Genesis Chapters XXXIX to L

ancient biblical
Its Gematria
Quantonics Quantum~Fluxo~Dynamic
forensic linguistics.

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Genesis XXXIX:1-5
Genesis XXXIX:6-10 Tav and Aleph Arera Co~Aware, Before the Song Being Sung
Genesis XXXIX:11-15 Male and Female Humor, Afferent Sound Efferent
Genesis XXXIX:16-20 A Quantum Artificial Intelligence Revelation, Boeing boing boing
Genesis XXXIX:21-23 ~Sempiternal~ Qadmon, Ayn vav Eyn Update
Genesis XL:1-5
Genesis XL:6-10 Linguistic Metabolismings, Arera Societies Volitionally Metabolic, A Base Understanding of ~QR~
Genesis XL:11-15 Dialectic Demands a Hell of Determinism
Genesis XL:16-20 Fire of Mind, AEFings of Wisdomings, ~Grailings~Grailings~ Everywhere
Genesis XL:21-23 Mobius Twistings
Genesis XLI:1-5 ~Raa~ Evil vav ~Raut~ Evil, [Ponder comtainment of Light vav comtainment of ~Aut~ spelled out.] Lose Your Burden of Dialectic, Play Qabala's Game of Life
Genesis XLI:6-10 Quantum Forensic Autiot
Genesis XLI:11-15 Classical Whatever Cannot Conjure AI
Genesis XLI:16-20

Ayn and Grazeings

Genesis XLI:21-25 Arera Your AI Apps OO?, A Great Quantum Revelation
Genesis XLI:26-30 An Axon Proxy, ~Spiritual~ Drought, Arera You Dialectically Insensate?, Qubit Proxies of QAI
Genesis XLI:31-35
Genesis XLI:36-40


