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 Subject:  SOM vis-à-vis MoQ.
 Date:  Sat, 10 Jul 1999 09:12:04 -0500
 From:  Doug Renselle <NOFLAMEqtx{at}earthlink{dot}netNOSPAM>
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Quanto subscribers,

I use some simple hand gestures to show newbies fundamental differences twixt SOM and MoQ. Try

SOM dichons -

1. Hold both your hands in front of you.
2. Make fists with thumbs pointing up.
3. Rotate both hands so thumbs point down.
4. Bang your fists together.

MoQ quantons -

1. Hold both your hands in front of you.
2. Open your hands with all fingers extended.
3. Bring your hands together with fingers meshing like gears, thumbs up.

Our SOM gesture shows its versus, head-banging, oppositional, pugilistic, wrath-filled nature.
Thumbs down shows its negative nature. Closed fists shows its closed, parochial, provincial,
prison-of-reason nature.

Our MoQ gesture shows its unifying, commingling, interpenetrating, co-permeating
interrelationships. Thumbs up shows its moral, ethical, excellent nature. Open hands shows its
openness, its unlimitedness, its both/and actual/nonactual, its both/and known/unknown, etc.

I used this in our Loyola presentation. It helps me to remind myself and others of profound
differences twixt SOM and MoQ. Most of us live an admixture of both, since SOM is a tiny subset of
MoQ's larger reality. See our reality map.


Doug Renselle
In Quantonics

"...the Metaphysics of Quality does not insist on a single exclusive truth. If subjects and objects
are held to be the ultimate reality then we're permitted only one construction of thingsthat which
corresponds to the 'objective' worldand all other constructions are unreal. But if Quality or
excellence is seen as the ultimate reality then it becomes possible for more than one set of truths
to exist. Then one doesn't seek the absolute 'Truth.'"

Robert M. Pirsig
Page 100, "Lila" hard-bound, Bantam, 1991.

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