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In QELR quantonics~reality issi networks of quantum~fluxings, REIMAR interrelationshipings.

Latest update 21Oct2012 , 29Aug2018- Doug.

This web page was started by Doug day after Xmas, 2008.

He is just now finding timings to return to it, given our second plateau as Quantum Value.

It is a very "in progress" page which needs much work, but it will be valuable to those of you following Doug's first and only www based textbook.

Doug - 8Feb2011.

Evolution of Quantonics as a quantum~discipline has been quite extraordinary.

It started as an attempt to make quantum~philosophy and quantum~science more accessible by lay people. But what Doug found out is that neither 'modern' scientists nor philosophers 'understand' quantum~reality. That classical 'statement' is an indictment of all religions, too, especially non, anti gnostic versions, anti Qabala versions of religion.

So Doug invented his own versions of all disciplines quantum starting predominately with physics, math, philosophy, and science. Then we delved into anthropology, epistemology, metaphysics (especially metaphysics), psychology, cosmos (macro, meso, micro, plus nano and below...), and more recently memeos surrounding gnosis and Qabala as our best analogues of what we mean by quantum~religion.

We developed our own language, our own memes, our own scripts, our own interpretations and hermeneutics.

Along our journey, some of you insisted Doug was talking about hologra. Doug didn't know about hologra, so he gradually built a limited sense of his own hermeneutics of it. Guess what? It fits Quantonics to a tee! Doug's fuzzons are holographic! Doug's quantons are holographic. With AH's help Doug's ontology based in nonactualities' isofluxings turn out to be holographic. Ditto QED. Ditto QCD.

So here we are launching ourselves into a novel plateau of quantum~hologra.

What is great about quantum~hologra?

They offer a descriptive grundlagen for all of reality and all of realities' largest and smallest memes: from our cosmos down to Planck's quantum. When Doug says 'all' he intends 'all' that Doug can get his tiny mind around, with a little help from his friends.

Our approach is to start with assumptions: some explicit, some implicit. Latter are omnifficultings, since Doug implicitly doesn't thinkq of implicit assumptions as he begins this opus. Too, implicitnessings are mostly in frequency and bandwidth realms typically unavailable at human levels, even hologra~assisted (SHASB), of con(m)sciousnessings. Implicit assumptions tend to come back later and haunt one, often embarrassingly. We are obliged, though, to list them as we realize we were making them without telling our readers they should have been explicit except for our shallow sentient depths, quantum~uncertainties, and weaknesses of lack of foresight (autsimilarly auturgical to most humans...).

Why list our assumptions? To temper our weakness and create a, our own, individual, quantum~gn¤stihc mæmæ¤ry~palacæ; saihd mæmæ¤ry~palacæ gr¤ws amd æv¤lves... Its power and breadth are incomprehensible in and to classical sentients.

First of all, we do it to literally humiliate ourselves! We immediately omniscover what Pirsig et al., warned us. "We cannot list all of them. It is impossible for us to be k~now~ing all of them." That gives us implicit humility. It makes us humble. We want to be humble for a similar reason. Most of our predecessors were arrogant. That list is long and we have divulged their names all over Quantonics' web site. To understand quantum~reality, one must accept its most humiliating assumption: reality is enormously, macroscopically, ubiquitous~evolutionarily uncertain. Once we accept our own need for humility, we have our first tooth into Earth's largest spiritual~intellectual enigma: What is reality?

However, humility is only part of our reward. We realize that our potentia are unlimited! We realize a great quantum~truthing: quanton(unsaid,said). Doug likes to use that one as a description of quantum_hope issi quanton(unsaid,said).

"But Doug, even so, why list our assumptions?"

We find that when we go back and reverse engineer current classes of thing-king, we enable ourselves to list our version of their assumptions. When we do that we can start picking away, incrementally, at which of those is apparently invalid and which may have potentia for partial quantum~validity. For example, most of our work has already been done for us by Pirsig, James, Bergson and a few others (let's call them PJBafo™ here for convenience: "P. J. Bafo"™). Other malassumptious (malass umptious?) predecessors assumed dialectic is a valid basis for reasoning based upon dialectic's formal logic(s). PJ Bafo™ showed us rudimentarily how those others, our malassumptionists, were dreadfully wrong in their assumptions. What more primitive assumption allowed our malassumptionists to choose 'dialectic' as their foundation for reason? They assumed reality is mechanical, mostly based on thoughts of folk like Parmenides, Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, DesCartes, Newton, Einstein, et al. Assuming reality is mechanical, is humankind's greatest failure of thought! It is humankind's greatest malassumption. They were warned by some Orientalists, by Cratylus, Zeno of Elea, Heraclitus, select Qabalists ('not' Kabbalists), and most gnostics.

Instead of listening, they attempted to kill our caveateers and to destroy all their works. If you want to see a modern lay level movie depicting said attempted destruction see The Golden Compass.

So our real reason is that we have anecdotal evidence to show us that bad assumptions disable success. So today, CeodE 2008, we say it like this, "CTMs disable all thought qua." I.e., why CTMs' assumptions are nearly all bad. An example of one good assumption is Newton's assumption that gravity is atemporal, in any sense of gravity as superluminal begging one kind of quantum~atemporality. Doug - 24Jun2013. That is a good assumption. Most other of our malassumptionists' assumptions are dialectically bad, and all work done assuming those dialectically bad 'assumptions,' is invalid if n¤t amply defective. All language too. All disciplines.

Malassumptions put one in a dialectically bad box of reason. Our strawman, we call SOM. "SOM's Box." Bad assumptions imprison those — those who adhere them — in a realm of disabling reason.

