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Advanced Hermeneutics


Autiot and Fibonacci

Autiot's Reality Loop

Shyt as Aleph

Autiot Taps Into Reserve Energy

Quantum Embodiment of Autiot's Nine Triples1

A Quanton Can Act Like An Aut

Quantum~Omniscriptionings of Hhayt~P(h)ay~finalPhay. Doug - 16-17,22Dec2013.
Quantum~Omniscriptionings of Bayt~Kaf~Raysh. Doug - 17,22Dec2013.
Quantum~Omniscriptionings of Ghimel~Lammed~Sheen. Doug - 17-18,22Dec2013, 5Nov2015.
Quantum~Omniscriptionings of Dallet~Mem~Tav. Doug - 18Dec2013.
Quantum~Omniscriptionings of Hay~Noun~finalKhaf. Doug - 24Dec2013,18Jul2015.
Quantum~Omniscriptionings of Vav~Sammekh~finalMem. Doug - 25Dec2013.
Quantum~Omniscriptionings of Zayn~Ayn~finalNoun. Doug - 26Dec2013.
Quantum~Omniscriptionings of Tayt~Tsadde~finalTsadde. Doug - 27Dec2013.
Quantum~Omniscriptionings of Aleph Yod Qof. Doug - 17,28Dec2013.

Quantum~Omniscriptionings of Autiot's Seven Doubles:

Vayt (unpointed) to Bayt (pointed).

Doug's first hermeneutic adaptation to Suares' Autiot Letter~Numbers is to show where and how Fibonacci's fractal golden~sequence resides in Autiot.

Hint: Look for green numbers, 1 (Yod), 1 (Lammed), 2 (Sammekh and Ayn), 3 (first Qof, second (mirrored Autiot pair Raysh~Sheen as an included~middle) and third Tav) ,5 (all Finals).

Three uses two Auts as a single included~middle semantic.

In Quantonicsese it looks like quanton(Qof,Tav) with comma~nospace depicted as mirror pair Raysh~Sheen (Sheer,Sheen).

Doug shows that graphically. Final count is 5.

It probably is self-explanatory, but to make sure you can get it, Doug will add more comments here in days to come.

. . .

Another advanced Autiot Hermeneutic... what Doug calls Autiot's Reality Loop (Doug has drawn his Generation I Depiction of it.).

If you want to understand what Doug has drawn above, see Carlo Suares' Song of Songs, pp. 34-35, Shambhala hardbound, 1972.

What astonishes Doug here composes a list:

o A benchmark of Quantonics' small red equal sign as Qabalic Autiot's perpetual hologra[[il][lex][m][ph][view]]ic~quantized~metabolic two lives: quantons(she,he)~quantons(Aleph,Tav) spiritual breathing (catabolisis (she) breathe~in, anabolisis (he) breathe~out). Raysh~Sheen, together, both wayves, cosmically comtain and cosmically metabolize quantized flux of existence AKA actuality over and over and over. QED is key light flux agent of transmutation in this quantum~metabolism! All of this is extremely relevant OT's Genesis I and II which Doug is currently retranslating in Suaresean~quantumese. Doug - 9May2015. All of this is relevant, too, Song of Songs III:5. Doug - 5Jun2015.

o A m¤daling of quantum~G¤d's reality as holographic, self~generating, quantum~EIMA, fractal, quantized, qualitative, subjective, perpetual absolute change, and stochastic~quantum~uncertainty. Suares writes to us that we must learn to embrace (quantum~) uncertainty (which he refers "indetermination").

o A clear Autiot quantum~energy tell of this loop as reality's genuine grail.

o An implicit acknowledgement of Quantonics' quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality).

o M¤dalings of Pirsig's It, with intrinsic she~he pneumatic hermaphrodicity as full reality spectrum scaling quantum~holographic comtrarotating interrelationshipings.

o Doug's list here is essentially endless...bottom line: G¤d's pneumatic~energetic perpetual exhalation (Aleph through Tav) and inhalation (Tav through Aleph), benchmarks all of Doug's multi decade (Quantonics) opus so far!!!

Doug - 11Aug2010, 18Aug2015.

Suares writes that Sheen may be interpreted as "breath of G¤d." In Autiot it is phonemically pronounced "rouahh Elohim."
In Autiot "spirit of G¤d" is 'spelled' right to left Raysh~Waw(Vav)~HHayt(Chet, Hhet) Aleph~Lammed~Hay~Mem.


Of course, comtextually (holographically) Sheen has boundless semantics and semasiologies.

Doug considers it an important issue for students that "spirit (pneumatic breath) of G¤d" when spelled in Autiot contains no Sheen!

A fascinating aspect of Autiot and its Gematria (in any holographic~comtext of Qabala) is its ability (its qua, its Kosher) to hide memes.
Here we have a case of Qabalic hiding. Over simply, Aleph 'hides' Sheen (Also Yod and Tav...Doug - 15Apr2015.) in Elohim! "How, Doug?"

 Allow Doug to offer brief background on his current end of 2014 opus. Doug has been con(m)tacted by a Harvard philosopher.
She is interested in Suares' opus. We are working together.

This 'hiding' of Sheen issue emerged as part of Doug's answers to her many interrogatives.

