A Review
of Sylvia Nasar's

A Beautiful Mind

by Doug Renselle

Latest Update: 26Mar2014, Doug.

Doug's perspective of Sylvia Nasar's A Beautiful Mind
____________________________________________A Millennium III Work of Genius
____________________________________________1998, Touchstone, 459 total pages, including index. -
December2001-February2002, with more to come...
Doug Renselle

Before we continue our review of A Beautiful Mind, please allow us to express our opinion regarding recent hate-filled news about John Forbes Nash as an anti-Semite. Our recently expressed opinion is slightly altered from our Famous SOMites web page:

Doug - 18Mar2002 - Those who call John Forbes Nash "anti-Semitic" obviously have not read Nasar's book. When you hear someone say "Nash is an anti-Semite," be sure to ask them if they read A Beautiful Mind. During his illness, Nash was against everything, even attempting to discard his US citizenship on multiple occasions. He was against his wife, his concubine, his legitimate son, his illegitimate son, his alma mater, his friends, his peers, politicians, authority, employers, Harvard, Princeton,..., virtually everything and everyone. Doug - 18Mar2002.

Back to our review...

We asked some friends to go see a movie with us and we all settled on A Beautiful Mind from a documentary biography of John Forbes Nash (1928 - ) by Sylvia Nasar. Her book's title too is, A Beautiful Mind, 1998, Touchstone. First, let's discuss Nasar's book and Ron Howard's movie about it.

We feel obliged to answer a question about Howard's movie: "Does it capture essence of Nasar's biography of Nash?" In our opinion, "Not at all!" We see little similarity twixt movie and book. But Doug, "Is the movie any good?" Absolutely! Personally, we enjoyed it immensely, and even wish to see it again. Howard's movie is, in our opinion, extraordinarily quantum, with Nth senses' ambiences and auras.

"Is Nasar's book any good?" As a novel, in our opinion, "No!" As a biographical documentary, "Yes." Nasar's book is (we think necessarily) long. There is a lot of redundancy (again, we think, necessary) because Nasar keeps reestablishing important nexuses among a vast array of important and relevant people who touched and were touched by John Forbes Nash's life. This is a rare situation where we think tour de force actually applies to Nasar's work. Her notes alone run to 45 pages! Her bibliography contains between 100 and 200 separate references!

If we interrelate movie and book, we have to say that they are beautiful quantum c¤mplements of one another. And, almost miraculously, both are necessary to grasp John Nash's whole quantum being. This is a far cry from most movies which attempt, and authors which expect, to clone a text. Instead, Nasar and Howard, we think, accomplished a possible first in history:


That quanton is closer to John Nash than book or movie alone. Remarkable! Other more objective, classical reviewers, in our opinion, missed this quantum included-middle c¤mplementarity of both movie and book. As a result they describe movie and book as, "...disjoint, unrelated, about two different and dichotomous views of John Nash." We sense we are entering an emergent entertainment genre — an emerqant quantum entertainment era, of n¤vel quantum c¤mplements of books and books' movie interrelationships.

But Doug, "How can you use a Quantonics animate equal sign? Aren't movie and book both Static Quality?" Good question. Our answer is that each person who reads Nasar's book and views Howard's movie will interpret both separately and together in ways which are widely stochastic across a huge audience. Each sentient's quantum stage creates a new version of book and movie each time they enjoy either one. So our quantum stages animate and hermeneutically animate our quanton! Our quanton represents a heuristic meme whose heterogeneity and animacy are both quantum. We might show that meme like this:


Due Nasar's book's style and presentation method, we decided n¤t to review it formally under a separate review title, but to comment here on it and provide a brief note in our Recommended Reading with a link back to this relevant text.

We want to hit what we consider to be high points in Nasar's book. Our high points congregate around these topics: Nasar commendations, Nasar problematics, and quantum Nash.

That pretty much wraps up our mini-review of Sylvia Nasar's A Beautiful Mind biography of John Nash. If you wish to talk with Doug about Nash, et al., call 1-317-THOUGHT. Alternatively, write Doug at The Quantonics Society, 1950 East Greyhound Pass, Suite 18, #368
Carmel, INdiana 46033-7730. Except for active students in Quantonics, we have to limit email communications...we no longer publish Doug's emails...legacy TQS email addresses which have yet to be deleted are currently invalid.

We will extend this review as time permits…

Thank you for reading,

Doug - 3Feb2002

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