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It has been over a year since Doug has posted here.
Gore is a laughing stock. McCain't is a laughing stock.
Envirnomental 'scientists' are all laughing stocks.

Like all 'good' socialists persistent envirnomentalists have renamed 'global warming' to 'climate change.'

Socialists are, in Doug's opinion, committing evolutionary suicide now on a grand scale.

"Why do you make that claim Doug?"

Simply, change is normal. Change is real.

Change is quantum. Change is uncertain due quantum~real wave~stochastics. A quantized reality is radically~instable
via its perpetual
transmutative cycles of both chaos and equilibrium borne of quantized~scintillation in all reality.

We have a similar issue in Keynesian-Marxist thought. Of course they are socialists. (Read Hayek's Road to Serfdom.)

Keynesians and socialists attempt to contrive their own utopian 'radical stability.' See Hyman Minsky. Doug - 13Jan2012.

Economic systems are like weather systems: they perpetually evolve, perpetually change, and that evolutionary change is normal.

But socialists like central planning and central control. It is their kind of objective classical utopian 'state.'

Instead of letting nature have her way and adapting to nature's absolute change mandate, they want to, via central planning, control her.

They want to, for purposes of controlled 'natural-stability,' be able to determine
limits on weather, financial systems, and human beings.
They want to control all financial markets. If you want evidence of this try
trading in markets today. Odds are about 99% you will lose all your money.
They want one global society, classically unified, Total Quality Controlled, and
determinately following their
One Size Fits All 'rules.'

(Those of you serious students of Quantonics fathom how 'Quality Control' is an oxymoronic insanity.
What classical Keynesian-Marxist socialists really mean is 'Total Quantity Control.' Doug - 4Dec2010.)

It is apparent to Doug that any socialist notion of 'natural-stability,' even OSFA 'social-stability,' too, are oxymorons.

This sounds really evil and bad. But it is, longer term, good. Why? Attempts to abort-alter natural rhythms
in weather, society, and financial systems induces an eventual inevitability of self-extinction of those doing so.

Nature is allowing socialists to 'experiment.'
Their mandate of 'no competition,' guarantees their demise.
Nature will "off them." Nature competes whether socialists 'approve' and naye.

This notion is simple: we cann¤t fight change. It is natural. Instead we must learn to adapt to change.
A very anti socialist theme emerges here. To adapt we must compete.
Competition is nature's ultimate assessment method of natural selection.
Competition is natural, and systems which embrace it have greater likelihoods of survival.
Socialists want to deny competition and substitute classically determinate central planning. This is a failed and failing strategy.
Socialists do not realize it yet but their anti competitive social-planning mandates guarantee their self-extinction.

Our best example here is 'the' European 'Union.' It is failing massively too.
Why? Horrible and inept central planning in Brussels, Belgium.
Ditto USA with Central Bank socially-planned central
controls in Washington DC and New York.

If you need more evidence of what Doug is saying, look at our world's Keynesian financial systems.
They are collapsing, failing massively.
They fought change for nearly 100 years and now they are about to become extinct.

Socially controlled weather and change will be, indeed are, even more obvious and more rapidly apparent failures.

You should fathom how failing financial systems are decidedly anthropogenic; however, weather predominately isn't.

Make change adaptation a part of who you are as an individual.
Dump classical socialism. Increase your chances of survival.

Doug - 4Dec2010.

100 Reasons Why ClimateChange is Natural!

Thanks to Drudge - 15Dec2009.

Gore, 'the' Pope, and Envirnomentalists are all liars, charlatans, incompetents, ersatz twidlos!

El Papa could use a tad of O'Gadon's O'Gn¤sis, don'cha thinkq?

Keep it up, Matt. Martus Aritos!!!


Anthropogenic Warming of Earth is a Hoax!

Thanks to Drudge - 12Nov2009.

"The GoreBull Warming is a Fuxup!"

Keep it up, Matt. Good Work!!!


Earth on brink of major ice age, Pravda.

Jupiter Warming

Thanks Drudge!

31,000 scientists reject 'global warming' agenda

Thanks Judy!

Earth is Cooling!

Most of Al Gore's Envirnomental
'Global Warming' Views are Bogus!
His views are all based upon
naïve local realism's classical dialectic.
Dialectic is bogus!

Doug - 29Mar2008.

Maunder Minimum
100 Years of Cooling!

Scientists Say,
"Do Nothing!"

