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Flash 1999 Commentary!
17Dec1999  *

Atomic Teleportation via Photon Decay - Physicists predict they can teleport states of an atom trapped in a cavity to another atom trapped in a distant cavity by measuring photon decays from both cavities. This is extraordinary! It shows quantum computing playing a significant role in direct monitoring and control of photon decay in two optical cavities. Scientists say this can be relatively easily accomplished. They will demonstrate this using a single "three-level atom" in a cavity.

Reader, do you realize that until about three years ago most scientists, especially those of classical ilk, said this was, "impossible!" This classical wisdom/boole which so often calls pioneers' new ideas, "...absurd, unreasonable, silly," is a big part of our Millennium III Problem, M3K.

OK, what does this mean? Our classically outrageous prediction is: classical transportation systems will be gone from Earth's society in fewer than 100 years! Say goodbye to jets, rockets, internal combustion, etc. Fedex, UPS, USMail, etc., will become you and your telepod! Transportation latency? Zero!

More? Imagine quantum computer memories displaced unlimited distances operating real time with no latency. Quantum computer memories will run (read/write) as fast as you need them to. QCs will teleport information within themselves or across our multiverse without any delay.

More? There is more! Try to imagine it. Then start your own dream using it.

Again, we emphasize Discard your old ways of thinking! SOMthink is passé. Classical thinking modes are passé! Quantonic/MoQ/Quantum thinking modes are a better way! CTMs retard our minds and our potential for innovation. QTMs open our minds and our potential to do almost anything.

Consider joining APS and get an email subscription to their Physical Review Letters. If nothing else, read their frequent abstracts. You will pick up much of cutting edge information.

15Dec1999  * American Physical Society's Century of Physics Time Line - See Bose Einstein Condensates!
3Aug1999  *
(This may be a new meme for what we in Quantonics call nonactuality. Imagine fractal, nonlocal multiverses incapable of perceiving one another because they are essentially fractal "rooms." Nonactuality then would be all of nature's other 'rooms' which we cannot perceive. Rev. 17Dec1999 PDR.)

Science News, 31Jul1999 issue, page 69, 'Craggy border waves on tiny drum,' by Peter Weiss.

A fractal drum! Scientists created a drum surface whose behavior is fractal. Now what does that mean? It means a drum with surface locality! Sonic waves only resonate in select fractal areas of a fractal drum's surface. This is a first (Bahamian steel drums are similar, close to providing fractal locality. However, their ~fractals are intra-perimeter.) for superatomic/macro level local behavior of what were thought to be only subatomic quantum effects.

(Doug asks you to use this fractal drum exemplar as a metaphor of a building which needs selective local heating~cooling... Doug - 17Aug2008.)

The article says, "Imagine, Sapoval says, ringing a bell in a room with the door open but finding that the sound can't be heard just outside because it won't travel there. 'Is that not surprise?' he asks."

"Imagine, Sapoval says, heating only an area of a room with the door open but finding that the heat can't be felt just outside because it won't travel there. 'Is that not surprise?' he asks." Doug calls that fractal~heating, fractal~cooling which is always quantum(n¤nlocal,local). Great way to save energy for both cooling and heating. Make heating and cooling fractally local and able to track individuals as they move and keep them comfortable, even adjust automatically to how they feel... Doug - 17Aug2008.

We have been looking for unexpected macro-level quantum behavior. We just found it!

Limitations: One is a fractal drum's static form. What if 'rooms' on a fractal drum's surface were dynamically adjustable?

Heuristic: Could this partially explain how flux-based reality appears locally 'substantial' in our macro realm? Is 'substance' just very high flux rate fractal locality? (PDR 3Aug1999)

See our Beams of Stuff excerpt from Discover magazine, and how David E Pritchard at MIT diffracted 'substance' through 100 parallel slits.

3Aug1999  *

Science, 30Jul1999 issue, page 715, 'Localization-Delocalization Transition in Quantum Dots,' by Zhitenev, Brodsky, Ashoori, Pfeiffer, & West.

Similar to a fractal drum above, here Science describes an experiment where meso-level localization appears in a quantum dot. Localization/delocalization transitions depend on dot confining potential.

Aha! Here we see an example of dynamically adjustable localization!

Now, similar to how Sapoval asked us to imagine above, imagine building 'rooms' inside a quantum dot. But in this case room size is not static, but dynamically changeable.

And these rooms are different than classical rooms though. They are not classically local, isolable, separable, and reductionist. They have a superluminal substrate via VES!

24Jul1999  *
We just received our 16Jul1999 issue of Science magazine. Page 307 has a news brief on 'Physicists Tame a Single Photon.' Researchers can now trap one photon and nondestructively 'read' it — repeatedly! View this as one node of a quantum comm link reading a correlated photon superluminally paired with a similar EPR link any distance away! See Quantum Communications at our: Millennium III, as predicted! Awesome! Watch for our relevant update of Rydberg atoms in our Quantonic Memes soon.
Same issue has amazing article on flexible/soft, even potentially dynamic architecture molecular integrated circuits. Say goodbye to multi-$billion IC fab facilities. Sub 100nm devices, cheap! Wow! See p. 313 and our Millennium III: Organoplastics.
21Jul1999  *
Jul/Aug 1999 issue of The Sciences. It has a superb article on 'Quantum Computing,' by Lov K. Grover. "A quantum computer made up of 500 particles could compute on more machine states simultaneously than there are atoms in the known universe."
17Jul1999  *
Visit IOP's website and see an excellent Brian Greene's review of Jonathan Cape's new book, String Theory: elegant yet simple. Awesome! Greene also mentions M-theory, a potentially ultimate theory.

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