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Giving Illeq~Sema
Qabala's Autiot~Gematria

View this as a evolving draft..please realize that
quantum~hologral~fractal~energy~welling recursion is all, ihn all, and
perversely, provocatively, equivocally endings~beginnings all,

Quantum~reality issi Qabalic~reality!

Use this as Doug does, to leverageq, bootstrapq,
and evolveq, yourq learningsq.


(See quantum~qubital aspects of Doug's use of color fields for Autiot. See What is Qabala?)



Game of Life

Letter~Number Playground

All recently added color maps need careful reassessmentings.

When you ask, "What is Doug's use of Illeq (Doug's artistic endeavors bestowing quantum~Value) about?" this issi it:

Doug's use of "reassessmentings" carries abundant quantum~computing Value.

For a long time, perhaps decades, Doug has been thinkqing of quantum~computing assa 'visual.'
Trouble is, right here in river city, (n¤n light speed color) vision (in homo sapiens) is less than one octave of reality's spectrum.
So using color as a proxy for a wave based, evolving reality, reassessmenting, recapitulating, quantadulative wMBU™, issi an extremely over simplified approach.
Though simplified, it issi potent. It solves, at least partially, the system problem:

How does humanity move from classical stux to quantum flux, from classical 'absolute state,' to quantum 'absolute change?'

From MBO to wMBU™. From classical politics to quantum politics.

From mythos to emersos.

We can start with vision and color, get that to work, and grow~evolve
into larger spectral aspects of quantum~reality as a durational
evolutionary process of learning by prototyping.

"Where do we begin?" Well, we just agreed to start with vision.
But perhaps you mean, "Technically where do we begin?"

We will use quantum~computing. Classical von Neumannesque computer architecture is an MBO
anachronism from a dead~stux past of classically dialectical thought: digits, state-ic di gits.

Plausibly we will start with qubits as basis for our quantum~computing~emerscitecturings.
There will be a tendency to keep MBO, so we'll see initial qubital
emerscitectures following mythos' dialectical inertia of H5W.

Quickly, in less than one generation of human endeavor, we will find
classicism as a failure in inventing a first quantum~qubit.

We see that happening now! Recent, CeodE 2015, nine-qubit registers do n¤t
ømniht¤r quantum~comtexts, they 'stopc' them. Ooops!

. . .

Quantum~reality issi unstoppable!
There is n¤ state anymore. Dialectic is n¤ more. Dualism is n¤ more.
Static computing (holdstillism) is n¤ more. Sample and hold is n¤ more!
There are n¤ 'initial conditions' anymore.

Why issi quantum~reality unstoppable?

Quantum~reality issi metabolicq. That means a huge leapq ihn philosophicalq understandingq of what realityq is.

A metabolicq realityq issi aliveq. A metabolicq realityq issi con(m)sciousq.

A metabolicq realityq issi perpetually and ubiquitously cycling~recycling all, always.

All endings are new beginnings. All beginnings have endings. Metabolismq quantizes beginningsq and endingsq cyclicallyq, for eternity.

Big Bangings (ponder allegoryq of butterfly) arera new beginnings which end in Black Hole~ings (ponder allegoryq of chrysalis)as new beginnings which end in Big Bangings...for eternityings...

Hey classicist, "Where are your 'initial conditions' ihn any metabolismq? Where issi your mechanicallyc determinatec predicablec objectivec Lie-con in that?"


Read Hesse's Magister Ludi. Watch video Quiet Earth.

Beginnings are ihn endings and endings are ihn beginnings: metabolismq.

Search this page for <metabo>.

Check out finalNoun.

Doug - 18Dec2015.

. . .

A Dugger HotMeme™ "Qubits shall ride Quantum~Reality's~EoNs."™ A Dugger HotMeme

They shall real~timings~n¤w~ings compare evolving hologralq patternsq of wavesq and
learn from those comparison's signatures whatings are happenings n¤w~ings.

When we do stochastics on those ensembleq signatures...

...we garner a modicum of near term predication (plausibilityingsq, likelihoodingsq).
We assist longer term heuristic and comjecture. Notice uncertainty's intrinsics.