Let's retreat recapitulatively to Genesis I:1, "Bereshyt Bara Elohim." We may also write that, "Bara Shyt Bara Elohim."
In a Sepher Yetsiral based Qabalic interpretation of Verse one of Book I of Genesis, it means, " create Aleph and to create 'G¤d..."
Less simply, to Doug, it means, "To create Aleph as G¤d's evolutionary method of generating a living cosmos, and thence to create G¤d, which in Quantonics means to 'create Reality.'"

Simply, G¤d issi Reality!

In our own script we may write quantons(G¤d,Aleph_as_æv¤lution). The ultimate Value con(m)tango.
Too, quantons(Reality,æv¤lution).

Here is Doug's latest graphic which shows Shyt (Sheen~Yod~Tav: 300.10.400) middle~including Aleph (Aleph~Lammed~Phay: 1.30.80):

Compare Shyt to Sh'et. Shyt: Sheen~Yod~Tav: 300.10.400. Sh'et: Sheen~Aleph~Tav: 300.1000.400.

Study Suares' Cipher of Genesis, p. 138.

Note a possibility of Yod (Aleph:1 in actuality) being (re)exalted back into Aleph:1000 in pneumatic nonactuality.

Literally Yod 10 as Aleph 1's existential projection,
learning (steam rolled by Aleph 1)
to believeq in Aleph (Yod+Aleph: 11)
set spirituallyq aflame,
brighter (Awr) and brighter (Awr),
(re)becomingq Aleph 1000.

Qabala: Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay: Game of Life!

One and another of Aleph's many heuristicq hermeneuticsq issi æv¤lution.

Aleph Æv¤lution.

Autiot's Loop!

What is Pirsig's analogue of Hebrew "rouahh Elohim?" Very simply and quantumly n¤n abstractly, DQ: Dynamic Quality.
Jesus (Reb YhShWh) was asked by his disciples, "How can we recognize G¤d's ("living~Father's") presence ihn uhs?"
Answer from Jesus,"Movement and rest," as a "...sign that G¤d ("living~Father") is cowithin us."

. . . m o v e m e n t a n d r e s t a n d m o v e m e n t a n d r e s t a n d m o v e m e n t a n d r e s t a n d m o v e m e n t a n d r e s t a n d . . .

Exhalation: He

A    N    D       R    E    S    T M    O    V    E    M    E    N    T M    O    V    E    M    E    N    T M    O    V    E    M    E    N    T A    N    D       R    E    S    T

A    N    D       R    E    S    T M    O    V    E    M    E    N    T M    O    V    E    M    E    N    T M    O    V    E    M    E    N    T A    N    D       R    E    S    T

Inhalation: She

. . .

Again, with Movement and Rest
"Mixing All Things in All."

A    N    D       R    E    S    T M    O    V    E    M    E    N    T M    O    V    E    M    E    N    T M    O    V    E    M    E    N    T A    N    D       R    E    S    T

A    N    D       R    E    S    T M    O    V    E    M    E    N    T M    O    V    E    M    E    N    T M    O    V    E    M    E    N    T A    N    D       R    E    S    T

Begin Update: 12-13Aug2012 - Doug

We may now imagine and hologramically, holograilically realise a genuinely biblical semiosy, "Mixing all things in all."

Doug's Aleph through Tav in that second semiotic illustrates quantum flux' absolute movement and rest fractally affecting and cosmically, vicissitudinally fecundating (fecundulating) Autiot with flux.

It is real, in any sense of being analogical (heuristically semasiological, quantumly coquescigruecal) what Doug intends by real.

What our new graphic shows us is that Autiot as a cosmic energy linguism has movement and rest and each of its Aut has movement and rest.

Also, please fathom how (quantumly) "Movement issi ihn rest and rest issi ihn movement."
Ihn quantonics' script quanton(movement,rest): movement complementsq rest and movement issi antinomialq rest.

Of course, those of you adepts already grasp, that is another tell of Autiot's quantum~holographic nature!

What is most amazing for Doug about this is how each Aut has its own quantum~flux~complementary Peircean interpretant with its neighbors.

For example Hhayt's preference for rest is a complementary interpretant of both Zayn's and Tayt's emphasis on movement!

We show this in Quantonics script as quanton(Zayn,Hhayt) and quanton(Hhayt,Tayt): i.e., as Peircean interpretants.

Too, Zayn's movement complements both Waw's and Hhayt's emphasis on rest.

Scripted as quanton(Zayn,Waw) and quanton(Zayn,Hhayt).

Now ponder quantum affects of Aut spelling:

Hhayt spelledq out is Hhayt~Yod~Tav. Then recurse never ends...
Zayn spelledq out is Zayn~Yod~Noun. Zayn means "unlimited potentia in quantum~actuality."
Parse: unlimited potentia assa Zayn, actuality assa Yod, and quantized~scintillating quanta assa Noun.
Tayt spelledq out is Tayt~Yod~Tav.
In movie The Fountain (Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman), this is what is meant by, "Death is the road (path, wayve) to Awe."
All Yod (as Tayt quanta) demerge in Tav and emerge in Aleph.

Waw spelledq out, interestingly, is Waw~Waw. Quantum~Cosmic reality's fecundity is ubiquitous and perpetual: Colloquially, "Flux~fux~flux!"

A profound affect on Doug when he was first quantum~enlightened by this was astonishing to say a least.

Implications, strategic and otherwise, for a merger of ancients' cosmic wisdom and modern quantum~scihænce, offer enormous potentia.

. . .

View our graphic's single sinusoid as male exhalation. If we invert it we may choose to hermeneut female inhalation. Breathing in and out perpetually and ubiquitously is pneuma AKA spirit.