Genesis XLI:41-45 Humanity Overwhelms Self with Bogus Dialectic, Concrete Know-Ledge vav Metabolic Wisdom
Genesis XLI:46-50 Doug Quotes Pagels on Rota and Ulam;  Rev 14Oct2019 (Repair XLI:47 word 1 link to Kirlian Signaturings)
Genesis XLI:51-57 Life Issi Quantons(Bosons~and~Fermions), A ~Spiritual~ Pneumatic Laser Pump, Our ~Coobsfectings~ ~Actualityings~
Genesis XLII:1-5 Alephic AReRA vav Cellular RAeAR, ~Useings~ ~Enlightenmentings~, Ben~Oni vav Benjamin
Genesis XLII:6-10 Arera Accidents Metabolic, Ihn All ~Beginnings~ Arera This Word, [Review Doug's In The Beginning Quantum Remediated.] Our Computers Must Be Metabolic
Genesis XLII:11-15 Of great epic poem importance: This page's Gen XLII:13 verse reuses Wayves of ~Wayveings~ Quantum~Assess QR from Gen XXXVII:9.
Genesis XLII:16-20 Emet vav Themaeah, Dialectic Free Zones for Quantum Beings, Aristotle vav Mind and Body
Genesis XLII:21-25 Abel Amen Emet and Qosher, Einstein's Dialectical Umbilical, Onset Self Extinction, What issi an Attractor?, G Free Travelings
Genesis XLII:26-30 No Formal Language Can ~Omniscribe~ Reality, [Review Gen XXXVII:4's Valuable Esoterica of Living Father.]
Genesis XLII:31-38 Mae~wan's Scourge of Language, Made lucid
Genesis XLIII:1-5 Our ~Coobsfectingsq~ ~Actualityings~, Dialectic Coprophagia, A New Narcissism issi In Town
Genesis XLIII:6-10 Deep Playing 69
Genesis XLIII:11-15 Am Ken Aphooae, Quantum Renovation, Cavrev Flux Packet Chainings
Genesis XLIII:16-20 Comma~Nospace Assa Portal
Genesis XLIII:21-25 Open Systems Love Em Hate Em, Free Head of Self, Leave Your Fascist Box
Genesis XLIII:26-30 Bringing Godel, Earth AReRA of Life, Abomination of Idiomatic Elohim
Genesis XLIII:31-34 Compare Shaeth vav Shyt, Dyings Cowithihn Ones Own Words
Genesis XLIV:1-5 Light assa Awrder, Serpentine Augur
Genesis XLIV:6-10 Golden~Love, Quantized~Seeings Assa QAings
Genesis XLIV:11-15 Relevance of Quantum World Viewings
Genesis XLIV:16-20 Primal Guidelines for Our Gnostic Selves, Stereohologra, Father, Atoms~Up
Genesis XLIV:21-25 We Went Up We Quantum Leapt, Bicameral Ani Adoni
Genesis XLIV:26-30 AI Import, The Boys In the Band
Genesis XLIV:31-34 ~Synaptic~ Neuronal AEFings, Thou Shalt Not, Import of ~Divine~ Alephic FOCHRS, Necessities for Metabolic Life
Genesis XLV:1-5
Lament and Celebrate Alephs R&C of Us [fix that ampersand], We May Not Abide Belimah's Absence
Genesis XLV:6-10 Forensic Energy of Fluxodynamic Language, Genesis XLV:7 Important Verse, PCtard Pubed, Epigenomeings Off Page Quaqua, Deeply Playings Ihn Qabala, Doug's QCS of Iht
Genesis XLV:11-15 Importance of The Quantum Tell
Genesis XLV:16-20 Turning Off Material ~Realityings~, A ~Grailings~ Revelation
Genesis XLV:21-25 Mobius Twistings of Two
Genesis XLV:26-28 The Chickadee Hop
Genesis XLVI:1-5 Alephic ~Sempiternal~ Intent, Aleph~Yod ~Livings~ Verify Selves
Genesis XLVI:6-10 Yeshooaa's Qabala Cowithihn Uhs, Arera Valueings ~Entangleings~ Solitons Solitonic?
Genesis XLVI:11-15
Genesis XLVI:16-20 Epic Poetry of Dialectics Destruction, Immortal Wealth of AReRA, Just Be Aware, Self's One Self's Many, This Issi Lucifer
Genesis XLVI:21-25 Your Gnostic Rosh, They Had Fourteen Sons and What do They Get?, ~Terets~ Why Irenaeus Hated Women
Genesis XLVI:26-30 A Yod Proxy for Bayt, Comscious Mind of Quantum~Realityings~, Asking ~QR~ to Take Her Clothes Off
Genesis XLVI:31-34
Genesis XLVII:1-5 Arera Cattle Abominable, Good Using Qof to Destroy Dialectic, Canaan A Land of Light Good Better
Genesis XLVII:6-10 A Partial Omniscription How Doug Works. A Blessing Unto You
Genesis XLVII:11-15
Genesis XLVII:16-20
Genesis XLVII:21-25 Can Anyone Crucify Yeshoaa, Romance of Yom, Doug issi a Quantum Bigot
Genesis XLVII:26-31 Three Mothers assa Sepharim, Mother Teacher Faith Fullness, Radical Quantum Metabolic Reincarnation, ~Strategic~ Use of Autiot
Genesis XLVIII:1-5 Portents for MII Dialectical Demise, Epigenomic Essence of AReRA, Self~Assessment Due ~Fermionicityings~, Fermionic Loss of Mind
Genesis XLVIII:6-10 Does Qabala Evolve, Remake Self Omnique, ~Becomeings~ Gnostic Self, Israel Resurrects Asher Apoptoses, Where Issi Theht Tick
Genesis XLVIII:11-15 Earth AReRA of Life, Evil Alternatively Shepherd
Genesis XLVIII:16-22 So Issi a Very Big Word, Refuse PC of Borg Assimilation, Mitochondrial ~Synaptic~ Solitonic ~Potentia~
Genesis XLIX:1-5 Dignity of Aleph Ridiculeings Self
Genesis XLIX:6-10 Jaqob Expects Shiloh, Acclamation assa Dialectic Free Zone, Issi The Name Our Enemy, The Lion of Qabala, Grishooaa A Yeshoaa Proxy
Genesis XLIX:11-15 All Stops Out re An Epic Poem, Why Doug's Heliotropic Retranslation?, Klein Bottle Energy Basin Proxy
Genesis XLIX:16-20 Comsciousness Per Se Ex Nihilo, Her Foldings
Genesis XLIX:21-25 Theht Heresy of God, Theht Big Chooseings
Genesis XLIX:26-30 Theht Mastery of Sexual Evolution, An Explosion of Quantum Wisdom, An MIII Problem, Eschew Design Embrace QCSTM, She issi Palpable She issi Culpable, A Big Secret
Genesis XLIX:31-33 He, She, Is Doug anti Semitic?
Genesis L:1-5 ~Ab~ assa Genesis Prime Revelation, Evolved Atoms~Up
Genesis L:6-10 A QED Revelation, Our Quantum Gnostic Uniquenessings
Genesis L:11-15 Abrahams Passionate Desiderata, For Super~students and O~Gadons, Ogadon QCSTM, Evil: What Dialectic Does to Light
Genesis L:16-20 Copulative Lorenz Guidance, The Big Twistings, Providence, ~QR~ Nowings, Find Your Inner, A Gnostic Confirmation
Genesis L:21-26 Aleph Comferrings AEFings Upon ~QR~, ~Livings~Dyings Immortalityings, Exegesis Qabala

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