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Our Extended List of References for Our Review of Geertz' Available Light

Albert, David - a protégé of Bohm's, physicist, author of several texts including, Quantum Mechanics and Experience; Foulis, David - American quantum logician; presented a famous quantum logic paper at 1995 Einstein Meets Magritte conference in Brussels, Belgium; Powers, Richard - Book Circle Prize winning author; MacArthur Fellow; works include The Goldbug Variations, Prisoner's Dilemma, Operation Wandering Soul, Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance, and Galatea 2.2;
Alexander, Christopher - nouveau anthropological form and context via architecture, pioneer architect, author; author of several texts including, Notes on the Synthesis of Form, The Timeless Way of Building, A Pattern Language, etc. Gleick, James - author of popular works including Chaos, Genius, et al.; His Genius is a biography of Richard P. Feynman, and is one of our favorite and most accessed texts; Savage, Rhett - physicist; see his web site (we have temporarily lost his link at Reed, in Portland, Oregon); source of our personal discovery of Mae-wan Ho's book the Rainbow and the Worm;
Baggott, Jim - physicist, author of a superb text on quantum theory, The Meaning of Quantum Theory; Gribbin, John - Physicist and author of countless popular works, we learned our proto-genetic theory from his ample and extensive works; Schrödinger, Erwin - Nobel prize winning Austrian physicist who invented quantum wave mechanics;
Bell, J. S. - famed for his Bell's Theorem which demonstrates non-locality of quantum c¤mplementarity's included-middle; Grim, Patrick - SUNY philosophy professor, author of The Philosophical Computer, computer modeler of (mostly classical) philosophical concepts — demonstrates effectively evolutionarily unstable strategynote of several philosophical concepts; Singh, Simon - English physicist from U. of Cambridge; author, a recent work is Fermat's Enigma where Singh demonstrates and exposes mathematics' deign of predicate logical feign;
Bergson, Henri Louis - renowned French philosopher, author of countless works several of which we review extensively in Quantonics including, An Introduction to Metaphysics, Creative Evolution, Time and Free Will, Matter and Memory; Heisenberg, Werner Karl - German Nobel prize winning physicist (for his Uncertainty Principle), a founder of quantum matrix mechanics; Stein, Irving - American polymath; author of The Concept of Object as the Foundation of Physics which we review in Quantonics;
Bohr, Niels - father of "orthodox" Quantum Theory, father of a quantum "exclusive" complementarity meme, a subjective meme which his 'peers,' including Einstein, denounced as such — much as Galileo did under a similar inquisition, Bohr feigned to belie complementarity's subjectivity; see our Quantonics comments on two kinds of quantum c¤mplementarity: Bohrian and Quantonic. Herbert, Nick - physicist and popularly read author of multiple works our favorite of which, Quantum Reality; Thomas, Dan - currently teaches quantum science and quantum chemistry at U. of Guelph, Ontario; see his web site;
Bohm, David - father of Non-Mechanics of Quanta meme; physicist; author of famous Quantum Theory (1952); our favorite quote: "We are led, instead, to a new point of view, based on [an] idea that [] quanta connecting object and environment constitute irreducible links that belong, at all times, as much to one part as to [an] other." See Chapter 8, Sec. 24, Quantum Theory, by David Bohm, Dover, 1979 (originally published by Prentice Hall, 1951). (Doug's brackets to remove thelogos.) Hesse, Hermann - Nobel prize winning author of Magister Ludi, Steppenwolf, et al. works; Tomonaga, Sin Itiro - Superb Japanese physicist; author of The Story of Spin (1974) recently translated into English (1996); TSoS takes its form as a series of 12 lectures; very worthwhile your efforts to consume - a magical island of quantum esoterica - Castaway there for as long as it takes and you will emerge a wholly enlightened person
Capra, Fritjof - his quantum interpenetration meme aligns Bohr's quantum complementarity and offers hints of quantum included-middle logical memes — those new memes allow extraordinary scientists to discard facile Aristotelian and Newtonian excluded-middle concepts; author of The Tao of Physics, et al. Ho, Mae-wan - quantum biologist, author of one of our favorites, the Rainbow and the Worm; von Neumann, John - a Hungarian and an American mathematician who wrote a mathematical principia of quantum matrix and wave mechanics called Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (original German text 1932; , English translations available after 1949). This text was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing in that it helped others to understand a classical mathematical analogue of quantum reality; a curse (see Foulis, et al.) because quantum reality is non-mechanical, as David Bohm and others have so eloquently expressed. Von Neumann, like Geertz spent quality time starting in 1933 at IAS, Princeton;
Dawkins, Richard - English biologist; coined 'meme,' as an animate, viral, mutating percept which emerges among sentient nodes of reality's quantum stage; coined phrase Evolutionarily Stable Strategy (ESS), for species who survive reality's quantum uncertain heterogeneous and hetero-temporal vagaries; see Patrick Grim nearby for computer models of philosophical memes which are both ESS and En¤nSS; Dawkins is author of The Selfish Gene, The Blind Watchmaker, et al. Howard, Don - Philosopher of Science (Boston University), in particular quantum science; one of the most articulate metaphysicians in America today; his limited works are superb; Howard is one of few whom we consider nearest to "understanding" quantum reality; considers himself a metaphysician, "out of necessity;" Howard is currently a full professor at University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, Indiana; see a favorite quote of ours in bold red text; Wheeler, John - American physicist; one of Feynman's mentors, peers; Wheeler invented many gedankenments to test quantum theory; one was brought to nearly full fruition during 2007 and Doug did a review of a fledged experiment which was done at Henri Bergson's alma mater;
Deutsch, David - a pioneer in quantum computing; wrote The Fabric of Reality which we review nearby; Josephson, Brian - British physicist; innovative pioneer of "the Josephson junction;" evolving interests in quantum biology; see our review of Donald McDonald's description of battle twixt Josephson and John Bardeen over quantum junction tunneling; Wolf, F. A. - Physicist, author of popular works, e.g., Parallel Universes, et al.;
Dirac, P. A. M. - father of heterogeneous times meme vis-à-vis classical homogeneous time concept; father of bra-ket notation used extensively in quantum logical manipulations; Kitto, H. D. - English Greek historian, author of The Greeks, and many other texts; Pirsig refers Kitto in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance; see a Kitto reference by Pirsig at The Birth of SOM; Zeilinger, Anton - physicist; with Nicolas Gisin demonstrated quantum superluminality of quantonic phase inversion over multi-kilometer distances;
d'Espagnat, Bernard - French theoretical physicist; author of Conceptual Foundations of Quantum Mechanics (an absolutely superb text); in that text he makes some remarkable and quantum statements, including "science is presumably not in itself a sufficient tool for gaining full access to [] reality;" his eight quantum reality propositions assist a partially realized departure from classical conceptions of reality; Pagels, Heinz - American physicist; one time director of New York Academy of Sciences; author of multiple works, our favorite Dreams of Reason; tragic life story; wife is renowned Elaine Pagels, theologist; Doug wrote this poem dedicated to Heinz Pagels. Zohar, Danah - Author of Quantum Self, Quantum Society, et al.; we recommend latter for those of you who wish a more quantum view of social anthropology;
Feferman, Solomon - logician Pirsig, R. M. - famed rhetorician, millions of his works in print - our non-acknowledging co-opted mentor J; author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and Lila; Zukav, Gary - famous writer, author; our favorite Zukav text is Dancing Wu Li Masters;
Finkelstein, David - quantum logician; Poe, Edgar Allen - famed poet, less well known as a philosopher; to sample his philosophical predilections read his The Gold Bug. et al.

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