Allow Doug to represent it thus:

Now, let's do it on vertical triplets for full 27 (three rows of nine) Aut from Cipher of Genesis:

This newest one adds five Aut finals, but we see how our patterns of complementationq of flux as antinomialsq both movement and rest persist beautifully.

All of those renditions of flux complementation in Autiot offer us so many semas.

A good one to notice is female inhalation as a quantum~antinomial~complementation of male exhalation.
Graphically it appears as quantum~cancellation, except inhalation is temporally sequential exhalation.
They are n¤t classically 'concurrent.' N¤r 'conjoint.' Should they be labeled? Notice patterns of 1, 2, 3, and 5...

Pluralism over monism: many exhalations and many inhalations.

Perpetuity: exhalation~inhalation flux never stops!

Ubiquity: all of reality exhales and inhales (metaphorically, at least: Krebbs cycle, etc.)

Flux is crux!

Stux sux!

Compare classical (state) vis-à-vis quantum (flux):

Doq (dueq).

Do you want your h-bar turned on? Off?

Do you want QIC? DIQ?

You decide!

End Update: 12-13Aug2012 - Doug


So in Pirsig~Quantonicsese Sign_of_G¤d_Ihn_Uhs issi quanton(DQ,SQ). See John~Mary "Farewell Discourse."
SQ is Static Quality AKA quantum~actuality, what Doug calls "credit card." DQ Doug calls "bookcase."
In reality, we can 'see' the credit card, however, we cannot see G¤d's bookcase yet we can make inferences about its subjective qualities.

I will continue to add material here, as months and years pass.

. . .


Another Advanced Autiot Hermeneutic: Autiot as a way to Tap Into Reserve Energy

We did work on Aleph~Tav some time ago. We showed it as another (quantonic~benchmarking) way to Tap Into Reserve Energy.

Observe our sensory bandwidth graphic above. Doug has added Aleph (DQ as quanton(isoflux,flux) and
Tav (SQ as actual (Yod: see Aleph~Yod under Jung - Doug - 29Mar2014) flux resisting DQ) to it.

We can show this tap into reserve energy as a learning process of attenuating fluxings' resistings.

James in his VoRE referred this as, "letting go." (Bayt: ending prior 'go' trajectory.)

Pirsig called it, "putting SQ tentatively to sleep." (Bayt: leaving SQc without DQ and then Vayt(new~beginning): moving to SQq with DQ.)
(See Aleph~Yod link just above for more detail. Doug - 29Mar2014.)

Suares, in his Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, writes about Tav as "busy body buddies" resisting Aleph's vital impetus.
See p. 162, Weiser, 1994 paperback.

Others refer to it as 'meditation.'

When we "let go," and "put SQc to sleep," we commence our own quantum~coherence as increased human~bosonicity.
In quantum~empiritheoretical terms we reduce our Fermi~stochastics and enhance our Bose~stochastics.
There are countless 'ways' to do this, if we develop our individual qua to do so.

So when someone asks you, "Why do you want to study Autiot?" You can say, "I am learning to tap into reserve energy."

However, it is more than that...ever so much more...oh, oh, oh, so much more.



. . .


Another Advanced Autiot Hermeneutic: Quantum~embodiment (reembodiment as avatars) of Autiot's nine triples:
Archetypes, Functionals (archetypal projections into actuality~existence), and Ascensions (archetypal projections into n¤nactuality~ethereal~existence).
For a pristine exemplar, let's use triple one: Aleph~Yod~Qof. Yod[[chylic-psychic][qpsychic~pneumatic]]
is Aleph's projection, into actuality, which may be aliveqpsychic~pneumatic. Qof is Aleph's projection into n¤nactuality (pneuma).
Observe how Qof enables gnostic quantum~beings to quantum~antinomially, quantum~complementarily
straddle actuality and n¤nactuality (quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality)), to tap into reserve energy.
Doug - 29Mar2014.

Before we start attempting to describe Autiot's "triples," allow Doug to make an extremely cogent assessment of Carlo Suares' views of Qabala compared to Gershom Scholem's Kabbalah.

Suares writes that Autiot isn't about creation. Gershom Scholem's view, apparently, is that Kabbalah is about creation.

Now which of those views is more quantum? We can infer that Suares is saying "reality perpetually evolves, so there is no identifiable 'creation event.'"

Doug has been persistently quoting Gershom Scholem's creatio ex nihilo aperio. "Creation from nothing laid bare." However, that, according Suares, is a classical view.

Suares doesn't use these words, but allow Doug to put them in his mouth: rerum progressio ex nihilo aperio. "Nature's evolution (to and) from nothing laid bare."
Suares, via Doug's paraphrasing, implies Autiot is about a quantum~reality of perpetual evolutionings.

Scholem is writing about classical 'state.' Suares is writing about quantum~processings which we colloquially refer "evolution."

Scholem's classical reality is dead (Yod[chylic-psychic]). Suares' more quantum~reality is alive (Yod[qpsychic~pneumatic]).

Autiot is about a living reality's quantum~energy transactionings and transmutationings and all potentially~describable holographicq interrelationshipingsq.
What does Suares say (write) about that?

"[I]...cannot offer the reader the truth of the One Cosmic Energy, but only images of that truth." See beginning of Chapter 3,
'An Explanation,' of his Sepher Yetsira. Doug's version is last whole text in Suares' Trilogy.

