Suggested List of Requirements
for a
New Quantum~Mathematics

We Must Change Us!

Bergson: " takes us longer to change ourselves than to change our tools."

Doug: "Bergson's statement is even truer today at Millennium III's beginning.
We still have more difficulty changing ourselves than we do changing our tools.
However, we have a classical co-dependency on tools whose fundamental foundations are awry and fault-laden.
But our co-dependency keeps us in a classical SOMitic Church of Reason (e.g., Keynesian 'economics').
This iteration, we must change ourselves first.
We must change to re-cognize mathematics' basal flaws:
Platonic idealism, unilogism [one paradigm fits all], analyticity [stoppabilityc], temporal monism, parametric independence,
objectivity, identity, infinity, monolithicity [social and other OSFA], formality, mechanicity, et al.

We must change to re-cognize physics' basal flaws:

  • objective classical-measurement,
  • use of formal mathematicsc,
  • use of formal predicate logicc,
    • objectivity,
    • identity,
    • infinity,
    • formality,
    • individuicity,
    • separability,
    • localability,
    • reducibility,
    • etc.
  • emphasis of
    particlec vis-à-vis waveq,
  • et al.

Once we accept these flaws as philosophically evident and ostensible (thought~metastatic), we commence our change of self.
Once we commence change of self, we can commence basal change of our tools (from MBO to waveMBU™).
For us, in Quantonics, this is modern science's greatest challenge and need today, at Millennium III's beginning."

Quote taken of self, and altered from Doug's CeodE 2000 review of Henri Louis Bergson's Creative Evolution, Topic 23, p. 138 commentary.

Doug Renselle

Quantum comcepts implied in list include: fractal recursion, absolute flux, guessable~omnitorable quantum~stochastics of all quantum~wave~functions, partiality, gradience (e.g., quantum~complementarity has gradience and evolves self~other and gradience recursively), awareness borne of perpetual and ubiquitous quantal~scintillation, hologra, etc. Observe complementarityq of absolutenessq of wave~function flux' evolving SOrON chancings, choosings, and changings, vis-à-vis n¤n absoluteness of said flux' stochastics!


  1. Quantum~cancellation in place of classical negation.
  2. Quantum~phasicity in place of classical staticity.
  3. Quantum~phase~interrelationshipings in place of classical addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  4. Quantum~complementarity (also in Quantonicsese: coaffectation, coobsfection) in place of classical dialectical~opposition.
    1. in place of Gestalt
    2. in place of Bi-, Multi-valent State-ic Association
    3. in place of Synergy
    4. in place of Venn
    5. in place of Set
    6. in place of Matrix
    7. in place of Logic
    8. in place of Proof (See Relation below)
    9. in place of Radical Unit-Monist Root Cause-Effect
      (designed nature of classical-social 'planning' for 'results;' when planning doesn't work we hear, " one could have anticipated that.")
      (educed nature of von Neumann classical computing architecture formally based in dead, concrete dialectical logics and maths)
      (explicit need for quantum~computing and maths exhibited ad occulos)
    10. in place of Strict Determination
    11. in place of Equivalence
      1. equality
      2. identity
      3. symmetry
      4. reflexivity
      5. transitivity
      6. commutativity
      7. distributivity
      8. factorizability
      9. assignment (static memory placeholding)
      10. inequality (scalar: greater, less)
      11. etc.
    12. in place of Interaction
      1. objective
      2. formal
      3. mechanical
      4. dialectical
      5. particulate (compare waviculate re wavicle)
    13. in place of Relation
      1. dialectic
        1. bivalent comparison (juxtapose complementaryq~antinomialismq of positiveq (in a sense, hologram issi squareq of holographq, autsimilar phenomeq issi squareq of genomeq (for you Paula)) quantum~flux scripted via quantons(qwf,qwf)... Doug's use of 'square' applies primally too: view fermion as square of boson where Higgs boson is an operatorq (See Doug's efforts re Creative Evolution of Quantum Systems re Hamiltonianq Operatorq.) which somehow evolves said squaringq ontologyq...)
          1. BAD: binary alternative denial, Sheffer's stroke, etc.
          2. all dichons and dyadic maths' dialectical relations:
            1. plus (additionc)
            2. minus (subtractionc)
            3. times (multiplicationc)
            4. divisionc
            5. et al. ...
      2. proof
      3. falsifiability
      4. contradiction
      5. negation
      6. independence
      7. stability
    14. in place of Force
    15. etc.
  5. Quantons in place of classical dichons.
  6. Quantum~interrelationshipings in place of classical-interactions.
  7. Quantum~perpetual process in place of classically convenient stoppability.
    1. ubiquitous quantization
    2. ubiquitous scintillation
    3. n¤mbær in place of number (See Doug's QELR of 'number.')
  8. Quantum~middle~inclusion in place of classical-middle-exclusion (classical 'independence' axiom).
  9. Four classes of quantum~entropy in place of classical posentropy.
    1. adiabatic processings both l¤cal an(m)d n¤nl¤cal
    2. n¤n adiabatic processings both l¤cal an(m)d n¤nl¤cal
  10. Quantum~holography (mixing all in all) in place of classical cartesian matrices (keeping all separate all).
  11. Quantum~superpositional coherence (autsimilar Nash equilibrium plus Buckminster Fuller's emergent behavior) in place of classical objective synergy (classical design).
  12. Quantized~heterogeneity, ~multiplicity, ~plurality of timings, massings, spacings, and gravityings.
  13. Etc.

"Doug, why are you suggesting requirements for a New Quantum~Mathematics?"

Real Value demands what we (see Doug's QELR of 'value'):


...may n¤t be classical.

Doug's online textbook on FEP Value asks us to move from CTMs to QTMs and thus leave fiat 'value' behind and enter real Value Quantum alternatives.

Classical bases of statemental 'judgment' are bogus!

Simply, classical maths are static: they use 'statements' to describe 'reality.' They assume reality is stoppable, i.e., physically-classically atemporal.
Latter is essentially what Einstein meant when he said, "...time is a space identity." Wr¤ng! Ditto his "...gravity is acceleration." (gravity: atemporal; acceleration: temporal)

Time isn't 'stoppable,' let alone classically atemporal.

Time is quantum~phasemental!

Quantum~timings (like gravity, mass, and space; like acceleration, temperature, density, etc.) are evolutionary symptoms of absolute quantum~flux.

Quantonics HotMeme™ "Classical static maths cann¤t model quantum~timings nor quantum~flux."™ Quantonics HotMeme™.
Quantonics HotMeme™ "Classical static maths cann¤t model quantum~evolutionary, spontaneous, and emergent chaos and equilibria."™ Quantonics HotMeme™.

See Doug's narrative on, "...quantum~measurement requires instability."

Those HotMemes™ narrate Doug's impetus to describe a n¤væl quantum~mathematics and offer suggested requirements for it.

Doug needs some rudiments of quantum~maths to do his due using quantum chaos and equilibria in Chapter 4's first topic on evolution.

Initially Doug will show rudiments as graphic semiosis. His desire is to use semiotics to fractal~self~other~referently
both follow and guide and improve quantum~maths' suggested requirements.

Thank you for reading,

Doug - 28,30Jul2012.

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