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Acronyms and symbols used in Why this Review:

 MoQ  - Metaphysics of Quality
 SOM  - Subject-Object Metaphysics

Why this Review?

Concurrently with and using our review of Hughes' and Buridan's work, we want to show you why SOMthink cripples our abilities to reason.

Your reviewer decided to comment on Hughes' review of Buridan for several following reasons:
  1. To show you, reader, that Aristotle, a great sophist-hater, is a crypto-sophist.
  2. To demonstrate unambiguously Buridan's class of self-referent sophisms shows SOM's King, dialecticand its progenyabsolute truth, wear no clothes.
  3. To investigate uncanny similarities of sophist thinking and rhetoric to post modern quantum thinking. (We see recognition of this in other authors' works: Nick Herbert in his Quantum Reality on quantum logic, of course Pirsig and his concept of many truths, and recently Irving Stein in his The Concept of Object as the Foundation of Physics on his Buridan's ass analogy to non-preference as a quantum leap.)
  4. To understand further Pirsig's speculation about what Western culture might have been had SOM not killed its parent. Pirsig's description in his Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance of a philosophical parenticide which commenced with Homer's Iliad and culminated with Aristotle's Principia. Pirsig's antagonist, Aristotelian SOM (Subject-Object Metaphysics) killed its parent philosophy: Sophism. We ask our readers to further consider what classical 'christians' have done to quantum~gnosis over last two millennia. See our review of Mark Gaffney's Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes.
  5. To understand further popular Western cultural denigration of sophism since Parmenides.
  6. To disclose to a more general audience your reviewer's own reading of Aristotle's words in his Principia, under Logic - On Sophistical Refutations, where he says, "That some reasonings are genuine, while others seem to be so, but are not, is evident." An ancient version of a kind of imposed political correctness for logical thought. Certainly this arrogance of a finite intellect's presumed ability to distinguish true logic from sophism would declare quantum logic, "sophistry." We find this marvelous in retrospect, especially upon considering many impacts of 2500 years of this same SOMthink on Western culture and societies.
  7. As another stake in the heart of Western philosophy's parent logic SOMthink. We know now SOMthink was born of an act of murder and wrath. (The first word of the first sentence of Homer's original Iliad in Greek: "mhnin aeide thea Peladew Achilos..." In English: "Sing, oh, Muse of the Wrath of Achilles...")
  8. To disclose a connection we discovered in Irving Stein's, The Concept of Object as the Foundation of Physics (reviewed nearby). Stein compares his own quintessential epiphany required as a bridge to quantum thinking. Stein sees a paradox which exemplifies his epiphany: one mis-attributed Buridan sophism, called The Paradox of Buridan's Ass. (Please, no pun here. Many philosophers use animals in their formal logic gedanken parables. Among our philosophical reading adventures we see squirrels, monkeys, alligators, dogs, donkeys, etc. Someone, unknown to us, used an ass (~donkey) to re-render a Buridan sophism, and it stuck as Buridan's own. Sophism, that is... Pin the tail... )
  9. Your reviewer's own personal need to expound and distinguish among SOM, cultural relativism, and Pirsig's own MoQ or Metaphysics of Quality.

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