Doug's quote of Suares takes on extreme quantum~hermeneutic Value when one recapitulates quantum~reality as holographic.
A holographic reality is wholly images. Some of them are bosonic and some are fermionic. Some are mixtures of both, plus.

So quantum~holograms may be material, apparently immaterial, and mixtures of both. Ditto 'images.'

Does it dawn on you suddenly, "What does imagination really mean?"

Allow us to quote Barnhart's Concise Dictionary of Etymology on imagination (image, imagine, etc.):

"Imagine v. About 1340 ymagynen form an image of, picture in one's mind; borrowed from Old French imaginer, learned borrowing from Latin imaginari to picture oneself, imagine (also in Latin imaginare to form an image of, represent), from imago (genitive imaginis) IMAGE. The meaning of suppose, fancy, is first recorded about 1380. --Imagination n. 1340 ymaginacion borrowed from Old French imagination, learned borrowing from Latin imaginationem (nominative imaginatio) imagination probably from imaginari; imagine." See pp. 373-374, 1995 hard bound 1st ed., HW Wilson publishing.

Suares writes that, he can offer "...only images of that truth."

We offer you a mind~blowing quantum~epiphany,

Quantonics HotMeme"Holographic quantum~reality only offers always partial and always evolving
imagings and imaginings of itself to all omnitoring sentient observers
Quantonics HotMeme™ .

Which Autiot triple most closely resembles Doug's quantum HotMeme™?

Ghimel~Lammed~Sheen. Doug has two other triples to do prior tackling that one.
If Doug writes it backwards and hermeneuts Sheen~Lammed~Ghimel we have,
"G¤d's spiritual breath(ings) limiting (limited, limits) unbridled change."
Here, Lammed may be gnostically interpreted as an Oracle, "Limit the separator."
Lammed may be seen then as limiting unbridled change and even perhaps limiting spiritual breath.
Lammed then becomes a "limit separator." In quantumese, we might view Lammed as quantization,
a limiting of change to small increments allowing selection to proceed as many smaller quantized
(i.e., MSFA gnosticq~individualq, n¤t OSFA çatholiçc-socialc-religiousc) de(omni)cisionings (i.e., heresyq AKA choiceq).
Doug - 3Jan2014.

Carlo Suares, like Robert M. Pirsig, William James, Henri Louis Bergson, Doug Renselle, et al., are already doing what quantum~reality does!

Elsewhere Doug offers toposical hierarchy of three terms:

Pneuma, quantized and open:

Topos Term Value
hylic concrete no potentia; stifles potentia
psychic abstract relative plural significates of potentia; iconoclast-iconoclasm of concrete
pneumatic imaginary unlimited stindyanic EIMA self~other~referent recursive potentia; quantum~opening and evolutionary quantization of potentia

Now, at which level of topos do you wish to adhere, inhere, and reside?

Autiot and Quantonics assist you in moving to that level of topos.
Part of doing that, accomplishing that, is your increased abilityings to Tap Into Reserve Energy.


More over next few weeks as this opus develops...

. . .

17,28Dec2013 27Feb2014 - Doug.

First column: Aleph~Yod~Qof:

Autiot's Aleph~Yod~Qof Triple

                               He                                     She
Autiot's Triple: Aleph~Yod~Qof and Qof~Yod~Aleph

                               Exhalation                          Inhalation
   Qabala~He Qabala ~She  Quantum~Hæ   Quantum~Shæ


 Aleph~Yod~Qof (1.10.100: Aleph is an archetype of the all. Aleph is ihn all and all is ihn Aleph. Biblically "Mixing all 'things' (rather quantons) ihn all..." Yod issi Aleph's evolved physial antinomialq ihn actualityq. Yod may (Yodq) and may n¤t (Yodc) recognizeq Aleph's presenceq ihn Yod. Qof is Aleph's cosmic~energyq exaltationq ihn actualityq. Qof issi the life~death cycle which issi perpetualq ihn actualityq. Qof, ihn a quantum sense, never dies ihn any classical sense of 'the eschaton.' Qof issi most omnifficult Aut to understandq. Iht meansq "Destroyer of Illusions.")

Aleph spelledq out issi Aleph~Lammed~Phay (1.30.80)

Yod spelledq out issi Yod~Waw~Dallet (10.6.4)

Qof spelledq out issi Qof~Waw~Phay (100.6.80)

We see a very quantum drama of Waw's fertilityq ihn both Yod and Qof.

Ihn a senseq Yod can be fertilizedq as quanton(Yodq,Yodc). Too, ihn a senseq Yod may be evolvedq mutativelyq and transmutationallyq as quanton(Yodq,Yodc). Yet Yod must abide Aleph's life~death cycleq. Observe keenly how lifeq and deathq are (cyclic~cycloidal~qycloidalq, i.e., chaoticallyq openq) perpetualq and ubiquitousq complementaryq antinomialsq of one another!

Qof omnifferingly usesq Waw to evolveq destructionq of Yod's illusionsq ihn waysq that permitq Yod to evolveq from Yodc to Yodq.

As Suares writes, Aleph "steamrolls Yod to recognize Aleph's presence ihn Yod.

When that happens we have Qabala as "two lives:" Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay!

Doug - 28Dec2013, 27Feb2014.


. . .

17,22Dec2013, 27Feb2014 - Doug.

