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Chapter Four Index to Doug's Re-Commencing 11Sep2010 Feuilleton Chautauqua on Economic [Vv]alue
Chapter Four Prologue Readers be aware that this prologue is still located in Doug's 2011 edition of HodgePodge™. Topic 16 -
Topic 1 - Evolution [Vv]alue Comparisons Doug - Restart Topic 1 of Chapter 4. Doug has left groundwork for Topic 1 in Doug's 2011 edition of HodgePodge™. When this Chapter is finally published, all of prior groundwork will be included in Chapter 4 Prologue. 17Aug2012. It has taken Doug 18 months to gather enough personal qua to feel somewhat qualified to proceed on quantum omniscussions of quantum~evolution and its intimate attendees quantum~equilibrium and quantum~chaos. Quantum~evolution proceeds perpetually and ubiquitously given gradient changings in our cosmos' quantum~energy as omnitored by chaos of quanta "moving and resting" (as verbs) equilibria. Topic 17 -
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Chapter Four Epilogue

Recommencing 17-20-21Aug2012, 7Sep2012...

Chapter 4, Topic 1 - Value vis-à-vis value, A Quantonics Chautauqua in Quantum~Economics

Topic 1: Evolution [Vv]alue Comparisons.

Eighteen months ago Doug had finished writing Chapter 4's Prologue. He commenced an omniscussion of his first Topic, Topic 1 'Evolution [Vv]alue Comparisons.'

So good, so far.

Then it dawned on Doug that he simply didn't 'understand' what quantum~evolution is in terms of legacy work Doug has done over several decades of seemingly endless effort.

Key here of course is "If Keynesians want stability in economics, does that mean they deny evolution1?, since evolution is anything but 'classical stability'." Doug surmised, then, that their version of 'stability' must be classical and Doug wants to omniscuss in this first Topic of Chapter 4 omnifferencings in classical 'stability' and quantum~stability. Doug sees classical 'stability' as 'value,' and he sees quantum~stability as Value. Let's call latter QELRed "stæbihlity." That remediation puts DQ (Quality as flux) Value back into pure SQ's 'stability.'
Doug's Value link is to Chapter 3's PBing 17 on, 'Real Value Preservation (quantum~equilibrium) vis-à-vis Fiat value Debasement (classical-chaos).' Link and text added 25Aug2012 - Doug.

What happened to Doug is profound. He reread Prigogine and Stenger's Order Out of Chaos. He realized, again, there isn't an appropriate vocabulary for expressing in a way lay humans can understand omnifferencings in 'classical stability' and quantum~stæbihlity. Comtextually, ephemerally, and enthymemetically countless memes and vocabulary attend those omnifferencings. Doug has spent one and one-half years re~understanding countless language semantics, both classical and quantum, in order to have qua to omniscribe classical vis-à-vis quantum memes of 'stability.'

Two terms immediately strained Doug's self~assessed credibility: equilibrium and chaos.

Keynesians want equilibrium as purely classical thus always analytically, mathematically2, formally, mechanically linear and holds-stillable.
Keynesians want an ideal, linear, circular, predicable, repeatable, reusable, (re-)instantiable, verifiable, y=f(t), determinate event-state ontological 'stability.'

In order to do that, Keynesians have to either deny any chaos, or find classical means to 'control chaos.'
But they use classical assumptions, both explicit (tacit, i.e., in Doug's sense of unsaid explicits) and implicit (~unknown, unsaid) to do so.

Doug's view is simply, "A classical approach to evolution, chaos, and equilibrium is dead AKA extinct and self-defeating from any get-go."
Quantonics adepts ostensibly agree absent argument. Our choir isn't our problem. Our problem is classical Keynesian-Marxist beliefs, thoughts and actions.

Doug chooses (as a self declared heretic, a quantum~heretic) to unseat Keynesian-Marxists based upon Value vis-à-vis 'value' comparisons.

Our first topic is, therefore, 'Evolution [Vv]alue Comparisons.' Much of Doug's Chapter 4 groundwork appears in HodgePodge™ 2011.

Bold violet text are obvious (in Doug's opine) classical mental retardations.

. . .

"Doug, what language semantics attend [Vv]alue comparisons of evolution?"

