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N¤te t¤ users/students ¤f Quantonics: We start using s¤me ¤f ¤ur n¤vel
Quantonics English Language Remediati¤n f¤r Millennium III here starting 9Jul2001.
Some classical 'o's' we replace with Quantonic/quantized '¤'s'
Assume a more classical context when you see 'o's,'
and assume a m¤re quantum comtext when y¤u see '¤'s.' D¤ug.
The greatest strength of this graphic is its comparison to our other reality l¤¤ps.
By looking at this loop and then examining MoQ I Reality l¤¤p, y¤u may distinguish
Pirsig's Metaphysics of Quality fr¤m Subject-Object Metaphysics' tiny l¤gical b¤x
which Pirsig calls a "Church of Reason."

Similarly, y¤u may c¤mpare quantum science's M¤Q II Reality l¤¤p t¤ this ¤ne.
Again, y¤u will see much difference twixt SOM's Reality l¤¤p and Mechanics ¤f Quanta's l¤¤p,
but y¤u will see much similarity in MoQ I and M¤Q II.

In b¤th M¤Q l¤¤ps y¤u find ¤ur reality l¤¤ps c¤mmingling b¤th
DQ/SQ (MoQ I Reality L¤¤p), and
quantum Vacuum_Energy_Space/Kn¤wn (M¤Q II Reality L¤¤p).
This c¤mmingling is s¤urce ¤f change, abs¤lute quantal, n¤nc¤ntinu¤us change.

By comparison,
look at SOM's reality loop above. There is no way for its loop to break out and change.
That is how SOM deludes induction, causality, paradice, and most of SOM's other ills.
SOM has a knife for reduction, and its own subject-object schism, and
most everything else, but it has no knife for change! It has no knife
to cut its reality loop and thus break out of its endless, homogeneous loop continuum.

Without a knife, though, SOM is incapable. A dilemma! What to do? Invent a knife!
What is SOM's knife? Analysis! Integral and differential calculus!
But what does SOM have to do to apply its analytical knife to reality?
It has to stop reality! It has to make reality hold still while SOM's analytic knife makes its cuts.
SOM needs a quiescent reality and static symbols like its equals sign to depict still and immutable reality
while its analysis cuts. To observe any object's function of time at any arbitrary 'point' in time,
SOM must stop reality. SOM claims it can 'frame' reality like a picture or a snapshot.

But quantum reality never stands still. One may n¤t 'st¤p' quantum reality t¤ obsfect it.
19N¤v2000 C¤mments added after reading Bergson's Creative Evolution. Doug.

SOM, as we can see in its Reality Loop above, isolates deterministic, inductive iterations
of human objective (y=f(t)) intellect in a box called, "The Known."
Henri Bergson argues against this.
He tells us our intelligence commingles his élan vital, his source, whose existence classical metaphysics
denies. Speaking of Platonic and other SOM ilk thinking, Bergson says,

"But this method has against it the most inveterate habits of the mind. It at once suggests the idea of a vicious circle [SOM's reality loop]. In vain, we shall be told, 'You claim to go beyond intelligence: how can you do that except by intelligence? All that is clear in your consciousness is intelligence. You are inside your own thought; you cannot get out of it.'"

Creative Evolution, p. 192, Dover, paper, 1998, original work 1911.

Looking at SOM's loop above, it becomes clear why Bergson tells us this.
SOM is stuck! Its intellect is stuck, looping in its own contrived Church of Reason.
It cannot and will not see out of its SOM church/loop/box,
so it concludes, "You cannot go beyond intelligence."

SOM does not realize that what it calls, 'substantial existence,'

commingles its cloaked c¤mplement!