Second column: Bayt~Kaf~Raysh:

Autiot's Bayt~Kaf~Raysh Triple


1. Containment - Quantum~reality issi openq, so we must use a memeq of coherenceq ihn place of a classical notion of containmentc.

                               He                                     She
Autiot's Triple: Bayt~Kaf~Raysh and Raysh~Kaf~Bayt

                               Exhalation                          Inhalation
   Qabala~He Qabala ~She  Quantum~Hæ   Quantum~Shæ


(2.20.200: container archetype, delivering hand, cosmic container, etc. Readers please note that all three of these Aut are "doubles." Doubles (there are seven: [BV]ayt, [DG]himel, [D[T(h)]]allet, K(h)af, P(h)ay, Raysh [Raysh's double is Sheer and Sh[[e][i]]ar (in Qabala)], and T(h)av) have and have n¤t "points." Pointed doubles roughly correspond entangledq, energiesq, which can scintillateq, one another. Unpointed doubles' energiesq, pass through one another without affectationingsq, without quantal~scintillationingsq.) Doug - 22Dec2013.

Bayt spelledq out is Bayt~Yod~Tav (2.10.400): Yod spelledq out is Yod~Waw~Dallet (10.6.4).
Tav spelledq out is Tav~Waw (400.6). Observe how Bayt, then, is double~fertilized by Waw in both Yod and Tav. See Suares' Second Coming of Reb YhShWh, p. 49, Weiser, 1994. Doug - 22Dec2013.

Bayt issi an all con(m)tainers antinomialq of Aleph. It is actuality's con(m)tainerq of quantum~physials, AKA quantons, e.g., fermions and bosons. However, like Yodq, Aleph issi ihn Bayt and Bayt issi ihn Aleph. We see then how quantum~Bayt is a Mae-wan Hoesque coherenceq of autonomiesq, a coherenceq of actual quantons, a hologra[[il][m][ph]]q of EWings.

Kaf spelledq out is Kaf~Phay (20.80): Phay spelledq out is Phay~Hay (80.5). Phay~Hay is a wayq of describingq actuality'sq projectionq of grail~autsimilarq isofluxq as livingq, as aliveq, as immortalq, immanentq, and ubiquitousq (i.e., hologra[[il][m][ph]]icq) cosmic~consciousnessq. Doug - 22Dec2013.

Kaf is Qabala's receiving and delivering (e.g., quanton(afference,efference)...) all that comes via a (wave~)functionalq processq handq, a cupq (as a grailq, and we may view Kaf as a quantonic comma~n¤~space) of a handq. Kaf issi Bayt's antinomialq, so it actsq like a grailq where grailq is antinomialq con(m)tainmentq. Kaf is more like a aqueduct, Unix and otherwise. Compare Mem.
During evolutionq Kaf channelsq quantons from Bayt to Raysh. During devolutionq Kaf channelsq quantons from Raysh to Bayt.

Raysh spelledq out is Raysh~Yod~Sheen (200.10.300): Yod spelledq out is Yod~Waw~Dallet (10.6.4). Sheen spelledq out is Sheen~Yod~Noun (300.10.50). Doug - 22Dec2013.

Raysh is Qabala's Cosmic~Energy con(m)tainer. Raysh con(m)tains all existence while complementingq Aleph as Gematria 1000. Latter correspondsq metaphoricallyq Doug's isofluxq. Aleph issi ihn Raysh and Raysh issi ihn Aleph "without contradictionc."


Raysh grailsq throughq Kaf toq Bayt: Devolutionq.


. . .

17-18,22Dec2013 - Doug.

Third column: Ghimel~Lammed~Sheen:

Autiot's Ghimel~Lammed~Sheen Triple

                               He                                     She
Autiot's Triple: Ghimel~Lammed~Sheen and Sheen~Lammed~Ghimel

                               Exhalation                          Inhalation
   Qabala~He Qabala ~She  Quantum~Hæ   Quantum~Shæ


"A movement in progressive enlargement." Suares, Song of Songs, p.17, Shambala, 1972.

As an exemplar: zygote to fetus, fetus to baby, baby to adult and so on...

Ghimel spelledq out is Ghimel~Mem~Lammed. (3.40.30)

Ghimel issi an archetype of uncontrolledq organicq movementingsq antinomialsq of Lammed, Bayt, and Dallet.

Lammed spelledq out is Lammed~Mem~Dallet. (30.40.4)

Lammed con(m)trols (limits chaos'q gradienceq of) Ghimel's ((wave~)functionalq existenceq) lack of fractal, recursive, holographic~network rqfi~self~otherq con(m)trolq.

Sheen spelledq out is Sheen~Yod~Noun (300.10.50)

Sheen is cosmic~reality's exaltationq of Ghimel as spiritual (pneumaticq) breathingsq.

Compare Sheen~Yod~Noun
Sheen~Yod~Tav (Aleph).

Doug - 5Nov2015.


"A movement in progressive ensmallmentq." Doug's antinomialq paraphraseq of Suares, Song of Songs, p.17, Shambala, 1972.

In Jungese this represents a return to "Spirit of the Depths," AKA Doug's isoflux. N¤t just a realm of 'the small,' but a realmq of 'the hidden small [quanta].' We see Heraclitus' "Nature likes to hide." Doug - 18Dec2013.

26Aug2010 and 17-18Dec2013 - Doug.

. . .

18-19Dec2013 - Doug.