That is why we want to list as many of our assumptions as we have qua. Some of our assumptions are worse, again by assumption, since n¤ lister of assumptions can be infallible. When we realize our realm is quantum and our minds are quantum we learn to accept that those minds can quantum~cohere into a much larger mind (a quantum~c¤mm¤n holographic nous ) whose qua, though still not great enough, can help us find some of our own bad assumptions.

To Doug, what Doug just wrote is quantum~science. It is a science which says, "We are all, always uncertain." When you thinkq about that, it is obvious. One human life averages less than 100 years duration maximum. Homo sapiens has been around only about 50,000 years (Is that 500 lifespans of 100 years? Is that 2500 20 year generations?). Our known universe is about 15 billion years old. Let's look at those three numbers; 102, 5x104, and 1.5x1010. Our universe is 150 million times a human's maximum life time and 300 thousand times as old as our human species. During late 1980s Doug used to call a human lifetime "a flame flicker." You may see why. What can one human accomplish in a flame flicker? Even Homo sapiens' total span of time is a relative "flame flicker" compared to our universe's estimated life time. What can one species do in 50,000 years? Now that we can guesstimate reasonably well. We have one example. Now compare which humans our societies have paid most attention to. In retrospect our scientists and religionists, those most arrogant, have garnered social attention. Recall how Doug says classical societies are inept? Do we have any examples of that? Al Gore just won a 'Nobel' prize for 'global warming.' This is perhaps our World's greatest social blunder. USA declared "War against terrrorism." Another, in retrospect, classical social blunder. Our list of extreme social (i.e., Classical-Aristotelian Social Pattern of Value) blunders is growing, growing, accelerating... Classical society is driving itself, like catholic-lemmings, into extinction. That makes Doug very, very, very happy.

Doug will be shown to have assessed those blunders well. Doug's arrogance? Perhaps. Or an individual assessing classical society's unending failures at almost all it touches?

Is Doug alone? No! Many agree. Some Russians see it. Most Muslims recognize classical society's intrinsic Christian borne Satanism. Some Venezuelans see it. Some East Indians see it. Some Chinese have known it and been writing-commenting about it for decades. Our list is long. Gnostics, apparently, saw classical-societies' many implicit failures of thought long before any others. Recall how Essene Jesus emphasized I above we. Essene Jesus grasped classical we's social management-group essence (calling Peter "Satan" for referring Jesus as "a Christ") two millennia ago, and Romans crucified him for it. Christianity's abysses of we's staysses have become a suicidal swamp of self-extinction. Soon we shall be free of these formal, organized evangelical twits.

What does quantum~reality do (i.e., pragmatic heresy) in such situations? Hologra coobsfectively pay attention to all of reality. Hologra do n¤t classico-socially focus on those most arrogant, those most bold, those most convincing, those whose marketing budgets are largest. Hologra omnitor all, and hologra permit all to select, locally (n¤t globally), whatings happenings nextings. That is, apparent now, to Doug, a cusping change here on Earth. Social power is declining. Its we failures are manifest. Quantum~gnosis is in its very, very, very early stages of ascension...and a quantum~tsunami of change attends gnosis' party.

So, three of our implicit assumptions are: society is inept, reality issi n¤t socially, tragedy of commons sense 'mechanical,' and social-dialectic issi bogus when used in quantum~reality. Using social-dialectic in quantum~reality, modaling dialectic as a wrench and quantum~reality as a running jet engine, is like throwing a crescent wrench into a running jet engine. Quantonics HotMeme™ "Social mechanics and social-dialectic are quantum~disablers."™ Quantonics HotMeme™. One of our greatest assumptions is a HotMeme™. A HotMeme™ which tells all...

Pretend GW Bush is a crescent wrench. His presidency threw him into a running jet engine. Look what happened! It's a lot different than your one and a half year old running rampant in your kitchen with your beautiful pots, pans, and Lenox china! Bush has wrought global breakage, evangelical socially-designed breakage...via arrogant idiocy of Earth's most supreme nitwit and his 'Christ' team. A $50 trillion dollar crescent wrench global-breakage transformer: A 'Christian' 'manager' Satan worshiper on evangelical steroids! The Decider-Demiurge in all his Bullshock and Flawe.

Despite all that, our opus is and will continue to be quantum~gnostic. It is and will continue to be about Quality, Pirsigesque Quality, quantum~gnostic~quality. It is about quantum~coherent individual~autonomy: a Mae-wan Ho modal of a quantum~society of individuals. Our opus will evolve. Our list of assumptions will grow. Some will fall wayside. We shall document their failures. We shall allow our evolving opus to melioristically, omnipragmaprototypically, and empirically guide us, n¤t some classical, mechanical, dialectical, concrete 'plan.' We shall use evolution herself to help our journey grow and only partially fulfil our desires, ones we feel now CeodE 2008.

Once we have a long list of explicit assumptions and perhaps a short list of ones which may appear more implicit to us, we shall start describing hologra in terms of graphics and language already available to us in Quantonics. We want to integrate our memes of quantons, fuzzons, peaqlos, Tao, energy~wellings, attractors, n¤nactuality, actuality, isoflux, flux, entropa, cohera, ontology, emerscence, emerscitecture, emerscenture, etc. to develop two actual flavors of hologra: coherent and decoherent. We want to develop notation and graphics for those flavors of hologra which will allow all of us who are interested in relevant subjects to have a much more quantum way of depicting their own memes.

A fascinating question: If you were God how would you evolve reality as humans know it at Earth Millennium III's commencement?

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