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Doug's Response to Steven
CNN's Recent Article on Black Holes.


Thank you for that fab link. I too am interested in black holes [BH] and big bangs [BB], but from a quantum view point.

A BH's quantum affect is to (within BH's event horizon) 'stop all transmutation of fermions and bosons in quantum actuality' (transmutation via: among others, nuclear: radiation~ and electronic~scintillation: QED).

A BH doesn't stop Planck's clock, rather, it (locally, islandically) stops all actual transmutative scintillation of flux quanta. That's why a BH doesn't 'radiate' a signature (other than its apparent ideal sensorial absence) of its hidden presence in quantum~reality. Yet it still exhibits a kind of conservational quantum phenomena of 'reversing creation.' See Doug's QVH Table. This quantum~conservation of actuality greatly omniffers classical, dialectical "zero sum game" CONservation. Still and yet, violating conservation (regardless classical, regardless quantum) there is a huge 'price to pay,' a huge 'penalty,' when any local game ends by self extinction by attempting to 'sneak by' memes of natural~comservation. Black holes tend to commit suicide. In our bodies, our cells do that too. It's called "cellular apoptosis." Cosmically it's called, "a black hole ending self."

A BH turns actual flux (keeping it simple: fermions and bosons) into isoflux (Heraclitus' "nature hides").

A BH hides actuality, rather, portions of actuality.

(This 'hiding' has a fiat money metaphor on earth right now: Keynesian Central Bankers and their brokers
hiding all of earth's approximately $2quadrillion debt in ~200x-rehypothecated "earth-bankrupting"
OTC (hidden) 'credit default swaps' (CDS) and 'collateralized debt obligations' (CDO).
See BH hiding as "eats all" metaphor just below. CDSs and CDOs are fiat BHs.
Notice how many of central bankers are committing suicide just nowings.)

Key element, key action exemplar, in formation of a BH is gravity.

Gravity has a universal advantage of perfect superluminality as zero latency: gravity isn't a function of time.

Acceleration as a function of time is a symptom of gravity, n¤t its 'identity' as Einstein surmised. Gravity's affectation is everywhereings, everywhenings, always!

(What those scientists, under Dr. Wu, are struggling with is a meme of Maxwellian heat death borne of a biggest BH which eats (hides) all.
Somehow reality isn't like that, and no one knows why. It is, possibly, our biggest mystery other than life as flux.
Thence consciousness as a symptom of living flux. One might wish to view a BH as Jungian unconsciousness...
...or as a dying~flux drain-circling funnel to unconsciousness...isoflux...)

There are many BHs. Each one appears to locals as "death of their universe."

A Big Bang is antinomial quantum process of a BH, i.e., isoflux (unconsciousnessq) to flux (consciousnessq as fermions and bosons). Locally any BB is viewed as "beginning of local creationq" as locals' universe.

If you ever read Gary Zukav's Dancing Wu Li Masters you would learn that Wu Li means (one of at least a hundred meanings) "patterns of quantum~energyings," which today we call "wave functions," qwfs.

Studying BHs and BBs is a 'scientific' discipline of studying quantum 'patterns, qwfs' Wu of Valueq Li.




Doug - 26Feb2015.


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