Fourth column: Dallet~Mem~Tav:

Autiot's Dallet~Mem~Tav Triple

18-19Dec2013 - Doug.

                               He                                     She
Autiot's Triple: Dallet~Mem~Tav and Tav~Mem~Dallet

                               Exhalation                          Inhalation
   Qabala~He Qabala ~She  Quantum~Hæ   Quantum~Shæ


 Dallet~Mem~Tav (4.40.400: Dallet~Mem is blood while Mem~Tav is death. Male cycle of life's movementings existence from life to death's restings.)

Dallet spelledq out is Dallet~Lammed~Tav. (4.30.400)

Dallet issi an archetypeq of physial existence of both organicq life's physial Ghimel~urgical existence and inorganicq life's physial resistance by avoiding selfq destruction by selfq~otherq.

(Pirsig might refer this as an attempt to Dallet~latch self (close self's door) in spite of Ghimel's auturgicalq pneumaticq~(door opening)~phenomenaq. Doug - 18-19Dec2013.)

Mem spelledq out is Mem~Mem (40.40).
Mem (ponder Meme here), is water, Mem~Mem is divine water of waters a(ny) place(ings) (see Cratylus) where its antinomialq (do n¤t use 'oppositec' here) Dallet, is borne. Also fathom how 'waters' elsewhere refer humanity. Doug - 3Jan2014.

Mem issi a purveyorq of Dallet ihn Mem's maternalq watersq whereq all lifeq experiencesq transemerqancyq via quantons(scin,quan).
Doug issi quantum~paraphrasing Suares in his Song of Songs, p.17, Shambala, 1972.

Tav spelledq out is Tav~Waw (400.6).

Quoting with some paraphrasing Suares directly, "Tav is the exaltation of the entire cosmic existence in its utmost capacity to resist Aleph's perpetual and ubiquitous life~death cycles."

If Tav succeeded at sustaining death, i.e., Mem~Tav, Maxwell's second law of thermodynamics might be classically valid... so Tav is Aleph's ultimate antinomial and Aleph dissuades Tav's sustenance of death's restings to relent and thus fecundly (400.6) commence movementings back to Aleph.

Doug - 18-19Dec2013.

 Tav~Mem~Dallet (400.40.4: Female cycle of life existence from death's restings to life's movementings.)

. . .

18,24Dec2013 - Doug.

Fifth column: Hay~Noun~finalKhaf:

Autiot's Hay~Noun~finalKaf Triple


1. rsv - Revised Standard Version (usually referring bible).

2. dictionary nonsense - From what Doug cann¤t find, Hay~Noun starts 'spelling' of n¤ word in Webster's New World Hebrew Dictionary.

                               He                                     She
Autiot's Triple: Hay~Noun~finalKhaf and finalKhaf~Noun~Hay

                               Exhalation                          Inhalation
   Qabala~He Qabala ~She  Quantum~Hæ   Quantum~Shæ


 Hay~Noun~finalKhaf (5.50.500: Doug wants to speculate lucidly here. Allow Doug to compare Bayt~Noun and his Qabalic 'dictionary n¤nsense' of Hay~Noun. Bayt~Noun is rsv son, e.g., Ben~Adam dialecticallyc rsv'd is "son of man." However, in Qabala Ben~Adam is "evolution of Aleph in Blood." Doug's con(m)jecture is that Hay~Noun may be hermeneutedq Qabalically as "quantization of life~existence." By Qabalic extension Aleph is "life~death beat" of Hay~Noun: Aleph as Jung's cosmicq libidoq imposesq evolutionq of allq Hay~Noun. Noun then is quanta archetypically generated by Hay's "life~existence," and cosmically~exalted as hologra[[il][m][ph]]icq networksq of quanta in~via~situ strangelyq attractingq finalKhaf.)

Hay spelledq out is simply Hay. (5)

Noun spelledq out is Noun~Waw~Noun. (50.6.50)

At its smallest (Jung's "the small") Noun represents a smallest quantum (h and h~bar). But in its finals finalNoun (700) can be a multiverse of omniverses whose con(m)stitua are quantons (quanta as smallest Noun, and ensembles of quantons)!

Khaf spelledq out is Khaf~Phay. (500.80)

Phay spelledq out is Phay~Hay. (80.5)

finalKhaf at its largest represents ensembles of Hay's quanta (Noun) exalted cosmically.

In Summary, then, Hay~Noun~finalKhaf: 5.50.500 distilled issi...

...Quantized life maturely grailing cosmos!!!

Doug - 24Dec2013, 18Jul2015.

finalKhaf~Noun~Hay (500.50.5)

Devolution of Khaf's cosmic ensembles into quanta (Noun) and back to pure "life~existence" a spiritual qua to make (fec und ulate) quanta.

. . .

18,25Dec2013 - Doug.

Sixth column: Vav~Sammekh~finalMem:

Autiot's Vav~Sammekh~finalMem Triple

                               He                                     She
Autiot's Triple: Vav~Sammekh~finalMem and finalMem~Sammekh~Vav

                               Exhalation                          Inhalation
   Qabala~He Qabala ~She  Quantum~Hæ   Quantum~Shæ


 Vav(Waw)~Sammekh~finalMem (6.60.600: Waw is penile archetype while Sammekh is a complementaryq vaginal projection of Waw, and they represent maleq and femaleq co~antinomialq quantum~fertilizing agentsq: spermatozoonq and ovumq "without contradictionc". Con(m)sider how they evolutionarilyq scintillateq one another ihn Tayt to create (transmuteq) a cellq (zygote). Sammekh is an openingq (with clitoris) shown lucidly. Sammekh's womb, its crucible, k~n¤w~n (pneumatically imaginedq) as a Tayt which is highest energy Aut archetype (9). Waw and Sammekh are antinomialq complementaryq agentsq of transmutativeq evolutionaryq creationq. Their complementarityq issi n¤n trivial as Jung explains via maleq animus in all females and femaleq anima in all males. We observeq a quantum~BAWAM antinomialq complementarityq, again, ad occulos.