Year of Global Cooling

Thanks to Drudge:
400 Scientists say "No!"

Challenge to Scientific
Consensus on
Global Warming

Michael T. Eckhart
"the envirnomentalist fool"
Shows Global Warmists'
True Colors

Gore actually preaches pseudo science!

71% believe AGW is 'nonscience.'
Thanks to Matt Drudge for finding this!
(AGW: Anthropogenic Global Warming.)
"By comparison, CO2 variations show little correlation
with our planet's climate on long, medium and
even short time scales...It is global cooling,
not warming, that is the major
climate threat to the world
especially Canada."
"The school bully is, alas, right on climate change.
All such planning requires that those who would
undertake it hold information that they do not
have and to which they cannot realistically aspire."
"Because of the many factors involved,
accurately predicting the outcome of
natural processes on the surface
of the earth is impossible."
See Pilkey-Jarvis

Climate Science
Momentum Shifting
George Taylor &
Lars Larson on
Human 'caused'

Science Daily News: Global Temperature? 18Mar2007.

UK-Documentary on Human-Caused Global-Warming is Lies!

Hudson Institute refers two books which call Global Warming Natural - Moderate.

Science-Daily on Global Warming is Natural.

Global Warmists and Climate Changists as Empiricists.


"It's too simplistic to say low CO2 was the only cause of the glacial periods" on time scales of millions of years, said Robert Giegengack, a geologist at the University of Pennsylvania who studies past atmospheres. "The record violates that one-to-one correspondence."

He and other doubters say the planet is clearly warming today, as it has repeatedly done, but insist that no one knows exactly why. Other possible causes, they say, include changes in sea currents, Sun cycles and cosmic rays that bombard the planet.

"More and more data," Jan Veizer, an expert on Phanerozoic climates at the University of Ottawa, said, "point to the Sun and stars as the dominant driver."


From a NYTimes article:

In Ancient Fossils, Seeds of a New Debate on Warming

Published: November 7, 2006

That, folks, is what we have been telling and showing you all along...

Doug - 7Nov2006

Ocean surface temp's actually cooling now, 2003-2005:

Climate Science: Roger Pielke Sr. Research Group Weblog

Their weblog concludes, "The explanation of this temporal change in the radiative imbalance of the
Earth's climate system is a challenge to the climate science community. It does indicate that we know
less about natural- and human-climate forcings and feedbacks than concluded in the IPCC Reports."

Notice our green bold of their use of present participle plural!

Doug - 17Oct2006

9Jul2006 - Doug paraphrases Max Jammer's,

"If, however, all measurable properties (observables) of a [climate] system are taken into
consideration objectifiability becomes impossible within the framework of classical logic."
Jammer's parentheses. Our brackets and bold.

Climate systems are quantum systems - Doug.

See Jammer's Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics, Chapter 8 - 'Quantum Logic,' Section 5, page 394.

Readers should be aware that >99.99% of climatologists and envirnomentalists are "trained classically."

We simply cannot trust their "climate change" and "global warming" admonitions.

They are using single parameter (CO2) cause to make their assessments and 'predictions.'

Climate systems simply are n¤t 1-1 correspondent, cause-effect, mechanical, formal, uni-parameter forcing, root cause systems!

No real system is. To believe any system is a root cause system is to illustrate one's own local and naïve realism.

Doug - 9Jul2006

UK's DEFRA has decided an "adaptation framework" is our, probably better, way out.
Thanks to


21Sep2005 Mars Warming!
Thanks to

See our Quantonics September, 2005 News for our best guess at what is current source of Earth's 'global warming.'

Doug - 31Aug2005.

Unsure you have seen Discovery Channels' shows on mini ice ages. They are quite spectacular!

Researchers have correlated these periods:

2200 b.c (quick failure of Nile; fall of then Egyptian empire)

0700 b.c. (global weather affects and ecofailures)

0800 a.d. (quick failure of South America's Mayan civilization)

2300 a.d. (possible quantum~fractal '~repeat,' and what is happening now, i.e., apparent 'global warming,' as a buildup to it)

What we see is quantum environmental changes which are quasi cyclic (quantum wave~based, and thus intrinsically ensemble, EIMA, emergent quantum likelihood omnistributionings' stochasticities).

One manifestation of these repetitious stochasticities is changings from small weather quantum~islandic coherencies to growing, larger and larger weather quantum~islandic coherencies.

Notice Weather Channel's satellite images. Patterns are growing larger and larger.

