April 9, 1999

Dad - He did his job well...

Dearest Beth,

The loss of one's parents
is such a sorrowing event.
I know how you loved your Dad
and how much he loved you,
his only child.

He gave you the ability
to share with others.
He gave you the gift
of a loving family;
he gave you your wise and kind nature;
he gave you the capacity
to be so compassionate,
he gave you your strength
and intelligence
and best of all he gave you...
your never-ending caring for others.

"Of all the loving gifts a parent can bestow on their children,
the one that will make them grow strongest is respect."

He did his job well with you Beth...
you are the most respectful person
I have ever known.

You made him proud.

Be kind to yourself...he would want that for you.

Each year at this time,
as this tree begins to bloom,
remember your Dad
when he was well and strong.

With Spring comes
the beginning
of a new year
of hope, love and peace!

Love and sympathy from your friends,

Jeanne & Bob Hobson.

Beth's Father, Cecil, age 87, transitioned peacefully, April 6, 1999 at 10:30pm.