Here are some Doug has tackled so far: [Peircean]abduction, adiabaticity, asymmetry, atemporality, [Suares']autiot, auto, autsimilarity, aware, becoming, being, belief, believe,
[flux]cancellation, chance, change, chaos, choice, circular, cognition, coherence, commutation, complementarity, complex, conscious, con(m)text, control, cuneiform,
decoherence, devolution, deceit, dissipation, do, due, [Bergsonian]duration, emergence, energy, ensemble, entanglement, entropy, equilibrium, event, evolution, fractal,
generation, gnosis, gradience, grail, hermeneutics, hologra[[il][m][ph]]icity, immanence, indetermination, individual, inertia, interference, interrelationships, [Peircean]interpretant, islandicity,
likely, linear, metaphysics, monism, motion (absolute), mutation, negation, network, ontology, partiality, perpetuity, phase, philosophy, plan, plausible, pluralism, positive, probable,
quanta, quantization, reality, recognition, recursion, reference, reversibility,
scintillation, self, sema, semasiology, [Peircean]semiosy, semiot, semiotics, simple, social, spirit, spontaneity, state, stochastic, symmetry, temporality, think, transmutation,
ubiquity, unbecoming, uncertainty, understand, [Vv]alue, wave, wavicle, etc.

Doug's view is that we cann¤t do our due re classical vis-à-vis quantum Value vis-à-vis 'value' comparisons without, goalwise, being capable and having capacity
to both understand and describe those terms comparatively, both classical and quantum. Many of our QELRs of those terms are now revised toward that goal.
QELR revisioning represents much of Doug's endeavor over past 18 months.

. . .

20Aug2012, 7Sep2012

We must grasp a core success issue here: Quantonics is Strategic.

Doug's efforts here on evolution as Value vis-à-vis value, in Doug's opinion, elucidates Quantonics' strategic Value.
Too, we grasp how understanding evolution requires a baser familiarity with strategic issues surrounding both equilibrium and its master: chaos.
Chaos is equilibrium's master by quantum memeo of flux masters stux AKA spontaneity explains (masters) inertia. Doug - 25Aug2012.
Then we may infer, "Understanding both equilibrium and chaos are core success issues relevant evolution."
Doug is focusing much of his attention on those issues and many of their assumed relevancies now and recently over a period of 18 months.

Compare Carlo Suares' "Aleph (chaos) masters Yod (equilibria)," in his Cipher of Genesis, pp. 80-81, Shambala, 1970.
Compare Carl G. Jung's "Spirit of the Depths masters Spirit of this Time," in his Red Book, Liber Primus, Norton, 2009.
Doug - 27Jan2013.

Doug's tentative set of graphics (See A Quantum Cuneiform Primer, and graphics below.) compare classical evolution-chaos and quantum æv¤luti¤n~cha¤s.
Doug is story boarding those now. Writing about them here will assist that story boarding process (evolution of those graphics), and fecundate a better textbook product.

Doug's last sentence, essentially and quintessentially, describes what is greatest Topic 1 narrative Value
in terms of assessing PBings of classical vis-à-vis quantum evolution, its equilibria and chaos.

Suares claims that human kind must embrace Aleph (chaosq) over Yod (equilibriac).
Chaosq wins. Equilbriac lose (e.g., Hyman Minsky's 'stabilityc'). Win-lose what? Cosmic~reality's game.
Doug isn't sure about this, but it appears Jung crowned himself near end of Liber Secundus.
Crowned himself what? A winner for embracing Spirit of the Depths' chaosq!
Doug - 27Jan2013, 12Feb2013 - Add classical vis-à-vis quantum subscripts to clarify quantum~hyper classical 'winning.'

From his story boarding so far, Doug has emersed at least one strategic-comparative epiphany:


 classical facets of evolution:

  • state-event ontology
  • serial product obsolescence (fathom Thomas Kuhn's 'scientific paradigms')
  • Newtonian object-reality

 quantum facets of evolution:

  • in situ autotransmutation ontology
  • transmutative~ontic healing (ponder a quantum~circle)
  • quantum wave~reality

Doug's epiphany desnouers a plethora, a horn of plenty, an abundance of strategic potentia for human kind during its Millennium III self~other evolutionings.
To autodidactically prepare yourself for this avalanche of abundance see Doug's coining of emerscenture and read about a Harley gas tank's self~evolution.
An enormous strategem may become eidetic for you: emerscenture is 'green.' Classical manufacturing is an antithesis of 'green.'
Emerscenture doesn't litter our planet with 'throw aways,' and planned obsolescence, i.e., classical, 'products.'
Apple's iPhone is nearly there: they only need a quantum leap of emerscenturing imagination.
Classical manufacture proliferates endless series of aging-obsolete detritus
which require decommissioning and recycling-dumping.

Quantonics Strategic HotMeme™ "Classical manufacturing's reproduction is dead!"™ Quantonics Strategic HotMeme™.

A metaphor of that HotMeme™ might be "...classical ontological state-event evolution of product is dead." That's our take-away.

Words are easy, though. Doing it and making that great leap from classical to quantum
offers enormous challenges and changes in what we believe, think, write, say and do.