Waw spelledq out is Waw~Waw (6.6)

Sammekh spelledq out is Sammekh~Mem~Kaf (60.50.20)

finalMem represents exaltation of Waw as evolutionaryq psyche~pneuma~maturationq of Waw in cosmic~energy's oceanicq proemially~nascentq realmq.

"Leefney~Ha~Sheerey Havayeh~Yeleed."

Doug - 25Dec2013.

  finalMem~Sammekh~Vav(Waw) (600.60.6)

. . .

16-17,26Dec2013 - Doug.

Seventh column: Zayn~Ayn~finalNoun:

Autiot's Zayn~Ayn~finalNoun Triple

                               He                                     She
Autiot's Triple: Zayn~Ayn~finalNoun and finalNoun~Ayn~Zayn

                               Exhalation                          Inhalation
   Qabala~He Qabala ~She  Quantum~Hæ   Quantum~Shæ


 Very, very, very simplyq this Qabalic columnar tricodon showsq usq that Zayn's unlimited sentientq possibilitiesq permit advancedq, awareq, and con(m)sciousq quantum~biologicals to ubiquitously, perpetually, via complementaryq~antinomialismq see (Ayn) and at least partiallyq understandq (via wisdomq of Gnosis of Qabala) lifeq existences' (Hay) con(m)stituent~quanta (Noun) and all of their ensemblesq exaltedq as all possibleq quantum~evolutionary~manifesta AKA finalNoun ihn cosmic~realityq.

Zayn~Ayn~finalNoun (7.70.700: Zayn is an archetypeq of all unfoldingq evolutionaryq possibilitiesq both saidq and unsaidq. Ayn (Ayn~Yod~Noun: 7.10.50) is all sensoryq processesq exemplifiedq by visionq which omnitor reality'sq unfoldingq of unsaidsq into saidsq (creatio ex nihilo) and reality'sq returnq of saidsq to unsaidsq (nihilo ex creatio). finalNoun is exaltation of all quanta (Noun) ihn cosmic~realityq scintillatingq one another thus perpetually and ubiquitously transemerqing all cosmic~realityq.)

Doug -26Dec2013.

. . .

16-17,22Dec2013, 27Feb2014 - Doug.

Eighth column: Hhayt~Pay~finalPhay:

Autiot's Hayt~Pay~finalPhay Triple


1. Rouahh~Elohim: (left to right cipher) Raysh(200)~Waw(6)~Hhayt(8) Aleph(1)~Lammed(30)~Hay(5)~Yod(10)~Mem(40) as 300 (Sheen).

                               He                                     She
Autiot's Triple: Hhayt~Pay~finalPhay and finalPhay~Pay~Hhayt

                               Exhalation                          Inhalation
   Qabala~He Qabala ~She  Quantum~Hæ   Quantum~Shæ


Antinomialc of Qabala~She.


Antinomialc of Qabala~He.

(8.80.800: ascension, exalted emergence, evolution, etc.)

Hhayt spelledq out is Hhayt~Yod~Tav (8.10.400).

Hhayt issi isoflux' spiritual~breath (Rouahh Elohim) functional archetype in actuality.

P(h)ay spelledq out is Phay~Hay (80.5).

P(h)ay issi Hhayt's projectedq existentialq processq antinomialq ihn actualityq. Doug views this as isoflux' omnitorable pragmatic quantal affectation exhibitedq (emerscedq) in actuality.

FinalPhay issi Hhayt's cosmic exaltation as imaged isoflux (imagined) in actuality.

Suares describes this Qabalic Aut tricodon thus, "Hhayt~Pay~finalPhay: in every sphere of the emanation, from the densest to the most rarified essence, these numbers stand for the primordial substance, the unfathomed reserve of undifferentiated, unstructured energy (isoflux)," p. 18, Song of Songs, Shambala, 1972.

(800.80.8 descension, undoing, devolution, etc. )

. . .

16-17,27Dec2013 - Doug.

Ninth column: Tayt~Tsadde~finalTsadde:

Autiot's Tayt~Tsadde~finalTsadde Triple

                               He                                     She
Autiot's Triple: Tayt~Tsadde~finalTsadde and finalTsadde~Tsadde~Tayt

                               Exhalation                          Inhalation
   Qabala~He Qabala ~She  Quantum~Hæ   Quantum~Shæ


(9.90.900: Archetypeq Tayt of feminine~energyingsq, then Tsadde its complementaryq~antinomialq projectionq, amd finally (rather ultimately) its cosmic~energyq exaltationq finalTsadde.)

Tayt spelledq out: Tayt~Yod~Tav.

Tayt as a metaphoricq~wombq of quanton(ovum,spermatozoon)1-N. Tayt, c¤~æmærsed ihn Hhayt's lifeq energyingsq (Hayt nissin Tayt issi quanton(Hhayt,Tayt)), includingq Phay and finalPhay, evolvesq more fully fledged emerqanciesq of life'sq actualq beingsq, i.e., all biologicalq emerqs.

