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An Quantum~Gnostic Qabalic
Hermeneutics of Jung's
Red Book Artwork
Plate 127

Here's a copy of Jung's Plate 127:

Triumphant Love

By Carl Gustav Jung

quasi fin de siècle 19th

Doug asks you to look at background of each quadrant. Said background appears Gestalt all four quadrants.
For Doug that suggests a hologram Gestalt of four quadrants: Gestalt as chaotic~sea with quadrants as islands.

If you agree, then quantumly all four islands share middle~including quantum~holographicity with one another.
We see islands (quadrants) as quantum~complementary one another engendered by Jung's cosmic Libido autsimilar Aleph in blood.

In Quantonics' script:


A total of 6 combinations (24/4: 4!/(2!(4-2)!)).

This shows Doug how Jung apparently intuited quantum~middle~inclusion.
He apparently intuited quantum~holographicity of cosmic~unconscious (Aut: Aleph~Waw~Tav: 1.6.400)
middle~including conscious (Hhokmah) islands (Iot: Yod~Waw~Tav: 10.6.400) of actuality!

Given that we can script our comma~nospaces as quantum~complementarity,
as quantum libido (naturalq selectionq) which Doug QELRs as quantadulation.
Then as combinations we, again, see six quantum~complementary interrelationshipings in Triumphant Love.

For Doug in his hermeneutics of Jung's Triumphant Love, those comma~nospaces represent these memeos:

. . .


Ros i crux Dew Cup (symbol as a cross in a circle [as Grail])
"In Mesopotamian Sumer (land of Abraham...)...Inanna, the goddess~queen
was held to be the cup bearer whose sacred essence...was called the Graal...
Her symbol, as shown on coins of the era, was the Rosi~crucis -- the Dew Cup --
a cross within a circle, the original emblem of the Holy Grail." Laurence Gardner,
in his 2005 Magdalene Legacy, Chapter 9 'Sacred Marriage,' Scarlet Woman,
p. 142, Barnes and Noble, first edition.

Doug's brackets and ellipses, removal of thelogos as possible,
otherwise Gardner's use of 'the' is italicized by Doug.

Jung's subconscious as quantum~middle~inclusion

Jung's subconscious as holograilic channel to Jung's soul
(see Jung's Liber Primus textual descriptions)

possibly Salome as Sophia

thence Sophia as Gnosis as Feminine~Wisdom as earthly~Libido as Eesha as Magdalene as all Marys
(compare Jesus~as~son as Wisdom~of~Living~Father as Light)
(compare Chaldæan~Gnosis' quantum~emerscitecture...
...Mother,son,mother,[either_YahWeh (as Yod): dead father, or_YhShWh: living Father (as Aleph)])
(Mother is Em, son is Jesus, mother is Sophia)
(compare Em as Lakh, and At vis-à-vis Atah)
(compare Pirsig's rt to Autiot's At...)

Chaldæan Gnosis' comma-space dialectical wall intentionally severing YahWeh (dead demiurge) from YhShWh (living Father)

Jung's soul as a subconscious comma~nospace in quanton(spirit_of_the_depths,spirit_of_this_time)

Jung's Libido (as Gestalt Triumphant Love background) complementing~all cosmic [actu]reality (as Gestalt foreground), ~all of his Tree of Life
(Doug, somewhat fabulously, in any sense of fable, enjoys cosmic~energyq efforts of
Darren Aronofsky (director), Hugh Jackman (protagonist), Rachel Weisz (patient), Ellen Burstyn (Matriarch) and
their stellar opus entitled, The Fountain. This is a film about The Tree of Life and its Sepher Yetsiral
cosmicq requirementsq for antinomialsq: quanton(lifeq,deathq), quanton(hermaphrodite,dichonq(female,male)),
quanton(scintillationq,quantizationq), quanton(peace,terror), quanton(Jesusq,Satanc), quanton(holograq,dialectac), etc.
Imagine Cross of Lorraine below with a single vertical and four, instead of two, horizontals.
Those horizontals would represent limbs on The Tree of Life and top down they would be labeled: emanations,
creation, formation, and action. Imagine Jung's four quadrants analogously. Compare Doug's creatio ex nihilo aperio shown graphically as
fuzzonq (Emanationsq) to bosonq (Creationq) to fermionq (Formq) to actualityq (Actionq) ontologyq.

Doug offers other affine nexi to our FACE anagram:

  • Emanationsq - Isoflux to Flux Potentia
  • Creationq - Fermion Ontology
  • Formq - QCD
  • Actionq - QED

Doug - 16Mar2014, 14Apr2014, 30Apr2014, 9Jun2014, 13Nov2014, 12Feb2015.)

. . .

What about Jung's circle and cross superposition?

(A quantum~issue to worry about here: Is circle closed? Answer: N¤t if it is, indeed, quantized.)
(Another quantum~issue to worry about here: Is cross dialectical? Same answer.)

Suares writes clearly, "The cross is alive." From that Doug infers, "The circle is alive." More generally, "The cosmos is alive."
Reference for Suares quote is his Trilogy, Cipher of Genesis, pp. 208-209, Shambhala, paperback, 1976.

Doug quantumly interprets 'alive' here as quantons(scin,quan), i.e., cosmos' quantum~quantization (QCD actualization) and scintillation (Jungian Libido) of all.

At that same reference locus, Suares omniscribes Jung's Libido like this, "...infinite all times and all
places [is] in intimate copulation with the world since it constantly bears fresh and unexpected fruits."

You may now grasp why Doug colloquializes Suares in such a vulgar manner. Quanta are flux.
All quanta, to some extent,
scintillate all quanta, so Doug writes and says,
"Flux fux flux." Suares' cosmic energy copulation!

Doug - 2May2014.

Quantum~reality is quantized~discontinuous~open~complementary~Living.
Classical-reality is linear~continuous~closed-dialectical-dead.

Quantum~reality corresponds Jung's Spirit of the Depths. Life.

Classical-reality corresponds Jung's Spirit of this Time. Death.

Notice how this is inverted from how we are currently trained to thingk.

Recall that Pirsig inverted DQ over SQ and Subject over Object?
Doug inferred too, quantum~individual over classical-society.

Recall Gaffney's saying, "Qumran texts and Nag Hammadi texts would 'turn the original traditional church on its head?' "
See p. 4, Introduction, Mark Gaffney's Gnostic Secrets of the Naassenes, 2004, Inner Traditions, Rochester Vermont.

See note 4 below.

Doug describes some of these issues coarsely below under one of Jung's predilections: Recursion.

If we extend cross' ends to stick out around edge of circle, we see Doug's quanta symbol (¤) rotated 45 degrees.

This suggests to Doug islandic quantization of four quadrants.

Doug describes Jung's predilection: Quantization below.

Doug is reviewing Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln's Holy Blood Holy Grail.

In its conclusion (chapter 15), Cross of Lorraine is omniscussed autsimilarly Doug's opus here.

Let's take a moment to place Cross of Lorraine in our local comtextings under our review of Jung's Plate 127.

Allow Doug to transcribe an Anglican version of a portion of Péguy's Lorraine Cross "Qabalic~Gnostic two~lives" poem:

Life 1: "The arms of Jesus are the Cross of Lorraine.
Both the blood in the artery and the blood in the vein.
Both the source of grace [equilibrial] and the clear fountain;

Life 2: "The arms of Satan are the Cross of Lorraine.
And the same artery and the same vein
And the same blood and the troubled [chaotic] fountain."

Composed by Charles Péguy just prior his death in 1914 (Battle of the Marne.).
Doug's brackets for quantum juxta antinomials quanton(equilibria1,chaos2) - 16Mar2014.

Péguy's Lorraine Cross poetry illustrates Hermeneutic~Qabalic~Gnostic
quantum~complementary~antinomialism of quanton(Jesus1,Satan2).
Compare Jung's quadrants 2&3 vis-à-vis quadrants 1&4.
Compare quanton(movementings1,restings2)!
Compare quanton(chaos1,equilibria2)!!

Doug - 31Dec2013,11Dec2015.

Much more to do here graphically and narratively.

. . .

To expand our thinkqing even further, consider our six — complementary interrelationshipings' — quantons a partial listing.

Jung's quadrants as islands aren't just other~referent. They are self~referent too:


Also they other~refer Jung's Spirit of the Depths (AKA Aleph, DQ, quantum, etc.),
and Jung's Spirit of this Time (AKA Yod, SQ, classical, etc.):


Doug wants to call this a metaphor of Suares' "...individual finding Aleph in blood..." as "...siding with Aleph..."

Observe how classicism, worseshipers of YahWeh (the dead end, Mawt~Hamawt) side with Yod.

Doug - 29Jan2013.

Jung's struggle is to invert his choice from classical-Spirit of this Time (Yod) to quantum~Spirit of the Depths (Aleph).

Pirsig tells us to choose DQ. Read his Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Lila.

Carlo Suares writes in last paragraph of Chapter Six, Cipher of Genesis, 1970, Shambala:

"This means that it is no good our merely knowing intellectually, that the life of Aleph is in us. You will see, as you follow the text of Genesis, that the whole question centres upon our allowing Aleph to spring forth within us in total freedom. In order that this may occur, and we say this again, we must cease taking sides with Yod [classical] and the idea of static continuity, and play the game on the side of Aleph [quantum]." Doug's brackets.

In Quantonicsese, "Shift your allegiance from CTMs to QTMs!"

"In this game between existence [Yod, SQ] and life [Aleph, DQ], the text already implies that whereas the fixed role of the vegetable and animal kingdom is existence-versus-life, the role of man is to change sides in the game: to be Aleph against Yod." Doug's brackets.

Take Doug's Aleph~Yod quadrant self~referencings shown as quantons and show what classicism's taking sides with Yod looks like:

dichon(quadrant_1, Yod)
dichon(quadrant_2, Yod)
dichon(quadrant_3, Yod)
dichon(quadrant_4, Yod)

We see Yod without Aleph (SQ without DQ)!

Can we show classical Error of dialectic ("...a genetic defect of human reason...") more explicitly?

Classically Leave Aleph and Go To Yod

Taking Sides with Aleph

Taking Sides with Yod





dichon(Yodc, Yodc)

dichon(quadrant_1, Yodc)
dichon(quadrant_2, Yodc)
dichon(quadrant_3, Yodc)
dichon(quadrant_4, Yodc)

Quantumly Leave Yod and Go To Aleph

Obtain, please attempt to grasp, comparative entenders, quantum vav classical, of Suares' "Taking sides with Aleph:"
  • quantum~both~and => hologral stochastic qba
  • classical either-or => objective predicable ceo

and, correspondingly:

Doug - 26Mar2014, 11Feb2015.

