Chapter 4, FEP Value Chautauqua

Topic 1 Evolution

1. Compare quantum vav classical. Use Believe, Think, Write, Say, and Do quantonics tool(s).

2. Use graphic~arrow tools:

3. Doug is intentionally using another means of QELR in this text segment under Topic 1 Chapter 4. Doug is using 'c' and 'q' subscripts. It is nearly impossible for a reader to avoid quantum vis-à-vis classical con(m)text switchings this way. Another tool, mayhaps? It even helped Doug see how vividly classical-notions vis-à-vis quantum~memeos co(n)mtrast one another. Then...

4. ...Consider Quantum~Evolution of Believeq, Thinkq, Writeq, Sayq, and Doq.

When we, as quantons, quantize our individual belief, a doorway -- to broadening our belief -- opens. Doug claims we must turn Planck's clock on to evolve this as part of our individual bælihæf.

Whenq weq re-cognizeq (hologra[[il][m][ph]]icq familiarityq pervades ourq localq comtext) whatq weq believeq:

When weq cognizeq (noveltyq invades ourq localq comtext) whatq weq believeq:

Doug covered quantum~bælihævæ and ~think well enough you should have qua (develop it perhaps) to cover writeq, sayq, and doq.

5. ...Consider Classical~Evolution of Believec, Thinkc, Writec, Sayc, and Doc.

Classicism proscribes our use of graphic arrows to show better vis-à-vis worse as LGC and HGC (low and high gradience chaos) increasing and decreasing energies of change which are essential to evolutionq. Classicism denies changeq (excepting continuousc objectivec linear yc=fc(tc) motionc) and adheres immutablec 'state' and notionsc of utopian, staticc (status quo) stabilityc.

When wec, as dichons, classically, objectively, canonically, dogmatically reify our individual belief, all (many, most) doorways close. In a sense classical belief 'stops' evolution.

Whenc wec re-cognizec (familiarityc pervades our local context) whatc wec believec:

Whenc wec cognizec (noveltyc invades ourc localc contextc) whatc wec believeq:

Doug covered classical-believe and -think well enough you should have qua (develop it perhaps) to cover writec, sayc, and doc.

Those quantum vav classical comparisons should assist your self~assessments of how you currently think and how you might want to learn how to think about evolution and gradients of evolutionary chance, choice, change.

Embrace quantum~evolution, reject classical-state. Adopt quantum~bælihæfs, reject classical-beliefs.

Doug - 23Aug2012, 5-6Feb2013.

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