Have A DQ Moment!

Once in awhile, real enlightenment happens: Epiphany!
The contents of this letter from Doug to Anthony, are self-explanatory.
Also see related material: our review of Irving Stein's,
The Concept of Object as the Foundation of Physics

 Subject:  Have a DQ moment!
 Date:  Mon, 12 Oct 1998 16:33:40 -0500
 From:  Doug Renselle - In Quantonics
 Organization:  The Quantonics Society & Quantonics, Inc.
 To:  Ant McWatt <>


I am so excited! I just have to share with you. Here is powerful
evidence that MoQthink works for its practitioners...

About two weeks ago, almost out of the clear blue, I sat down and wrote
those three equations I just shared with you: m, l, t = f(flux). I
arrived at these via MoQ and thinking about unlatched waves as a
metaphor of DQ. I did it without deep knowledge of physics, advanced
mathematics, etc.

Now imagine my delight when I am reading, for the first time in my life
on 12Oct1998, page 49 of Irving Stein's, The Concept of Object as the
Foundation of Physics
and I see this at the end of the chapter on the
Relativistic Object (Classical Object was previous chapter):

"In the next chapter, on the Random Walk Object, I will identify mass
with the step length or step time; thus, even BEFORE we get to quantum
mechanics, the three basic physical realities of physics: mass, space
(length), and time are found to be based on a SINGLE physical reality,
that of the pre-space-time 'step.' (Anthony, read step as 'flux' - WOW!)
Furthermore, such a 'step' the basic physical reality, which does NOT
depend for its value on any frame of reference, appears to imply the
necessity of a universal interaction..."

Anthony, I could be cheating, but I swear I am NOT. I really did arrive
at this difficult stage on my own, primarily using MoQ to do it. For
me, this speaks profoundly of the power of the MoQ. I KNOW that now.
Before, I believed it. Now, I KNOW IT!!!


In retrospect, nearly 10 years later, Doug had grasped issues of
Planck's quantum as 'step.' But Doug had almost total lack of
understanding re: Planck's quantum at that time. Doug also saw
how Stein's 'step' may be hermeneuted as
quanta of flux.

Doug saw that quantum as flux!

These comments are relevant our recent work on a review of
Banesh Hoffmann's The Strange Story of the Quantum,
Act II.

Doug - 14Sep2007.

I am sharing with you, Anthony, right now, as it actually
of those rare, FINE, DQ MOMENTS. The feeling is outside of words.

One big reason I am sharing this with you is your question in your
previous email about complementarity and conscious/subconscious which I
already expounded on.

Along the same lines...

In November of 1996, I wrote to Pirsig. One question I asked and he
answered find duplicated here:

Doug to Pirsig: "Were you 'purposeless on purpose' [a Eugen Herrigel
phrase - from 'Zen in the Art of Archery.'] when you wrote 'ZMM' and
'Lila?' Did you or 'It' [DQ] write them?"

Pirsig to Doug: "I would say that 'it' wrote 'ZMM' and 'Lila' and at
times 'it' created an artificial intellectual static entity called 'me'
as a central focusing point for the entire process. But at the best and
most creative moments this 'me' was not there self-consciously
supervising everything. Words just appeared and were set down on
paper. When they looked bad they were crossed out and after a while
other words came that looked better."

I had to share this, with you Anthony.



(Note: I am going to place this on the Quantonics site for all who
visit to see.)

Doug Renselle
In Quantonics

"The cause of our current social crises,..., is a genetic defect within
the nature of reason itself."

By Robert M. Pirsig, in 'Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,'
p. 102 (paperback), Bantam, 28th edition, May 1982.

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