We have to guess!
(Our needs to guess scale from rapid change Planck rates, e.g., nano and faster
cycles of life, to almost no apparent change at all, e.g., cosmic cycles of life.
Compare Drosophila generations to quantons(blackholes,bigbangs), e.g., quantons(chrysalis,butterfly) life cyclings.)

We have to learn how to manage by uncertainty!

We have to learn that quantum~reality issi both unlimited potentia and unlimited possibilities which
couldn't be without intrinsic quantum~uncertaintyings borne of quantons(scin,quan). See finalKaf above.

Cowithin Doug's How to Manage by Uncertainty tome he offers QLOs as a generic approach.
Why? QLOs allow us to show 'flux' in one of many graphically generic wayves.
Depending upon what a qubit is, that graphic could be one or many (both one and many) qubits.

Emphasis! N¤ self respecting qubit will offer~honor~respect one iota of classicism!
To any extent it does, it fails. You'll see.

We can use QLOs as proxies for most, if not all, quantum flux in actuality.

In essence, qubits are flux. Qubits are quantum~waves assessing other quantum~wavings.
A photon is a special 'kind' of qubit. A photon is a messenger~qubit. In QED a
photon measures an electron quantumly. Its processq issi one of metabolicq evolutionq.

When measurement is tentatively 'finished,' photon (perhaps its quantum~dive cascading ensemble)
carries qubital wave energyings (signature[s], messages) about its electronic experience.

So, is an electron a qubit? An ensemble of qubits?
(Doug's serious thoughts on qubits commenced almost 15 years ago twixt 2002-2004.
Observe that understanding Bell's Theorem is crux in understanding qubits.)

It appears we will use subatomic fermions as computational
qubits and subatomic bosons as signature messengers...

Emerscitecture is a keyq meme~memeoq here. This is crucial to successq at inventing quantum~signaturing qua.

Two very recent budding quantologies have caught Doug's attention. Their memesq aren't new. They have been around for some time.
What is n¤væl, from Doug's complementarospective is applications of those memes regarding potentiaq for inventionq of real quantum~Evaluons™.
These n¤væl applications use two marvelous quantum~physi:
Bowtie Nano Antennae, and Graphene Networks.
These are of great Value to what Doug is attempting to comvey here regarding
qubits and
energy~welling~networksq of them and
their quantum~flux interrelationshipings as both fractalq and recursiveq.

If we imagine a zygote's ontologicalq evolutionq of a newbornq as biological 3D printingq of an infant, we can begin to imagine how future
3D (actuallyq holographicq ND) printingq won't need outsidec directionc, but will happen emulating cellularq~selfq~printingq intra newbornq whatever.
Doug seesq Bowtie Nano Antennae and Graphene Nets as proemially~nascent incipienceq of any selfq's '3D' printingq.

Doug's heuristics...

Doug - 12-14,17-22Mar,18Dec2015, 3Jan2017.

See Ancient

Some metaphors of isoflux:

- "Spirit of the depths" (Jung)
- Cosmic dark energy (physi)
- Unconscious (Jung)
- N¤nactuality (Quantonics)
- Undifferentiated energy
- Etc.

Aleph.1 [only partiallyq effable as A~dam, Aleph.1 ihn Blood] issi archetype of Aleph.1000 [ineffable cosmic comscious energy], which empiritheoretically Doug refers "isoflux." Suares, time and again narrates, "Aleph.1 issi ihn Yod," and "Aleph.1 issi ihn Bayt." (Aleph.1 issi ihn 'existence.')

That, empiritheoretically, is quantum thermodynamics at work. It ævokes memes of Yod tapping into 'reserve energy,' AKA isoflux, AKA Aleph. Ditto Bayt. All 'existence,' all actuality taps into Aleph, into isoflux. And Aleph dips into all actuality. A cosmic omniscription of radically immanent~thermodynamic quantum~reality!

So in quantum~color, what does Aleph~Yod look like?


What does Aleph~Bayt look like?


Both may be illustrated using quantons, too:

Blue-dotted issi isoflux~Aleph.

