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Quantonics' Quantum Remediation
English Language
Millennium III
by Doug Renselle
: 20Jul2002


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English Language Problematic

Quantonics' Quantum

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: Quality, qualities, etc.

: Qualihty, qualihties, qualihtyings, etc.

Quantum ræhlihty issi gænærahlly qualihtatihvæ. Classical reality is quantitative.

Quantum: qualihty.

Quantum~quality is non classically measurable. Classicists measure and scalarbate objects quantitatively at ideal Newtonian 'points' and ideal DesCartesian 'loci.' Classical objects like points, lines, and circles do not 'exist' in quantum reality.

Quantum quality is processes animately, durationally monitoring animate quantum reality.

Quantum~quality is (see comments on classical design in last bullet):

  • waves, wavicity, flux, absolute change, absolute change impetus
  • phase, phasicity, phase~encodings, holographic phase~encodings
  • we represent waves and wave phases as ensemble~quantum~likelihood~omnistributioning (EQLOs)
  • fuzzonic (this is one way of representing quantum reality, not the way):
    • we use EQLOs to build fuzzons
    • fuzzons are Quantonics' quantum~metaphor of 'points' except that fuzzons are quantonic interrelationships which are wavic phase~encodings
    • we use fuzzons to emersce bosons and fermions
  • quanton(n¤nl¤cal,l¤cal): fuzzonic locus is ambiguous: spatially arbitrary, since interrelationshipings (AKA phasicityings) are non classically spatial
  • evolutionary (by way of comparison classical reality via its Babelian canons, rules, laws, axioms is innately, by orthodox intentional dogmatic classical design, incapable of evolution; as we can see lucidly, vividly, eidetically...classical reality is a bogus reality, classically-designed reality is a deign to feign...hocus bogus)

Quantum quality (reality) is not: logical, objective, measurable, propertyesque, stoppable, stable, dissociative, excluded-middle, independent, axiomatic negatable (negative), contradictory, falsifiable, true, and so on...

See subjectiv, subjective, logic, quantitative, coquecigrues, judge, Bases of Judgment, classically real, etc.

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Synonyms - classical:

  • material increment
  • objective granularity
  • measurable synthetic change gradient
  • quantity
  • substantial portion
  • concrete metricity
  • absolute stasis
  • absolute quantifiability
  • a means to scalarbation
  • etc.

Synonyms - quantum:

See our Planck quanton.

Etymology - classical:

"quantum, quanta n. 1619, Latin quantum, neuter of quantus how great: quantity; meaning in physics smallest amount of energy, apparently granular, about 1910; quantum jump 1955; quantum leap 1970." some minor Doug editing for contemporaneity. See Barnhart. Quantum tsunami 1995 - Doug and Quantonics re: ubiquitously imminent Millennium III changes of culture, philosophy, especially soft, nano, nono, and bionon 'sciences.' See Doug's coquecigrues.

Etymology - quantum:

  • See quantum synonyms just above.
  • This is Doug's own etymology for Quantonics version of quantum and quanta.
  • Quantonics' version of quanta emerged during years starting in about 1991 and progressing until now, CeodE 2009.
  • We juxtapose classical quanta and Quantonics quanta:
    • classical quanta are scalar vav Qtx quanta are flux processings
    • classical quantum atoms are objects vav Qtx quantum atoms are adiabatic perpetual ensemblings of quark and nucleonic flux processings
    • classical 'science' defines reality as static, independent objective 'interactions,' vav Quantonics describes reality as dynamic, middle~including quanton interrelationshipings.
    • classical 'science' builds real objects from quantum-objects, vav Quantonics emersces evolutionary quanton ensembles from ensemblings of quanta and all evolves perpetually at all scales of reality.
    • classical 'science' defines nodes (energy wells) in a hologram as 'objective,' vav Quantonics describes energy wellings in a hologram as evolving fuzzons whose comstituents are quantal ensemblings evolving coherently~autonomously.
    • this list of comparisons may be extended indefinitely... Doug - 31Oct2009-2027

: Quanta, quantum, etc.

Classical quanta are state-ic, stoppable, material, objective, substantial, quantitative 'particles' of matter.

Classical 'scientists' (we believe) wrongly claim that reality is a material perpetuity of objective, yet mechanically Newtonian-interactive-event-alterable state. They refute quantum reality's absolute flux, emergent change, and animacy ("Do you see this egg?"). Classical change is static propertyesque cinematographic frames. Bergson calls classical change "movement by immobilities." He also intends by that phrase "non spontaneous inertial change." Doug thinks Bergson means, "Absence of adaptive spontaneity." Period of nonprocess-state-icity, nonprocess zero latency event, period of nonprocess-state-icity, nonprocess zero latency event, period of nonprocess-state-icity, nonprocess zero latency event, and so on... Stuff of Zeno's first paradox!!!