For more general qua of semasiological benchmarking, permit Doug to show a Pirsigean c¤mplæmænt of Doug's (above) Qabalic exemplar:

Classically Leave DQ and Go To ESQ

Taking Sides with DQ

Taking Sides with ESQ





dichon(ESQ, ESQ)

dichon(quadrant_1, ESQ)
dichon(quadrant_2, ESQ)
dichon(quadrant_3, ESQ)
dichon(quadrant_4, ESQ)

Quantumly Leave ESQ and Go To DQ

Here, Doug views ESQ as a metaphor of utopian socially-centrally-planned one world 'order,' analytic, formal, linear, closed 'stability.'

When Earth humanity achieves green (quantum~both~and) over red (classical-either-or), moving from dialectic to quantum, Suares calls that, "The Second Coming."

Doug's use of 'over' in previous sentence expressed quantumly is "hyper~pneumatic:" hyper as 'above' and pneumatic as 'spiritual.'

Jung calls it, paraphrased, "Learning to thinkq small and moving from 'the spirit of this time' (YahWeh) to 'the spirit of the depths.' (YhShWh)"

Doug - 29Jan2013.

Actually Jesus said it without saying it, paraphrased: "Choose the Living~father YhShWh (absolute flux) and reject the dead-father demiurge Yahweh (absolute state)."

Jung's experiences documented in Liber Primus and Liber Secundus describe his dream hermeneutic~semasiological
adventures struggling with his choice of Spirit of the Depths over Spirit of this Time.

In Doug's opine Heraclitus, Jesus, Bergson, James, Jung, Suares, Pirsig, Gaffney, Doug's
New Quantum~Philosophy, et al., are telling autsimilar stories which affirm one another

What a fine quantum~synthesis of Good News for Millennium III!

Thanks to Neelie for saying to me in August 2011, "You sound like Jung!"

She pragmadigm~sh[[ei][ae]]red Doug's life. (I.e., 'sheer,' vis-à-vis 'shiar.')

Doug - 26-27Jan2013.

Doug is working on a review of Carl Jung's Red Book Liber Primus (Book One).

Doug's intent isn't to study and exegetize Jung's psychiatric inclinations, rather to show how Jung's
dreams and thoughts, however dialectical, unfold some very quantum memes.
In Doug's opine those memes may have great utility as 'healing tools' in all walks of life.

Doug attended-audited a class studying Jung. Their emphasis is on psychiatry.

Doug's core is quantum, so any in-depth scion into psychiatry takes Doug too far away from his quantumology.

Suares explains for Doug why Doug has such an quantum aversion for 'things' hylic-psycho-logical,
"Psychology, enclosed in its own analytical world, with a vocabulary of its own, is incapable of freeing itself from its own verbiage."
Suares narrates a vast importance here: psychology is 'classical' since it is incapable, lacks qua to "...die in its own words." This is huge! Doug - 28Feb2014.
Page 385 of Suares' Trilogy, Sepher Yetsira, Shambhala Press, 1967-1976, paperback 549 total pages.

Doug's natural aversion to contemporary dialectical psychiatry is an evolving expression of quantum~gnosis' pneumatic essence.
Doug - 12Apr2013,

But Jung, like so many others, in quantum~comtextings, is fascinating (to Doug, anyway)!
Doug wants to show some of those quantum~nexi here.

During said class Jung's Triumphant Love (also Triumph of Love) was singled out and referred back to Trismegistus' Emerald Table.
(Refer Francis Yates' Giordano Bruno Chapter XXI for more detail on Trismegistus and Casaubon's 20 year effort (1590-1610)
redating of Trismegistus' opus to post 'christian' era: Trismegistus' opus wasn't from an earlier Egyptian era.)

Apparently Emerald Table is an alchemical workplace for study and fathoming of the Tree of Life.
(See also plates 63 and 131 for other Tree of Life art by Carl Jung in his Red Book.)

Doug has only been studying The Red Book for a couple of months, so Doug cannot claim any expertise in any psychiatric regard.

Doug's impressions so far are that Jung's dreams and his art are subjective, but his linguistic interpretations
of them use too much dialectic, e.g., Jung uses linguistic classical notions of opposition often.
(Again, Doug worries whether translation (verb) induced dialectic in Jung.
Doug doesn't know die Deutsch, so any judgment defers itself indefinitely.)

Regular readers in Quantonics understand, that in Doug's New Quantum Philosophy,
there is n¤ analytic stoppability, n¤ dialectical opposition, n¤ excluded-middle, n¤ contradiction.

What appears to Doug in his hermeneutics of Jung is that Jung's conscious thought (similar Bohm) hovers dialectic,
but when he describes conscious, subconscious, and unconscious together, he perpendsq1 quantum...perhaps unintentionally.
Too, and similarly, Jung appears (to Doug) to describe his extravert and introvert complements both dialectically and quasi~quantumly.

To Doug dialectic is Earth's approximately three-millennia old zeitgeist at Millennium III's beginning.
Again, in Doug's view, A New Quantum Philosophy shall destroy that dialectical zeitgeist!
Doug - 13May2013.

Most authors adhere dialectic. They are of n¤ interest to Doug. They are already extinct. Waste of time.

But why are they here? Opine: To experience Suares' second~coming:
a move from dialectic (Error) to quantum (" in immortal cosmic consciousness...").

Those who do n¤t make that move appear bound for 'Tree of Life' extinction. (See quadrant three above.)
In that regard, 21Dec2012 from any Mayan perspective, could have been total 'Tree of Life'
extinction for Earth, but it didn't (apparently) happen. 'Tree of Life' survived 21Dec2012.
If Mayan prophets were accurate philosophically, then humanity has a bright future (after second~coming) once we
pass through this 'Fourth Turning,' this 'Kondratieff Winter.' Changes will be simply enormous.
Doug's perspective is that Jung, perhaps unintentionally, is describing
quantumesque metaphors of that n¤væl future era of humanity: Gospel, n¤t Malspel!
Jung's 'Tree of Life' won't be cut down for another 26,000 years, at least.
Of course, we cannot know that, but it offers great potential: immense bounty of heuristic and conjecture.

Doug, "Does Jung's Triumphant Love desnouer his apparent quantum predilections?"

Yes, and this is what "blew me away" when I first saw Jung's plate 127.

. . .






A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network (SOrON)!

A hologra[[il][m][ph]]!

Living and Dying!

Movement and Rest!

Aleph~Tav Tav~Aleph!




. . .

And Jung calls it, "Triumphant Love."



(Suares paraphrased.)

Flux fux flux!

Quantization~hermaphroditic~scintillation of Star of David's EIMA holographicq quantum~flux!

Jung's Mother was a Jew! Jung(Jew,Swiss).

As you may surmise those memeos may be ihn psychiatry, but they are n¤t psychiatry.
Most contemporary psychiatry is dialectical and would deny those memeos as "absurd."

I will expand them and do detail on quantum~predilections next...these are Doug's heuristics~hermeneutics:

Plate 127 Quadrants are: 2 1
Plate 127 Quadrants are: 3 4

Quadrant 1: Crucifixion of 'Jesus the Jew' by Roman socialists for sedition (Jews didn't crucify then, rather, Jews of Jesus' time stoned humans to death.)
Quadrant 2: Jung as a proxy for humanity experiencing 'tough love, tough Libido'
Quadrant 3: Tree of Life appears to have been cut down
Quadrant 4: Bovine rest as a symbol of Yod's apparent and only tentative very tenuous equilibria amongst Aleph's movement~chaos

 By Doug Renselle — ©Quantonics, Inc., 2013-2030
Jung's Quantum Predilections Doug's Comcision
(Other authors quoted, too.)
Quadrants Described

Love Triumphant!

Suares writes, " in immortal consciousness of cosmic reality..." Faith in Love Triumphant! Faith in perpetual, ubiquitous, immortal Libido!

An ancient gnostic saying, "...mixing all things in all..." Love Triumphant! Libido! Implication? Monism is deceit...another gnostic saying. Libido implies pluralism reigns! Heterogeneity hyper homogeneity! Love Triumphant!

Quantonics says, "quantons(scin,quan)!" Libido! Ubiquitous, perpetual, immortal quantization and scintillation of all quanta in cosmic reality. Love Triumphant!

Quantum flux fux quantum flux! Libido! Cosmic copulation of all quanta with and ihn all quanta! Love Triumphant!

Livings and Dyings as 1, 2, 3, 4 processings of quantum~interrelationshipings.

1, 2, 3, 4

















































































Compare '     to Jung's Plate 127. Similar but rotated 45 degrees. Compare too ¤ to '     and notice how they complement one another. One which looks like a steering wheel on a sail boat is symbol Doug uses for quanta. If we rotate it 45 degrees it complements Jung's graphic symbolically. 'Monotype sorts' font required to show that comparative symbol of an X in an O. Jung's symbol is a + in an o. Here's a Doug line art rendition of Jung's Triumphant Love:

Notice symbol reuse of itself in itself as quantum recursion.

Musically, Dave Brubeck's Blue Rondo A La Turk as 9/8 as 2223: fab recurse!
Similar Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue...mofab mojo...
Then linguistically Sophia as Baphomet ATBASH...Aleph~Tav~Bayt~Sheen...5345...forward in reverse...
Moon walk? Foward in reverse going n¤where in situ... Recursively Aleph~Yod~Aleph steam rolling sole. Pun intended here.

In Autiot we may view (script) this as Yod~Aleph~Yod, similar as Aleph in blood.
Semantic of former though is Aleph is in existence and existence is in Aleph.
Suares might call this "cosmic consciousness."
Further, Suares might say, "This is a tell of Faith. Faith as Immortality of Cosmic Consciousness."

So when Jung painted his Triumphant Love, he is showing his "Faith as Immortality of Cosmic Consciousness."

He is showing us cosmic Libido is ubiquitously, perpetually recursive: Love issi ihn us and we are ihn Love!


Ponder quanton(quanton(Love,Hate),quanton(Hate,Love)).
Re: One of Jesus' 'parables.' Re: quanton(Mother,father).
See Gospel of Thomas 55.
(Please view Love,Hate as Suaresesque quantum~antinomials as quantonics' complementary duality. Doug - 21Mar2013.)

Compare quanton(Bergson,Pirsig) issi quanton(quanton(Pluralism,Monism),quanton(Monism,Pluralism)).

Doug - 26,28Jan2013.

