Genesis Chapters XXVI to XXXVIII

ancient biblical
Its Gematria
Quantonics Quantum~Fluxo~Dynamic
forensic linguistics.

Doug Renselle

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Genesis XXVI:1-5 Prolific Qabala, A Breath of Fresh Air, Strategic Value, Tora of Me
Genesis XXVI:6-10 The Dark Con of Humankind, Tell Hegemons to Go to Hell
Genesis XXVI:11-15 Take a Quantum Leap, Story Book Gematria and Text, ~Hologral~ Reality Anyone?
Genesis XXVI:16-20 An Icy Cold Meme
Genesis XXVI:21-25 Self Blessing Self, Belimah's Absence
Genesis XXVI:26-30 Learning About ~Schema~ Self Recursion for Deeper Sema
Genesis XXVI:31-35 Is This Fiction?, Just A SWAG, Females Manage Males
Genesis XXVII:1-5 A Potent Denial of Dialectic, Resurrection of Aleph a Revelation, Where's the Rest?, A Life Trajectory Secular Ontology
Genesis XXVII:6-10 Exactly What do You Mean?, An Awakening
Genesis XXVII:11-15 Slighting Dialectic, Yeshooaa and Us, Rebeqah assa Picatrix
Genesis XXVII:16-20 Issi Qaheen hyper unAbel Emet, Hands Like ~Neurons~ Bodies Like ~Synapses~, Behold My Qabala!
Genesis XXVII:21-25 A Key Requirement for AI, ~Hologral~ Mind vav Chomsky and Aristotle
Genesis XXVII:26-30 Obsessive PC Disorder, The AI System Problem, Green Shoots for QC and AI?, Why Rebeqah Stirred a Conundrum
Genesis XXVII:31-35 An Exemplar of an Emerscitect, Kosher vav Qosher
Genesis XXVII:36-40 Medicine and Weather, Exemplar Patahhthi, Splendor of Quantum Wantneed, Rebirth of Dialectic
Genesis XXVII:41-46 Yahweh Hated Esau, Our Gnostic Qabalic Goal, Dialectic Assa Litmus Test
Genesis XXVIII:1-5 Hamilton's Quaternion Feminine One
Genesis XXVIII:6-10 Epigematria
Genesis XXVIII:11-16 S~he Enthymeme, The Big V~J~Jay, Forensic Linguistics of Self
Genesis XXVIII:17-22 Tear Down That Wall, Cursalityings of Threat Threads, QELR Forensics of Forensic
Genesis XXIX:1-5 Females Omnimensionally Print Us, Quantum~Society
Genesis XXIX:6-10 A Theme of Reality Revelation
Genesis XXIX:11-15 An Abgeyiq Revelation, These Two Lives, An OT Fable
Genesis XXIX:16-20 Eschew Dialectical Religion
Genesis XXIX:21-25 An Amaleq Mystery?, A Scripting Approach from Meme to Gematria
Genesis XXIX:26-30 Another Meme~to~Gematria Pedagogy, A Quantonics First Born
Genesis XXIX:31-35 Leah assa Euler's Disc, ~Hologral~ Thought All at Once, Why ~Yeshooaa~ issi not Mentioned in Two Paths
Genesis XXX:1-5

Ayn vav Eyn

Genesis XXX:6-10 Grail Assa Mobius Twist
Genesis XXX:11-15 All About Mandrakes, Are We Fertilizer?
Genesis XXX:16-20

Love and QAI, Emetory Evolution, Awe Feel Awe

Genesis XXX:21-25 Doug's Indictment of Reformation, ~Quantum~Linguistic~Forensics~
Genesis XXX:26-30 Is Law Artificial?, Ridicule and Cajole Status Quo, Prepare for Quantum Forensic Rebirth
Genesis XXX:31-35 In Any Light, A Perfect Human, Quantonics Issi ~Strategic~
Genesis XXX:36-40 Delayed Choice Sperm and Ovum, Makeing UnAbel
Genesis XXX:41-43 Do ~Synaptics~ Manifest Scintillation?, Qabala Quantum Assesses Qabala, QR Never Dies
Genesis XXXI:1-5 A Proemially Nascent QC
Genesis XXXI:6-10 Innovation of Foulis' FireFly Box
Genesis XXXI:11-15

The Living Iht, Now

Genesis XXXI:16-20
Genesis XXXI:21-25

A Quantum Tell, Taking Out The Garbage

Genesis XXXI:26-30 Do Not Do What You Hate, If Only We Could Believe
Genesis XXXI:31-35 ~Finding~ Planck's Clock On, Rachel Likes to Hide Stuff, A Doug Revelation re Adoni
Genesis XXXI:36-40
Genesis XXXI:41-45 Holy Mother of Atta, Sadduceeans Pharisaics Zealots and Romans
Genesis XXXI:46-50 AEFings assa Equivocation and Prevarication, A Femtostudy of Situation and Role
Genesis XXXI:51-55

