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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002


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English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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: Judge

: Jihudge, jihudges, jihudged, jihudging, jihudgings, jihudgmænt, jihudgmæntings, jihudgmænts, etc.

Quantonics chooses to remediate classical 'judge' as quantum 'jihudge.'

Our addqihti¤n ¤f 'ih' t¤ 'jihudge' makæs iht quantum. Iht ihncludæs quantum mæmæos, ¤f uhp t¤ Plahnck ratæ quantum anihmacy amd ænsehmble EIMA c¤ihnsihdænces, ihn ¤ur hærmænæutihcs ¤f 'jihudge.' (That 'i' in 'ih' should~may be italicized, and that h~bar is an M-T Extra font 'h,' which should look like this: )

Classical reality, due its Aristotelian and Newtonian analyticity postpones judgment to retrospect. Classical judgment is about what happened. Classical judgment is homogeneous, retarded, pastistic, static, latent, lagging, and as Vico says, "without reflection." (i.e., "habitual")

Vico calls classical consensus and common sense, "judgment without reflection." Again, we find CTMs running in an automatic and mechanical box, SOM's box. Students of Quantonics may be able to intuit how "judgment without reflection" cann¤t 'happæn' ihn quantum ræhlihty! Ænsehmbles ¤f quantum affæct¤rings ihmpinge ¤n ¤ur quantum bæings at ubihquiht¤us n¤wings. Ihmplihcati¤n issi that th¤se ¤f uhs wh¤ d¤ n¤t run on automatic, sh¤uld amd d¤ altær amd æmærgæ~æmærse ¤ur bæhavi¤urings comtinu¤uhsly.

See our innovative and prescient Bases of Judgment. That link is perhaps the most important link for students of Quantonics commencing mid March, 2004.

Quantum ræhlihty, advances 'jihudgmæntings' t¤ n¤wings. Quantum 'jihudgmænt' issi ab¤ut ch¤¤sings whatings happænings netings. Quantum 'jihudgmænt' issi heterogæne¤uhs, ihmmædiatæ, n¤wistihc, abs¤lutæly anihmatæ. What issi a key ænabler ¤f quantum 'jihudgmænt?' Quantum c¤¤bsfective awareness. Kafatos and Nadeau call it "quantum consciousness." Ahll quantum ræhlihty issi co~, sælf~, amd ¤thær~awaræ via ¤mnihværsal quantum comsci¤uhsness. Ræhlihty, at uhp t¤ Plahnck ratæs, ræcursihvely measures amd diræctly epæriænces he-rsælf ¤n ahll scalæs ¤f ræhlihty.

Classical reality is always state-ic-simplistically (i.e., always adhering 'state rules'), inertially, habitually looking behind, worrying, afraid, hearing footsteps.

16Jul2004 Aside on quantum judgment vis-à-vis classical judgment. Doug's personal observation:

This may come as a surprise to those of you who view yourselves as 'scientists.' What does your discipline educate, teach, and train you to do? Run on automatic!

You and yours call it "depending on first principles." Those scientific crown jewels are "self-evident" and "proven" axioms, beliefs, facts and laws which are classically presumed unquestionable and may be depended on for any valid 'scientific' judgments you may be called upon to make.

In a "Tragedy of Commons Sense" scientists are trained to live in and do their judging in a pastistic abyss of stayssys. In our version of quantum reality we say, "You are worshiping ESQ. Unfortunately, you are worshiping 'status quo is the way to go.'" In Quantonics, we call it, "stux sux!"

What we are saying to you is that all (quantum~ensemble plural~present~participle) judgmentings must be "nowistic, with your fullest capable (n¤t reflection, rather) pr¤flectionings." By pr¤flectionings we intend animate, EIMA, ensemble, a priori nowistic and futuristic thinkings.

What does that mean?

It means you must be affectationally looking at quantum~ensemble n¤wings and selecting whatings you are wanting as betterings to be happenings nextings.

"Onæ issi k~n¤wing s~hæ issi d¤ing quantum mæasuræmæntings
whæn ¤næ issi making lihkælih¤¤d assæssmæntings
quantum ænsehmblings' n¤wings."

Doug Renselle - 12May2004,
Revised - 13Dec2005.

Allow us to use our own quantum vocabulary for exegesis:

Resist inept thingking of reality as stoppable, state-ic, etc. Resist inept thingking of reality as classical!

Ponder, prefer, acquire and adopt adept thinking of reality as unstoppable flux, semper flux, quantum flux.

To do that, you must accept some dynamic simplicities and discard some static simplicities (actually, we subsume them as antique and cliché but useful in helping others learn to tap into reserve energy and enhance their quantum judgment capabilities).

Some static simplicities:

    • reality is stable, and conveniently holds still ("classical stability is simplicity itself")
    • reality is objective and objects in reality are independent of one another
    • reality's middle is EEMD
    • reality is space-time stoppable event 'motion' of objects
    • classical reality is absolute stability and truth based upon pastistic decidability determining what happens next
    • classical reality is absolutely stoppable for analytic convenience and changes only via determinate objective unitemporal motion (this is what makes classical 'laws' possible)
    • etc.

      To classicists, empirical stabile experience is common sense judgment. Classical judgment is ESQ, "Exclusive Static Quality!"

Some dynamic simplicities:

    • reality is quantum flux ("quantum æmærgænt changæ issi sihmplihcihty ihtsælf")
    • quantum flux quantum flux
    • quantum reality's middle is EIMA
    • quantum reality is nowistic animate~likelihood n¤vel emergence~demergence flux
    • quantum reality is absolute change based upon nowistic ensemble CH3ings which select whatings happenings nextings
    • quantum reality is unstoppable (in any classical sense; this is what renders classical 'laws' impossible)
    • etc.

      To quantumists, empirical absolutely animate experience is uncommon sense judgment. Quantum judgment is ADQ, "Absolute Dynamic Quality!"

      In quantonics, empirical experience is uncommonly dynamic.

Tear down SOM's wall! (Pink Floyd and Dutch Reagan, "Tear down that wall.")

Follow our Bases of Judgment. Learn what they mean and how they compare. Study our How to Become a Student of Quantonics.

Move your pastistic classical static thingking to quantum nowistic dynamic thinking. How? See our What is Wrong with Probability as Value? See our affectation. Study that until it is intuitive. Comparing classical cause against quantum affectation will help you move your thinking processings closer to nowings.

Many lay folk visit Quantonics and most of those are looking for ways and means to "tap into reserve energy." One way to do that is move our personal judgment processings from pasticity to nowicity! Dynamic thinking implicitly taps "reserve energy!" Static thingking implicitly denies any "reserve energy" 'existence.' Static thingking drives out "reserve energy."

For 'scientists' this means that they can no longer run on automatic, common sense, socially positive 'state' while taking first principles (common classical social patterns of value) for granted. Reality simply changes much too fast for that approach to be "dependable."

Doug's approach is to attempt to be livings at nowings, and develop n¤vel memeotic skills which permit a rapid "recursing over" of as many presumptions as possible while repeating this restart~reset process over and over, countless ways with each n¤vel thought.

It seems like too much work, but what Doug has found is that our quantum stages are incredibly powerful and they naturally compenetrate reserve energy which helps us even better to accomplish this "recursing over" process as needed.

End 16Jul2004 aside.

Quantum ræhlihty issi ahlways l¤¤king ahead, ch¤¤sing, selecting, amd making pr¤gress.

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