A Quantonics HotMemeHermeneutic of Carlo Suares
"Quantum~antinomial~dualityings are how Nature assesses and understands Herself."
A Quantonics HotMemeHermeneutic of Carlo Suares

Doug is making a nexus that Jung's symbol above represents quantization (Which enables quantum~antinomial~duality assessments of better,worse. 21Mar2013 - Doug.). Jung's reuse of it, recursively, in quadrant two is exceptionally powerful in exposing Jung's predilection for quantal~recursion. Doug believes this is a manifestation of Jung's subliminal nexi with unconscious cosmic reality (e.g., isoflux, QVF, self~canceling hyperspace, etc.) through his individual subconscious which acts like a cosmic grail, a cosmic nexus antinomially~interrelating conscious and unconscious as a quanton(unconscious,conscious). Doug's comma~nospace in that script represents Jung's subconscious as (a) grail. In his Red Book this appears as a nexus to his soul, said nexus Doug infers as Sophia, perhaps Salome, perhaps mother2. Perhaps a serpent as described in original Genesis Autiot acting as a grail to Magdalene3 acting as a grail to Adam...putting Aleph in Adam so the Qabalic games of fecund4 life can begin: an grail~immanence~educed exodus from Eden into Cosmic Reality. Said nexus depends on cosmic~immanence of cosmic~unconsciousness in all and all in cosmic~unconsciousness. These nexi are perpetual, ubiquitous, immortal. Libido in absolute pragma affecting absolute quantal change just as his Plate 127 illustrates. Love Triumphant! Libido! Cosmic libido! Please read Suares' Cipher of Genesis to grasp Doug's esoterica above.

A huge affector of Jung's recursion is quite simply: any language which is objective and without symbolic recursion is a dead-the-dead (Mawt~Hamawt) language. Incapable, intrinsically incapable of describing quantum~flux and its cosmic reality. Doug only knows two languages which can be (are capable of) doing this: Autiot and Quantonics. Suares describes Autiot's recursive qua very well. Compare classical 'equals' symbol as a static 'identity' with quantonics' recursive equalings as immortal flux energy.

Said language must be describing flux (AKA "cosmic~energy"), period. Only flux can recurse everywhere~included~middling~associationings (EIMA)! Quantum~h¤l¤grams do recurse flux! Autiot does recurse symbols of flux! Quantonics' quantons do recurse interrelationshipings of flux!

When holograms (and cosmic reality) are described by objective-static and immobile languages...their Quality~Value evaporates. Libido evaporates (in Jungese: "death of love, death of libido") without dynamic recursion of quanta. That is why dialecticians cannot find their inner, cannot fathom logos. Suares' art above shows finding inner as recursion of a symbol ( a '+' in a 'o') for dynamically interrelating quanta.

Again, for emphasis, Libido evaporates without dynamic recursion of quanta.

With dynamic recursion of quanta Libido is always quantum~comsciously with us, and Jung emphasizes that presence like this:

Jung's red (as illustrated by Doug) cross, as described by Carlo Suares in his Appendix 4, of his Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, 'The Vision of The Cross Number 8,' is:

  • Jesus,
  • Logos,
  • Son (Sun: Light),
  • Door (gateway stone mark)
  • Cross of Light (see just below),
  • Truth (must be quantum Truthings),
  • Seed (which may catch spiritually on fire),
  • Immortal Resurrection (subsequent apoptosis),
  • Father (Light is ihn Father and Father is ihn Light),
  • Grace (a peace of understanding Qabalaq and Gnosisq).
  • Faith (borne of proemial nascence as cosmic consciousness), and
  • Nous (mind), (place of quantum~antinomial~complementary~analogy)

Doug - 23Jun2013.

Observe: Qabala nissin Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay nissin quantons((Aleph,Yod),Hay).

Too, another interesting allegory of Jung's depiction of a red cross with sun(son)~light shining through its quanta is one Doug found in his re review of Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln's fabulous Holy~Blood~Holy~Grail, Delta, 1981 paperback. Allow Doug a few elliptical quotes...

" virtue of his dual [hermaphroditic] blood Merovèe [and his fellow Merovingians]...bore a distinctive birthmark, which distinguished them from all other men, which rendered them immediately identifiable, and which attested to their semi-divine or sacred [hermaphroditic] blood. This birth mark reputedly took the form of a red cross, either over the heart--a curious anticipation of the Templar Blazon--or between the shoulder blades (p. 236 of 489 total including index)...Could there be something special about the Merovingian bloodline--something more than an academic, technical legitimacy? Could there really be some thing that, in some way, might genuinely matter to people today? Could there be something that might affect, perhaps even alter, existing social, political, or religious institutions? These questions continued to nag at us. As yet, however there appeared to be no answer to them (p. 271, Ibid.)...[from Deuteronomy 33, re a Mosaic Benjamin]...The beloved of the Lord shall dwell in safety by him; and the Lord shall cover him all the day long, and he shall dwell between his shoulders (p. 271, Ibid.)..." Doug's brackets, parentheses, and bold green.

Permit Doug to replace Jung's cross with four Swords of Love, Libido:

Doug - 2April2014.

Consider how well Jung's quantum~libido, Love Triumphant, echoes and resonates Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln's assiduous research on this topic! Cross as a sword twixt Jesus' shoulders (quad 1). Knife in bovine's shoulders (quad 4). Red cross quantum~recursively impressed on humanity's chest (quad 2). Consider hermeneuticsq of redq crossq as libidoq of lightq Qabalically shiningq ihn and transmutativelyq quantizing all of usq...a genuine 'quantum~miracle.' Doug.

Compare Jung's (quad 3) anti-quantum broad ax of social-political-religious objective, formal,
oppositional, mechanical,
EOOO dialectic cutting down said Tree of Life, said Sefirot.
Doug - 15Jul2014.

Fathom that quote from Deuteronomy. It narrates Jesus' farewell discourse in fourth, Mary Magdalene's, gospel, paraphrased, "I am in you and you are in me..."

That farewell discourse quote (paraphrased by Doug), to Doug, expresses directly and unambiguously quantum~hologra[[il][m][ph]]ic-middle~inclusion as grail, as Graal, as San Graal, as Holy Grail, as Royal Blood, as Sang Raal which is quantum~hermaphroditic.

Note that Cathars apparently viewed that farewell discourse quote as a dualismc. But their dualismc was classical: dichonic. Jesus' dualismq was quantum: quantonic.


dichon(Ic, youc) an unambiguous Aristotelian excluded-middle. Çathol-I-sçhism! Antithetic Jesus' Gnostic~Secret words.
This is the way of viewing I and you as dead classically-static (stoppable) objects as idealc dialectical opposites.
Observe the way as pure either-or, oppositional, middle-excluded, one or the other dialectic. Every wordc youc sociallyc OSFA use monisticallyc is only dialectically bivalent based upon stability, independence, negation, contradiction, etc. aspects of SOM's Bases of Judgment.


quanton(Iq,youq) a direct Grail experience of quantum~hologra[[il][m][ph]]ic~middle~inclusion.
This is a way of viewing I and you as living quantum~flux EWings as complementary antinomials.
Ponder allegorically a way as both~all~while~and~many, complementary~antinomial, middle~inclusionings hologra[[il]m][ph]]. Every wordq oneq uses begs holographic~omnivalenceq, without any comsiderationings of SOM's Bases of Judgment (via embracing indetermination: quantum~uncertainty of all rqcs~radically~evolving interrelationshipings and nexi).

Allegoricalq updates 26Feb2014 - Doug.

Some Merovingians adhered a similar quantum~Gnostic Grail complementarospective.

All of this explains, at least for Doug, a mystery regarding Jesus' parable from Matthew 10:34:

"I bring not peace, but a sword [s~word]." Doug's brackets. Think of s~word as Tao: an S ihn an O, autsimilar a plus (+) ihn an O (red cross with light (f~lux) shining from c¤~with~ihn iht).

Now ponder s~word assa~issi quanton(~,¤)!!!
(fathom Doug's use of 'assa' as an emergentq palindromeq of 'as' autsimilar as is assa issi...)

Choose (assa an act of heresy, heretically) to view s~word's hilt assa a plusq.

Dialectical Classicists view hilt's horizontal stroke (-) and vertical stroke (|) as independent objective opposites (cardinal orthogonals).
I.e., dichon(-, |).

Subjunctive Quantumists view hilt's horizontal stroke (-) and vertical stroke (|) as middle~including subjective antinomials (ordinalq wayveingsq).
I.e., quantons(~,~). Quantum~antinomialism~complementarity of both - and | as fluxq.

Now, allow Doug to put quantumese in Jesus' mouth, "I bring n¤t peacec, but a swordq."

Again, "I bring n¤t idealc utopianc dialectical statec, but G¤d's w¤rd assa b¤th m¤vemænt and ræstq." (holographically, "mixing all in all": AKA Love Triumphant)

Again, "I bring not Error (Satan) of analytic classical -stoppability (Peter's 'universal' social (Mawt~Hamawt) state), but the Living~G¤d's blessingq and miracleq of perpetualq~individualq evolutionq and changeq."

Simply, "I bring n¤t dialectic-opposition (illusion, self-delusion, of notionalc peacec), but Qabala's quantum~antinomialism."

Jeshuit HotMeme™ "I bring not an eschatonic dead-the-dead (Mawt~Hamawt) end, rather perpetual~ubiquitous new~beginnings." Jeshuit HotMeme™.
Doug - 17Mar2014.
q ihn our s~wordingsq endlessly~everywherings engendersq newq beginningsq...there are n¤ 'deadc endsc.')

This 'issue' has bothered Doug for nearly a decade. Naye ever will~shall it bother me..."Ihn quantum~lightings."

More imminently...

Doug - 29-30Jan2014, 1Feb2014, 26Feb2014, 17Mar2014.

We may ostense our emphasis on quadrant two and enlighten selves through its many sema and semasiologies, including:

  • Finding one's inner,
  • Seeing life~libido's light, i.e., seeing Hay~Aleph's light as Jung illustrates in quadrant two,
    • a blue sky background with
    • a bright quantized (Yod) and scintillating (Aleph) light shining through...enlightening self~other recursively, allegorically...
  • Understanding 'the logos,'
  • Understanding 'the account,'
  • Grasping quintessence of Qabala: Aleph~Hay, Yod~Hay, (This is Gaffney's Last Supper Naassene Gnostic Secret desnoured.)
  • Fathoming Aleph's pragmatic presence in all Yod which adheres and abides Aleph,
  • Perceiving life as a perpetual~immortal~ubiquitous quantization~scintillation~process of Aleph steam~rolling all Yod toward better,
  • Recognizing a New Philosophical M¤dal whose essence is quantum: emerqing two living~comscious antinomialsq of scintilla and quanta,
  • Interpreting Jung's emphasis on embracing 'the small,' i.e., quanta as essence of 'Spirit of the Depths,' hyper 'Spirit of this Time.' View quadrant two's recursion symbol as 'the small:' a quantum~grail pathway to 'the light,' e.g., biophotons shining from one's inner, with latter exemplifying "How to tap into reserve energy,"
  • Understanding how this m¤dal embraces indetermination of QED (transmutation) and QCD (becoming),
  • Libido asks us to recursively enlighten our selves by adopting and adapting these many quantum~semasiologies,
  • etc.