To Doug our issue, bottom line, is quantum 'evolution of product.' Quantum~emerscenture of product.
We compared classical-manufacture and reproduction of product, and showed its classical inferiorities.
We de(omni)scribe quantum~emerscenture. We aren't worrying nowings about how we make it happen.

Three years ago, in Doug's 2009 HodgePodge™, Doug wrote this in his 21Nov2009 edition,

"Dialectic believes mechanism is about reproduction. Quantum rhetoric shows financial innovation is about evolution, quantum~evolution of systems. <br> Quantum systems do n¤t just rearrange 'standard parts,' rather they perpetually emersce n¤væl m¤dælings. Exemplar? Compare Bell Telephone's antique phone 'technology' to Steve Jobs' iPhones."

Steve Jobs' iPhones evolve their content (in situ). Whatings nextings? Steve Jobs' hardware evolves (in situ)!
Review Harley gas tank programmed evolution strategem.

That's about as strategic as one may Doug's opine.

If you want to see a great exemplar of in situ which hasn't evolved to a point of 'physical' (fermionic) in situ evolution, see A. I. Artificial Intelligence DVD, 2001.
Many of those software (~bosonic) evolvable (love[v]able?) beings are throw-aways. Actually humans are too, but they last about 80 years.

Goal is to emerscenture 'physical' which can both hardware and software morph into several subsequent generations.
Countless issues and n¤væl quantum~requirements here unobtainable using classical notions, ideas, and formal objective 'state'ic 'designs.'

. . .


We have to put all that together in some kind of systemic omniscription which makes fathoming and understanding easier.
Partially and more recently Doug is developing some novel graphics to assist in that regard.

Let's review some of that effort to, perhaps, enhance our individual complementarospectives:

An EWings Network
A Quantum Cuneiform Primer
Some Applied Quantum Cuneiform
Cosmic Cycloidal Motion

Following two graphics are gedankenments (thought tools, nous tools) for Doug.
Doug is unsure of their quality and abilities to describe both quantum~relative low and
quantum~relative high gradience chaos energies and their implicit quantum~complementarities.
Doug is unsure whether to share them with you, but thinks some of you may benefit from seeing Doug's thought processings.

They may assist you in seeing Doug's struggles with issues surrounding chaos and equilibria,
especially gradiencings of chaos and their quantum~relative descriptive powers.
Keep in mind a Doug HotMeme™ that chaos measures equilibria (i.e., equilibrium as varying in its quantum~relative stability vav instability).

It may be OK to view 10-4 o'clocks as complementary, and 8-2 o'clocks as complementary.

Comparisons of LGC and HGC gradiencings are very subjective!

Too, and this may further complicate our gedankenments, LGC and HGC are quantum~complementary.

(perhaps not so) Clearly quantum~uncertainty reigns here, but we already
assume that in our HotMeme™ "Embrace uncertainty, embrace indetermination."
So we, "...boldly go where (and when)..."

It will take awhile to make this simpler and to correlate it with our recent efforts in A Quantum Cuneiform Primer. See link above.

. . .


Above two graphics aren't simple to understand. If you disagree, try to understand them yourself.

A key enigma of those graphics is an aspect of quantum~reality which enthusiasts and aficionados of classical-reality ignore: rqcs.

Radical quantum comtext sensitivity partially explains complexity of those two quantum~relative graphics.

Our assessments of better and worse are radically comtext sensitive. See detail arrow graphics below.
We see here why so many classical-critics of quantum~theory describe it as, "sophist, prevaricative, equivocal, perverse, etc."
You may see why Doug spends so much time on QELR, coining novel quantum terms,
dealing with language problematics, and innovating new philosophial~wayves of thinkqing.
Doug - 25Aug2012.
Sometimes a low gradient increase in energy change in chaos is better, sometimes worse.
Simply, that is partial essence of rqcs: ie., from any classical conspective, "sophism, prevarication, equivocation, perversion, etc."

A quantum way to express this memeo is that LGC and HGC memes are not only quantum~relative, and
rqcs, they are enthymemetic too: partial~hologra[[il][m][ph]]ic coquecigrues perpetually, ubiquitously.

Doug has some new graphics to help you more easily learn a quantum~wayve of viewing this, and
hopefully it will show itself compatible with Doug's quantum~cuneiform.

In evolving equilibrium~chaos changings, lots is going on all mixed together.
This kind of processing is omnifficult for most humans to wrap their noodles around.
Thus: graphics as a memory (mæmæ¤ry) palace assist!

Dale asked Doug, "Doug, Why has your work on Chaos-Equilibria been so omnifficult?"