: Quanta, quantal, quantum, quantumings, quantumist, quantumly, etc.

Doug offers an apropos quote, "It helped to be aware of the little things in life..." Chapter One, 'Barnabas,' At Home in Mitford, by Jan Karon, Penguin Books, 1994, 1996.

Of course those of our adepts understand, "Quanta are about as small as one may fathom in quantum reality." Doug - 31Jul2012.

Belatedly, begged by Doug's own lifetime of evolution toward quantum memeos and their countless physial benchmarks, Doug wishes to impress upon his readers a great importance. Without quanta, without quantization of reality, without Planck's clock ticking perpetually and ubiquitously there would be n¤ packetization of quantum~flux. Without packetized quantum~flux (wavicles) and their quantum~interrelationshipings~scintillationings, there would be n¤ indeterminationq, n¤ quantum~uncertainty, n¤ evolutionq, n¤ ubiquitous and perpetual cosmic con(m)sciousnessq, etc.

To affectively benchmark what Doug has just written, we quote Suares' in his Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, page 55, beginning of Chapter 12, 'Satan.'

"Third letter, Noun final [in spelling~outq of Satan], stands for the Principle of Indetermination, a very essential factor at stake in the totality of the cosmic game [Qabala]....Noun represents the internal [individualq] freedomq of lifeq." Doug's subscripts, brackets, and italics. Text, and its fathoming, which that quoted text follows, is crucial to readers and their spiritual growth, in Doug's opine.

Doug - 14Aug2014.

Quanta represents plural of quantum, vulgately quantums.

Key HotMemes™ are:

  • quanta are adiabatic, their processings are lossless: i.e., 100% efficient,
  • quanta are unstoppable, their motions are perpetual,
  • quanta are packets of flux and ensembles of flux packets, which are fractal, self~other~referent, and quantum~holographic,
  • quanta are packets of indetermination, packets of uncertainty, packets of quantum~antinomial ubiquitous and perpetually evolving interrelationshipings,
    • students of quantonics should obtain that quantum~antinomy is quantum~complementary, vis-à-vis
    • classical-antinomy is dialectical (need a comparative QELR of 'antinomy,' especially quantum~antinomy as compared to classical notions of 'opposite' and to also compare classical socialc antinomyc AKA 'dialectic' with quantum individualq antinomyq AKA c¤mplæmæntarity)
      Doug - 14Apr2013
  • quanta are self~other~networking transmutable agents of transmutation, (see QCD and QED, as exemplars - Doug - 15Sep2012)
  • quanta as quasi~primitive~ensembles like photons have enormous holographic flux~self~other~awareness, flux~emerqancy and flux~energy storage qua,
  • viewed classically quantal 'motions' are uncertain and 'discontinuous.'
  • quanta pluralize all reality ubiquitously, perpetually, absolutely, con(m)sistently, and completely, and
  • quantum~pluralization enables Bergsonian n¤n inertial adaptive spontaneity as a quantum~metaphor of quantum~adaptive~harmony, which begs vital impetus as radical quantum imperative spontaneity (rqis), and radical quantum fecund vicissitudinality (rqfv: being you, Bergsonian "direct experience via 'thinking being directly,' spontaneously and vicissitudinally: radical quantum adaptive choosings (rqac)). In quantum~systems' empiritheory this again begs a kind of leader~follower omnitoring as quantadulation. Doug - 28May,3Sep2014.
    See following graphic. Ponder Bergson's "flux is simple, state is complex."

    Doug has spent a lot of time attempting to find an eloquent way of explaining what he and Bergson mean by, "flux (spontaneity) is simple, and state (inertia) is complex."

    It isn't easy to dialectically explain flux's simplicity since we are dealing with pure quantum~sophism here. We may choose to accept self~other reference of flux as simplicity itself. Flux can explain that. Canonic objects cannot explain that.

    Bergson said it like this, paraphrased, "...spontaneity (flux) can explain inertia, but inertia (state) cannot explain spontaneity." See flux is simple, state is complex link above.

    Doug has tentatively decided an eloquence thus, "Flux is simple since it can explain everything. Inertia as state is complex since it explains nothing and fails in its attempts to do so." All inertia does, simply, is retain status quo. Inertia "maintains state." However, quanta are astatic! Doug - 5May2011.

