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How MoQites Monitor Reality

See CeodE 2012 "Instability Measures."

Quantal Transmutation          Complamental         QQA: Measurement

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How SOMites Measure Reality
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How CRites View Reality

How SOMite Classicists View Actuality
How MoQite Students of Quantonics View Quantum Reality

To see how MoQites View Reality, click on graphic.

We shall add text here gradually, to explain, verbosely what our graphic intends to show.

Over simply, what we intend here is that quantum reality is fuzzons of peaqlos, but MoQites measure (we should say 'monitor' here) them
as animate REIMAR fuzzonic quantum ensemble likelihood omnistributionings.

To get a head start on some quantum memes and memeos, plus a novel quantology we intend, see probability.

Please, for much greater detail, see our comparisons of MoQ, CR and SOM.

Also view our recent QELRs of duration, monitor, relativity, and simultaneity.

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