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The Quantonics Society News for 1999
TQS News Archive

November, 1999 News:

Gosh! Look at that calendar! It is December, 1999 already!

As is our habit, this will be our last TQS news bulletin for 1999. December, 1999 will appear as our first monthly issue in 2000.

2000! 2000? How can this be? Is this real? Are we actually living now and experiencing a millennium transition? I know, I know. Physically, except for Y2K issues, it is a meaningless and arbitrary date. Like its namesake, time, date is classically measurable, but as a time derivative it is not classically definable. However, culturally, philosophically, and historically it is a simply awesome demarcation. No matter how you look at it, we are living in a wonderful, intrinsically optimistic time. Just consider Earth's progress in several areas:

A litany of memeotic preparation for 2000 and Millennium III

Energy -

12Feb2015 rev - Add antigravity link. Add equilibrium link.

Classical laws of thermodynamics become passé. Unlimited vacuum energy makes its appearance via Casimir's plenum. Sonoluminescence newly exemplifies a tap into vacuum energy's source. (First suggested by Claudia Eberlein in Physical Review Letters, 1996. Look near bottom of her faculty home page.) As Ilya Prigogine, et al., have prodded us, entropy isn't just positive any more. Bose Einstein Condensates (BECs), like all integer spin quantons (including spin-2 gravitons!) offer-up reversible, both local and nonlocal zero entropy realities. Vacuum energy itself appears perhaps as Schrödinger's long sought source of negative entropy, Bohm's super quantum potential, Pirsig's DQ, Irving Stein's nonspace, and William James Sidis' reserve energy. In CeodE2015, Doug would rewrite 'negative entropy' as quantum~antinomial~complementary~isoflux energy. Doug - 2May2015.

(Yes, for those of you interested in anti-gravity, you heard our words well. Gravitons are: coherent quantons. Thus they may manifest variations on locality (quanton(nonlocal,local)), superluminality, and reversibility. We infer quantum anti-gravity technology will arise early in Millennium III. In its reversible variant, just like Rolf Landauer's (late IBM fellow) reversible computer memories, antigravity can be lossless in reversible equilibrium travel modes. All according to quantum science! Consider energy loss a nonissue when we learn how to routinely tap ubiquitous vacuum energy.)

Biology -

12Feb2015 rev - Add emerscitecture link. Add Mae~wan Ho link. Add movement link. Add reality link. Add some red text markups.

Offers divine introspection! Watson and Crick discover life's genomic architecture, rather emerscitecture. And more recently scientists like Mae-wan Ho, Brian Josephson, et al., are learning how biology too, is quantum, not classical. Mind is coherent, not objective. Biological quantons commingle both an actual and a nonactual reality as Pirsig anticipated with his Static (biblical rest) and Dynamic Quality (biblical movement) antinomialq~complementsq of realityq.

Quantum science -

12Feb2015 rev - Add Geertz quote link. Add Aristotle link. Add some red text markups.

Takes reality's reigns and defeats legacy, classical scientific 'objective truth' concepts. Quantum science shows truth is an agent of its own change. Quantum truth is a quanton of both dynamis and stasis. Quantum truth is a quanton, a wave function. Flux is crux! A Da Vinci Code relevancy: Madonna on the Rocks anagrammed as 'So dark the con of man.' Blue text repair - Doug - 2May2015.

Classical 'science' objectively, reifyically chases idealisms: state, independence of objects, classical negation of objects, contradiction based upon negation, proof based upon provisional absence of contradiction. Ideally 'science' can establish 'absolute truth.' Philosophically that classical 'scientific' regime of absolute truth is apodictic. As Doug showed regarding others' comments regarding Einstein's "naïve realism," we may also refer naïve realism as "local realism." Both naïve realism and local realism are symptomatic of Babelian psychic~hylic spew from dialectical minds (their belief in apodicticism lends plausibility to Doug's criticism here). Their spew is deceit, a deign to feign, which some have said, "Doug, instead of calling it "deceit," why not refer it "veiled naïveté?" Doug is a critic, Doug never apologizes for others' dialectical Babel. View Doug's criticism as quantum~tough~libido. Compare Doug's remarks to Clifford Geertz' "Science is mostly just bluff." DesCartes did spewed Babel, Newton did it, Einstein did it. Many others like Parmenides, Plato and Aristotle did it too. And look where their arrogance situated 'global' Marxist-Keynesian 'societyc' today. [Subscripts 'c' and 'q' represent 'classical' and quantum, respectively. Doug.]

Philosophy -

12Feb2015 rev - Add A New Quantum Philosophy link.

Cultural relativism (CR) defeats classical Aristotelian Boole, and a new quantum philosophy appears on our horizon thoroughly prepared to subsume CR and all legacy Western philosophies.
Culture - A new intrinsically holistic capitalism with open, free markets wins over socialist, Marxist, communist, et al., ideologies. A major decline and imminent fall of classical teaching modes and infrastructures commences. At last we see a true commencement, a millennial graduation from worn, torn, inept classical thinking and teaching modes.
Computer science - Classical von Neumann computing logic architectures are taken to their physical extremes. Moore's law carries us into unheard of realms of both small and large. Memory densities go exponential. Gate sizes drop to near atomic scales. Microcircuits approach nanometer line widths. Processor clock speeds hurtle past 1GHz. Firmware and airware I/O bandwidths exceed multi-GHz. Standard copper phone line bandwidths pass 56k. We await Quantum Computer imminence. Some Japanese have Earth's first innate, solid-state Q-bit. Americans just used a Rydberg atom to non-destructively measure quantum state. Ingredients for QCs are mobilizing rapidly. In about 2010-2020, QCs break Moore's law!

Communications -

12Feb2015 rev - Add some red text markups.

Internet! Internet! Internet! We share with all Earth's inhabitants one global, generic communication infrastructure. It is amazing! It is emergent! It is alive! It is growing, evolving as we use it. It evokes Torvald's quantumesque OSS and crushes Gate's classical FUD dud. AMD scorches Intel driving but another stake in Wintel's crypt. But waiting just around Millennium III's corner is its next generation: quantum communications and a quantum internet. Multi-kilometer displaced, superluminal, correlated state changes were demonstrated during 1998-1999. Breakthroughs shown above will make it possible to use this (previously thought impossible) technology to communicate superluminally.

Doug's only miss here, so far, is AMD over Wintel comjecture. Apple today is a $700 billion dollar company. That could not, in Doug's opine, have happened if Jobs hadn't made a cogentq choiceq (technical heresy) to move from flaccidc and self extinguishing IBM to tumescent and evolvingq Intel.

Mathematics -

12Feb2015 rev - Add quantum~maths link.

A breakthrough in classical mathematics occurred late in Earth's 20th century when Andrew Wiles solved Fermat's Last Theorem. However, quantum mathematics is gaining speed. Classical, Platonic mathematics is seen for what it is: just a tiny axiomatic box only one of an infinity of axiomatic boxes each absent any implicit quantum sense. Classical mathematics is specific it is not general. During Millennium III, quantum ~semiotics will overtake and replace classical mathematics.

Please note: Much of what we say above is actual and demonstrated. A few items for those of you who are aware of recent dramatic changes in technology are yet heuristic, but appear practical and imminent. We have only scratched a tiny subset of change to reality's fabric above, but we hope it stimulates you to investigate these opportunities on your own.

If you have not yet considered them, please do consider a plethora of impacts by each of our M3K issues to each counterpart in our litany above. Each carried to its fruition has a larger impact than just Internet's huge recent and longer term outcomes.