Tsadde spelledq out:

Tsadde representsq all hologra[[il][m][ph]]ingsq of feminineq biocoquesigruical~emerscenturedq actualityingsq. Tsadde is Tayt's antinomialq as emerscentureq of all emerqs given Tayt's enfoldedq~emergentq cellq of n¤væl lifeq existenceq. Tayt's cellq represents an emerscitectureq of ¤næ n¤væl life'sq emrqancyingsq ihn actualityingsq. Doug - 3Jan2014.

finalTsadde representsq all pneumatic is¤h¤l¤[[il][m][ph]]ic exaltationingsq of Tayt and Tsadde ihn is¤feminineq n¤nactualityingsq.

Doug - 27Dec2013.


Comsider devolution.
. . .


Double One - Vayt~Bayt:

View this double assa~issi quanton(Vayt,Bayt) where Vayt and Bayt aræ
quantum~complementary antinomials ('not' classical opposites!) of one another.

Exegesis of Vayt (unpointed) to Bayt (pointed) as quantum~hermeneuted by Doug from Suares' Sepher Yetsira.

Suares writes, "When they are pointed, each of the seven doubles finishes its own trajectory."
Page 536 of 549 total, Trilogy, Sepher Yetsira, Shambhala paperback, 1985.

Doug would change Suares' use of 'are' to (un)become.
Where 'are' is formal-state-ic declarative deadly (absencec of 'life existence') mood, (un)become begs
a more quantum~redemptive~process subjunctive living (presenceq of 'life existence') mood.

A deathings of a Vayt into a Bayt gives life to a n¤væl beginning, a n¤væl birth.
Here Doug is using 'novel' to exegetize biology's
tree of life perpetual and ubiquitous
n¤n synonymous di(omni)vergence(ings).
Here we see Vayt as a tenuousq con(m)tainer which protects a life germ, and when that life germ matures
to birth readiness, Vayt dies and becomes Bayt (end of Vayt's proemially~nascent life~protecting trajectory).
Notice that Vayt~Bayt's trajectories appear as natural quanta which themselves liveq and dieq ubiquitously~perpetually.

Suares uses this exegesis as an exemplar description of, one of ten Sepher Yetsira's
spheres, i.e., Shabatai's quanton(life,death) complementary~antinomial pair.


Double Two - Djimel~Ghimel:

View this double assa~issi quanton(Djimel,Ghimel) where Djimel and Ghimel aræ
quantum~complementary antinomials ('not' classical opposites!) of one another.


Double Three - Thallet~Dallet:

View this double assa~issi quanton(Thallet,Dallet) where Thallet and Dallet aræ
quantum~complementary antinomials ('not' classical opposites!) of one another.


Double Four - Khaf~Kaf:

View this double assa~issi quanton(Khaf,Kaf) where Khaf and Kaf aræ
quantum~complementary antinomials ('not' classical opposites!) of one another.


Double Five - Phay~Pay:

View this double assa~issi quanton(Phay,Pay) where Phay and Pay aræ
quantum~complementary antinomials ('not' classical opposites!) of one another.


Double Six - Raysh~Raysh (Sheer? Doug is unsure yet.):

View this double assa~issi quanton(Raysh,Sheer) where Raysh and Sheer aræ
quantum~complementary antinomials ('not' classical opposites!) of one another.


Double Seven - Thav~Tav:

View this double assa~issi quanton(Thav,Tav) where Thav and Tav aræ
quantum~complementary antinomials ('not' classical opposites!) of one another.

. . .


Another Advanced Autiot Hermeneutic:

A Quanton Can Act Like An Aut

All Aut are significates of cosmic energy.

All quantons are quantum~holographic interrelationshipings of cosmic energy AKA quanta as packets of quantum~energy.

Each Aut in Autiot's 27 cosmic energy 'symbols' is intrinsically self~other recursive.
Simply, this is Autiot's great power in describing all reality as perpetually evolving levels of energy.

However, it omnifferentiates itself from quantonics' approach and yet they cobenchmark one another!?

Doug wants to narratively clarify that enigma here and now.

Let's jump right in...


That makes any quanton intrinsically self~other~recursive. Make it more obvious showing quanton as an nested interrelationshiping:


Feel free to substitute energy (as quantons(isoflux,flux)) for Value.

Doug has said and written elsewhere that this is a strength and weakness of Quantonics: quanton(strength,weakness).

It's a weakness in that self~other recursion has to be made explicit, even though Doug intends it to be intuitive. All Aut are explicit in their self~other recursion.

It's a strength since quantons are general as both omnit and ensemble descriptors of any levels of energy across reality's immense spectrum of quantum~flux.

Aut are specific and "energy level limited" to Aleph as 1000.

So you may see how quantonics is more general (full spectrum energy strength and symbolic apparency of self~other recursion weakness), and
Autiot are more specific (symbolic strength and energy level weakness).



. . .

Thank you for reading,

Doug - 8,11-12,...,26Aug2010...18Jan2011, 12Aug2012, 25Nov2014.



Note 1 - Doug believes this opus is relevant Arturo Pérez-Reverte's The Dumas Club, 1996 (first published in Spanish in 1993), Harvill Press, and a movie derivative of it The Ninth Gate..
Doug highly recommends both to our students.

Note 2 -


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