Doug - 30May2013.

Here is Doug's graphic rendition of Suares' Cross Number 8 as an ogdoad:

Doug - 2Aug2013.

focus is on 2










focus is on 2










focus is on 2










focus is on 2










focus is on 2










focus is on 2










focus is on 2










focus is on 2










focus is on 2










focus is on 2










focus is on 2










focus is on 2


Issues here TBD are awareness, flux with and without entanglement, entanglement enabling fecundity of cosmic flux, fecundity of flux as Libido's evolutionary transmutation of cosmic reality. Omniscuss QED, QCD, a little on quarks and fuzzon ontology as aspects of Libidic quantum~transmutation.

See Jung's [translators'] footnote 38 p. 232 Liber Primus. Note that classical society cannot coobsfect. Only quantum~individuals can coobsfect. Latter begs heterogeneity hyper monism.

Doug - 23Jan2013.

Each quadrant coobsfects others.

Issues here TBD include: middle~inclusion in a dynamic (fluxing), evolving, rqcs~rioq~rqfi~rqsu, quantized~scintillating quantum~realm. Aleph EIMAing itself with Yod as a spiritual exemplar of complementarity. Aleph steam rolling Yod's dialectic (CTMs) evoking Yod's adaptation toward quantum (QTMs).

Quantonics', in agency of Aleph, adoption of quantized~multi~entropic~complementarity putting itself in a steam roller quantized~modality over SOM linear-continuous-methodology.

Each quadrant quantum~complements others.


"The spirit of this time in me wanted to recognize the greatness and extent of the supreme meaning, but not its littleness. The spirit of the depths, however, conquered this arrogance, and I had to swallow the small as a means of healing the immortal in me. It completely burnt [Planck quanta are unimaginable energy! Nonconceptual from any classical conspective.] up my innards since it was inglorious and unheroic. It was even ridiculous and revolting. But the pliers of the spirit [gravitas of Libido] of the depths held me, and I had to drink the bitterest of all draughts." P. 230, Jung, The Red Book, Liber Primus, 1st edition, Norton, 2009. Doug's bold green. Doug's brackets.

Classicists who worse-ship 'The spirit of this time' AKA YahWeh: demiurge dead-father of state and dialectic, call quantum~reality, "absurd, nonsense, equivocal, prevaricative, incomplete, etc." Even Jung found it so: "...ridiculous and revolting." Spirit of the depths AKA YhShWh, forced quanta on Jung as Jung's "...bitterest of all draughts."

Actually belief in dialectical monism is lying to oneself. That is what YahWeh does. He encourages us and propagandizes us to lie to ourselves! YahWeh wants us to believe that he is 'the' One. He dialectically hates quanta and loves concrete: concrete is classically 'opposite' quanta. Doug's Quantum~English~Language~Remediation of believe issi bælihævæ (pronounced roughly "bailee[f]~haavah").

Quanta and scintilla are parents of chaos and equilibria, transmutation and evolution, falling in Error (spirit of this time) and finding one's child inner (spirit of the depths), then finding one's self. Moving away from mankind's 'the christ demiurge' toward God's son 'Jesus the light.' Doug's Jungese from pp. 234-235 of Liber Primus.

Quanta scintillate, transmute, and evolve "In the Light." We are Ihn The Light, and The Light issi Ihn Uhs.



Doug's use of here may be viewed as a grail. Like this:

We quanton(Light Us).

An ensemble of quantized holographic interrelationshipings in Quantonics' script.

Shown with said grail taking place of both 'issi' graphic and textual comma~nospace.
All energy~wellings in quantum~reality are quantized and holographically interrelate recursively through quanta called "grails."

We are holographically~recursively among quanta and quanta are holographically~recursively among us.

Doug's best reference for this among quantum~memeo is Carlo Suares' Aleph in Blood derivative in his Cipher of Genesis, Chapter Seven, Page 88, Shambala Press, 1st edition, March 1970.

Doug - 25Jan2013.


"The one who learns to live with his incapacity has learned a great deal. This will lead us to the valuation of the smallest things, and to wise limitation, which the greater height demands." p. 240, Liber Primus.

Doug 23Jan2013.

1, 2, 3, 4

Issues TBD here are quantization by itself, without scintillation, does naught. Scintillation of quanta as interrelationshipings among quanta transmute actuality and thus on a massive scale evolve cosmic reality.

Jung's four Quadrants in his Triumph of Love are quantized, but cannot cycle without scintillation among them.

Cosmic quantum~scintillation of Yod by Aleph is how Aleph steam rolls Yod.

1, 2, 3, 4
A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

A Self~Other Referent Organizing Network

Issues TBD here are "The cosmos is a hologram, the cosmos is holographic (Jung's unconscious), holograilic (Jung's subconscious), hologramic (Jung's conscious). That mapping by Doug is an exemplar heuristic by Doug.

Begin 11-14Mar2013 Update:

This Jungian 'predilection' is most prescient of all in Doug's opinion.


Jung's SOrONic predilection begs us to ask and answer profound philosophical questions (Peircean "interrogatives") about reality itself and quintessentials of any holographic (quantum~) reality~m¤dal as expressed in Qabala, Autiot, Gnosis, and quantum~reality. What exegeses may we (can we) offer as partial answers to these profound interrogatives?

Jung implies (Doug's inference) that consciousness represents (human perceptions of) actuality, unconsciousness represents an undifferentiated n¤nactuality, and that subconsciousness provides a (dream~image~inary world) nexus twixt consciousness and unconsciousness. Doug has shown you how we script and interpret those terms in quantum~memeos, e.g., quanton(unconsciousness,consciousness) with a complementary quantum~nexus called "comma~nospace" as a Jungian quantum~subconsciousness grail twixt them: simply, in more generic antinomial1,grail,antinomial2 m¤daled scriptings we may proffer:










Doug does autsimilars with, for example, Pirsig's m¤daling (inferred by Doug) as quanton(DQ,SQ) with MoQ as a mediating~immanent grail twixt DQ and SQ: DQ,MoQ,SQ.

Quantum~reality (in quantonicsese) is autsimilar both Jung and Pirsig (and Bergson, Suares, James, Danah Zohar, Mae-wan Ho, etc.). For Doug, these powerful benchmarks are also autsimilarly immanent Qabala, Autiot, and Gnosis among others.

For Doug, all of this is philosophical "street cred." It lends gravitas of abundant self~other credence to quantum~reality n¤ other philosophy of which Doug is aware offers.

We still haven't answered those interrogatives!

Systemically, our largest query might be, "How do those cobenchmarking m¤dalings do what they do? How can those m¤dalings represent Jungian flavors of consciousness and be living?" Answering those queries, for Doug, offers "street credence" to why Doug claims "Quantonics is strategic."

How can these cobenchmarking m¤dalings be living? For Doug this answer is simple: all of those m¤dalings depend upon base memeos of flux and flux autsimilars. Absolute change. Absolute, up to Planck rate, changings. Change is essence (quantum~essence) of life, light, logos, measurement~omnitoring, standingunder, movement and rest, chaos and equilibria, perpetual quantum~complementarity of both living and dying, mixing all things in all, middle~inclusion, quantization, scintillation, transmutation, etc.

Therein lies a weakness, however. Some memeo is yet missing. A mystery, an enigma. A Gnostic secret. What secret?

Allow Doug to lay an autsimilar groundwork for purposes of easing your quantum~stagings into a comtext which will grease a pathway to your fathoming of Doug's words omniscribing said Gnostic secret.

In Doug's Finance, Economics and Political Chautauquas (1, 2, 3, ..., so far...) you may recall he spent much time on Bergson's very gnostic and paraphrased by Doug, "Change is simple, state is complex." Doug took an approach there similar his approach comparing Pirsig's quanton(monism,pluralism) and Bergson's quanton(pluralism,monism).

Bottom line our answer to understanding Bergson's "Change is simple, state is complex" quote is a paraphrase version of Bergson's own exegesis: "Change can explain state, but state cannot explain change." From that answer we surmise change hyper state. Doug claims absolute~perpetual pluralistic quantized~scintillating change is a prerequisite for a living reality. Doug claims absolute-perpetual monistic-mechanically~determinate state dialectically hypothesizes (verb) and axiomatizes (verb) a Mawt-Hamawt (dead-the-dead) reality. Then we further surmise living hyper death.

Now death, a dead reality, and worseship of dead things, all demand state and absolute perpetuation-continuity and maintenance of state. Maintenance of state demands there may be 'no' 'choice.' All 'measurement' of 'state' is 'identical' 'everywhere-everywhen-everywho-everywhat-everywhy-everyhow,' perpetually. State doesn't change! Quantum~ch¤ice changes whatq (H5Wq) happænings, and in a classical state-ic determinate y=f(t) reality, therefore, change borne of choice is an abomination: "heresy." Jung calls this absolutely static reality "temporal." Doug infers Jung means a y=f(t) reality where time is a monism and conveniently stoppable for purposes of classical 'state' analysis (up cutting of actuality; cuisinarting actuality).

So part of our secret answer is to claim simply that absolute change requires choice, requires heresy. Quantum~reality forces us to guess given these assumptions:

  • Change is absolute:
    • Con(m)sistent: always changes, and
    • Complete: changes all.
  • Uncertaintyq is stochastic,
  • Ideal strictly-determinate predication is impossible,
    • Single root cause 1:1 effect is classical delusion.
    • All 'causings and effectings' are quantum~ensemble holographic~ephemeral absolutely changing multitemporal phenomena each with their own local quantum~free~will and ~choice.
  • Guessing always has potentia of probability, plausibility, and likelihood.

(Do you see how Keynesians 'catholically' attempt to force stability by classically controlling change, by limiting change? And Keynesians do it by upping heat on a confined boiler. Some call it a 'bubble.')

