Subject: Happy Birthday William Sidis
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2000 04:09:55 +0000
From: "Dan Mahony" <>
To: NOFLAMEqtx{at}earthlink{dot}netNOSPAM

Happy Birthday Anniversary William!

The list of things for which I have to thank you is long. Today I can only choose the following:

1. Trust in the eternal re-emergence of the truth, no matter what.

2. Showing me that my consciousness and my physical universe are eternal.

3. The true history of America, and so then my spiritual history.

4. Telling the world about Passaconaway.

5. Your father's theories and discoveries. Your mother's love of him. And her talents.

6. Sending me a Penacook courier with the message, "The hardest path to find is under foot."

7. Sending me to Ipswich, Massachusetts, the Birthplace of American Independence, and then to the birthplace of my genetic ancestors.

8. Martha Brassil crossing the path under my feet.

Diana thank you for the Agawam and Prescott's Farm. I'm sure you think more highly of her than me.

Diana & I thank you for Robin Lagemann.

I apologize for my lack of ability to live up to the Okammakammassett principle of anonymous contribution. Nonetheless I assume that is just another re-emergence of the truth. No?

Dan Mahony


To Dan Mahony, and William James Sidis,

Thanks Dan, for sending a birthday email for William James Sidis. And thanks for your patronage to our Quantonics web site.

Quantonics site author's note:

Dan speaks of the truth as if it is an absolute. Classically, Western European absolute truth arises from Parmenidian and Aristotelian philosophy which focuses on inanimate, substantial objects. We believe William James Sidis' incredible book, The Animate and the Inanimate shows his keen insight that reality is not just inanimate, but indeed is both inanimate and animate, and thus intrinsically insubstantial. As a result, philosophically, truth is always changeable. We say truth is an agent of its own change, therefore innately non-absolute. Truth evolves! Truth is heterogeneous, not classically homogeneous.

William James Sidis was named after his godfather, William James. William James taught both William and Boris that truth is plural, or heterogeneous, not absolute. We believe that when William adheres absolute truth he is thumbing his nose at Aristotelians. We think any apparent adherence to absolute truth by him is an intentional ruse. Otherwise, he is not unique. He is just like every other bone-headed Aristotelian. We will try to show you that he is unique and deserving of our accolades and admiration of his extraordinary intellect. We hope to show you that unambiguously in many impending reviews.
Doug - 1APR2000.

:End note

Happy 102nd Birthday William! We honor your birth and your priceless gifts to us!

Doug Renselle,