Bold green is spin 1 bosonic Yod~Bayt: the Light, existential Light. It is essence of Awr, life energy, thermodynamic QED scintillationings, energyings of evolution, Aleph perpetually, ubiquitously fecundatingq [Waw] its cosmos Raysh.

We can show that scripted as a

quanton( ).

Comma~n¤space makes middle~inclusionq apparent!

A fermion version looks like this:

We see isoflux 'hiding' via its comtrarotation. We see Möbius spin 1/2 fermionic qwfs Yod~Bayt in solid Tao Yin~Yang, male~female (AttA) haploidal fluxoids red and green.




Aleph's archetype representing Aleph 1000's ineffable vital~impetus, Aleph's cosmic vital~impetus.

Em as "Mother,"
Emet as "Truthings."

Autiot (manyq) as "Two fem [X,X] pluralq livingsq," and



Yassod (onec) as "Two mal haploidally singularc [X,Y] livesc."








Archetype of all comtainers.

Ben as "evolution of,"
Bar as "son of,"
Bat as "daughter of,"
Ab as "father of,"
and Ram as "cosmic[ally] wisdom[wise]."

Ab~ram (livec)
Abraham (livingq)

Ben as shown above is spelled with a Noun, and may also be spelled with a finalNoun.

Ben with Noun issi immature:

So we may fathom evolution from immature to mature assa semaq of Ben.

Ben with finalNoun issi mature:

Doug - 25Aug2017.






Archetype of organic movement and rest.

Ghimel as archetypical metabolismq.

Ghimel's archetypical symbol looks familiar to us:

(generate entropyq)

(degenerate entropyq)

Heteronymically pronounce generate here as 'generut.'

One may apply that symbol's semaq to Ghimel, Lammed, and Sheen.

We fathom thermodynamicq metabolismq as a key feature of an evolvingq metabolicq processq.


Archetype of all openings and closings and their partialityings.


Archetype of Life.Only two Aut are notably quantized: Hay and Qof. Hay as cosmos' livingq quantizer begs Noun allegoricallyq as quanta.

This, from any quantum
complementarospective is really profound!

Hay and Qof each has a genus of two. All others have a genus of zero or one. Sammekh and finalMem have geni of zero.








Archetype of fertilization.

Masculine '6' as penile~testicular.

Typical malesc are only responsible in any sense of planting staticc ideasc, notionsc, and seedsc.

Quantum males are responsible in any sense of planting evolutionaryq memesq, memeosq, and next gen Sapienceq.

Obtain: this 'planting' whether classical, whether quantum, issi a profound thermodynamic process we refer QED, which issi transmutativeq photon~electron waveq modulationq as fluxq copulationq.

"fluxq fuxq fluxq."


Classical 'objects' cann¤t d¤ that!


Archetype of unlimited potentia.

Archetype of all possibilityings.
A great Gen I:4
word is Hhosheykh.
It shows Hayt using
Sheen to blow right through Tav's vital~impedance
into finalKaf's
isoflux grail.
"Tear down that wall!"


Archetype of all cells which originate emerqancyings.

Feminine '9'' as ovarian~pudendal.

Colloquially '9' is like a massive change, an novel birthing of cultural change.

In history 9Av is very important in this regard.

Existential Maturing
Antinomial Projection
Actuals of Archetypes

Doug's use of visual colors as proxies of qwfs offers great power of hermeneutics here as exemplified by comparing Yod and Ayn.

Yod's background is black. All Yod can 'see' is its existence. Yod cannot see~assess~ømnit¤r any actuality, any existence ihn isoflux. All else is dark, Layla: Lammed~Yod~Lammed~Hay
"Metabolic existence, metabolic life: Layla."
Now Ayn's background issi "the light:" Le~Awr: Lammed~Aleph~Waw~Raysh

"Metabolic G¤d fecundating life: Le~Awr."
Yod issi ihn dark. Ayn issi ihn light.

QCD~QED thermodynamics everywhere, everywhen...
...observe color
ihn chromo...

For a kind of quantum~comtrast, examine grays' absence of color in structuration sema of Yod~Tsadde~finalTsadde using both Dallet and Yod for extreme Layla~Leawr quantum~comtrastings.