Now here's the rub: Reality's Gnostic~secret is that quantum~reality makes choices intrinsically at all levels of reality -- perpetually and ubiquitously. Secret is "How?" How can reality make choices locally and globally, always and every~H5Wq perpetually?

Doug, here-now, isn't offering his answer. Doug didn't have an answer until Neelie sicced him on Jung's Red Book. Associated research in Suares' Qabala using Autiot led Doug to a best answer Doug has to offer now 11Mar2013. Jung and Suares did it for Doug: they taught him a way to fathom said secret.

This answer isn't trivial. Doug needs to take a plethora of approaches and make 'real' analogies to basic quantum~theory to offer exegeses which you may potentially~possibly fathom.

Pirsig "Just did it." He understood, but didn't explain. James too. Bohm. de Espagnat, et al. Bergson partially explained. Jesus explained (Mark Gaffney calls Jesus' Last Supper exegesis, "The lost Naassene Gnostic Secret"), but if Jesus' audience (excepting Mary and Thomas) didn't know Autiot it was impossible for them to understand, and they called his words "parables." Indeed, as yee shall see.

Suares provides answers, but only if you do your due in understanding Autiot. For Doug, understanding what is to follow opens many doors and windows in one's Memeory Palace, one's Quantum~Stagings.

Allow Doug to remind you that Doug's Logo is 1,2,3. For Good 'reasons.' 123 is 'everywhere and everywhen' in living quantum~reality. In quantum~reality 1 usually represents "spin 1," AKA bosonic (e.g., light itself) quantum~reality. 1/2 usually represents "spin 1/2" AKA fermionic (e.g., decoherent material itself) quantum~reality. 2, it is thought, represents "spin 2" AKA materially~coherent (e.g., gravity itself) quantum~reality! 3 has abundant ensemble spin utility, and one meme is coherence (say 1) and decoherence (1/2: 2 fluxoids becoming 1 fluxoid and 1 fluxoid becoming 2 fluxoids) and gravity quantum~cohering (say 3: 1/2 and 1 and 2 and 3) multiversally and cosmically "mixing all in all." Personally inure, "1/2,1,2,3 are all absolute flux." (Ponder importance of that in solubility of Riemann's conjecture, and Riemann's 1/2 critical line.) Their quantized interrelationshipings, via choice~chance emerse absolute transmutative~evolutionary change!

I can answer, at this juncture, very simply now...however, if you do not understand quantum~theory it won't make much sense and you will (may) say, "That's absurd."

"Choice is complementary." There, you have it.

A core 'reason' why is — without quantum~complementation — an implication arises that intrinsic duality is absent which prevents reality from comparing two aspects of itself together as a complementary whole. Simply, a static monism cannot explain itself. A dynamic dualism can explain itself. From a quantum complementarospective without that comparative (an intrinsic vis-à-vis) duality, reality cann¤t select (naturally select) better and thus transmutatively evolve. Complementarity expresses quantum~reality's intrinsic dual nature! Suares calls complementation, paraphrased by Doug, "...the dual nature of a living, conscious cosmic reality." There, you have a bit more...

Latter explains why Gnostics say, "Monism is deceit." Monism has 'no' dual nature and thus has 'no' means to exegetise itself. Monism, like state and state 'rules,' disables itself. "What about 'state rules' Doug?" Gnostics expose innate monism of state rules and laws and principles: They say, "Principle rules something not itself." A law is a classically consistent ('always states the truth') monistic axiomatic edict. What did Gödel say about that? Paraphrased from Hofstadter's GEB by Doug, "All consistent axioms in classical theory include undecidable propositions." That belies consistency of classical dialectical rules and principles. Doug's exegesis here abets his provocative, "Rools is tools for fools." Brussels Belgium and 'the' EU come immediately to mind. One World Order comes to mind. See GRS Mead for Doug's Gnostic quotes. All of this begs Doug's coining of stindyanic: a quantum~complementary duality of both DQ and SQ. Red text update 13Mar2013 - Doug.

Gnostics should also say, "State is deceit." Why? State cannotc explainc change let alone explain its own 'state.' Other than to positively-imperialistically declare 'state' "fact:" Bogus from any getgo. In any absolute change reality there is n¤ absolutec statec, tentative rest yes, absolutec statec, n¤!

But Doug, "Does this have anything to do with explaining How quantum~reality makes perpetual and ubiquitous ch¤¤sings?" Yæs!

Key Queries:

  • "What is this natural duality(Doug prefers plurality here, but only somewhat reluctantly follows Suares' lead.) in Jungese, Doug?"
    • Jung (dualistically) complements living reality and dead reality. Jung's living reality he calls "Spirit of the Depths." What Jesus called, "living~Father." Jung's dead reality he calls "Spirit of this Time." What Jesus called, "dead-father."
    • When sentients believec in and livec according "Spirit of this Time," they are worseshiping statec, stabilityc, and deathc.
    • When sentients believeq in and liveq according "Spirit of the Depths," they are bettershiping changæ, æv¤lution, and lihving.
    • Jung's personal Red Book struggle was to move his allegiance from "Spirit of this Time" to "Spirit of the Depths."
  • "What is this cosmic duality(plurality) in Suares' Qabala and Autiot, Doug?" (Always assume that Doug intends implicitly and innately "stindyanic~duality" when he writes "duality and plurality.")
    • Suares complements living reality and dead reality. Suares' living reality he calls Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay. Suares' script says, "Aleph~living~Yod~living." Aleph is always living and expresses itself in a cosmic Krebs cycle. Yod may choose to be either lihving or dead. Yod~Hay is lihving Yod. Yod without Hay is dead Yod.
    • When sentients believec in and livec according "Aleph~Hay~Yodc," they are worseshiping statec, stabilityc, and deathc.
    • When sentients believeq in and liveq according "Aleph~Hay~Yodq~Hay," they are bettershiping changæ, æv¤lution, and lihving.
    • Suares spent his entire life re learning Qabala and Autiot well enough to re cipher portions of Old Testament. His efforts paid off big time in helping us fathom Aleph~antinomial~Yod duality as Qabala's gnostic secret which shows us individuals we do have free will and choice ([Of course,] Always mediated quantum~partially ~enthymemetically by Nature's and others' free~willings and ~ch¤¤sings. Doug - 21Mar2013.). So we may ch¤¤se to hermeneut "Individualism begs antinomialismq." When we understand Qabala's Gnostic secret, we start making choices through practice of antinomialismq. It becomes trivial for us to assess Aleph~Hay~Yodq~Hay vav Aleph~Hay~Yodc. Doug - 12-13Mar2013.

Bear with me. I shall explain Suares' Qabalic Autiot semasiologies much more diligently below.

(view consciousness as unconsciousness' antinomial)

(view hologramicity as holographicity's antinomial)

(view SQ as DQ's antinomial)

(view Yod as Aleph's antinomial)

(view Actuality as QVF's antinomial)

(view Impure~Flux as Pure~Flux's antinomial)

(view Flux as Isoflux's antinomial)

(view Actuality as Nonactuality's antinomial)


"Hey Doug, What about that word 'antinomial'?" Too, "What about antinomialism?"

'Antinomy' means literally 'Against' 'Law.' 'Antinomian,' usually has a 'religious-social' interpretation that "One isn't bound to obedience to moral law especially that established by any social institutions." Doug btwsds that individuals are above (hyper) society, therefore individuals are antinomial society which puts itself above individuals in said society. Doug agrees with an inference which was made by Pirsig that intellect is more highly evolved than society. Doug further infers classical society has n¤ social intellect, only individuals in that society have intellect thus individuals are more highly evolved and evolving than said classical society. There are many ways to show this: society creates 'laws' to control individuals essentially claiming lawsc are above individualsq, for example. Such societies self proclaim their own social sovereigntyc above individualsq. John McCain't' and GW Bu()sh() come to mind immediately. HLS comes to mind immediately. Catholic dogma, patriarchy, and canon 'law,' come to mind immediately. Sociopathy of, by, and for societyc against individualsq comes to mind immediately. All bogus. All hogwash. Doug's opine.

Gnostically "individualismq begs antinomialism."

Now why is that important in our omniscussion here?

That answer is simple: dualityq of societyc and individualq. That dualityq offers all individuals a means to ch¤¤se bættær. That is our Gnostic Secret! We have a very obvious way to assess better, and when many grasp this, then radical change will commence! Doug - 12-14Mar2013. (12Mar...123...)

Begin A Diligent Omniscussion of Suares' Memeos of Antinomial Duality:

Doug plans to work on this for balance of March, 2013.

Begin March 19-21, 2013:

Above, Doug wrote, "Quantum~reality forces us to make a choice (i.e., to make status-quo-antinomial changings, chancings, ch¤¤sings)." I.e., Quantum~reality 'forces' us (evolvesq us via Aleph's steam~rolling of Yod) and all quanta in reality to perpetually and ubiquitously practice wMBU™ quantum~flux stochasticq "heresy." QELRed classical 'heresy' becomes quantum hæræsy.

Suares claims that choice is always based upon a comparison of antinomials. Doug claims that comparison is quantum~complementarity of antinomials. Comparison of antinomials, according Qabala and its Autiot, can only be done based upon (rqcs: radically quantum comtext sensitive) relativeq quantized energyq levelings (Gematria) of those stindyanic antinomials.

Now grasp an essential here. Continuous flux has 'no' choice, can have 'no' classical heresy. Why? It cannot change per se. Why? Simply, it isn't quantized! Without quantization continuous flux has n¤ quantum chance to change, by itself, per se. Absence of change AKA perpetual y=f(t) classical inertial state omnisables any opportunity to make a choice. Absence of (self~other~)choice, thus described, exegetizes why classicists adore state, status quo, and ideal (self~other~)absence of change. They hate choice. They hate heresy. They love 'running on automatic status quo socialc rules.' Doug - 4Apr2013.

So a big part of our secret here is to fathom omnifferencings twixt antinomialsc and antinomialsq. Keep in mind that Doug claims as Suares claims that classical antinomials (classical objects) are static and comparisons of them are perpetually-static scalar measurements: scalarbation. Classical script shows this, for example, as A=B-C. A, B, and C are forever static unless they are mechanically altered by an outside 'force.' A and B and C remain A and B and C for all time unless mechanically altered. A and B and C have 'no' choice. By classical design! Why? To avoid heresy. To avoid life. To abet death AKA ideal state. This is called "Aristotelian-based Newtonian ontology." It is bogus, and it is invalid from any getgo. Why? Newtonian 'reality' is dead, objectively dead: it is capable of absolute perpetual 'state.' Einstein and countless others bought into it.