On Sidis:

We are working diligently on our review of William James Sidis' The Animate and the Inanimate. We hope to finish it during December, but it is an immense task. We are attempting to connect his almost 100 year old text to current topics like those we address above. We have already affirmed his intuitions and heuristics of many issues listed above.

Just to give you a hint, his theory is about reversibility.

Guess what? Quantum science is about reversibility! Quantum coherence is about reversible, zero entropy states.

Sidis' theory deals in depth with these issues, using classical jargon, and an quantumesque intuition gleaned from Sidis' enormous intellect. He wrote about things we only know today, 80+ years later. We will show you all of this in over 25 new pages we will add to our Quantonics site...soon. It is pure joy to undertake this effort. It is joy to experience Sidis' intellect through his own masterful language and cogency.

In our searches on reversibility we found an interesting web site. We are fascinated by palindromes, so when we found this site:

we were enlightened to newly perceive palindromes as a class of reversibles.

To illustrate, we use an example from Patrick DeGeest's site: 131316 is a base-6 palindrome representation of 199910.

We wish you a happy end of 131316 and a glorious MMRoman.

We added these two new pages to our site and made minor edits to ~20 other pages.

William James Sidis' Theory of the Origin of Life - An excerpt from his The Animate and the Inanimate, and

One is the Onliest - A quantum play on a classical, Aristotelian, Platonic view of 'one' and its quantum counterpart.

We swiped and bent lyrics from Filter's popular song, 'One is the L-one-lies-t Number...,' for our latter page title.

That's it for November, 1999.

Watch for new Millennium III changes to our Quantonics site beginning on 1January2000!

Our current reviews under way now, plus our M3K future paper, dealing more extensively with ramifications of our litany of change above, will appear during first half of 2000.

Beth and I are celebrating New Years Eve at home with our favorite White Star Moët Chandon, foie gras, Scottish smoked salmon, select cheeses, Caesar salad, medium rare lamb roast, garlic potatoes, De Brand chocolates, steaming hot Colombian coffee, and a decent Courvoisier cognac.

Thanks again for your continued patronage here, and thanks for reading.

See you next millennium, and lets kick Millennium III off with typical Earthlings' immeasurable exuberance — Doug.

(Actually, we probably will get to do this again in 2001!)

October, 1999 News:

We are late again, due to huge distractions.

One big distraction, and a very good one, is our recent contact with several Mahony family members and surprise emails with Sarah Sidis' grandnephew (he found us and introduced himself, plus provided us several new memorabilia we list now on our top page). As a result of those contacts, we can offer you new Sidis information which is fascinating and almost beyond imagination. We added new material to our site reflecting this bounty of new information. See our site updates below.

In our phone call with Dan Mahony last month he told us we could get a copy of William James Sidis', The Animate and the Inanimate. Just this week we received our copy — and we are astounded at what we have found already just reading its preface!

You, our Quantonics community, will be awed during December, 1999 when we show you what we found. Now we can say with authority several things about William James Sidis:

  1. He is/was our most intelligent (known) human to date.
  2. His SOM-based IQ measurement may exceed previous speculations.
  3. Sidis intuited quantum science.
  4. Sidis intuited three classes of entropy: production, mixed both coherent and noncoherent, and dissipation. We can say this several other ways: negentropy, ~zero entropy, (pos)entropy; or becoming, being, unbecoming, etc. All of these are approximate metaphors of a whole perspective of entropy. (Note: we are creating our fledgling Quantonic notation and fonts to innovate within this quantum/MoQ realm of thinking. )
  5. Sidis intuited quantum reality, at age 21, in 1920! We assume he had no formal quantum science education. His formal education appears almost entirely classical. We infer he was able to see outside SOM's windowless church of reason.
  6. Sidis' intrinsic philosophy is nearly identical to Pirsig's MoQ.
  7. Sidis appears to be a sophist. (I.e., he intuits not one global truth, but many truths, many islands of truth.)
  8. We expect Sidis and his ideas to be resurrected early in Millennium III. You are seeing beginnings of that here.

Watch for site updates both in our new section on our top page called "A William James Sidis Memorabilia Collection," and within selected pages linked from there.

We will stop our current review activities on Wittgenstein, d'Espagnat, Omnès, etc. and spend November focusing on WJS', The Animate and the Inanimate. We shall share our results with you sometime before year-end. Watch for that. It will appear on our top page with our links to Sidis Memorabilia above.

Our new 'Quanto' email list is struggling. It is experiencing emergence challenges. We just restarted it with new en-list-ees and a different tenor. Prior, our focus was on technical aspects of Pirsig's MoQ as relevant to reality, Quantonics, and quantum science. Few folk can fathom/handle or want that level of discussion on a continuing basis. Now our list will focus on how MoQ and Quantonics can help with common experiences juxtaposing fundamental SOM concepts with MoQ concepts, and showing how MoQ practitioners place SOM practitioners at a disadvantage every day in every way. Previously, our list had just a few argumentative Pirsigean experts (including moi) who could not find concord on basic assumptions. We will rout those 'experts' from any future activities in our list and seek their counsel outside Quanto.

We are delighted with our Quantonics community's exceptional interest in:


On our trip to Stowe, Vermont, we attempted a Pirsig meeting at Villa Tragara. It was short notice and Pirsig had other distractions so we were not able to meet. But he did say this in his most recent note to us:

Along those lines, Dan Mahony is offering more Sidis material too. He will have a new Sidis site, and he has already started a new Sidis email list. Please visit his site and if you want regular Sidis discussion, join Dan's email list. His site will be here: If you want to join his email list send us a note and we will forward your request to Dan.

In recent email from Mahony on Sidis, he answered some questions which we proffered to SIDIS-L. Here is some of that:

From: Doug Renselle <NOFLAMEqtx{at}earthlink{dot}netNOSPAM>
Date sent: Fri, 08 Oct 1999 10:21:59 -0500

I have some questions about William James Sidis for your email list attenders:

  1. Was Sidis a sophist, i.e., was he a paralogist?
  2. Did Sidis perceive reality as one huge context, or did he view it as multiple interrelated contexts?
  3. What did Sidis think about anarchy?
  4. What did Sidis think about truth?
  5. Did Sidis feign his projected facade? (Sam Rosenberg seems to think so.)

Dan answered number one like this (see our response following):

"Re Q1: If you are referring to the classical debate between Socrates
and the Sophists, Sidis was no Sophist. He would surely have sided
with Socrates who taught the pursuit of the truth purely for its
own sake rather than the Sophist advocation that 'winning arguments
is the most important thing' embodied in modern lawyering. 'In war it
is not right that matters, but victory (Hitler).'"

Doug responded:

This is quite interesting. Socrates was a sophist. He
believed truth is not absolute, but relative to context.
Socrates was executed for his sophism. I agree Sidis would
have sided with Socrates. Both Socrates' and Sidis'
philosophies appear very quantum. Quantum reality IS sophism!

Here is a quote from Pirsig's, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle
, (ZMM) on this matter:

"Plato's condemnation of the Sophists is one which many
scholars have already taken with great misgivings. The
Chairman of the committee himself [U. of Chicago - Doug note]
has suggested that critics who are not certain what Plato
meant should be equally uncertain of what Socrates'
antagonists in the dialogues meant. When it is known that
Plato put his own words in Socrates' mouth (Aristotle says
this) there should be no reason to doubt that he could have
put his own words into other mouths too."

See 2nd half of chapter 29 of ZMM.