One should observe how structuration may be interpreted classical, quantum.

In a way gray and black almost beg classical. However gray and black are flux too. They are not objects! Miraculously darkq issi quanton(Aynq,Aynq).


All existence as living quantons of fermions and bosons hologra~interrelating individually and as quantum~ensembles ihn actuality.

Fermions, a spin 1/2 material~fluxq requisiteq. Agency of formationq. Essence of massq.

Suares' "...[Yod abiding Aleph ihn it...] as infinite [thermodynamic] animation and as its own physical casting..." CoG, p. 91.


Hand, cup, grail, aqueduct, pipe, tunnel, channel ihn actual existence.

Kaf issi impermeable.

Khaf issi permeable.

Think "unleaky-leaky."


Actual organic movement. Actual metabolism. Metabolism may be regardedq as movement'sq punctuationq of restq via two antinomialq~complementaryq entropyq flowingsq:

  • anabolismq (upings),
  • catabolismq (downings).

For Doug, best exemplified use of Lammed appears in Song of Songs as Alt.

Alt ciphered is Aleph~Lammed~Tav.
Leave out Lammed and we have At.

We see Lammed embedded in Aleph~Tav.

Ponder Atta!




Actual biosphere. View skin as a biosphere.

View planet earth as a biosphere.

View oceans as biospheres.



as death.

Is that:

  • classical death?
  • quantum death?

Ponder a moth's life ontology. Moth lays larva. Larva evolve into caterpillars. Caterpillars wrap selves in cocoons. Cocoons protect their chrysalis. Chrysalis evolves into new moth.

Does any moth ever die classically?

Does any moth live durationally, quantumly?

Make self an allegory. Assume y~our skin[s] is~are y~our cocoon[s].

See Beyn~Veyn.


Life~existence as actual evolutionaryq indetermination. Life existence as quanta and their quantization and their transmutative scintilla. Actual freedomq as radically comtextq sensitive. Change issi absoluteq. Uncertaintyq issi stochasticq.




Female fecundity, womb.


That which is 'not.' To see.

Bosons, a spin 1 (agency of seeability) light~immanenceq requisiteq. Agency of transmutationq. Essenceq of raw energyq sens[ai]bility. CoG, Ch. 7.

Ponder philosophicalq implicationsq of that which is unseen does n¤t become seen (sensedq) and then does n¤t become said until it is cognized, then recognized.

See Suares' Trilogy, p. 429, "Ayn originates the metaphysical: God created the [cosmos] ex nihilo." Text appears in his Sepher Yetsira, 1976. Doug's thelogos and brackets.


Hhayt's actual projection assa unlimited cosmic energy ihn existenceq.

This Aut and its Hhayt~exalted antinomialq and complementaryq n¤n existentialq finalPhay amaze Doug!

Doug fathoms somehow ancients saw existentialq fluxq assa cycloidalq ihn actualityingsq and n¤n existentialq isofluxq as qycloidal ihn n¤nactualityingsq.

That 'curly que' is pure sema of a cycloid (a qycloid).

Doug issi unsure re Pay~Phay, but we may choose to generalize that Pay tends to middle~exclusion of flux, while Phay tends to middle~inclusion of isoflux.


Structuration ihn actuality.

Observe: There issi projected energy of projection Yod

ihn Tsadde!

All existential measurables appear to exist ihn actuality.

These are exalted Mature Projections of Archetypes in N¤nexistence; First Four (100-400) Straddle both Existence and N¤nexistence; Last Five (500-900) Finals are Antinomial Cosmic Projections of Their Five Actuals

Taken pairwise both vertically and horizontally all Aut are antinomial~complementary their neighbors. This has enormous metaphysical and philosophical comsequences and ramping~hyperbolic urgency during Millennium III.

Compare Movement and Rest as complementaryq~antinomialsq of one another. See QELR of gradience.

Ditto quantons(chaos,equilibrium).

Essence of all this is Qabala and its Letter~Numbers and relevant texts are cumulatively a quantum~science of thermodynamicsq.

Aleph exalted ihn life's existence straddling both existence and n¤nexistence.