    Perhaps better, "Flux is a success at exegesis. State is a failure at exegesis. Exegesis is a hallmark of quantum~flux~simplicity."

    Begin A Doug Aside on Standingunder:

    We may distill all that by narrating "Exegesis is a hallmark of quantum~standingunder." Standingunder is Doug's quantum~humble illeitic way of saying, "quantum~understanding." Doug does this in a kind of quantum~abiding of Ernan McMullin's words from Philosophical Consequences of Quantum Theory, p. 272, UNDP, 1989, paperback:

    "Can there be science proper in the absence of understanding? How tightly linked are the two? Suppose, for example, that statistical correlations are discovered between two classes of events occurring at a distance from one another. The correlations are not mere chance, we can tell, since they can be relied on for accurate statistical prediction. But a causal explanation of the ordinary sort, proposing either a direct causal influence of one on the other or a common causal antecedent of both, can be ruled out. If what happens at A makes a difference to what happens at B, can this notion of 'making a difference' be explicated without involving notions of causal influence, if an action either of one upon the other or of a single system of which both are part? Will it do simply to say that the correlations are brute fact, that no further explanation can (or should) be sought? Can there be understanding in the absence of causal explanation?" Doug effaced a footnote at end of last sentence. See Doug's own exegetic standingunder opus on Bell's Theorem.

    For Doug, standingunder says when we understand quantum~reality as quantized and quanta perpetually and ubiquitously scintillating one another, and those scintilla are all acausal in any quantum complementarospective, we can then cogently infer, and standunder this, "Ihn gænæral, quantum~reality issi n¤t just umcærtain, but it is classically acausal too." Further, that 'science' for which Ernan is begging, Doug QELRs as scihænce. Doug - 22Apr2014.

    So we may view quanta and their scintillating quantonics~interrelationshipings as exemplars of ubiquitous and perpetual quantum~standingsunder.

    Suares' metaphor of this is somewhat classical, "...knowledge is the immediacy of our own maturity." Page 209, Trilogy. Pirsig's analogue is, paraphrased, "Direct experience is 'the leading edge of the train.'" That jibes Platt Holden's "Edge of now[ings]." Too, it jibes William James' pragmatism, and Charles Saunders Peirce's logical abduction which guides us to pay attention to our 12 and forget our 6. A kind of "paying it forward." Suares narrates, paraphrased, "Embrace indetermination and teach self to eschew dialectic's certainty and causality." We see a kind of quantum~optimism which is wholly dead in dialectic's 'state.'

    Doug has some HotMemes™ which fit our comtext hereings:

    A Doug HotMeme
    ™ "Standingunder is indeterminate~immediacy of our quantized fecund individual vicissitudinal evolutionings."™ A Doug HotMeme

    That HotMeme™ captures essence of Qabala's exceptionally Gnostic cosmic~energy Game of Life. Doug - 7May2014.

    Another HotMeme™ which attends Doug's Standingunder HotMeme™ is one of quantum~harmony which quantum~empiritheoretically harmonizesq countless quantum~phenomena including chaosq(war, dialecta), equilibriaq (pæacæ, h¤l¤gra), disorderq, orderq, instabilityq, stabilityq, stindyanicsq, fecundityq, vicissitudinalityq (radical choiceq, chanceq and changeq), imperativeq~spontaneityq, etc., is: (Doug - 5Sep2014: Comsider quanton(wahr,pæacæ), and quanton(h¤l¤gra,omnilecta)).

    A Doug HotMeme™ "Harmonyq isn't çatholiç (i.e. universal) dead-objective formal-mechanical lincoln logs socially-positive-planned-assembly-unification (One World Order), rather it is evolutionaryq ensemble~individualq livingq and incumbentq adaptationq to ubiquitousq and perpetualq changeq and its con(m)sciousq coobsfective~omnitoringq of quantons' complementary~antinomiaq."™ A Doug HotMeme™. Doug - 28May2014.

    End A Doug Aside on Standingunder.

    Mechanics, spawn of state, cannot explain quantum~reality adequately. Quantonics, spawn of flux, explains quantum~reality better than any other philosophy known to humankind CeodE 2011.