Also notice an apparent global shift of seasons! Our summers have become springlike and our falls are cool but summer like, and winters are fall like. That pattern of change is manifest where we live and has been for at least 15-20 years, since at least blizzard of 1978 when envirnomentalists were predicting 'global cooling' and a 'snow blitz!' J

If that 1500 year cycle above is quantum~chaotic (and we suspect it is), we are actually in a mini ice age cycle which quantum~expects, stochastically, dramatic cooling sometime within next 300 years with dramatic global drought affects which will last at least 100s of years.

If this is so, shouldn't we have an omniffering protocol than Kyoto?

Doug - 22Aug2005.

PS - try a www search on <1500 year mini ice age cycle>

Then do it on Egypt, Nile, and Maya.

" the field of astronomy, we find that partly as a result of chance disturbances from other galaxies and partly as a result of the laws of motion under the gravitational forces originating in the same galaxy, stars have a very complicated and irregular distribution of velocities going in all sorts of directions, etc., with the result that some systems of stars are being disrupted, while new systems are formed."

David Bohm,
in his paper,
The Qualitative Infinity of Nature,
from Lee Nichol's excellent 2003
The Essential David Bohm,
p. 28.

Text added 20Jul2005 - Doug.


Why we cannot fix global warming! Doug - 30Apr2005. For what led to that, see:

Politics of Global Warming. Doug 20Jul2005.

See New Scientist on Cosmic Ray Warming of Planets

 "...At issue is whether cosmic rays, the high-energy particles spat out by exploding stars elsewhere in the galaxy, can affect the temperature [of planets]...

"...Some proponents of the theory argue that changes in the number of cosmic rays reaching Earth can explain past climate change as well as global warming today...."

"...'It makes you think maybe it's a waste implementing the Kyoto Protocol and losing all those trillions of dollars,' says Shaviv."

Quotes from New Scientist link above, dated 17Aug2004.

Notice how recent sunspot activity correlates 'global warming' schedule. See our graph below showing an, starting in ~1970 warming trend.

From The Register! See

Doug - 28Oct2004.

See The Kyoto Accord: A Postmortem!

See Jupiter is warming too!

See Earth's atmosphere hotter!

See Discover Magazine's September, 2002 Issue Cover Story:

And Our Quantonics' Commentary Here:
A New Ice Age
Global Warming Surprise!

Mars Experiences Global Warming Too
Which Humans and Their Fossil Burning are Causing Mars' Global Warming?

Use Google on our top page to search for Mars global warming

Pluto Experiences (Planet Surface) Global Warming Too!
Which Humans and Their Fossil Burning are Causing Pluto's Global Warming?
See Science News 7Sep2002, p. 148, 'Pluto and the Occult'

See Sowell's "Global Lying..."

We are actually in an "Ice Age"

See James J. Besemer's September, 2001 "Global Warming, The Big Picture"

See our new graphics below showing how
— looking at a single parameter, Earth's polar axis precession —
Earth will experience global both warming and cooling
in a cycle which recurs each 26 thousand years.
(A subcycle of Besemer's larger cycles shown above.)
Doug - 26Apr2003

Please be aware that on Monday, July 23, 2001, " Bonn, negotiators from 178 nations reached an accord that should help transform the 1997 Kyoto Protocol on global warming into a binding international treaty...They did it without the US." From Science News, Vol. 160, July 28, 2001.

We find enormous humor in that quote!

But Doug, where is humor in that?

Negotiators (presumably including some envirnomental 'scientists') found accord — among themselves — on global warming! Nothing is said about them finding any accord with Nature on global warming.

1997's Kyoto Protocol claims that Earth's mean temperatures will rise ~6o C in 120 years!

Friends, that classical prediction is hopelessly laughable. That is more ludicrous than saying we will have a specific environmental event on a specific date during latter half of our next full calendar year. We have no deterministic means to do that! Nature offers us no certainty about any specific future conditions or events! Only classical thinkers will buy such silly arguments.

Nature, first of all, is quantum. As a result too, s-he is thus self-referent, thus fractal, thus both islandic and chaotic.

Furthermore, Nature is incredibly complex — and even more challenging — Nature:

  1. always changes,
  2. changes all, and
  3. is always self-interdependent to greater or lesser degrees.

