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A Doug HotMeme™ "Like an alcoholic, you can't become a quantum~being until you realize being dialectical is bad for you."™ A Doug HotMeme

Doug - 26Mar2014.


Do you suffer from Dialectism?

You do not know?

Karl Marx has said (and Lenin too) that "religion is an opiate of mind."

"We are 'helpless innocents.' God made us do it. We had to conflate God and dialectic! Our dialectic is congenital! We had 'no thing' to do with it!"

But if religion is an opiate of mind, then so too is science.

"Without dialectic, how are we going to: make reality hold still, make its objects independent, negate, contradict, falsify, and prove objects, and thus assess absolute truth?"

Religion and science both share a Pirsigean "genetic defect of reason:" Dialectic. Dialectic is humankind's "opiate of mind." Dialectic is classical thingking's intellectual, orthodox and dogmatic, normative, putative "drug" and its "paraphernalia."

Here are some symptoms:

  • Your IQ is digital, in base ten (you suffer chronic DIQheadedness)
  • You (almost) always use definite articles, especially the, preceding nouns (and you are incapable of explaining and understanding why you sometimes do not)
  • You always compare cultural logical, moral, and ethical issues as opposite one another as certainly
    • either true or false
    • either right or wrong
    • either up or down
    • either your belief or 'others' as infidels
    • either for us or against us
    • etc
  • You believe what your teachers tell you that, "reality is concrete"
  • You believe that 1 - 1 = 0
  • You believe that A - A = 0
  • You believe that reality has positive and negative classical constituents: you - you = 0
  • You believe that "no thing" 'exists,' i.e., null, void, nada are real and classical, concrete ideal notions
  • You believe that reality is stable, objective, and certainty of those two tautologies may be certified 'scientifically'
  • You believe you can trust expert dialecticians who show and tell you reality's scientific and religious "first principles"
  • You believe that people who do not agree with your system of cultural values are "insane," and "Satan"
  • You believe that someone whose facts do not align your facts is a "nut case"
  • You believe that being a social role model and doing what is (your version of what is) culturally acceptable is "noble"
  • You believe that society is sovereign individuals; you believe that some individuals are sovereign some other individuals and you deny individual free will (due dialectical, formal determinism)
  • You believe status quo is the way to go
  • You believe that '(singular) what (plural) happens (singular) next' may be predicted mathematically
  • You believe that time 'here' is time everywhere, an example of a more general dialectical notion that"one size fits all" (OSFA)
  • You believe that societal 'law' is valid and that individuals who 'break' the 'law' are criminals
  • You believe that reality is formal and may be modeled using objective languages and predicate logic
  • etc.

If so, odds are you are suffering from chronic Dialectism.

We can help you regain your individual self respect. We can help you clear your mind of dialectism's state-ic either-or OSFA opiates. We can help you put dialecticism's objects beneath you.

You will meet with other re mission ing sufferers of Dialectism, and they will use DA's time tested durational modes to help you abate thingking dialectically.

Change your life. Become a new you.

Join Dialectics Anonymous.


Doug is a practicing, devout and regular member of Dialectics Anonymous. He is almost cured, yet still in remission...

Doug - 24-25Sep2006


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