We see in Doug's graphic above how Dialectical Monism is inertial, non spontaneous. Inertia, due its dialectically monistic classical 'state,' wholly lacks any potentia for spontaneity. We can easily infer Quantum Pluralism (quantization of reality) offers quantum~con(m)scious plural~heterodoxical choice, chance, change~spontaneity at each quantization 'ævænt.' Henri Louis Bergson is saying, "Quantized Pluralism is simple, while Dialectical Monism is complex." One further meme may and may n¤t be apparent to students and readers: quantization creates ensembles of quantonic~attractors and ~affectors throughout all quantum~reality. When Doug uses ephemeral and ephemera, he is referring ensemble aspects of quantum~reality.

Quantum (singular AKA Aut) quanta (plural AKA Autiot) are absolutely fluxing wave energy packets. Reality's basic quanta are genuine perpetual motion flux packets: including photons, electrons, neutrons, protons, etc. All of animate, unstoppable, REIMAR quantum reality emerges from endless variations of subjective, qualitative change among these basic quanta.

In this graphic we see quanta as Planck rate quantized, down to almost infinite wave~length (very slowly changing).
We see quanta as absolute~change, absolute spontaneity, absolute perpetual evolutionings.
Every quantum's change is quantized and each quantization may be viewed as a stochastic quantum~event.
At very high rates these events are adiabatic, and some are even negentropic with potentia of generating unlimited energyings.

Doug - 24Jul2010.

Doug's insertion of 'stochastic' and its QELR link changing
quantum~event to quantum~stochastic quantum~event is crucial for
understandingq that quantum~events are uncertainq and their
uncertaintyingsq, due their intrinsicq stochasticsq,
aren't absoluteq similar~as changeq itself is absoluteq.
Rather stochasticq ensemble~quantum~events exhibit
quantum~stochastic predicationq and linguisticq predicabilityq.
AFADK, only Autiot and Quantonics QELR can do latter!

  • Changeq issi absoluteq ihn quantum~reality.
  • Uncertaintyq is n¤t absoluteq ihn quantum~reality.

AFADK: As Far As Doug Knows.

Doug - 12Dec2014.

We probably should QELR quanta to quala... However, just like that other word, 'science,' we sense that quantum is just part of our linguistic history. And quanta can be animate EIMA can't they? But we just have to keep reminding ourselves that all quanta are really qualitative and subjective in their essence and quintessence.

Quanta as absolute flux explain total failure of classical thinking! How? Proponents of a classical reality made a bunch of invalid assumptions. Formalization and mechanization of invalid classical assumptions (suppositions) started with Parmenides, Plato, and Aristotle, mostly using an invalid Attic dialectic to do their classical 'reasoning.' Quantum thinking changes all that, enormously, and offers countless n¤vel and better ways of looking at reality. How do we know they are better? Classical ways either do not work period or offer very crude even mendacious assessments of reality. Why? Classicists adhere a SOM Box notion of non spontaneous, inertial y=f(t). All objects, when they change 'state,' must do so by classical edict y=f(t) continuously. Such dogma of continuous (inertial) change, especially an assumption of unitemporal (i.e., monistic) change, rules out all entropies except J. C. Maxwellian 2nd 'Law' of Thermodynamics (single-gradient) posentropies. (Please keep on your quantum~stage that all quantum numbers are pr¤cesses: quantum~zer¤ is pr¤cess, quantum~¤ne is pr¤cess, and so on...)

See Doug's coining of entropa.

But, dear reader, quanta leap!1 And they leap in /2 increments. Increments that fast are essentially and quintessentially adiabatic. Classicists insist on y=f(t), classically durational, heat-energy loss. Quanta adiabatically leap which means zer¤ latency leaping without heat~energy loss! Latter is a description of quantum zer¤entropy.

1More carefully we should say, "Dear reader, quanta, from a classical conspective 'discontinuously' leap."

Quantum memeos of reality repair nearly all invalid classical notions of 'reality.' "Doug give us some examples!"

OK, here is a list (classical problems inexplicable using classical 'mechanics'):

