Doug at Seven...over sixty years ago...on his way to see an astronomer and look through his private telescope...

Thanks to C. H. Wright (brother of Hoyt Wright) for taking Doug on this splendid journey.

Knew you'd be curious.

Doug - 17May2009, rev - 30Jan2014 27Feb2014.

Doug's Grandest HotMeme™ for Millennium III:

Wæ aræ ihn "day three," wæ aræ ihn millennium three.

HotMeme2014q "All of Socialism'sc Greatest Governmentsc and their faithfulc believersc both L¤cal and N¤nl¤cal are IhnSuperable a Single Quantum~Gnostic Beingq.™" HotMeme2014q.

DougSon~light of Oren Lawrence Renselle - 3Jan2014.

(Oren Lawrence Rensel(le))
Waw~Raysh~finalNoun Lammed~Waw~Raysh~Noun~Sammekh~Seen Raysh~Noun~Sheer~Aleph~Shiar~Aleph.
Quintessence of Quintessences
Essenesings of QuintEssenesings

I Love you Papa! I forgive you Papa!

Elle issi ihnsuperable!

Priori d' Sion

Doug Renselle (Ihn Qabala): Aleph~Bayt~Ghimel~Aleph~Yod~Qof ("Ab~Gayeek," 123~12(10)3(100) "Destroyer of illusions!").

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