Here is Doug's 20Dec2012 response to Dale's query:


Dialectically 'chaos' is a 'state.' Dialectically 'equilibrium' is a 'state.' Dialectically chaos, equilibria, and all other reified reality, by canon 'law,' cannot 'evolve.'

Dialectically 'chaos' is 'opposite' 'equilibrium.' Classical binary alternative denial: BAD AKA classical negation's 'contradiction.' Negation cannot 'be' in quantum~reality due quantum~complementarity of only positive flux.

In quantum~reality flux cancellation takes classical negation's (axiomatic) 'place.'

Quantumly 'chaos' is a process (flux), an evolutionary process (fluxe of fluxp, FoF): variable rate absolute fractal~recursive change (flux). Quantumly 'equilibrium' is a process, an evolutionary process: variable rate stochastic uncertainty. Key here is seeing, "Chaos are ihn equilihbria and equilihbria are ihn chaos: n¤n classically 'contradictory,' n¤n classically negatable quantum~flux~complementation." AKA "Sophism." Quantum~redemption!

Quantumly 'chaos' is complementary 'equilibrium.' Compare down and up. Compare wrong and right. Compare east and west. Compare position and momentum. Etc. Quantum~HotMeme"Either-or n¤ more!"Quantum~HotMeme™.

Dialectically theory is "value-free." I.e., classical 'science' is value-free. Classical 'science' says, following Hume, "There is 'no' bridge twixt fact and Value." See Doug's January, 2007 TQS News for detail.

Quantumly reality is 'not' dialectically "value-free," rather is holographically~pragma~empirically "Value~full." View pragma here as roughly: transmutative interrelationshipings' ubiquitous and perpetual scintilla enabled by ubiquitous and perpetual quantization of flux. See graphical QVH loop in QVH Table.

But Value is radically quantum~flux~interrelativ[[e][ity]] (rqfi) and radically quantum~comtext sensitiv[[e][ity]] (rqcs): quantum~holographic. For example, a hot stove is great for cooking but horrible for sitting (Pirsig). A bullet is good for shooting animal protein and horrible for shooting humans. All of reality is flux Value~relative like that. Much omnifficulty(ings). "Flux can explain 'state,' but 'state' cannot explain flux." Bergson, paraphrased. See QQA on 'measure.'

More challenging ... both chaos and equilibria have evolving gradience(ings). Value has evolving gradience(ings). We can measure monitor (omnitor) (inter)relative Value based upon rqcs and relative flux rates and their gradience(ings). But gradience of Value has gradience too (gradience of gradience, GoG) so it too is Value (inter)relative. We see manifesta of systemic fractal~recursion very similar, e.g., velocity (Value) vav acceleration (gradience of Value).

That scratches surface of our omnifficulties. Exegesis of 'how' quantum~reality 'works' in those terms is n¤n trivial (perhaps only for Doug). I understood none of this two years ago!!! Of late, gradually, I am becoming one with it...

I am working on it, (a never ending story...)

Doug - 20Dec2012.

Doug - 20Dec2012.

See whether these are self evident based upon Doug's remarks just above:

WEB: Worse, Better, Energy coquecigruesical graphic tools.

Increasing energy LGC:



Decreasing energy LGC:

Increasing energy HGC:

Decreasing energy HGC:

Most frequently Doug will use left most columns showing better and worse under at least four equilibria~chaos energy~changing regimes.

Doug will use third column when it is necessary to exhibit a both~and of better and worse.

Fourth column likely will be seldom~used except to "make explicit" arrows are showing energy~changing regimes combined with better, worse, and better and worse.

21Aug2012 - Doug.

Here is Doug's effort on using tools, Believe-Think-Write-Say-Do, plus up and down arrows to compare evolutionq, vis-à-vis evolutionc.

23Aug2012, 5Feb2013 - Doug did significant updates to above link's web page.

Doug is also working on new graphics which will show systemic equilibrium changes
both classically (Planck clock off state-event ontology),
and quantumly (Planck clock on in situ transmutationings ontology).
Fathom how latter m¤dals financial, economic, and political happenings better,
more really as we experience them evolving gradually, day-by-day.

Thank you for reading,

Topic 1 will take some time...a familiar refrain 'tis... and you may quantum~pneumatically grasp why...

Doug - 18-20-21,23,25Aug2012.

Topic 1 Notes:

1 - Readers re cognize this is same issue recurring which manifested for Doug during his short stay on 'The Lila Squad.' Pirsig refereed this issue for us. Was he on a Good track?

2 - Maths, classical maths, are bogus in Doug's opinion. To grasp why Doug makes this claim, see his Suggested Requirements for a Quantum Mathematics.


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