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Chapter 3, Segment 18 - Value vis-à-vis value, A Quantonics Chautauqua in Quantum~Economics

Segment Eighteen: Value as A New Way of Thinkqing's Hierarchy of Quantum~Thought.

Doug Renselle's 2010-2012 Feuilleton Value Chautauqua
Second Plateau:

Value Hierarchy of Quantum~Thought

"Understanding the logos enables judgment."

See qua.

Note to students of Quantonics: This is Doug's proemial nascence of a Quantum~Thought Value Hierarchy.
It's his first cut. We will maintain it here. This is its new web page.

Notes Regarding Quantonics' Hierarchy of Quantum~Thought Values:

o Doug's use of 'above' may be substituted with 'hyper.'

o A major point of Doug's work here is how 'socialists' notion of planning for 'stability' is bogus.
Quantum~competition is intrinsic and manifests in Selection~Choice above. Competition is an emergent
Quantum~Value from ensemble, quantum~social, comparisons of better[ship] and worse[ship] selections.
In essence, competition is how our holographic minds (quantum~stagings) work!
When we compare this to classical socialist notions of planning, their planning stable-ideas'
ludicrousness becomes lucid. Dialectic is dying-its immutable-deadness inbred!
Planning begs 'stable' determinism based in notions of 'state.'
Holographic mind isn't 'state'ic. State is bogus!
Quantum~competition is dynamic, adaptive,
evolutionary...all n¤n static terms!

Be competitive. Tell moronic social planners to, "Go to Hell."
They believe they can socially predict 'the future.' They can't!
That, innately, makes them inept and incompetent!
Social planning is "inept and incompetent."
Doug - 5Feb2011.

o As many of you are aware, Doug is putting extensive effort now into comparing
classical notions of equilibrium with quantum~memeos of equilibria.

See Doug's ongoing development of his equilibrium QELR.

Doug has written just above this bullet item that planning for classical stability is bogus.
Stability as classical 'state' is a very bad idea. Further, then, equilibrium as classical state (stability) is a very bad idea.


Reality scintillates quanta!

Doug claims that is quantum~reality's real Value, its quintessential Value.

So what is reality doing when it scintillates quanta? Just as our QVH Table above shows, reality creates, transmutates,
and discreates Hologramic~Energy~Wellings (HEWings) to and from actuality and nonactuality.

We can assess changes in Value creation by monitoring ensemble Energy~Wellings' (EWings') gradience of scin~quan flux rates.
Higher (increasing) gradience implies a move from NTE toward FFE. Lower (decreasing) gradience implies a move from FFE to a novel NTE.

See our equilibrium QELR on gradience and see our gradience QELR.

"Hey Doug, at what level of our QVH Table do we 'Assess Gradience' of systems and subsystems quantum~equilibria?"

We quantum~omnitor local and islandic systems' perpetually evolving gradiencings at Table's QVH level titled Scintillation~Change.

Doug - 19Aug2011, 8Oct2011.

o Links which may assist your individual hermeneutics of this page include: Planck quanton, quanta,
quantization of individual free-will, monism, heterogeneity, energy, macroscopic uncertainty, interrelationshipings, grail,
selection, change, evolution, temporal stochastics of a priorai, a iamai, and a posteriorai...and scintillation.

o Doug's use of 'Proemial Nascence' above is literally, "Before the song, being born[e]."
Song here is a metaphor of a "quantum~wavings reality."

We may choose to interpret (hermeneut) 'before' as "nowings" are
always quantumly beforings "whatings happenings nextings."
Clearly, here, Doug's perpetually changing quantumese isn't much like
classical grammatical syntax and its uni-temporality and immutable 'state.'

Proemial ("before the [thæ] song") nascence ("being born[e]") in Hebrew is very lyrical (and very quantum),
"Leefney ha sheerey havayeh yeleed."
Doug does not know 'verbal' Hebrew, so he parsed it one to one.
Of course, Hebrew reads right to left (I show it left to right), and Hebrew symbols (Autiot) are,
very quantumly, self~other referent, dynamic, and radically quantum~recursive.
See Doug's What is Qabala? also.

(Readers please observe, in Doug's quantum~reality, 'the' is a very bad word. 'The' is a 'definite' article,
so it violates one of our Quantonics' HotMemes™ "embrace uncertainty.")


Doug's Thought~Value ontology above has much detail, but its fractal expansion is even more detailed.

What if we go another way? What is a simplification of it?

"Quantum~evolution issi perpetual change borne on two key quantum enablers: holographic~CH3ings~scintillation of quanta borne of Planck clockings' quantizationings themselves."

HotMemes"Quantum_Evolution issi quanton(scintillation,quantization)." HotMemes

Notice how this HotMeme™ has almost unfathomable implications for all evolutionary transmutational change!
It claims heuristically that all evolutionary change spawns from quantum~scintillation!

Doug's only description of scintillation so far has been one based on innovations of classical QED of photons vav electrons.

Doug is offering a conjecture here that radiation is spawn of a broader semasiology of quantum~scintillation.

Even creation! Higgs boson is a quantum~hermeneutic of quantum~scintillation. So too, QCD! And so on...

In a way this vastly simplifies quantonics' version of quantum~philosophy since it explains all thought, all flux
phenomena, all transmutation, all change, all evolution as spawn of quantons(scintillation,quantization).

If Doug grasps essentials well here, this is huge; this is very strategic!

9May2011...end more...

More later...


By Doug Renselle — ©Quantonics, Inc., 2011-2030

Means: New~Revised
Quantonics' Hierarchy
Quantum~Thought Values
 Quantum Value
Constitua Spin
Proemial Nascence
 Quanton(Scin,Quan) Quantum~Reality
Fermion Möbius Spin: 1/2,...n/2...
...chaos' edgings of nowings...
Quantum~Evolutionings Above A Posteriorai Chancings
A~Posteriorai~Uncertainty~Chancings Above Scintillation~Change
Fecund~Scintillation~Change Above A Iamai Chancings
A~Iamai~Uncertainty~Chancings Above Selection~Choice
Vicissitudinal~Selection~Choice2 Above A Priorai Chancings
A~Priorai~Uncertainty~Chancings Above Quantum Grail
Packet~Interrelationshipings' Quantum~Grail1 Above Macroscopic Uncertaintyings Transmutation Life Motif™ Essence
instability of quantization, rioq
Quantonics' Macroscopic Quantum~Uncertaintyings Above Energy~Wellings ...chaos' edgings of nowings...

Boson Integer Spin: 0,1,2...
Packet~Energy~Wellings Above Packet Energyings  Quantizationings
(Creatio ex nihilo,
Nihilo ex creatio

Packet Energyings

Above Pluralism~Monism


Above Islandicity

Islandicity as Quantum~Proxy of Monism

Above Quantizationings
Spontanaeity~Quantizationings Above Planck's Clockings
Vitally~imperative~Planck's Clockings Quantum Essence
 1 Essene~ce of Bergson's gnostic~perception.
 2 Quantadulation essene~ce of Jung's Libido


"Each scintillationing has myriad affectings."™
Quantonics' Hierarchy
Quantum~Thought Values
 Quantum Value
Constitua Spin
Proemial Nascence
 Quanton(Scin,Quan) Quantum~Reality

By Doug Renselle — ©Quantonics, Inc., 2011-2030 — Created 3Feb2011 PDR
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(30Apr2016 rev - Update column 1 of table with additional narrative describing levels of vital~impetus as quantons(Vicissitudinal~Fecundity,Vitally~Imperative~Spontaneity).)

See Doug's 1Dec2011 QELR of 'transmute.'

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To be continued...




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