A QVH Quantal~Scintillationings Hierarchy

Genesis XXXII:1-5

Why Rebeqah and Jaqob Hate Esau, English Language Idiomatic Misdirection

Genesis XXXII:6-10 Using Pogo to be Visualizing Yamer, Abi issi Logos of Me, Crossing Jordan
Genesis XXXII:11-15 Evolution assa Rescue, ~Guessings~, Gender Neutrality
Genesis XXXII:16-20 Some Doug Deja Vu, Quantum Picasso, Logos ~Among~ Us, Can You Scintillate?
Genesis XXXII:21-25 Shakespeare's Logos, Churton's Gnosis, Sapphireic Bliss
Genesis XXXII:26-32 What Issi Your Name?, Plucking a Guitar String
Genesis XXXIII:1-5 Abodes of Aleph
Genesis XXXIII:6-10 ~Namna~ Issi ~Finding~ One's Inner, In General QR issi Antinomial
Genesis XXXIII:11-15 ~Enlightened~ Existenceings of Creationings
Genesis XXXIII:16-20 Revisiting Ionic QC
Genesis XXXIV:1-5
Genesis XXXIV:6-10 Bezos Ridicules Self, Qabala's Rule Five, Tilde's Destruction of Dialectic, What Would Pirsig Say?
Genesis XXXIV:11-15
Expression of Nous~Mind Comsciousnessings, Arera You Who ~K~now~ings~ Who You Arera?, Issi Idiomatic Male a Ruse?
Genesis XXXIV:16-20 Game of Death vav Game of Life
Genesis XXXIV:21-25 Aleph Ridiculeings Yod, Quantum HotMemes Galore, An Inexplicable Memeset Gravity, Quantons(QR,Iht)
Genesis XXXIV:26-31 Field Assa Earth's Adamah, What Women Do~Due, Mind and Body
Genesis XXXV:1-5 A Day of Days, Alephic ~Synapses~ of Iht, Does Per Se Beg Foreign?, Diffract Me Terets Me
Genesis XXXV:6-10

As Good As Iht Gets, Where To Put That ~Synaptic~ Com Troll?

Genesis XXXV:11-15
Genesis XXXV:16-20

Concretism and Stux Sux, Hay Assa Alephic Quantal ~Gate~wayveings~, Rachel's Son's Name in Qabala

Genesis XXXV:21-25
Quantonics Qabalic Gametria, A Richter Scale for Toposical Thought
Genesis XXXV:26-29

Gravitational ~Cosmic~Emerqancyings~, Partial Emerscitecture of Xistor Useing Gametria

Genesis XXXVI:Esau Genealogy
Genesis XXXVI:1-5

Aleph Wins

Genesis XXXVI:6-10
Genesis XXXVI:11-15 Sepher Yetsira Gametria and ~Metabolismings~, Issi GametriaTM a Subspecies of Quanton
Genesis XXXVI:16-20
Genesis XXXVI:21-25

Exodus Degeneracy of Classical Nous

Genesis XXXVI:26-30

Phylogeny of Green Shoots

Genesis XXXVI:31-35
Genesis XXXVI:36-43

Expect vav Expectationings

Genesis XXXVII:1-5 Living Father Playing Qabala's Game of Life, Hatred issi Humanity Attempting to Metabolize Aleph
Genesis XXXVII:6-10

Idiom Trivializes All of That, A Mother's Womb Surrounds, We Arera In an Epic Poem, Idiom's Great Bable, ~Emphemera~, Anthropogenic Weather, Wayves of ~Wayveings~ Quantum~Assess QR

Genesis XXXVII:11-15
Genesis XXXVII:16-20 Stop the Noun of Life
Genesis XXXVII:21-25 Another Why Classical Negation is Bogus, A Simple View of Mind~Body Nexi
Genesis XXXVII:26-30 Essence of ~Neurons~, PCtards Ignore All of That, Pistis Sophia assa Faith Cowithhn Mother, ~YEShooaa~, Those Mu Nonanswers
Genesis XXXVII:31-36 Gametria vav STEM, Actuality Wobbles, Do Not Ridicule and Cajole Self Dialectically
Genesis XXXVIII:1-5

Issi a ~Signatureings~ Scalar, What issi Your Name in Qabala?, Gematrum assa Wayve Packet

Genesis XXXVIII:6-10
Genesis XXXVIII:11-15 A Dichon of Failure, Pirsig Punted and Doug Ran With It
Genesis XXXVIII:16-20
Genesis XXXVIII:21-25 Succor Fertile Soil, Sheen Tilde Tav, TMT, Bonds arera QED Metabolic, Coherent Chaos assa Truthings, Mother of Many Truthings
Genesis XXXVIII:26-30 Iht vav Ahhar

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