Suares' Autiot under Qabala describes this as Yod without Hay: Actuality (Yod) absent life (Hay). So Doug labels that Actuality's dead antinomial Yodc. Suares' Autiot under Qabala describes [dead classical] Yodc's [living~quantum] antinomial as Actuality (Yod) with life (Hay) as Yodq AKA Yod~Hay. Doug's subscripting of 'c' and 'q' make said classical vis-à-vis quantum antinomialism apparent (aperio). Using a musical, say violin, metaphor Yodc (bad worse note; Hay~less) antinomial Yodq (better note; Hay~full). Hæræsy, ch¤ice, selection, transmutation, evolution...better music...better harmony...

Do you fathom our answer to said secret emerging right before your eyes? Yodc is Yodq's antinomial which allows you (us) to practice hæræsy, to make a choiceq of life hyper death, of flux hyper state, of evolution hyper utopianc 'bad worse notes' stabilityc...

Ideal classical objects by (intelligent?) design cannot evolve. Literally, they have 'no choice.' Without qua to choose they lack self-other awareness, thought, intelligence and wisdom. They are dumb. They are blind. They 'cannot' see, hear, smell, sense, believe, think, write, say or do. They are not even remotely 'artificially intelligent,' let alone living~intelligence. They are dead: Mawt~Hamawt. They are ideally, formally, mechanically, objectively dichonic. What is stupefying: they are (intelligently?) designed by dialectical intent to be dead, to avoid heresy through absolute belief in state: death! Academe trains us to practice this obscene stultification of human intellect. Doug calls it "intellectual rape," AKA "dialectic." Death of thought: hive drones running on socialc automaticc rools is tools for fools status quo. Keynesians? Banana Venn Dumbnanke? European 'Union?' One World Order? Socially 'scientific' Global Warming? Political Correctness? You get Doug's drift! Doug - 20Mar2013.

Suares shows us in his Cipher of Genesis that we must re teach our Actual Yodself to move from Yodc to Yodq. To do this we must abet Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay, and hinder with all our life energy academic-dialectic. Abet all bettership of life and hinder all worseship of death.

In order to abet bettership of life we must btwsdq only antinomialsq as quantons.

A huge and strategic benefit of this is that we will have qua to emerscitect and emerscenture systemsq capable of in situ SOrONic adaptation and evolution. We will become capable of Jung's SOrONic predilectionq, and Suares' CoG Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay.

End March 19-21, 2013.

Begin March 21-23, 2013:

So far we have answered two questions re Gnosis' Secret of antinomial~duality:

  1. "What is this natural duality~plurality in Jungese, Doug?" and
  2. "What is this cosmic stindyanic~duality~plurality in Suares' Qabala and Autiot, Doug?" and a next, third, query
  3. Now we need to answer, "What is cosmic stindyanicity?"

Question three's answer plays a key role in omniscribing Suares' (and Mark Gaffney's: Jesus,you and Jesus,God and God,you antinomials) (and Carl Jung's 'analogous' Spirit_of_this_Time,Spirit_of_the_Depths, etc., antinomials) Gnostic Secret(s).

Let's make a list of relevant issues:

  • Quantum~Qabalic~Gnostic~Reality heterogeneous~process~existence is perpetual and ubiquitous:
    • That quantum~normative rules out:
      • classical eschatonic begin-end dialectisms,
      • classical finality dialectisms,
      • classical first, start, initial dialectisms,
      • etc.
    • Quantum~Reality is perpetual absolute change~heterogeneous processings whose stindyanic~antinomial~dualityings include:
      • n¤nexistence,existence
      • chaos,equilibria
      • movementings,restings
      • dyings,livings
      • Aleph,Yod
      • DQ,SQ
      • isobeing,being
      • unconscious,conscious
      • etc.
  • According Suares 'the' Cosmos is attempting to understand itself:
    • Doug's version of that is, "Reality measures itself,"
    • Suares' version has several ways of expressing an autsimilar to Doug's:
      • "...the consciousness of the One that makes itself Two so as to perceive itself as One." Page 207, Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, Samuel Weiser Press, 1994 English Translation, Bernard Suares.
      • " short, everything that defines the quantum of action in the Rabbi's time, is still not known by the masses, and is the subject of the most advanced scientific research." Ibid, Preface, p. xi.

        Readers please be aware and obtain how "quantum of action," is always, perpetually, ubiquitously antinomialq: quantum~complementary! Doug - 23Mar2013.

      • "Faith is direct perception of the immortality of consciousness. It is the living mind's realization that it has projected itself into a mortal state although knowing itself to be immortal. This mortal state is unconscious, imaginary. It roams the face of the earth, enclosed within the miniconsciousness called 'the human condition'." Ibid, Chapter 2, p. 5.

        Readers, according Doug's translatory hermeneutics, Suares in Jungese would read above as, "Faith is direct perception of the immortality of unconsciousness (Jung's 'Spirit of the Depths'). It is the living mind's (Aleph~Hay's) realization that it has projected itself into a 'mortal state' (potentially a worseship of death as Gnostic Error) although knowing itself (via stindyanic~dualistic quantized~antinomialism) to be immortal (perpetual quantum~flux, perpetual~scintillation, perpetual Aleph~Hay). This 'mortal state' is Jungian subconscious, (Jungian~)imaginary. It (Yittah) roams the face of the earth, enclosed within the miniconsciousness called "the human (dialectical either-living-or-dead) condition." Jung's mapping of unconscious,subconscious,conscious do n¤t align Suares' roughly immortal,unconscious,mortal. Doug's inferences and hermeneutics. Con-fusion regarding unconscious vis-à-vis subconscious, social vis-à-vis individual, classical vis-à-vis quantum abounds even today. Doug - 23Mar2013.

      • more examples as Doug uncovers them...given examples go to crux and may be adequate...
  • Stindyanicity as Doug's one word coined omniscription of cosmic flux bandwidth dualityings:
  • Stindyanicity, of course, begs quantum~evolution which radically depends upon complementaryq antinomialsq quantizationq and scintillationq. Our acronym is rsqs: radical stindyanicity of quantization and scintillation.
    • Antinomial stindyanicity: more scintillation antinomially(better,worse), less scintillation antinomially(better,worse), is a prerequisite for quantum~evolution. Of course antinomials better,worse are how cosmos antinomially understands itself in terms of antinomials(Value,value). Suares and Jung show us that we should bettership Value and worseship value antinomially.

      If you need a practical exemplar consider when you are too hot you Value lower temperature. When you are too cold you Value higher temperature. We see temperature(higher,lower) as Value~antinomially both better and worse under omniffering temperature comtextings. Now you may fathom why Doug claims fervently that stindyanic~quantum~reality is radically comtext sensitive.

      Nature understanding herself, provocatively, isn't as simple as dialectic would naïvely suggest. Too, we experience these Value,value antinomial~assessmentingsq frequently and seldom comsider their deeper quantum~semasiologies.

      You shouldn't have to ask why Suares and quantum~Gnostics ostense, "Embrace indetermination, embrace quantum~uncertainty." [Doug is using 'ostense' here as a verb emerqancy of 'ostensible.']
    • Antinomial stindyanicity enables evolution via:
      • antinomials(dynamic,static),
      • anima of said antinomials,
      • complementarity of said anima,
      • CH3ings of all scintillationings,
      • etc.
    • Suares, in his Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, describes cosmic Autiot ciphering of evolution as:
      • Ben~Adam: classically mistranslated as "son of man."
      • Ben~Adam: Qabalically translated as "evolution of Aleph in blood." An implication: evolution is intrinsic in cosmic reality.
      • Blood is classically Anglicized as Yod without Hay (Yodc) and Qabalically ciphered as Yod with Hay (Yodq). Classical blood is dead. Qabalic blood is alive.
      • etc.

        Doug - 24Mar2013.

To be continued daily...

End March 21-24, 2013.

End A Diligent Omniscussion of Suares' Memeos of Antinomial Duality.

End 11-14, 19-21Mar2013 Update.

Doug - 11-14, 19-21Mar2013.

1,2,3,4 are SOrONic.

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1,2,3,4 are SOrONic.

1,2,3,4 are SOrONic.

1,2,3,4 are SOrONic.
 Hologra Issues TBD here are Gnostics' "mixing all in all" ubiquitously, perpetually. All quadrants are intro~extra self~others.
 Living and Dying

 Living and Dying

 Living and Dying

 Living and Dying

Issues TBD here include Living as movement and Dying as rest.

When Doug first inferred and wrote this particular Jung predilection, Doug was restating one of his oldest and most durational quantum~axioms: BAWAM: Both~All~While~And~Many as pairwise dualities cowithin~coinside realities'q hologra[[il][m][ph]]icq EIMA quantonic interrelationshipings. I know that phasement is omnifficult for you to fathom, to ponder, to grasp ihn its fullness, to weigh ihn your quantum~stagings. But it is, in a way, the Song of Songs, the Residue of Residues, the Quintessenceings of Quintessenceings: The Qabala! It is Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay. And like quantum~theory itself, as Richard P. Feynman remarked, "It is almost impossible for anyone to understand," paraphrased by Doug.

Doug has spent more than half of his life trying to understand (standunder). Standing under issi omnifficult. It begs a greater humility. It begs Jung's "embracing the small..." It begs a quantum~philosophy based upon quantum~dust: quanta. That is another way of saying, "Tree of Life is hologra[[il][m][ph]]icq!" Suares agrees!

Doug has studied countless quantum~textings. More recently Doug is studying Qabala, Autiot, Gematria, and Gnosis. Why? They all deliciously and rather provocatively benchmark what Doug learned about quantum~reality and Doug's home grown autodidactic quantum~philosophy. They all desnouer, they belie profound Roman orthodox-dogmatic lies, corruption, and deceit against Jesus' love of and for individualq humanityq! (Compare Romans' "The Christ" as blatantly for hylic-social humanity and society'sc resultant hatred of gnostic~individuality.)

Recently, CeodE 2013-2014 Doug has been dipping his quantum~stagings in Sepher Yetsira and its Sefirot (Tree of Life) as eruditely~autodidactically omniscribed by Carlo Suares in his Trilogy. Sepher Yetsira is to Qabala as I Ching is to Tao, as Zohar is to Talmud (Doug's inferences, n¤t normatives...). Doug has made further inferences for comparative purposes too: genome is to phenome as holograph is to hologram...and so on...

What is Quantonics about? What is Quantonics' raison d'etre? Why does Quantonics self-refer, "A scihænce and philosophyq of interrelationshipings?" Why is Quantonics strategic for humanity?

