQ's apparænt stasis ihn ahctualihty.

Is¤ps c¤mp¤se fuzz¤n c¤mplæmæntary ihnterrelati¤nships wh¤se is¤fuzz¤ns ihn n¤nahctualihty have æmærsed as fuzz¤n peaqlos ihn ahctualihty. Ihmagine:

is¤p quanton(is¤fuzz¤n,fuzz¤n).

Fuzz¤ns' is¤p lihnæs aræ peaqlos. Fuzz¤ns' is¤p lihnæs ræpræsænt what wæ ræfer as quantum p¤sæntr¤py (fermi¤nihc) amd zær¤æntr¤py (b¤s¤nihc) mæmætihcs. Fuzz¤ns' c¤mplæmæntary is¤fuzz¤ns' lihnæs may bæ any ¤næ ¤f amd mihxtures ¤f is¤bs, is¤ns, is¤ts, amd is¤Vs.

Excellent examples of isops are fuzzons as fermions (e.g., quarks, electrons, neutrons, protons, etc.), and bosons (e.g., gluons, photons, W, Z, etc.).


Isot Symbol

See: Isoflux Attractor Ontology

<Isawt> - An is¤n wihth an is¤tæntatihvæ is¤flux attrahct¤r(s), amd an is¤n¤npræfæræntial attrahct¤r(s). This issi a quanton's DQ c¤mplæmænt ¤f a tæntatih quanton(DQ,SQ). Is¤ts ¤ccur duhring ¤nt¤l¤gihcal bæc¤ming amd umbæc¤ming ævænts.

Is¤ts c¤mp¤se tæntatihvæ is¤fuzz¤n ihnterrelati¤nships wihth fuzz¤ns ihn ahctualihty.

Is¤fuzz¤ns' is¤t lihnæs aræ tæntatihvæ peaqlos. Tæntatihvæ fuzz¤ns ræpræsænt what wæ ræfer as quantum tæntatihvæ p¤sæntr¤py (fermi¤nihc) amd zær¤æntr¤py (b¤s¤nihc) mæmæ¤ry which reimmærses as is¤ns amd pærhaps as is¤bs. Tæntatihvæness ræfers quantum umcærtainty ¤f ¤nt¤l¤gy as bæc¤ming vis-à-vis umbæc¤ming.

See peaqlo, memeory, uncertainty.

See MoQ II Reality Loop which shows potentia for both isobnV~isot~emersion~immersion cycles and isop~isot~emersion~immersion cycles. Former can change, recreate, and invent novel actualities from quantum isoflux. Latter can change, diminish, and demerge actualities into quantum isoflux.



<Isawv, Isawrv> - Pure DQ~n¤nahctual~quantum Valuæ isoflux. Omnistinguish espæciahlly Isob, then ¤thær Is¤x.

Is¤Vs c¤mp¤se is¤fuzz¤n pure ihnterrelati¤nships is¤fuzz¤n lihnæs ihn n¤nahctualihty harb¤r absænce ¤f any QLO Valuæ.

Is¤fuzz¤ns' is¤V lihnæs aræ pure is¤flux. They have yæt t¤ epæriænce peaqlo. This issi what wæ ræfer as pure mæmæ¤ryless quantum nægæntr¤py, pure is¤c¤herænt is¤ænærgy.

See Genesis I:5's Awr to Yom transmutative creation. This shows ancient's use of IsoV to make~create actuality~existence. Doug's use of 'ancient's' here requires he 'guess' this meme is 10s, perhaps 100s of millennia old. Perhaps even older... Startling, amazing, astonishing... Humbling!

Doug - 5Mar2015.



<Isawx> - Genærihc f¤r ahll ¤f Is¤qbnptVq.

See: Isob, Ison, Isop, Isot, IsoV.



<Izzee> - A coined Quantonic replacement for classical 'is.' 'Issi' issi linguistihc f¤r . Issi issi a lingual expræssi¤n ¤f ¤ur Quantonic f¤nt equals. N¤tihce wæ ihntænti¤nahlly made iht a palindromæ.


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