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 Subject:  Your article, 'Our gov is here to stay.'
 Date:  Thu, 25 Feb 1999 09:12:12 -0500
 From:  Doug Renselle <NOFLAMEqtx{at}earthlink{dot}netNOSPAM>
 Organization:  The Quantonics Society & Quantonics, Inc.

This letter is based upon a Red Herring article which appeared on 25Feb99.
The article title is, Our Gov[ernment] is Here to Stay. Jason, the author asks the
the following question:

"A new generation of futurists, like Kevin Kelly of Wired and Esther Dyson,
is saying that information technologies, and in particular the Internet, will
overthrow governments. This time, are the futurists right?"

Then Jason proceeds to tell readers why the futurists are wrong. We disagree.
Here is our response to him:



Enjoyed your article.

I tend to agree with the futurists. Here are my reasons:

o Unions evolve toward stasis. We see that happening to the 'Union'
States of America now. Unions drift toward absolute control and
absolute corruption. If that is true then Europe is going in the wrong
direction. And why do we see the U-States-A attempting to take back
control from the fed?
o Richard Dawkins, a famous geneticist, talks about ESS:
Evolutionarily Stable Strategy. See his, 'Selfish Gene,' et al. Also
see the brand new, 'The Philosophical Computer,' by Patrick Grim, et
al. Here we see models of ESSs and they indicate ESS-enhancing
behaviors in terms of long term survivability.
o The big problem as I see it, is that Unions are intrinsically averse
individual autonomy. Without individual autonomy, no system is
practicing an ESS. Without that, revolutions displace evolutions.
o Mae-wan Ho in her, 'the Rainbow and the Worm,' describes the ideal
social organization if you assume Reality is quantum. See pp. 153-4.
She describes the ideal social organization as, "...a domain of
coherent, autonomous activity."
o Quantum reality is BOTH coherent AND autonomous. People in
Western culture have blinders to the coherent part because of their
legacy subject-object dichotomy (i.e., the coherent part is 'subjective,'
therefore does not exist objectively). As a result, Western cultures
keep trying to build social structures to provide formal coherence.
Formal coherence does not work! It always fails, because of its
implicit stasis! Quantum coherence works, because of its implicit
dynamis. That is the direction in which we must move.
o If the conclusion above is correct, then the futurists' opinions
which you decry are probably moving in the right direction.

I vote for them.

No offense intended here. Just opinion.

Many truths to you, Jason,


"Truth is always a DQ-changeable Static Pattern of Value."
DQ: Dynamic Quality
Doug Renselle, July 20, 1998.

Doug Renselle
In Quantonics

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