"...Qof issi symbol of cosmic Aleph ihn existence." Suares, CoG, p. 91. Doug's QELR in bold green.

Destroyer of [esp. dialectical, static, dead, unliving...] illusions.

Qof destroys all classical Yod, Yodc. All dead, mawt~ha~mawt, Yod.

Qof tests all human psyches on behalf of Aleph.

Qof exorcises all illusionc, all delusionc.

Simply stuxc sux!

Qof exorcises all stux, all which refuses to adaptq, to changeq, to evolveq.

Simply fluxq issi cruxq.

See Suares' opus.

See Qof.


All existence' cosmic comtainer.
This is only graphic example of an Aut as pjctn and pjctd that Doug has seen. He saw it in a graphic in one of Dame Frances Yates' texts.


Cosmic~Metabolism. Aleph's Hammer[s] ihn Shyt.

organically metabolically evolves and adapts Yod to its actual and cosmic rqcs hologral~environs.

See Sh'Shzafatni.


Cosmic vital~resistance, vital~impedance.

Doug isn't sure about this, but it seems there are two kinds of Mem~Tavs

  • Mem~Tav
  • Mem~Thav

We view T[h]av in its double "two lives" role.




Without h, Tav in its A~T echo chamber
fermionic resonant cavity role keeps a life existence going.

With h, Thav changes its role, and leaks life's spirit back into isoflux, i.e., n¤n existence.
shows us Bayt's metabolic~lifeq trajectory.
offers Vayt's breaking~evolvingq into a n¤væl lifeq.


Cosmic grail into n¤nexistence, undifferentiated reality, isoflux. Ultimate pneumatic maturation. Essentially quantum~tunneling issi quantons(isoflux,flux), quantons(scin,quan).


Maturation of a biosystem.

E.g., Adam
is a fine exemplar:

  • 1.4.40
  • 1.4.600

We see juxtapose of immature Adam and mature Adam.


Cosmic Life~Energy. Cosmic indetermination. Pure cosmic freedom.

One's standingunder of both Noun and finalNoun establishes one's psyche~pneuma as 'elect:' One standsunder Paul Pietsch's, "Indetermination is [a] principle feature of intelligence." Ref. Shufflebrain.


Hhayt's n¤nactual exaltation assa unlimited cosmic energy ihn existenceq.

Fathom Beyn (Bein)
as a "life trajectory" into cosmic n¤nexistenceq.

This Aut and its antinomialq and complementaryq Hhayt's projected~existentialq Phay amaze Doug!

Doug fathoms somehow ancients saw existentialq fluxq as cycloidalq ihn actualityingsq and as n¤n existentialq qycloidal isofluxq ihn n¤nactualityingsq.

That 'curly que' is pure sema of a qycloid.


isoStructuration ihn n¤nactuality. Doug calls this IsoV.

It parses as
finalTsadde thence

Observe: There issi n¤ Yod (actual existence




ihn finalTsadde!
There issi n¤ actual structuration ihn isofluxq!

IsoStructuration [IsoV] issi ihn isoflux which offers n¤ 'existential measurables,' n¤ Yod:

N¤ 'timec,' 'spacec,' 'massc,' 'gravityc.'

All energy, all fluxq issi cloaked~hidden assa isofluxq.

Doug learned all his interpretations of Autiot~Gematria Qabalic wisdom from Carlo Suares' vast opus.
Beth bought Doug Suares' Trilogy, Song of Songs, and Cipher of Genesis in 2005.
Prior that Beth put Baigent, Leigh, and Lincoln's Holy~Blood, Holy~Grail in Doug's lap soon after we were married in May, 1997.
Near those dates Doug was also collecting much of Elaine Pagels' works on Gnosis. Lots and lots of stuff there, all Good.
Doug has been studying Suares' opus part time since 2005. Mix in a little Carl Jung (Red Book and Synchronicity) and we see beau coup quantum~fun.

What is most stunning about all of this is how well it "double~entry bookkeeping" assesses Doug's quantum~empiritheory and philosophy. Grandest test of all, perhaps.

Doug - 9-14,17-24,27Mar2015.

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