Here are our latest Quantonics site updates which happened in October, 1999:

New Quantonics site additions:

Quanton Primer Learn what & how to apply Quantonics concepts & notation.
Quanton Quality Event Thread See a model of Quality Event superluminal propagation.
Review of WJS The Broken Twig Doug's review of Kathleen Montour's fine paper.
Rogers Brilliance Doug's reaction to Roger's, "leaving illusory self."
Sidis Foregoes Inheritance A contribution from Sarah Sidis' grandnephew.
Sidis Inheritance List A contribution from Sarah Sidis' grandnephew.
Sidis Unconscious Intelligence Review Doug ad lib's a review of Bill Sidis' now famous appendix.
Swarthmore Peace Collection WJS Index Sidis stuff you may find at Swarthmore College.
The Modern Gray Champion Sidis 'Hawthorne' notes for his opus, Tribes and States.

Updates to Quantonics site pages:

Acronyms Used In Quantonics When you do not understand our mnemonics go here.
Anthony McWatts MoQ Paper Anthony and Eric want their paper back on our site.
Art New art added to our site. See red arrows.
Coined Quantonic Terms When you do not understand unique terms go here.
Concepts The Memes See our Decidable Gödel Meme, new note 5. (~200k page!)
Cultures Links Fixed some bad links.
Famous SOMites Added Shakespeare as a SOMite. Fascinating comments!
Hughes on Buridan Review Added some new reality map comments below our map.
MoQ Assumptions 1-26 Revised assumptions 7, 8, and 9.
MoQ Links Fixed some bad links.
Philosophy Links Fixed some bad links.
Quanto Quality Events Updates.
Quanton Notation Updates.
Quantonic Symbols Updates.
Quantum Flux Links Fixed some bad links.
Quantum Links Fixed some bad links.
Review of The Fabric of Reality Added a note after seeing PBS video with Deutsch.
SOM Assessment of Value See added comments below art re: SOM's dishonor.
SOM Connection See note near bottom on one truth nexus. Search on 'Rev.'
Sophism Connection Updates for our June, 1999 QQA and thelogos.
The Prodigy Review Updates for Pirsig note, Swarthmore, Sarah's grandnephew.
The Quanton Added links to our new quanton work products.
What Are Sophisms Added some links plus minor revisions.
What is Wrong with SOMs Boolean Logic Added links back to Buridan Review & SOM Connection.

That's it for October. Please forgive our lateness, but we are just beginning to catch up from our distractions last month.

Our current reviews under way now, plus our M3K future paper will appear during first half of 2000.

Thanks again for your continued patronage here, and thanks for reading.

See you next month, and mtty — Doug.

September, 1999 News:

September's site activity picked up nicely with continued interest in our William James Sidis work. We see new interest in our graphics which compare evolution of SOM's, CR's, and MoQ's philosophical capabilities. See these re-newly popular (they apparently were rediscovered during September of 1999 with activity up 2-5 times over prior months) links originally from April and May, 1999 which appear on our top page too:

Philosophical Capability — MoQ, SOM, & CR Compared.
Cultural Relativism Won — battle over SOM, see how & why!
Next Step — What we expect to win next over Cultural Relativism.

We had a very pleasant surprise during September, 1999. We arose early (12:30am) on 13Sep99 to do some site work. We logged in and checked our Quantonics email. One rather esoteric email was signed, 'Dan Mahony!' Imagine our surprise! We thought, "Could this be same Dan Mahony Pirsig mentions in Lila?" We called Ireland at about 1:30am local Indianapolis time, received a recording, and were about 15 seconds into our response when a strong male voice picked up during our attempt to record. We asked, "Are you Dan Mahony, one Dan Mahony mentioned by Pirsig?" He responded, "Yes!"

Dan was mentioned in an article about Sidis by Cathie Slater Spence entitled, 'In Search of the April Fool,' which appeared in Yankee Magazine. You may recall Pirsig saw a worn copy of it in a motel room and made first contact with William James Sidis via Cathie's words. See Pirsig's own description of that event here: Pirsig discovers Sidis.

Dan found our Quantonics site and sent us an email. Dan told us that he met with Pirsig several years back and showed him voluminous material he and his family collected over many years on William James Sidis. Just today (4Oct99), on our return from a visit to Stowe, Vermont and Swarthmore College in Media, PA, we received another note from Pirsig telling us he had lost Mahony's personal contact information and thanking us for forwarding it to him. Apparently they are back in contact with one another now. Good!

Dan has started or is starting an email list on Sidis. As we learn more about that we will share it with you. If you have sincere interest in Sidis and material related to Sidis, you may wish to join Mahony's list. Please contact us in that event and we will forward your email address to Dan. As soon as his list is formally established, we will publish a link to it here. In an interim, you may watch message traffic on a less formal list.

During September we added these pages to our Quantonics site:

Under Humor:

Credentials you need to run for President of USA
Your tax dollars at work — US Gov't pays to elect Democrats

Under selected posts to our 'Quanto' email list:

Steve's 3Sep99 Post on Opposites vis-a-vis Complements
Doug's_Post_Re Opposites_vis-a-vis_Complements
Dan's_3Sep99 Post_on_Care

Under Quantonic Questions and Answers:

What is this thing called 'Tao,' and what does it have to do with MoQ?
A Start on I Ching's 64 Hexagrams

And under recent Pirsig/Renselle correspondence:

Doug's 12Aug99 Letter to Pirsig
Pirsig's 18Aug99 Response to Doug

Beth and I took a week off to get a bit of R&R. As part of our fun, we included a side trip to Swarthmore College in Media, PA. Media is a 'burb of Philly. We arranged a visit there with Ms. Wendy Chmielewski, curator of Swarthmore's Peace Collection. We wanted to look at DG-131 Box 3's contents. We spent all day Friday, October 1, 1999 in one of Swarthmore's three libraries examining multiple folders in Box 3. During October, we will record our experience there and make observations and comments which you may track via our page called, The Prodigy. That page is dedicated to Amy Wallace's biography of William James Sidis and other information and links relevant to Sidis.

We want to share with you a recommendation for a future trip to Vermont. If you ever visit Stowe, Vermont — be sure to stay with Amy and Hap at Stowe's Stone Hill Inn. Of all places Beth and I stayed around Earth, this is certainly our favorite! Amy and Hap provide an absolutely unique, luxurious experience. If you like sipping champagne in a double jacuzzi looking into a fireplace in your luxury bathroom, this may become one of your favorite places to stay too. Beds are huge with mattresses from heaven. Breakfast is almost beyond imagination with Amy and Hap's personal touches and Quality care throughout. Tell them we sent you. By the way, English folk are prevalent in Stowe! Anthony, you will not be alone if you eat at the local England Pub. They have beers from all over Earth. I had two pints of Paulener Oktober which is to die for...

That's it for September. Sorry this is late, but we just returned from our pleasant sojourn described above.

Thanks again for your continued patronage here, and thanks for reading.

See you next month, and Mtty.

August, 1999 News:

August has been a bit slower than usual in terms of site traffic. Lots of folks take vacation and prepare for return to school during August. We track our statistics and can see seasonal trends in our data. Overall, we are up more than double on our site traffic from this time last year. Considering our site's focus on things philosophical and scientific, we feel good about that. We also see growing activity in our new email list.

Welcome new Quanto Email List subscribers! As Roger might say, we have a "primo" list of 'Quantos.' Steve won't let us get away with anything! Dan continues his stalwart, superb suggestions. Horse just joined us too, so we have a few folk from our old days at The Lila Squad. Nothing like experience, as they say.

Our email list found that we have to keep repeating MoQ fundamentals. We wanted an easier way to refer newbies to what we think of as basic MoQ Values. As a result we decided to start a list of MoQ Assumptions. Our initial list has 26 assumptions and we are just about to finish a workgroup approval process on our first three assumptions. Watch for changes to our assumptions at Quanto Quality Events.

To track email list subscriber specifics we created a new page called Quanto Quality Events. Subscribers may go there to observe changes in our MoQ Assumptions and read other news more specific to Quanto list activities.

