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Doug's Response to Steven
Johnnie Moore's 'Jesus is a Dirty, Dirty God.'



Excellent link!

There is so much to write about Jesus as "dirty." Gnostics say, "Mixing all things in all." Too, they write, "Faith in immortal consciousness of Cosmos, through Aleph in blood (A~dam)." Adam represents Aleph (A) in blood (dam), God in all and all in God. They are describing a living hologram. Hologram: flux. Flux: light issi Jesus.

This is what Jesus meant by, "I am (my light~flux is holographically) in you, and you are in me, thus I am in God and God is in me, so you should be able to fathom how God (pure flux) is in you." A pure God who mixes with all of our "dirty" evolving Cosmos holographically. Dirty: mixing all in all through immortal consciousness. A cosmic cloud...

Peter AKA 'satan' was a dialectician (an either-or type) who denied-denigrated Gnostics and (using satan's binary "O-u-R way OR the highway") called them "heretics" (people with individual choice; ç a t h o l i c i s m doesn't allow choice let alone individualism!). Note: cathol-I-schism. ('Catholically,' individuals are formally, dogmatically, canonically, polemically, provincially, parochially, analytically, patriarchically ex cathedra separate from God, to say otherwise is a 'christian blasphemy.')

Jesus was (is) a both~and~dynamic AKA 'heretical' "absence of any schisms" type (recursive hologra[[il][m][ph]]ic light~flux~change~quantization~scintillation~mixing~choosing~chancing~changing~selecting~evolving). People who love status quo hate change. Jesus, thus, was misunderstood and hated too. To annihilate Jesus' gnostic heresy, Romans made Jesus a 'christ.' A lie. A state-ic, dialectical-satanic, dead symbol of their pseudo unliving 'god.' (Jesus always refers 'living God, living Father...')

Johnnie Moore (author) is on to something, yet he still misses 'dialectic' as 'satan,' ruler of 'state,' progenitor of unchange (a dead demiurge: YahWeh). We, all of us, are both dirty and godlike all mixed together: quanton(godlike,dirty), 'not' either-or dichon(godlike, dirty)! That juxtapose radically alters all human th~ought and decimates: Parmenides, Plato, Aristotle, Buridan, Aquinas ('logical' static basis of analytic-catholischism), Newton, and Einstein. Until humanity re cognizes that we shall continue our seemingly endless dialectically "dirty" 'suffering.'

I appreciate your sending this to me. I did not 'know' about it.




This Johnnie Moore article was published at referred link on 2013 anniversary of Beth's birthday: 1-5-1948.

Beth was raised 'catholic' and excommunicated herself from 'the church' when she was 17. She led Doug tenderly and gradually to Jesus' Essene gnosis. Thank~you my beloved!

Subsequently Doug adopted Abraham's Chaldean gnosis since it is so very, very quantum finding its bases in Autiot: quantum energy 'language' of reality's cosmos.


Doug - 7,16Jan2013.


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