  • perpetual motion (classicists deny perpetual motion due their belief that reality is only J. C. Maxwellian posentropic, and that posentropy has a single, unitemporal gradient: positive); Read Prigogene and Stengers' Order Out of Chaos. Read Erwin Schrödinger and Mae-wan Ho on negentropy. Modern quantum science admits that zeroentropy 'exists.' See Quantonics' cohera and entropa.
  • heat radiation (classicists invalidly assumed heat radiation was y=f(t); similarly they assumed electrons' 'particle-object' orbits should decay classically as y=f(t); all classical phenomena had to be objective, predicable, causal, determinate, 1-1 correspondent y=f(t) radically-mechanical phenomena; just and only classical arrogance, ineptness, and hylic-psychic intellectual bogosity) see Dirac's tourmaline gedankenment
  • ultraviolet catastrophe (similar above)
  • nuclear radiation (similar above)
  • spontaneous electron (and other exotic 'particle') emission and absorption, plus creation and discreation ontologies which simply cannot be explained classically
  • scintillation as 'particulate' (photons as objects, particulate; see bottom note at Deutsch); also see Doug's 2011 QVH Table showing quantization~scintillation perpetual reality loopings. Doug - 5Aug2011.
  • particles as ideal 'point objects' (real flux quanta have macroscopic 'spatially' arbitrary quantum likelihood omnistributions which included~middle compenetrate and coinside other real flux quanta)
  • tunneling
    • breaks a classical Newtonian assumption of impenetrability of material reality

      A most glaring everyday exemplar of quantum~reality's emerqant c¤mpænætrating~pr¤cæssings which illustrate intra~penetrating middle~inclusion is a nitrogen atom in an ammonia molecule. Said atom bi-tetrahedrally "very high rate flux" adiabatically~superposes complementary vertices whose bases are a triangle emerqed by three hydrogen atoms. See artwork at our Mobius 3 Prime Fermion web page. 12Dec2007 - Doug.

  • all 'supers:'
    • conductivity
    • liquidity
    • solidity
    • positioning
    • etc.
  • absence of continuous orbital decay of electrons; see heat radiation above
  • nuclear spectra
  • separability
  • localability (see lisr)
  • isolability
  • reducibility
  • electron pair exclusion (Pauli 'principle'); more generally quantum~pair exclusion...
  • middle~inclusion
  • quantum logic as "absurd" (see coquecigrues link in column just left)
  • subjectivity of quantum reality as "absurd"
  • sophism of quantum reality as "absurd"
  • action without reaction ('effectless cause;' violates Newton's 'laws')
  • reaction without action ('effect without cause,' usually, classically, referred as phenomena)
  • negentropy (free energy; gainful action)
  • zeroentropy (ideal adiabaticity; lossless action)
  • mixentropy (our best example here is a human brain; QTMs)
  • action at a distance (e.g., quantum entanglement)
  • space-like action (AKA 'correlation')
  • space-like signaling
  • zero latency signaling
  • unlimited bandwidth signaling
  • photon as a holographic qubit of quasi~unlimited 'information'
  • photons as optical qubits of visible and n¤nvisible 'picturings' of reality
  • photons as qubital øptihcal ømnihtørs
  • quantum coherence
  • invalidity of "probability 1" (classical thing-king claims this is a valid notion; were it true it would invalidate quantum~uncertainty)
  • invalidity of "probability 0" (classical thing-king claims this is a valid notion; were it true it would invalidate quantum~uncertainty)
  • this list is nearly endless...

We'll do a lot more here later, but this gives essence and urgency of Quantonics' efforts and need for wider adoption of quantum think-king modes. See QTMs.

Bottom line here: quanta are n¤t classically mechanical and to treat them as such is to remain in SOM's box. 'Quantum Mechanics,' like 'Quantum Logic' is an oxymoron.

Quanta are about a quantum n¤nMechanics of reality!!! Study David Bohm and his theories about reality as holographic.

Doug - 11Jun2005.

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: Quantity, quantities, etc.

Classical 'quantity' reifies animate, dynamic reality and turns reality into classical 'state.' Classical quantity 'stops' animate reality. Classical Thingking Methods scalarbate reality. CTMs stop reality. CTMs zero h-bar, and turn off quantum reality.

See How SOMites Measure Reality.

: Quantihty, quantihties, quantihtyings, etc.

Classical reality is quantitative. Quantum ræhlihty issi gænærahlly qualihtatihvæ.

Quantum: quantihty. See quanta.

See How MoQites Monitor Reality.

See n¤mbær. See our Prereview Comments for Bergson's TaFW.

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: Qubit, qubital, etc.

Classical qubits are formal, digitized (like projection operator Boolean) representations.

See Logic.

: Qubiht, qubihtal, qubihtalings, etc.

Quantum qubits exhibit unlimited, animate, REIMAR, fuzzonic, quanton(pings,nings,fings), compenetration of quantum n¤nactuality and quantum actuality.

See our original qubit discussion under A Bell Theorem Chautauqua.

See a more rigorous discussion under our Quanton Ensemble Quantum Interrelationships.

See our qubital art.

See Coquecigrues.

Doug - 11Dec2005.

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