Anyone who wants to subscribe to our Quanto list, be forewarned: We expect you to know Pirsig's work and philosophy. We will ask you questions to determine whether you know Pirsig's work. If you do not know his work, we can help you to catch up, but not on Quanto. Doug routinely helps novices discover Pirsig and his work. All you have to do is ask — and be prepared to do some work.

So if you want to join our list, be sure you have read ZMM, Lila, and Pirsig's SODV paper, preferably in that order.

During August we added new pages to our Quantonics site:

Email_List_Selected_Posts - To help nonsubscribers see what 'Quanto' is doing we post a few emails here.

We have two Letters which were posted incompletely at The Lila Squad two years ago. Here you see them transposed in full, except signatures are facsimiles:

Renselle_Letter_to_Pirsig_14Sep97 - Doug asks Pirsig if MoQ can change ("Does MoQ Value its own extension?").
Pirsig_Letter_to_PDR_30Sep97 - Pirsig says, "Yes, but."

We have new correspondence twixt Doug and Pirsig which we will post during September. Pirsig looks at d'Espagnat's concluding propositions on page 290 of his 2nd edition book, Conceptual Foundations of Quantum Mechanics. Doug wrote Pirsig asking him to look at d'Espagnat's 2nd edition preface where Doug saw strong nexuses twixt Pirsig's Phaedrus and d'Espagnat's Pedro. To whet your philosophical appetites, Pirsig pretty much gives d'Espagnat a thumbs up. He says in his letter's opening paragraph, "I took out the book you recommended and find it pleasant to see the gulf between physics and philosophy fade in it with physics approaching the 'natural philosophy' it once was."

We are working on a review of d'Espagnat's book now. And a review of Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investigations. And a review of Rolland Omnès' Quantum Philosophy (an almost pure SOMesque book — yes, we changed our minds and decided to review this, this, this, ugh — we're doing this one for SOMites only ). Simultaneously we are reading Christoph Schiller's online physics book which we recommend in our Quanto Quality Events. Whew!! Unsure when any of this will be ready. Hopefully before year-end. Before, we announced dates, but we missed them too often.

Next, you may see our July Quantonic Question and Answers on 'measurement' as viewed by classical and quantum scientists and philosophers. Please note for comparison that Pirsig's Quality Event is essentially 'measurement.' Classicists view measurement as a static, hold-still kind of behavior, where MoQ and quantum thinkers view measurement as both holistic and dynamic:


We added some new art to our Quantonics site during August to help visitors and students of Pirsig and quantum science to visualize some of our artistic perceptions of those topics:

- Read comments beneath this graphic. This is powerful notation.
- View Mobius strips as quantons; read comments below graphic.
- Similar to above.
- Doug shows his view: Tao as a quanton copermeating DQ & SQ.
- On January 1, 2000 our arches will change. Here is a prototype.

One of our Quanto subscribers wanted to see some old work on one of Doug's books. This book is about Neo sapiens. Here are two partial chapters:


Those of us in Quantonics take evolution pretty much for granted, given Pirsig's DQ is absolute change. Here is some of Doug's humor on recent Kansas state school board pronouncements on fundamentals of evolution:


Several of you liked our comments and description of our trip to Dale Hollow Lake in Kentucky.

Last weekend we found another jewel. If you ever get a chance to visit our great mid-west, especially southern Ohio, be sure to visit Lebanon, Ohio and stay in and eat at The Golden Lamb Inn. This place is just good! It is superb! It is Ohio's oldest inn and restaurant. It was licensed in 1803. Make reservations. Food is excellent and presented well. Twila, our server, provided wait-service much better than most restaurants we visit. If you are familiar with The Red Fox Inn in Middleburg, Virginia — The Golden Lamb's ambiance is slightly down-scale from that. Prices are more reasonable, though. Very high Value here, folks! Worth your trip and Lebanon offers a Victorian rouge.


That's it for August.

Thanks again for your continued patronage here, and thanks for reading.

See you next month, and Mtty.

July, 1999 News:

July has been a big and good month in Quantonics. Welcome new Quanto Email List subscribers!

We are reading, in parallel, both Rolland Omnès', Quantum Philosophy, and Ludwig Wittgenstein's, Philosophical Investigations. Omnès is a SOMite beyond recall. We will not review his book as intended. Omnès attempts to stuff all of quantum science back in his own SOM box. His stuffing is for naught. We will add his Quantum Philosophy to our recommended reading list for SOMites only. Once you feel confident in your personal understanding of both Pirsig's MoQ and quantum science from both scientific and philosophical viewpoints, you may want to read Omnès' book to see how deeply SOM has some of us in its clutches.

Wittgenstein, however, appears a natural born pragmatist/MoQite — he was just born a bit too soon, i.e., before quantum science could project itself onto as-practiced philosophy. We very likely will review his PI soon on our Quantonics site.

If you look at page bottom of our top page, you will see we added new coined word definitions for terms unique to Quantonics. Words we coined which you may find of interest are:

Anthrotal, Emerscence/Emerscent, Paradice, Pragmadigm, Quantonics, Sobject, Thelogos, and Topomental

You probably recognize some of these terms from our historic use of them within our site. See their definitions at bottom of our top page.

Dan Glover helped us see many ills of over- and mis-use of 'the.' After a year and a half of contemplation and wear and tear of reading so many tired 'the's' in so many books, papers and articles, we posed it as our June Quantonic Q&A (see link below). Since about first of 1999, we started gradual removal of our own over- and mis-uses of 'the' from our Quantonics site. We are about 2-3rds done. Also, we persist in developing our ability to avoid 'the' as we write. 'The' is a SOM word. If your read our June Quantonic Q&A you may begin to see what a major problem it is as part of what we call an M3K (Millennium 3000) problem.

Biggest news for July is our new Quanto email forum at For over a year we have sought a viable way to support a Quantonic email list. We found it via Tom Petzinger's invite to his list there. We reviewed his new book, The New Pioneers, and he invited us to join his list, which is just excellent. You can find links to it on our top page, or just go to and search for Petzinger. You can do the same to find us by searching for 'Pirsig' or 'Quanto.' We call our email list 'Quanto.'

Quanto is growing well. We already have over ten new subscribers in our first month of operation. This is excellent when you consider how few MoQ experts exist on planet Earth. We have drawn folk from all over our globe including a quantum physicist, a couple of folks from The Lila Squad where we used to spend significant time, and some newbies to both Pirsig's MoQ and quantum concepts. We use HTML for all of our emails, so we are able to express our ideas more clearly and with nuances unavailable in plain text. Also, those emails are 'ready to publish' on our site when they measure up as examples of our work in Quanto.

Welcome to our new members: Dan, Kuntz (from East India), Bob (a lurker), Ark (a quantum physicist), Barry (an author), Beth (a COO), Roger (from UK), and Steve (an avid golfer whose discipline is Aerospace). Of course, moi is an active participant.

Quanto's topics of discussion right now are focused on Pirsig's Quality Event and its apparent philosophical correlation with quantum science's special event AKA "measurement." We assume you know Pirsig's works well. If you do not, you probably have some catching up to do. That is fine. You may lurk if you wish. Our level of discussion is high and focused and we want to stay that way, so our list is probably not for those of you who carry a 'whatever' or 'who cares' attitude. We are discussing ideas which have enormous impact on changes in philosophy and science for Millennium III.

Here are a few site changes we made during June/July:

We finally found a copy of Sam Rosenberg's, The Come as You Are Masquerade Party. Herein are nexuses to William James Sidis and Buckminster Fuller. We reviewed just one chapter which discloses some incredible things about Sidis. His IQ is even higher than anyone imagined!