Human 'scientists' have no classical means at their disposal to evaluate Nature's many parameters and their many interrelationships — all of which are changing from very slow rates to Planck's frequency (~1043 times per unit spatial reference). They simply cannot know what they claim to reach 'Kyoto Accord' on. To say that they do know such is to claim their own omniscience. We recognize from any such claim their own profound 'scientific' ineptness. Demonstrate this apparent ineptness: please recall that 'scientists,' in early 1970s, were predicting global winter.

Notice too that these 'scientists' are using classical cause and effect to reach their 'accord.' They say that human behaviors on Earth (especially oxidation of fossil resources, thus producing carbon dioxide) are 'causing' this global warming they fear. Quantum reality simply is not a classically 'causal' reality. Indeed quantum reality offers some apparent ensemble persistence of innumerable changing preconditions, but it offers no inductive human-perceived causes-effects predicting any global temperature rise over a 100-120 year period! To think that Earth's temperature will specifically rise ~6o C in 120 years is silly, laughable, in-credible.

Any 'scientist,' especially envirnomental 'scientists' (should) know that humans are a tiny portion of Earth's total life mass. Humans' total life mass (assuming ~6 billion humans) contribute less than 1 part in 2000 to Earth's total life mass! We are insignificant by that measure! Yes, though, we do agree that humans have greater proportionate affects on Earth's environment. But we claim that humans' affects on Earth are wholly insignificant when we look at Nature's affects on Earth. Consider: large volcanic eruptions, large earth quakes, tsunamis, asteroids, our Solar system's orbit within our Milky Way, Milky Way's orbit within its galactic cluster, etc. Consider Earth's history of Natural violence and 'pollution.'

Specifically, how can any classicist look at Earth's global temperature history and conclude that human finite intellect could know what Earth's environment will do in 100 years? Their naïve arrogance is funny!

Our opinions,



Footnote: (Doug - 19Mar2002)

Here is a graph which shows Earth mean temperatures in Degrees Centigrade from 1866 to 1996:

Data from NASA, Hansen, Wilson as compiled in CRC 82nd edition.

You may draw your own conclusions from this graph. Our conclusions follow...

Envirnomental 'scientists' were telling us in late 1960s and during 1970s that Earth was going to
have a "Snow Blitz," and experience "Global Winter!" You may recall PBS, CBS, NBC, and other
media specials on this subject.

Envirnomental 'scientists' associated with 'A Kyoto Accord' claim an increase in Earth's global
temperatures over next 120 years of 6oC! If we take endpoints of 1975 (13.95oC)
and 1996 (14.36), average increase per year is 0.013oC! If we classically, linearly
extrapolate those last 31 years, in 120 years that means a total increase
of 1.59oC, not 6oC. But looking at our graph, we can see that Earth's temperatures are not
linearly extrapolable. They are obviously not classically deterministic!

Consider how mean peak temperatures are flat from 1866 to about 1926. Also consider how
mean minimums for those same years (1884:13.35, 1904:13.51, 1917:13.58) increase at an
average of 0.0072oC. (And prior to 1850, for ~500 years Earth was in an "ice age" of relatively
minor proportions, but still offered localized temperatures ~10oC below where they are now. Some
experts claim we are only nearing a chaotic ending of a much longer ice age. It is also interesting to note
that for Earth's last quarter million years temperatures have been ~constant compared to prior eras which
apparently offered immense ~50oC peak-peak fluctuations. 30Jul2002 - Doug.)

We are wholly unqualified to make a prediction similar to that which envirnomental 'scientists'
made for 'A Kyoto Accord,' however, we would say it is more probable that we will see another cooling
trend commencing within years 2012-2052, than it is to see what 'scientists' predict in 'A Kyoto Accord.'

What do we know for sure? Future temperatures will change, both dramatically and undramatically;
however, always quantum uncertainly!

Doug - 19Mar2002.

A Pictorial Sequence of
Earth's polar precession and how it affects
both global warming and cooling
over a 26 thousand year cycle

(All artwork below by Doug, using PovRay freeware. We will provide all four precession PovRay codes required to generate bitmaps (we use PhotoShop to convert/export bitmaps to GIFs) shared below, no cost to you. Just acknowledge Doug's work and copyright. Requests here, on a ~limited-time basis.)