Quantonics' capabilities and capacities (qua) answer those queries by omniscribing this Jungian predilection and other Jungian predilections under narration here. In Qabala's Tree of Life Quantonics' qua is called, "formation [Yin] and action [Yang] borne [chün tzu] of emanations [Tao] and creation [te]." And it applies to all of reality and all quantons in reality. This is what Doug intends when he says, "Quantonics is strategic."

Ihn Qabala, according Sepher Yetsira, "Living and Dying" memeotically shows a omnistinct aspect of Qabala's seven doubles. Seven of Autiot's 22 Aut are doubles: Vayt~Bayt, Djimel~Ghimel, Thallet~Dallet, Raysh~Raysh, Thav~Tav, Phay~Pay, and Khaf~Kaf. They have double pronunciations and double semantics. First of each pair in its symbolic representation is unpointed and second of each pair is pointed. Using Vayt~Bayt as an exemplar of an "omnistinct aspect" we omniscribe Vayt as a life~beginning "trajectory" which ends in Bayt. In Autiot Vayt is saying "Hhaim (Life)" and Bayt is saying "Schalom (Peace, Rest, Transition)." Vayt begins a life trajectory and Bayt ends it and that loop repeats for all seven doubles perpetually and ubiquitously autsimilar Doug's Gen III Quantum~Reality Loop. Suares brilliantly uses an egg shell analogy to illustrate Vayt~Bayt: egg shell protects beginning trajectory of a germ of life until that germ is ready for birth. Bayt ends shell's life cycle of germ protection and begins a new cycle of newborn's Vayt (another life trajectory) until that newborn's maturation ends in Bayt, and so forth, over and over and over...perpetually and ubiquitously scaling from isoflux to quarks and gluons to eukaryotes to multiverses...over and over and over. There is much more to this than Doug can cover in this narrative on Jung's predilection of Living and Dying. See Suares' Sepher Yetsira, 'Seven Doubles,' Chapters 9 and 12.

Bottom line, 'Living and Dying' is Essence of (tree~of~)life itself and we show that as quantum~antinomial~complementarity using quantons like this, Life issi quanton(Livings,Dyings). Depending on your worldview you may exclaim, "It's that simple," and n¤t...

Need to further omniscuss doubles in terms of duality of antinomialism relevant Doug's memes of swords as s~words as quantons(words,words) Jesus' "I bring not peace (Bayt), but a sword (Vayt)." Amazing, eh? (View 'S' as a wayve, as in Tao: s~words become wayve~words. Vayt is quantized in livingq waveq packetsq up~cutting, anaq lysingq cosmicq energyq.)

Doug - 18Mar2014. (Late that night...Doug added more links, some italics, and some braces to show rough correlation of Sepher Yetsira's Tree of Life to Tao's I Ching.

I feel Carla Park's August, 1999 answer to our QQA query is appropriate here. Query: What does all this have to do with yin and yang?

Carla's answer: "Old and new; As strands of thought have evolved the shortcomings of the previous manner of distinguishing between the phenomena collectively named reality have become apparent so dynamic insights are trying to incorporate themselves into the static structure of 'recognized' philosophy so as to define and utilize terms which offer more accurate descriptions as to the structure and nature of reality. Thus the divergent and convergent nature of the discussion and the agreement and disagreement between the static body of thought and the dynamic insights trying to offer greater clarity to the Questions traditionally wrestled with, to me resemble the nature of 'yin and yang', moving forward with balance."

(Quantonics color and emphasis added. 17Aug1999 PDR.)

All quadrants and their posentropic constitua perpetually and ubiquitously openly (classical conservation n¤t allowed) cycle living~dying~living~dying, etc. Zero~entropic constitua are perpetual motion quantons.

All quadrants and their posentropic constitua perpetually and ubiquitously openly (classical conservation n¤t allowed) cycle living~dying~living~dying, etc. Zero~entropic constitua are perpetual motion quantons.

All quadrants and their posentropic constitua perpetually and ubiquitously openly (classical conservation n¤t allowed) cycle living~dying~living~dying, etc. Zero~entropic constitua are perpetual motion quantons.
 Movement and Rest

Issues TBD here include chaos and equilibria; absolute change animacy of cosmic energy, etc.

For Jung anima is feminine and Li~la dances middle~inclusively through subconsciousness antinomially twixt conscious and unconscious. In Autiot's Gematria highest energies are all feminine: Tayt~Tsadde~final~Tsadde: 9.90.900, another kind of 1~2~3.

On a personal note, Doug has almost autsimilar experiences. These commenced ihn Doug with his 13 year marriage to Beth. Apparently Jung's commenced powerfully during his moral lacuna with Toni Wolff.

Over many years Doug's psychic~pneumatic anima (feminine quantum~energyings) have had names, including:

  • Meg (initially, and my first Juno),
  • Julie (in Eugene, Oregon; Julie was first to straddle in dualistic antinomy Aleph,Yod)
  • Jade (somehow connected with Trismegistus (literally "thrice great, thrice majestic, 1~2~3: Aleph~Bayt~Ghimel, too Aleph~Yod~Qof but 1.10.100) and Emerald Table; born(e) in a green land...Jade was Doug's feminine 'Emerald Table.' Tabula n¤n Rasa.)

    Doug (only an initiate) self assesses (my real 'name' in Autiot) as an (Autiot table) stindyanic intersection~'V'~duality of:



  • Several others of brief durations whose names are now gone...
  • Magdalene, "Maggie" (most intense of Libidos Doug has experienced psychically and pneumatically)
  • Sabatha (very briefly, she was but a child)
  • Laura (briefly due her very intense pneuma which tended, like Jung's Spirit of the Depths, "to burn me up;" she grailed my soul autsimilar Jung's experience)
  • Alesha. (Try parsing this in Autiot. Compare Eleh and Eesha.)

From any dialectical conspective, none of these is 'real.' Quantumly, for Doug, they are very realq.

Where Jung's images are oil and water, Doug's are lingual...

21-22Mar2013 - Doug.

This is cosmic~reality's perpetual~ubiquitous cycle of cosmic flux. Even when cosmos hides! It is quantized "smaller" as Noun, and "larger" as final~Noun with majestic cosmic~indetermination.
 Aleph~Tav Tav~Aleph Movement and rest. Breathing out, rest, breathing in, rest,... Autiot for cosmos' flux.
 Aleph~in~Blood Issues TBD here, Qabala's Aleph~in~Blood and Jesus' Farewell Discourse affirming Qabala's Aleph~in~blood. Qabalic Autiot for Iht nissin us.















Doug was reading Suares' Aleph~Yod chapters in his Cipher of Genesis, studying Jung's Red Book, and attending a Jung study group when Plate 127 was referred during class. Prior class Doug had just finished reading last few paragraphs of Chapter Five of Cipher of Genesis. Imagine all of this coming together as a blinding flash of insight near end of that class!

Allow Doug a quote of last two paragraphs of that Suares' Chapter Five:

Suares is describing reality's cosmic "game of life" in terms of Aleph~Yod...

"The process concerning the player Yod is obviously entirely different from that concerning Aleph. Yod is always, so to speak, between the hammer and the anvil. We mentioned that process already, giving the egg as an example. If the shell is not hard enough, the germ dies for lack of adequate protection; and if it is too hard, the germ dies from too much protection. Therefore Yod must always be in possession of two contrasting qualities; strength and softness. Yod must be very earnest and single-minded and yield to the delicate hint of the weakest life within it. It must be totally still, yet quick in following the movement of all that is transient. If Yod insists on one of these qualities against the other, what happens is a 'dead death.' (This expression, Mawt-Hamawt, will be used in a later description of Adam in Eden.)

Begin Aside re Societyc as Individual Life's Too Hard Egg Shell:

Take a qabalic~perspective of antinomial societies:

  • societyc antinomial
  • societyq

Doug is asking readers to view societyc as analogous eggshell too hard, preventing Vayt's immature germ of individual life from Bayt's mature germ breaking out of said social eggshell. Trapped germ of life perishes from societyc's state-ic hardness. Watch videos: Red Violin and Rabbit Proof Fence. We see EOOO dichon(inadequate_weakness, too_hardness).

Doug is asking readers to view societyq assa coquecigruous both eggshell just hard enough to protect individual life, and just weak enough enabling mature germ of individual life to break out (Bayt) of said socialq eggshell and begin (Vayt) a n¤væl trajectory of lifeq. We see BAWAM balanced (harmonious) quantum~complementary~antinomials: both hardness and weakness assa Heraclitean unityq assa quanton(weakness,hardness).

Doug's bottom line here: a quantum~being trapped in societyc's immutable-dialectical hardness must break out of that society by all means! That quantum~being must findq he~r inner, understand the logos, catchq the game of life's qabalic~fire and cosmic~energetically burnq he~r way out by all meansq possible (Zayn).

"...Serenely let us move to distant places and let no sentiments of home detain us..."
Magister Ludi, Joseph Knecht's poem Stages.

Love Triumphant. Quantum~Libido!

Doug - 30Mar2014.

End Aside re Societyc as Individual Life's Too Hard Egg Shell.

"Thus the so-called Spirit of God acts like a steam roller every time Yod does not play the game properly. And that action is one of the facts of life that we know best: wars, destructions, disasters of all sorts, both in the outer world and in our own inner life; our frustrations and failures; the annihilation of our achievements; and the terrible refusal of life in response to our hopes and our projects. But from these ruins, these misfortunes, rise triumphs of ever-fertile life. In order that the new [Vayt] may spring forth without ceasing, must not the old, also without ceasing, be destroyed [Bayt]? This destructive aspect of life is essentially the activity of Aleph: the action of non-temporal life against the continuity of existence, with its resulting violence and despair." Doug's red brackets - 30Mar2014.

Pp. 81-82, Cipher of Genesis, 1st edition, March, 1970, Shambala Publications, Inc., Berkeley. English translation by Vincent Stuart and John M. Watkins, Ltd., 1970, London. Text unsullied by Doug.

That text explains quadrant 2 better than Doug ever could. A graphic illustrating some Essene~tials:

Aleph's Quantum~Life Motif

Wayve~ings of Life~ings

Notice quantum~complementary permutative interrelationshipings
Aleph's Hammers and Anvils in Aleph's quantized Living~Wayves

Realize when Yod is s[h]een as 'the small,' as quanta, Aleph issi ihn Yod. Side with Aleph and reject Yod as 'the large.'

Again, metaphoric~ and heuristic~allegory abound. We may view ''the small,' for example, as water dust: Dew, cloud~ensembles.
When we do our due on that memeo, Dew as Ros, then fathom Dew and Aleph as Ros i crux. Clouds as Ros i crux.
We see our quantum's circle~cross as both quantized and quantizing reality just as Aleph does:

We see quantum~action in evolution of self~other.