In May we asked and answered a Quantonic Question:

What differences distinguish Cultural Relativism and Pirsig's MoQ?

In June we asked and answered a Quantonic Question:

Should absolute skeptics use the?

Clearly over- and mis-use of a SOM word, the, is rampant in Western culture. SOM's classically trained habitual blinders hide our ineptness from our own eyes and perpetuate and propagate SOM's fallacious myths.

We revised all of these links extensively:


We added new Metaphites to each of our Famous lists above and extended some text and definitions to each category of Metaphite. We will add a Recommended Reading list just for SOMites to their page. This list of reading will assure that current SOMites who want to stay in SOM, entrenched in their classical box with their classical blinders on, can do so more effectively.

We also want to extend our thanks to all you CRites out there who jumped out of SOM's box into pure chaos. We think you unintentionally imposed on some of us transitory conditions necessary for us to enter a third phase of our philosophical evolution: MoQ. MoQ may return some order to CR's implicit chaos.

We added a page to allow us to show candidate Quanto list subscribers to see some of our best work on our Quanto forum.


Also we added a new section at end of our Next Millennium page:


Added many new, as yet undefined, meme terms. You will see us gradually fill these in. One which we have not done yet is a Rydberg Atom meme. If you track leading edge experiments in quantum science, you know Rydberg atoms recently played a key role in a breakthrough: nondestructive measurement of a photon.



That's it for July.

Thanks again for your continued patronage here, and thanks for reading.

See you next month, and Mtty.

The Quantonics Society appreciates your support.

June, 1999 News:

We experienced lower activity by visitors on our site in June. It appears much of our activity comes from educational visitors. That is good.

We have been busy updating our pages. We made quite a few revisions to our Buridan and Prodigy reviews. You can look at them at your leisure.

For a change of pace, and since this news update is late, I'll tell you about a nice place Beth and I visited over July 4th weekend. We stayed at a Kentucky state sponsored lodge on Dale Hollow Lake's north side. Dale Hollow Lake straddles Kentucky's south border and Tennessee's north border. It is a huge lake — approximately 37k acres with 620 miles of shoreline. There are no homes or commercial facilities on Dale Hollow except for marinas, a few cabins, and Kentucky Troopers' facilities. So this lake is clean. Water is blue-green, pretty, and clear. Lots of fish to catch and lots of sites to see.

Unsure, but we think we saw eagles flying over our lodge and in a general area where we stayed. Anyway, they were big birds with hooked beaks and about 6ft wing spreads.

Food at DHL lodge is excellent. Accommodations are very reasonable and very modern/new with phones, TV, coffee maker, etc. You can rent houseboats there if you like. From camper size to luxury liner size.

There is camping of every imaginable type, including people with horses camping plus thousands of acres with trails to ride your horses. Camping area is huge. There is a separate picnic area with lots of tables and grills. Trash containers abound and most people really clean up after finishing their picnics. You will find multiple waste dumping sites in camping areas with drive-up islands to accommodate almost any size rig.

Less than an hour's drive from DHL lodge is DHL Dam. It is big. About 250 ft high and about 3/4 of a mile across.Water is roughly 200 ft deep at dam face. Level appears to fluctuate about 200 plus or minus 20 feet, probably by design/intent.

Our most fun and spiritual adventure was a walk on a short (1.8 mile one-way) trail to Eagle's Point. Folks, I've been to USA's Smokies, mountain lakes north of Vancouver BC, Crater Lake in Oregon, etc., but I have never seen anything more beautiful and inspiring/quieting than Eagle's Point at Dale Hollow Lake. Wow! Eagle's Point is about 500 ft above lake surface with a nearly vertical drop. A panoramic view of DHL is superb with eagles flying overhead during your reprieve. I told Beth I wanted to do all my writing in a place like that — and I imagined how creative one might be in such environs. It is easy to sense recent evolution there. Huge, 100+ ton boulders have tipped away from their precipices with trees falling over as a result. We imagined how trees roots pushed through tiny cracks. And how winter freezes water in cracks to further expand and evolve them. Over time roots grow large and centers of gravity move and boulders tip. Some time in future they will slide. At first tiny affects, then growing affects, then tipple, then catastrophic slide. Much SQ commingling DQ. Much awesome reality. Much oneness...

For Beth and me, experience demonstrates reality is DQvSQ. Thanks Mr. Pirsig. Thanks for your MoQ which provides a wholesome and holistic commingling — we are in IT and IT is in us.

That's it for June.

Thanks again for your continued patronage here, and thanks for reading.

See you next month, and Mtty.

The Quantonics Society appreciates your support.

May, 1999 News:

Whew! It's been busy here.

Hope all of you students and educators are enjoying summer break. Our *.edu hits dropped about 90% during May, but we look forward to your Fall return. Thanks to all of you for your patronage.

We added these pages to our Quantonics site during May, 1999:


Both of these graphics are logical, sequential steps based on last month's Philosophical_Capability graphic. Battle Winner shows unequivocally Cultural Relativism's interim defeat of SOM, and Next Step shows our anticipation of MoQ as victorious over CR. Our set of three graphics are valuable tools for understanding what is happening in Western culture wars at Millennium II's end, and what we might anticipate happening during Millennium III's first century. For specifics on our views see our Famous Metaphites pages below, and also read our letter pages previously posted at: Letter_to_Washington_Times_24Jul98, and Letter_to_Washington_Times_16Apr99. Especially read our 16Apr99 letter as it shows both SOM and Cultural Relativism suffering a common disease whose etiology is our SOMitic Greek legacy culture. It is enlightening to understand how Cultural Relativism shares SOM's cultural roots.


We hoped Discover Magazine would provide a direct link to this awesome article about a 1996-7 experiment by David E. Pritchard at MIT, but we have not found it yet. As a result, we excerpted parts of Robert Pool's December, 1997 Discover article which disclose its most significant (to us) memes. Any of you who doubt reality is quantum flux can find affirmation here. Pritchard diffracts sodium atoms through 100 parallel slits and says he could diffract a baseball, if he had a few aeons of time to wait for a baseball to pass through 100 slits. Pritchard also demonstrates well quantum flux's dual latched-unlatched nature by using a laser beam to observe diffracting sodium atoms. Observation is a precondition which elicits an unlatched-to-latched atom transformation, where absence-of-observation is a precondition for a latched-to-unlatched atom transformation. Pritchard set his experiment up so a laser's ability to observe is continuously adjustable. He can show gradual, smooth bidirectional transformations. Upon approaching observation capability, consistency of atomic position gradually appears as an impulse quanton. On leaving observation capability, growing inconsistency of atomic position gradually appears as a spread quanton.

Pritchard's experiment demonstrates one of very few large discrepancies in a Pirsigean MoQ perception of reality. Pirsig appears to partially align his philosophical views with presocratic sophist Protagoras, 19th century philosopher/mathematician/physicist Henri Poincaré, et al., in their statements, "Man is the measure of all things." Clearly this is a faulty, anthropocentric view, and Pritchard's experiment demonstrates it. In quantum reality, flux measures flux! In Pritchard's experiment we see it exemplified where a measurement transformation and vice versa (latch ó unlatch) values/prefers a laser's flux commingling, proximately with sodium atoms' flux. Also, we know, from an evolutionary perspective—man arrived late on Earth's scene


Lance has a tough time accepting a meme of Sophists as morally superior to Aristotelians. Lance's Oliver Wendell Holmes quote shows Holmes' own predilection to SOM's deluded One Global Truth assumption. See our comments in our response.


Last month's Quantonic Question, "Does MoQ explain emotion? How?" we answered using Pirsigean quotes exclusively.