Figure 1 - Earth's Polar Precession as It Appears Now, Early in Millennium III

Readers please be aware that our GIF shows improper scale. Earth is roughly 91 (winter; actual for Jan 4, 2004 is 91,400,177 - Skygazer's Almanac) to 94 (summer; actual for Jul 5, 2004 is 94,507, 582 - SGA) million miles from Sol and Sol is about one million times Earth's physical volume. (Note that Earth's sun orbit eccentricity varies.) What we are showing you here is how important Earth's polar axis tilt and precession is for determining Earth's weather trends.

Earth as shown in this perspective, assuming it is mid-winter, is on viewer's left/west position.
If it is mid-spring, Earth is south/bottom CCW orbital position in our GIF. Mid-summer is right/east and mid-autumn is top/north.

Here is a list of knowables about our polar axis precession GIFs which are important for our pending discussions:
1. Meridians allow viewers to infer Earth's polar axis orientation.
2. West position of Earth is winter.
3. South position of Earth is spring.
4. East position of Earth is summer.
5. North position of Earth is fall.
6. Earth is closer to Sol, by about three million miles in winter than it is in summer!
7. Earth's current (now, early Millennium III) polar axis orientation is 23.5o west wrt Earth's ecliptic.
8. From top view, Earth rotates on its polar axis CCW. Period of rotation is ~24 hours.
9. From top view, Earth's ~elliptical orbit around Sol is CCW. Period of orbit is ~365 days.
10. From top view, Earth's polar axis precession is CW. Period of precession is ~ 26,000 years!
11. All periods — Earth rotation, Earth orbit, and Earth polar axis precession — are quantum chaotic.
12. Earth's polar axis 'tilt' is a fairly constant 23.5o and precesses clockwise W to N to E to S.

We are showing Earth in its four WNES annual positions at four different locations in its 26,000 year polar axis precession cycle. We are doing that so you may imagine seasonal weather change affects now, then 6,500 years from now, 13,000 years from now and 19,500 years from now.
(26,000 years from now Earth will probably be back at ~now's Figure 1 configuration. It's actual location then is indeterminate due Nature's implicit quantum uncertainty. As an example, Earth may not be here then. Earth may be hit by an asteroid or black hole and be destroyed or have its orbit and axial parameters changed, etc. In any case, it will not be 'the' 'same' Earth. It will have changed in perhaps unimaginable ways, due Nature's absolute mandate for quantum r-evolutionary change. )

Because Earth is three million miles (3.3%; i.e., ~3.1/92.95) closer to Sol in winter, those warming affects will be most dramatic in winter. Similarly relative cooling affects should be ~relatively more dramatic in summer. Notice that these ~relative warming/cooling affects are changing sub-globally by hemisphere and hemisphere season too

Let's take a look at Earth's polar axis precession as it will appear 6500 years from now, one quarter of its way through a full 26,000 year cycle.

Figure 2 - Earth's Polar Precession as It Will Appear 6500 Years from Now

We can see in Figure 2 how Earth's polar axis has precessed CW to north.
This view is quarterway through Earth's 26,000 year polar axis precession cycle.
Earth is ~actually in its north position, behind Sol in this perspective.

What will this do to Earth's weather 6500 years from now? Springs should be much warmer in Earth's northern hemisphere. Summers will probably be cooler than in previous 6500 years. Autumns in Earth's southern hemisphere should be warmer. Winters should be warmer over Earth's entire surface than previous 6500 years.

Generally, we see a global warming trend, but local conditions will vary.

Compare affects of Earth's polar axis precession to warming attributed to fossil fuel burning. In our view, latter are relatively insignificant.

Figure 3 - Earth's Polar Precession as It Will Appear 13000 Years from Now

This view is halfway through Earth's 26,000 year polar axis precession cycle. Earth is ~actually in its east position.

Based upon an assumption of single parametric polar axis symmetry, spring and autumn weather affects should be nearly identical to now.

Under a similar but ~inverse assumption, winter and summer will be dramatically different from their counterparts now. Winter should be much warmer in Earth's northern hemisphere. Summer should be much cooler in northern hemisphere and most likely warmer in southern hemisphere.

Figure 4 - Earth's Polar Precession as It Will Appear 19500 Years from Now

Using similar assumptions to those used under Figure 3, we can say that Earth's weather 19500 years from now will be very similar to its weather 6500 years from now.

Hope you enjoyed our little Chautauqua on longer term probable affects on Earth's weather.

Bottom line: in our view, we're due for over 20,000 years of global warming just based upon Earth's polar axis precession. We also believe that this warming will dwarf any warming due to Earth's life form behaviors.

Thank you for reading.

Doug - 26Apr2003

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