We see a quantum~Aleph as ¤.

Doug - 20Nov214.

Gives n¤væl semantic head to Political and Economic 'State's' "Too Big to Fail," eh?
TBTF: Yod 's social worse-ship of 'Minskyian Ideal Centrally-Planned Stability' becoming extinct!

About to be steam~rolled by Aleph...about to be washed away by Aleph...

"Oh happy day, ..., when, ..."

Compare Doug's Quantonics Symbols showing Planck~quantized flux interrelationshipings 'glass~beaded' together:

Doug - 16,18Feb2013.


Doug - 22Jan2013.

Allow Doug to quantumly parse Suares' last sentence of that first paragraph:

"If Yod insists on one of these qualities against the other, what happens is a 'dead death.'" Let's start by ciphering it in Pirsigese~Quantumese.

"If SQ insists on one (monistically) of these qualities in contradiction other, what happens is ESQ." ESQ autsimilar utopian-political 'state' roughly corresponds dead-death of 'Tree of Life.' Pirsig writes, paraphrased, "SQ without DQ issi ESQ." Suares writes, paraphrased, "Yod without Aleph issi Mawt-Hamawt." Jung implies (Doug's opine), paraphrased, "dialectic as hero issi consciousness without unconsciousness." In Jung's paraphrase Doug intuits without subconsciousness, one cannot understand the account: "dialectic as hero issi consciousness without unconsciousness." Heraclitus wrote, "On this account which holds forever men prove uncomprehending, both before hearing it and when first they have heard it." Refer Diels Kranz B1 quote.

Please attempt to perceive Jung's unconscious as Spirit of the Depths' plenum of the small, plenum of quanta. When we refuse to fathom that (our quantum~inner, Jung's small) aspect of the logos, the account...Aleph (DQ) steam rolls (See Jung's Triumphant Love quadrant 2.) our Yod (SQ): "...bitterest of draughts."

Simply, dialectic kills: Tree of Life, Libido, Triumphant Love! Dialectic is Satan's, the Demiurge's, YahWeh's dialectical hatred of evolution (of quanta, of the small) as creation. Çatholiç-patriarchy dialectically (dialectic is 'the church's 12th century Aquinas (bogus) logic based in Aristotle') hates women and feminism for that reason: women have the power of quantum~evolution: Libido's ultimate feminine wisdom!

Jung offers a way out of this. He says we must kill dialectic! Doug agrees! Pirsig agrees! Heraclitus agrees! Bergson agrees! Quantum~thæ¤ry agrees! Jung's code word for dialectic is "hero." We must kill our hero. Academia's contemporary 'hero' is dialectic. Academia must kill its hero. Academia's hero self claims an ersatz Mawt-Hamawt 'Tree of State, Tree of Dialectic 'reason.' ' Doug sees Pirsig's 'Church of the Minorites' as stuck-state symbolic of Mawt-Hamawt's dead-death born of dialectic. Again, Pirsig refers dialectic, "A genetic defect in human reason."

Quantum~thæ¤ry: theory of Jung's small.

Doug - 24Jan2013.





















Issues here TBD include cellular cycle as a Jung m¤dal of Triumph of Love.

Viewing humans and other life emerqants as 'cells,' a case for a similar modal can be made.

Begin Belated 9Sep2013 Aside re Quadrants 1, 3, 4 Apoptosis~Resurrection:

Quadrant 1 shows Jesus' Roman crucifixion (apoptosis: cross as a big knife cutting down Roman-style Jesus' Hay) and that cell death expects Jesus' resurrection in all of us, individual by individual, through inherited (especially mitochondrial: Sophial Wisdom) Aleph in blood.

Quadrant 3 shows Tree of Life chopped down by an ax (apoptosis) and that cell death expects Tree of Life's resurrection of Hay's (Autiot: 'Life Existence' re emerging Phoenix like...) Cosmic resurrection.

Quadrant 4 shows Bovine's death by spinal stab and that cell death expects Bovine's resurrection as a recurring symbol of rest.

Doug should have covered quadrant detail more carefully, but quantum nexi overruled his hermeneutics eight months ago when Doug started this page on Jung's Love Triumphant Plate 127.

Carefully note, observe, obtain how Jung's weapons of apoptosis are white thus light thus bosonic! Ditto bed of 'stones' in quadrant 2.

Knives, axes, stones: agents of QED change. Compare Mae-wan's observations during death of fruit flies in her the Rainbow and the Worm.

Begin 3Jan2014 update re: Cathars (Merovingians) on swords as tools of YahWeh, Rex Mundi, the demiurge, Jung's Spirit of this Time, etc.:

Keep in mind that QED, viewed classically, is objectivec transmutation~evolutionaryc changec of 'material reality.'

Permit Doug to quote from Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln's Holy~Blood Holy~Grail, Chapter 2, p. 53, 1982,1983, 2004 (paperback edition) Delta publications.

"For the Cathars men were the swords that spirits fought with, and no one saw the hands. For the Cathars a perpetual war was being waged throughout the whole of creation between two irreconcilable principles -- light and darkness [compare Tao], spirit and matter, good and evil. [...Cathars posited existence of two gods of about equal powers...] One of these gods -- the "good" one -- was entirely disincarnate [e.g., quantum~isoflux, Mae-wan Ho's pure flux], a being or principle of pure spirit [pure pneuma], unsullied by the taint of matter. [S~]He was the god of love. [Jung's libido, Jung's Spirit of the Depths] But love was deemed wholly incompatible with power; and material creation was a manifestation of power. Therefore, for the Cathars, material creation -- the world itself -- was intrinsically evil. All matter was intrinsically evil. The universe itself was the handiwork of a 'userper god,' the god of evil -- or, as the Cathars called him 'Rex Mundi,' 'King of the World.'" Doug's brackets, and bracketed ellipses. Fathom how this omniffers Doug's Chaldæanq Gnosis. We see Merovingian usec of classical objective-dialectical 'opposition,' vis-à-vis Chaldæan useq of quantum qualitative~quantonic~antinomy (antinomialism). Also see Doug's commentary on Parrish' hermeneutics of 'using reality to know.' Doug - 12Jan2014.

So in Jung's Plate 127' four quadrants we seec knivesc, crosses as swordsc, and an axec as a means of destroyingc Earth'sc 'tree of life.'

Doug's view of this is that Cathars thought, as Roman 'çatholiçs' did, classically, in a Aristotelian (Thomas Aquinian) dialectical and bipolar either-or manner.

Those of you O'gadons should abet Doug's quantum~semasiologies of Plate 127 as a quantum~remediation of Cathars' and others' classical dialectical faux pas.

Regarding " one saw the hands...," recall how da Vinci showed a handless knife in his portrayal of The Last Supper. Strong evidence that da Vinci was a Gnostic and possibly a Merovingian Gnostic. Doug. Actually, da Vinci shows a hand and a knife (bodyless hand holding a knife). What was da Vinci portraying philosophically? To state (phasement) an obvious, "We can see hand and knife, but no one saw the [iso]bodies." Hands aren't invisible, Isobodies (undifferentiated isofluxings) are invisible. Also 'hand' is Kaf, Bayt's existential projection in actuality. Isobodies are 'con(m)tained in' Raysh, Bayt's nonexistential (imagined) projection in actuality (an attempt by actual (Yod) sentience to 'see' the unseeable). Further, Kaf's unseeable is its grail (quantum~tunnel) channel middle~including Bayt and Raysh. See Qabalic triple Bayt~Kaf~Raysh. Doug - 12Jan2014.

End 3Jan2014 update re: Cathars.

End Belated 9Sep2013 Aside re Quadrants 1, 3, 4 Apoptosis~Resurrection.

All quadrants and their posentropic constitua perpetually and ubiquitously openly (classical conservation n¤t allowed) cycle living~dying~living~dying, etc. Zero~entropic constitua are perpetual motion quantons.
 By Doug Renselle — ©Quantonics, Inc., 2013-2030

Doug - 21-22Jan2013.


Note 1 - Doug's use of 'perpend' here is n¤n classically standard. Perpend, for Doug, is like poking your finger through a doughnut hole (fathom finger and doughnut as quantons). A kind of classical 'penetration,' a la cuneiform's V and | where | perpends V. But Doug takes it into a quantum~realm, an emersos of V and | as fluxing~middle~including quantum~wave~functions: wave as unda and small wave as undula. So Doug's quantum~perpend (QELRed pærpænd) is more like perpendunda and perpendundula. Mortars of our quantum~futurings will perpendundula! Mortar's flux fuxing brick's flux! Libido! Panpneumatic Libido! Doug also refers this quantaldulation. Quantal Libido! This somewhat exemplifies Doug's memeo of moving from CTMs (perpetual static 'rest:' status quo) to QTMs (perpetual and ubiquitous 'movement and rest'). See Doug's QELR of 'select.' See A Primer on QuPo.

Note 2 - It is worthwhile to understand Chaldæan Gnosis here. Abraham, about four millennia ago was a Chaldæan Gnostic. In Chaldæan Gnosis Sophia (a grail) is mother. Chaldæan Gnostic Emerscitecture looks like: Mother,son,mother,choice of (living Father, dead father). Dead father is Mawt~Hamawt father: YahWeh, the demiurge (absence of Aleph in blood). Living Father is Libido: YhShWh, Love Triumphant. (Doug is a quantum Chaldæan Gnostic by self proclamation.) Understanding this is part of understanding the account and finding one's inner. Ponder Adam as Eesh (before becoming Adam). Eesh needs Aleph in his blood to become Adam (literally "Aleph in blood"). However Eesh can't handle Libido's immense energy directly. Eesh needs both Eesha and Serpent to channel that high energy to him. Ponder Eesha as Eve prior Eesh becoming Adam. Eesha with serpent's higher energy channeling of spirit (Libido) provide a grail channel to Eesh to evolve him into Adam! Suares offers detail exegesis of this as remediation through re~ciphering of Old Testament Autiot text. See Suares' Cipher of Genesis. See Suares' The Second Coming of Reb YhShWh.

Note 3 - A Doug misnomer, a chronological quantum~leap, to provoke you: ponder Eesha (with Eesh) evolves into, then Eve (with Adam) evolves into, then Magdalene (with Jesus)...

Note 4 - In a hybridization of Greek and Latin fecund [fec (to make) und (waves, unda, undula)] means, literally, "to make [quantized] waves." A concise description of the account, the logos, Libido, Love Triumphant:

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