In place of our Famous SOMites, we added Famous Metaphites to our home page. Then we provided our three favorite categories of Metaphites you see listed above. We extended our Famous SOMites page and created a new Famous CRites (CR: Cultural Relativists) page and a new Famous MoQites page. We used known presocratic sophist philosophers as Famous CRites. Seems apropos since Sophists' early views were more relativistic than flux-, quality-, value-, change-absolute. Many of them appear to have innate objective sense too, denying them inclusion in our Famous MoQites category. If you disagree, let us know. We also discovered Ludwig Wittgenstein. Many of you recommended him to us as a philosopher perhaps closest to Pirsig. After brief sample-reading of Wittgenstein, we see why you recommended him. We added him to our new Famous CRites page. We will do more future work with LW on our site. Pirsig is our only known MoQite, so if you have suggestions for others, please let us know.

Finally, we did significant updates to What is Absurd. You probably want to check it out.

That's it for May.

Thanks again for your continued patronage here, and thanks for reading.

See you next month, and Mtty.

The Quantonics Society appreciates your support.

April, 1999 News:

We continue to prepare for our summer class sessions. We look forward to seeing you there.

Our site statistics continue to grow. As this news is being prepared, we do not have our stats for the last week of April. We will revise this news on 3May1999 to reflect our latest information. As of now, week ending 25Apr99, we are up 473% over year end 1998. In April so far we are up 57%. In week 19-25 April we are up 41%. So you can see, your visitation is growing. Thank all of you for your visits, comments and conversations.

A sad note for April is my wife Beth's loss of her father on 6Apr1999. Thanks to those of you who shared kind and heartfelt condolences. Beth is doing well, and we planted a new, young, tall tree just outside our bedroom window. It symbolizes Dad's continued presence in our lives. (We love you, Hobsons!)

Much maintenance was done to our site during April. Note that all our pages have both creation and revision page bottom dates which you may examine to see if a page changed since your last use of it. We are trying to make our site easier to use and faster for you to load. An example is we put all of Quantonic Questions in separate pages and linked them from a list page. Loading time is very much faster, and you do not need to scroll to an answer you want — you may link directly to it.

Site maintenance includes this for April:

An MoQ Poem by M Romano - We challenged Mike to use her poetic talents to say something about MoQ.

Dad He Did His Job Well - Verse and condolences from Bob and Jeanne on our loss.

A Water Meditation at Dusk - A ceremony by Dan celebrating Dad's continuing journey in DQ.

March 1999 QQA - Our answer to the Quantonic Question "Is MoQ more ethical than SOM?" And, "Why?" See fresh perspectives of MoQ and SOM, and consider you own views of David Resnik's Principles of Ethics.

Letter to Washington Times 16Apr1999 - Our position on Paul Craig Roberts Washington Times commentary Academics are sowing seeds of hatred. We offer what we think is one key to understanding SOM's versus Cultural Relativism's (Post Modernism's) current culture war. At least read two last paragraphs. Clearly academia does not grasp core issues of our shared schismatic disease, instead focuses on symptoms. Paul Craig Roberts collaborates in academia's focus on symptoms. It's forest and trees stuff all over again.

A Poem for Mike No Illusion - Mike took one of Doug's emails and turned part of it into a more poem-like structure. We like it, so we decided to share it with you. Thanks Mike! Great poetic editing!

Philosophical Capability - You hear us say often we like to show concepts on one piece of paper where we can all grasp essentials of an idea, meme, or problem. We just added this graphic which succinctly (we think) compares MoQ, SOM, and CR. If this helps you to understand please let us know. If not, say why, or how you would change it.

Also, we added many new memes to The Memes. Each will be expanded as time is available. Also, The Meme page is just too big, and it is growing and will grow more extensively. We plan to break it up into a separate page for each meme and then link those pages from a separate list. This could be a whole site by itself eventually.

Some of you, because you skip our Buridan Review (it looks a tad intimidating, but there are some jewels, e.g., xxx Connections, hidden deep inside — check 'em out ), are missing Doug's definitions for a new reality which he derived during his Buridan/Hughes review. You may not be interested in our Buridan Review, but you very likely should see Doug's definitions.

See the important change we made to our review of Irving Stein's, The Concept of Object as the Foundation of Physics. We made a fascinating connection twixt Stein's concept of nonspace (~DQ) and quantum vacuum flux or VES (Vacuum Energy Space).

Second week of April, 1999 we added an important parenthetical to Quantum Connection from the Buridan/Hughes review. It is about the quantum-logical epiphany we all must experience to truly grasp MoQ essence.

Finally, we added a note and a link to our ISMs page. The link takes you to Peter Saint-André's extensive The ISM Book.

That's it for April.

Thanks again for your continued patronage here, and thanks for reading.

See you next month, and Mtty.

The Quantonics Society appreciates your support.

March, 1999 News:

Well, we said it couldn't get better, but it just keeps on keeping on!

Our site visitation (total hits) is growing at slightly under one percent per day! File transfers (pages read by you) are up 25% from one month ago! Please accept our sincere thanks for your patronage! If you like what you see here, tell your friends about us. We still believe word-of-mouth is the best marketing tool. If you do not like what you see here, let us know why you think that.

On that note, some visitors are sending us emails and want to debate the merits of Pirsig's MoQ without having studied his works. If you do that, we will be polite for awhile, then expect a deaf ear. If you want to participate in the new philosophy for Millennium III, you simply must study Pirsig's works, at a minimum. We also think you need a modicum of familiarity with quantum science. Again, see our Recommended Reading for helpful hints to begin your own personal adventure for Millennium III.

In chronological order, we added the following pages to the Quantonics site during March, 1999:

Quantonics Site MoQ Class Ad June 1999
Quantonics Site MoQ Class Ad July 1999
Quantonics Site MoQ Class Ad August 1999
Quantonics MoQ Classes Order Form
Indy Map

We announced our MoQ Summer sessions in March, 1999! We will teach Pirsig's MoQ philosophy and relate it to the enormous changes we see impending in Millennium III.

The first three links point to advertisements for each of our three Summer sessions. Each session is four weeks long, classes held on Saturday mornings in Carmel, from 07:30-10:30.

The fourth link is a printable order form.

The fifth link is a map to the Carmel MetroPlex as it appears next to Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

These classes are going to be a lot of fun. We will use a few of The New Pioneers case histories to provide MoQ analogies. We will compare as-practiced Cultural Relativism, to Subject-Object Metaphysics, to Pirsig's Metaphysics of Quality. We will show and discuss portions of a couple of videos we want to share on MoQ and quantum science. We want to connect you with the concepts of the new philosophy, and show you how those concepts may help you as you ascend into Millennium III.

Join us if you can. Remember, three sessions: one in June, another in July, and one in August. We repeat the same material in each session.

On March 15, 1999, we answered February's Quantonic Question, "How did Phædrus denigrate the practitioners of psychiatry and psychoanalysis? Why?"

Associated with the answer were two new page links which document Pirsig's own statements on insanity in both ZMM and Lila:

Pirsig's ZMM Quotes on Insanity
Pirsig's Lila Quotes on Insanity

We also sent an email to National Review to answer their Soapbox question about the new European Union morphing to a global superpower:

Will EU Morph to Global Superpower?

One of our buddies, from a prior life at a classical MBO organization, called us and asked if we had seen Tom Petzinger's 'Front Lines' column in the Wall Street Journal in late February. We had a 1.5 hour discussion on how Petzinger's new book, The New Pioneers correlates with MoQ, Quantonics, and quantum science. We decided to review the book. Here is a link to the review, and an email to Petzinger telling him what we thought. The email says we plan to postpone the review, but so many folk were excited about it and talking about it, we decided to do the review immediately.

