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Quantum Hermaphroditic Genetics


One of our prototype Quantonic fonts is really paying off now.
It allows us to compare more notional classical fonts with more quantum memeotic fonts (even though latter is yet state-ic).

Top left symbol is harsh, corrupt masculine, mechanical, rigid, immutable.
Yes it shows capital X above and included~middle~commingling capital Y, as we want.
Their lines are straight and resemble Pirsig's Church of the Minorites.
Any sense of flux is wholly absent. H-bar has been dialectically, classically zeroed.

Top right symbol (semiotic) is softer, sacred feminine, flowing, mutable~evolutionary.
Our gnostic 'X' represents absoluteness as uncertainty.
Our gnostic 'Y' evokes a fleur de lys absent its own apparent hermaphrodicity as a malæ c¤mplement.
Quantum, gn¤stic flux is apparent. H-bar is omnifluxial and parthenofluxic.

Gnostically, Greek spiritually~pneumatically, circumcision isn't "cutting away penile foreskin,"
rather it is "cutting away dialectical hatred from one's heart."

Jesus said, gnostically, and paraphrased by Doug,
"A real Jew is anyone whose heart and soul have been circumcised by self discovery of gnostic God cowithin self."
(See Thomas and Philip Gospels - Doug.)

Now '3' takes on a novel metaphor: union of '|' and 'V.' But three 'V' and one '|' quantum~superpositionally also give 'X' and 'Y.'
Being capable of (having qua to) grasp this is what gnostics intend by "the elect."
The elect (in Greek: pneumatics) have extraordinary, quantum, sophisticated sense.
Being incapable of such intuitional heuristic semiotic, symbolic hermeneutics is what gnostics mean by "the called."
'The called' (in Greek: 'psychics') have ordinary, dialectical, tragedy of commons sense.

Allow Doug an Advanced Autiot Hermeneutic of 1, 2, 3, and 5 with a QCD background:

(Arial fonts at page top combined with Quantonics prototype font above right,
compared to page top above left Times Roman give a cleaner comparison with our graphics.
Note how 'cleaner' here actually begs classical, dialectical, Ockhamesque minimalism AKA 'simplicity.'
Imagine our 'Xs' and 'Ys' as quantum in penultimate graphic's above chalice pair 'separated'
by an extruded chalice and page top right most Quantonics quantum~font graphic.)

Notice that penultimate extruded (circumcision) pattern as it appears near end of
Ron Howard's The Da Vinci Code, as a pattern in carpet, under 'encoded ceiling'
in basement of Rosslyn Templar Church. Brown's book shows ceiling.
See FT 20/21May2006 weekend edition weekend section for a picture of Langdon and Neveu standing on said carpet.
SONY DVC movie page may have a pix of carpet. Appears to be FT's source. Try to find it.
Also see markings on sword handle of Priori de Sion's Circuit Magazine cover with sword eviscerating France.

Antitheticallyc certaintyc (idealc Keynesianc, Marxist socialc-stabilityc)
borne of dialectic's Error, as Heraclitus showed us, is War.





Observe five quantizations vertically (Hay).
Fathom six quantizations horizontally (Waw).
Ponder analogy to Sefirot: four branches: ECFA.
Imagine fractal~recursively eyes within eyes (Ayn).
Complementaroceive Ayn as uncertaintyq: peaceq.

Please bear in mind how Ayn is usually omniscribed as
'vision.' However, it represents an ensemble of sensory
human perceptualq bandwidths and their
gradiencingsq including, vision, hearing,
smell, taste, motion, balance, pressure,etc.

All those senses are rqsu, period! BFD!

That quantum~phenomenon wreaks havocq on all
classical 'science,' and its Value~free, context-free
'canon facts and laws.'

Updated 10Oct2014 - Doug.

Some of most beautiful aspects of Doug's crossq graphic semiosy above include:

Ones and Twos of quanta immersced in indetermination illustrated as quantum~uncertaintyings
Face of Quantum~G¤d
Quantum~Antinomialism and its attendant ~Complementarity
and so on...