What we see in our graphic above is not intelligence!
We see formal, operationally conditioning, troglodytic tautologies.
We see Aristotle's tautologous syllogisms:

A = A
A is either A or not A
A is not both A and not A

We see SOM dependence on a ridiculous identity concept (=) which is naught but conjuring.
We see SOM's either/or knife. We see SOM's excluded middle.
We see one truth, one context, one logic, and homogeneity.
All for the sake of establishing logical contradiction, so that proponents may assess absolutely,
"True or False, Yes or No!"
All illusions!

SOM's paradice emerge from phenomena which arise from its self-declared and self-imposed
non-existence and the unknown.
Those paradice arise because SOM insists its box is the BOX, yet its box has no
other contexts with which to deal with phenomena arising outside its box.
There is no reality outside SOM's box! So says SOM!!
SOM's paradice arise when SOM uses its knife to cut its real substance into
logical syllogistic pieces, but retains its homogeneous loop continuum. In doing so, SOM
makes two critically wrong assumptions:

1) reality is substance which may be analytically reduced, and
2) time is a homogeneous continuum.

Similarly, Henri Louis Bergson says it thus, paraphrased (see pp. 273-4 of CE Topic 39.):

1) Classicists delusionally assume reality is stable, and
2) Things in reality are independent.

Appraise how paradice arise from SOM's closed reality loop by juxtaposing these two graphics:

A Single SOM Reality
(Outcome of SOM's unbroken/closed Reality Loop.)
Two Local Contexts - Two Local Truths
(How Quantonics/MoQ/Quantum memes and QTMs enable us to break/open SOM's unreality loop.)

Our other Reality Loops show loop-commingling of both known (latched patterns of energy),
and unknown (unlatched isotropic energy flux) from which arise
a new, cohesive identity concept (), many truths, many contexts, many logics, many times, and heterogeneity.
In our other Reality Loops, there are no paradice! Unknown yes, but paradice, no!

A significant weakness in this model is our change arrow. SOM's concept of
change is unclear and incoherent, just as its concepts of mass, length, time, and gravity
are all unclear and incoherent. In SOM m, l, t, and g are all measurable, but remain undefined.
Our green arrow of time shows unidirectional time, adhering Maxwell's 2nd law of thermodynamics.
Yet classical science's own Newtonian object representation in our loop above, y=f(t),
is wholly reversible in stark contrast to Maxwell's 2nd law.

Classicists call this a "Paradox!"

In Quantonics,
we consider time as yet lacking satisfactory definition.
After we wrote this statement first in early 1998, we reviewed Irving Stein's,
The Concept of Object as the Foundation of Physics.
During that review effort (October, 1998) we experienced an epiphany, A DQ Moment. That moment
disclosed to us our intuition of classical physics' mass, length, time, and even gravity as
derivatives of Pirsig's DQ or its equivalent quantum flux. So now,
we define for our own purposes: m, l, t, and gf(flux),
In Quantonics.

M¤re recently in Quantonics,
we investigated Mae-wan Ho's interpretati¤n ¤f time and her
reference (and reverence) t¤ Henri Bergson's ¤wn phil¤s¤phical
descripti¤n ¤f time. Bergson's time fits what we kn¤w ab¤ut
Pirsig's new phil¤s¤phy, MoQ, and it fits what we kn¤w ab¤ut
¤ur new science, quantum science. Watch f¤r new graphics
and text here in Quantonics during February, 2000,
See these files devel¤ped fr¤m ~1Jan2000 thr¤ugh ~1Jun2001 (at least ¤ne is ¤lder) —:
Classical Examples of Time Flow
Classical Vis-à-vis Quantonic Time
Classical Homogeneous Vis-à-vis Quantum Heterogeneous Time
Quantonic Time Primer
Heterogenous Qualitative Time
Quantum Vis-à-vis Classical Wavelength
June, 2000 TQS News
— where we
discl¤se ¤ur n¤vel Quant¤nic interpretati¤n ¤f time based ¤n memes
fr¤m Stein, Ho, Bergson, et al.

Artwork and SOM Interpretations
by Doug Renselle

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