The New Pioneers
Petzinger Letter 29Mar1999

This is an important book. Much more important than Senge's cause-effect loops and Covey's classical truth-centered nostrums. Petzinger's book is about changes in the workplace now which foretell massive, imminent Millennium III changes. This is MoQ/Quantonics/quantum stuff, big-time!!

Finally, just today, we received an email on the Quantonics site from a student who is taking a philosophy class. He has a problem with a class assignment on 'Sophism.' Thought our patrons might like to see our answer at this link:

A College Student Asks For Help on the Concepts of Sophism

That's the news for March, 1999! Hope we added value to your experience here.

Thanks for reading.

See you next month, and Mtty.

The Quantonics Society appreciates your support.


February, 1999 News:

Well, just when you think things can't possibly get any better... What an exciting time...

Again, we are breaking all of our own site activity records!

February, 1999 marks the first birthday of our Quantonics site. White Star Moët & Chandon is in order. We did! It was good!

New science breakthroughs abound. We added new links to several popular science journals and magazines, including Science, Science News, PhysicsWeb, New Scientist, Discover, and Science Week. See them on our top page. One profound article we found last year in Discover magazine was about a Darwin Chip. We linked it directly, but Discover's webmaster moved it and our link died (404 not found). The article describes new neural/ai processors which program themselves. Amazingly, they appear capable of quantonic interrelationships with their environments. The article doesn't talk about this in terms of Quantonics, but we make those inferences from it. Read it - it is worth your time. See: Discover magazine, June, 1998 issue, pp. 73-79, Evolving a Conscious Machine, 'chips build themselves,' by Gary Taubes. We, In Quantonics, believe this is how quantumware will be done during Millennium III. Each system is individually autonomous, but simultaneously cohesive with our multiverse (Mae-wan Ho's definition of an ideal quantum component of larger quantum reality.). Systems built in a similar way are survivable. They are built with intrinsic, quantum, Evolutionarily Stable Strategies, ESSs. The old formal soft-firm-ware of 1950-90s will fade into obsolescence. Formal systems tend to become exclusive Static Quality. As a result, they become extinct.

New York Academy of Sciences publishes an excellent magazine, The Sciences. NYAS has a web site, but they do not publish any of their magazine articles there, so until they do, we decline to recommend that site. Consider a subscription to The Sciences — one of the finest, award-winning magazines on the planet with an exceptionally low annual subscription rate. We refer often to their many articles on quantum science, vacuum energy, mathematics, art, plus a plethora of other scientific works.

One of our site visitors reminded us to re-examine recent advances in nanotechnology too. Soon, nearly every thing you use will be built, "atom-up." We coin that term to alert you of another facet of a massive paradigm shift we are about to encounter. You may want to search on 'nanotechnology.' There are some big surprises coming here — we describe some in Millennium III. The latest, March-April issue of MIT's Technology Review contains an article entitled, Moses of the Nanoworld, by David Voss. The article is about Eric Drexler, one of the earliest proponents of nanotechnology. Actually, if you do the research, you will find that Richard P. Feynman started the movement in the USA in the 1950s. Drexler's birth date was ~then or later.

Perhaps you wonder why we emphasize BECs on our top page... We do so because BECs are crucial technology bases for atom lasers. Nanobuilding using "atom-up" technologies will require atom lasers to provide a continuous source of individual atom subsystems.

A huge impact of an imminent shift to "atom-up" manufacturing will be demise of our current cathedral manufacturing model. We will see ubiquitous and autonomous, micro-lights-out manufacturers. We will see a plethoric bazaar of manufacturers instead of just a few dominant corporations. The transformation will look a lot like one we experienced in second half of 20th century with computers. In 1950s, Tom Watson was saying our world would only need six or so computers. Now we have them in door locks and light switches. During the 21st century we will see a similar transformation in manufacturing. Most manufacturing will be done at home. Total mass customization, beyond incremental delivery. Deliverables will be design specifications and custom alterations only. Every manufacturable will have its own equivalent of a genome.

When we combine new Millennium III memes of:

free energy
quantum computing
quantum communications
zero gravity

We see that two dominant Western cultures, each at war - now - with one another, are inept for dealing with new Millennium III realities. It is time to commence change to a new culture: a culture based on quantum science and MoQ/quantum philosophy. We call it, "Quantonics."

In that vein, we are commencing classes in Quantonics starting in June, 1999. Watch our site for announcements during first week of March, 1999.

We also added following links to our site during February:

Quantum MoQ Egg   - A graphic by Doug, showing the MoQ symbol as a quanton.
Q&A - Ant McWatt's MoQ Class   - Doug's comments to Anthony's students' answers to the Quantonic Q&A.
Analysis  - A new link to Cambridge University's Philosophy journal web page.
Will USA Survive?   - A letter from Doug to an editor of Red Herring magazine enunciating our opinion that classical Cathedral style government will not survive.

One new journal link we added is a link to Science. Science is a journal of American Association for the Advancement of Science, or AAAS. We are members of AAAS. Their site link requires membership for access to parts of their site, especially site archives. An article in 19Feb99 issue of Science is about haptics, or virtual touch. For those of you into virtual machines or environments, we recommend you read this article. Science's search on their and other archives is just superb. Some valuable articles on quantum science and quantum breakthroughs appear there.

Finally, we found a really excellent, lay-level one-hour video, The Quantum Universe. Published by Smithsonian, a video for newbies who know little of quantum science. The script is by one of our friends in quantum science, Dr. Hans Christian von Baeyer, Chancellor Professor of Physics, College of William and Mary. Dr. von Baeyer also writes for The Sciences, Discover, et al.

Thanks for reading.

See you next month, and Mtty.

The Quantonics Society appreciates your support.

January, 1999 News:

Wow! What a start to 1999! We just had one of our biggest months in terms of site activity. Thanks to all of you who visit.

Our fledgling Quantonic Questions is off to a slow start, though. Need to get more of you to participate in that.

During January, 1999 we added the following:

Our first set of answers to the first Quantonic Question. The question was, "Are you the same you now, or different from you one second ago? Why?" The next question whose answers are due mid-February is, "What is intelligence and can you locate it? Why?" This question should interest all of you pursuing the concepts of consciousness and unconsciousness and their interrelationships with quantum mind.

We also added a new set of links called Quantum Flux Links. We added this set of links because of the intense global focus now on vacuum energy. Vacuum energy is the stuff of VES or Vacuum Energy Space. You may recall that Pirsig's DQ now has static metaphors in physics and science. VES is just one of the metaphors. The energy of VES is also called Casimir energy (search on Casimir) and zero point energy or ZPE.

Vacuum energy is what Maxwell called "ether." Aristotle thought that it existed too. But Einstein, Michelson, Morley, et al., showed (incorrectly) early in the 20th century that it did not exist . Now we know they were wrong.

It isn't the first time and it won't be the last that great folk have arrived at the wrong answers. Here in Quantonics we think they arrived at those wrong answers because of their legacy SOMthink. Our urgent message to you is that we need to shift our thinking paradigms from SOMthink to MoQthink or its equivalent. We call this the M3K problem. It is the most urgent problem which exists for Millennium III. Our current absolutist and relativist culture wars are born of SOM. Those two cultures are incompatible with the new quantum science. They must be replaced by Quantonics and MoQthink or their equivalent. We call that the Quantonic Thinking Mode. One of our goals is to develop the tools of the QTM.

