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Science Links for You!

American Center for Physics — AIP, APS, AAPT, AAPM here
AIOP Journal Abstracts — Just became available 5Jun1999!
AIP - Physics Today — One of science's best journals! Subsribe!
American Physics Society — This is an excellent organization! Join!
Forum on Physics & Society A superb APS forum!
American Scientist
— Research org. Sigma Xi's journal.
Breaking News from AAAS
— Week's latest Science news.
Science News — A great weekly digest. Short, sweet.
IOP's PhysicsWeb Site — Weekly science news from London.
New Scientist
— See their layman's guide to a quantum world.
NYAS Site The Sciences, our favorite science zine. Six issues/year.
Discover — Pop science zine; some quantum stuff. Great archives!
Science Week — $20/year-online science news text-no paper mess!

Some specific pages/articles:

Boson Buddy Link Lost! — Foundation BEC knowledge.
BEC Homepage — University of Colorado Good Stuff!
BECs Galore — A comprehensive BEC web site.
Faster Than Light — Quantum Tunneling at 1.7 times light speed!!
Faster Than Light — A whole page dedicated to this topic, FTL!
Faster Than Light — Another very interesting page, FTL!
Chiao's Notes Link Lost — On his new book: Amazing Light & FTL!
Darwin Chip — See our 15-16Sep2000 review of Taubes' article here.
                             See Discover Magazine, June, 1998. Important!
                              If this link fails, try searching at Discover's archive
                             Search for author 'Taubes,' title, Evolving a Conscious
, 1998. Discover's archiver tool keeps changing
                              URLs. Index ID is always 1455. We will review this
                              article for you, so that you can grasp essence without
                             having to go to Discover.
Beams of Stuff — Quotes from Discover Magazine, December, 1997.
                             See article there on David E. Pritchard at MIT diffracting sodium atoms!
Libration Animation — Surf rest of this site too!!
Quantum Cascade Laser
Bell Labs Official QCL Site
Eric's Treasure Troves of Science — An award-winning site!

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