Vacuum energy is important. To the SOM mind it is IMPOSSIBLE. Vacuum energy is dense! It amounts to 10^93 grams per cubic centimeter of energy. We have told you this before elsewhere on this site, but it bears repeating. That is enough energy to reproduce, in one cubic centimeter, our known universe an incredible number of times. Assume that the known universe consists of 10^80 atoms. Assume a fat atom has a median count of 58 nucleons (we acknowledge this is probably too big). Then our fat atom would have a mass of 10^-28 grams. We can estimate the mass of the known universe then as the product of 10^80 and 10^-28. Our known universe has an estimated mass of 10^52 grams. Note that number, although huge, is much smaller than the energy density of VES! How many of our universes does one cubic centimeter of VES represent? Amazingly, 10^41!

Did you get that? Did you get that? Did you get that?

There is enough energy in one cubic centimeter of VES to create 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 of our universes!

And, we are on the verge of learning how to tap that energy! When we do, what happens? Energy will become essentially free! Now imagine the consequences of free energy. Those consequences are profound. Say goodbye to: power utilities, diesel and gasoline engines, jet powered aircraft, natural gas and petroleum energy supplies... This list is endless! This weak attempt to disclose the consequences of tapped vacuum energy pales, simply pales to the ubiquity of impact.

SOMthink cannot deal with that and the concomitant immense shift in our perception of reality. We call this the M3K problem. Energy will be free and limitless. Heat will be free. Travel will be free. We will have unlimited energy to leverage our individual talents. We will learn how to turn free energy into anything that any of us may want to possess. This sounds unreal. It sounds ridiculous. It sounds like it could never happen, yet we are on the precipice of this great event in the history of Earth and humankind.

How are we going to get all of the people on this globe to understand and deal with this enormous transformation? How many people understand the fundamentals of quantum science? How many people understand MoQ's many truths and how they relate to SOM's one global truth and cultural relativism's relative, "...whatever you like - there is no truth?"

We added the Quantum Flux Links to help you get connected to what is about to happen. We are developing this site to help you learn about the massive imminent changes which quantum science emerses now and for the future. We want to show you how important it is that we intuit both philosophy and science as a team — not as adversaries the way SOM and CR do. SOM is about absolute objects and truth based on the existence of those objects. CR is about total, unmitigated relativity where nothing is absolute. Quantonics is about absolute quantum change of quantons (quantum entities) and truth relative to quantum islands of context.

As we have said,
the team we choose is the Quantonics team:
MoQ and Quantum Reality
Quantonics is the overall study of both philosophy and science of quanton-ic interrelationships.

We also added Dr. David J. Foulis' paper, A Half Century of Quantum Logic - What Have We Learned? to the top page of the site. The response to this paper has been enormous! Foulis' paper distinguishes, in a SOM format, quantum logic from SOM logic. As a lay student, you can see the prominence of difference in Figure 2, The Logic of Events of Foulis' paper. That figure shows two quantum islands of truth in the experiment Foulis presents in the paper. This paper complements our review of G.E. Hughes' evaluation of Buridan's Chapter Eight Sophismata. There we showed that Buridan's sophisms (paradoxes/paradice) are only manifestations of SOMthink. SOMthink creates paradice. SOMthink creates sophisms. MoQthink eliminates paradice. Quantum logic eliminates paradice.

It is natural on first exposure to Quantonics to feel confused. One has a similar feeling after reading Pirsig's, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Lila, and SODV. One experiences a similar feeling when one hears of the quantum realm and the unSOMlike dynamics of that realm. Its like our first ride on a roller coaster. Its like experiencing a birth without prior knowledge of that majesty. It is like the quantum epiphany we described for you in our review of Stein's, The Concept of Object as the Foundation of Physics. It is like hearing our favorite music the very first time. It is Pirsig's nominated, "Dynamic Quality."

One of our site visitors felt confused and asked us, "I sure would like a short synopsis of Quantonics to see whether it covers the same area of inquiry I am interested in. Can you send me something, Doug?" We answered with Mere Quantonics. Enjoy!

Finally, in January, our good friend and a protégé of Pirsig's asked us to portray his latest paper on MoQ. Anthony McWatt is an MoQ Ph.D. candidate, the world's first we believe, at Liverpool University in Great Britain. The paper is co-authored with Eric Priezkalns. Pirsig provides comments to segments of the paper and its overall theme. See it at Anthony McWatt's MoQ Paper. We want to provide our own review of the paper during the first quarter of 1999. Watch for it.

You may be interested to know that Anthony's first course on the MoQ was over subscribed by a factor of three. Congratulations Anthony! Also, Anthony chose to use some of our Quantonics material for the classes. We are proud that he used our MoQ video as an intro to the course. Thanks Anthony! We experience vicarious thrills here in Quantonics.

One of our most frequent visitors, Dan Glove, is developing his own site. It has book reviews and other fine stuff where you may garner interest. Of particular interest to us now is his review of Niels Bohr's philosophy with a focus on the topic of Bohr's complementarity. The SOMites denigrate Bohr's complementarity as "subjective." What the SOMites denigrate is the very stuff of quantum reality and vacuum energy space!

Visit Dan's site, and tell him that we sent you.

Thanks for reading.

See you next month, and Mtty.

The Quantonics Society appreciates your support.

December, 1998 News:

We hope all of you had terrific holidays with an abundance of joy.

1998 has been an excellent year for The Quantonics Society. Our work to technically affirm much of Pirsig's work in his, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Lila, and Subjects, Objects, Data and Values paid enormous dividends for us and our site visitors.

The work represented on the TQS web site at the end of 1998 accomplishes the following:

Our last accomplishment for 1998 was a two+ month review of G.E. Hughes' John Buridan on Self-Reference. The review represents our largest effort so far on the Quantonics web site. It consists of over two dozen new HTML files and about ten new GIF files.

The whole review text is 100s of thousands of bytes. If you want to limit your initial exposure, and see the crucial connections of SOM's sophisms to Pirsig's MoQ, focus on these pages:

As you will see, the Buridan review is far from complete. We will expand it during the first quarter of 1999.

Related to the Buridan review and Pirsig, we found Dr. David Foulis at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. At the Einstein Meets Magritte conference where Pirsig presented SODV, Foulis presented a paper entitled, A Half Century of Quantum Logic — What Have we Learned? The paper exemplifies part of the change we must undergo to learn the new Quantonic Thinking Mode. We asked Foulis to let us publish his paper here on the Quantonics web site. Hopefully, he will agree.

Anthony McWatt's December, 1998 paper (co-authored with Eric Priezkalns) is almost ready for publication here. Those of you who visit here or The Lila Squad often know that Anthony is the world's first MoQ Ph.D. candidate. His paper entitled, The role of evolution, time and order in Pirsig's "Metaphysics of Quality," will appear here during January, 1999.

On November 3, 1998, Doug wrote a letter to The Sciences, the New York Academy of Sciences' journal. He wrote them about a Nov/Dec 1998 issue article by Robert Zimmerman entitled, 'Photo Finish.' Watch for it in the Jan/Feb 1999 issue. The responses in subsequent issues should be very interesting. Let's see what happens...

Perhaps you have seen our announcement that we are moving to a new ISP. That work should be complete by 1Feb1999. We will send announcements to all of you who visit the site on the eve of the transfer.

During 1999 we will build our own server capability. We will use Linux and related tools for the server. Gradually we will move all of our workstations from MS NT4.0 to dual OSs, i.e., NT4.0 and Linux. When we show that Linux can stand on its own we will leave MS behind.

One reason we want to develop our own server is to allow unlimited use of list server capability. Most ISPs decline the 'opportunity' to provide clients with list servers. Used injudiciously, list servers consume a lot of bandwidth.

Happy New Year 1999!

Thanks for reading.

See you next month, and Mtty.

The Quantonics Society appreciates your support.


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