Doug can even sense Pauli's quantum~ 'exclusion principle,' though it is a
purely classical notion...Pauli was a dialectician, like Einstein, Newton, et al.

Also, Doug saw extreme familiarity in Julius Zincreff's Qabalic Y~Cloud Tree of Life:

We see cloud tree of life's emanation as Hhayt~Raysh~Hhayt~Raysh, Kirker.

Doug - 15Dec2015.

In Zincreff's cuneiformic Y~Cloud Doug fathoms grail as a fluffy snake standing on its tail, with its mouth wide open, biblically "mixing all in all."
(This very esoterically shows Sepher Yetsiral roleq of serpentq (as an energyq grailq) in 'garden of Eden.' Naïvec version abounds
'falsely' (as 'orthodox deceit') today. Similar naïvec Aleph~Hay~Yod~Hay (Qabala: Aleph~Living, Yod~Living) dialectically interpretedc as "I am." Doug - 16May2014.)

Countless other metaphors and allegories abound here.

Notice actinic~rays~fuzzon~scionically emanating and immanating from and ihn ellipse whose Autiot message is (appears to be) Raysh~Tav~Raysh~Tav.

Update 30Jun2014 - Doug.

It could also be Raysh~Hay~Raysh~Hay.

It could also be Raysh~Hhayt~Raysh~Hhayt.

Those three Autiot are somewhat autsimilar (for good linguistic 'reasons'):

T[h]av (400) Hay (5) Hhayt (8)
Cosmic Existence Throttling Life~Death Life Existence Spirit as Undifferentiated Energy
Exaltation, Cosmic Non Existential Projection of Dallet Archetype Archetype Archetype

Etymologically Doug's first choice of Raysh~T[h]av~Raysh~T[h]av is interesting condensed as Rayth~Rayth begging Wraith~Wraith (divine spirit): it fits semantically.

Update 30Jun2014 - Doug.

Doug had never seen that pattern of Aut prior viewing this image in Dame Frances Yates' Rosicrucian Enlightenment, p. 85.

Begin 20May2014 - A Doug aside on Ros i crux:

Adjust, adapt, evolve your mindset closer to how ancients may have viewed that Y-cloud.

What is a cloud?

We all grasp how clouds evolve, perpetually and ubiquitously. Clouds EIMA their comtextings.
Clouds evolveq and devolveq. Clouds are Value, ad occulos, quantons(scin,quan).

Bottom line? Clouds are quantum~phenomena!

Clouds are phenomenalq by direct~experience, "without contradiction."
Clouds are islandicallyq complementary~antinomialq and always changingq, always evolving~devolvingq.
We have a powerful and genericq intelligence metaphorq of Quantum Life's Motif™ and its Jungian Libido.

How do clouds emerq in realityq? Partialq con(m)densation of water (and other gaseous) molecules in (only) apparent defiance of gravityq.

To ancients ros means 'dew.' Clouds con(m)sist of quanta of dew drops, a kind of water 'dust.'

We may heurist clouds are quanta of Mem.

What does Mem~Tav (dead) mean for any cloud?

Strange chaotic attractor 1: A cloud when heated loses its con(m)densation,
and said cloud 'dies.' (observe: 'not' dead-the-dead, cloud does 'not' become' ESQ)

Strange chaotic attractor 2: A cloud when cooled loses its dewiness (its rosiness) and becomes liquid
water, and said cloud 'dies.' (observe: 'not' dead-the-dead, cloud does 'not' become' ESQ)

However, said lost con(m)densation and said water may be reborn as resurrected cloudings.
We surmise: a cogent spiritualq metaphor linguistically borne of two strange attractor tropesq.

What about crux? Ancients both saw (hermeneuted) crux as cross, and they also fathomed cross as lightq.

On May 18-20, 2014 Imperial College UK physicists found that hohlraums could be catalystsq in realizing an 80 year old dream of
creating matter (fermions) from light (bosons). That's an important tropeq here since we may view quanton(light,dew) as a genuine
metaphorq of quantum~reality's perpetualq and ubiquitousq processq and potentiaq of creationq and
its antinomialq, plus evolutionq and devolutionq via quantons(scin,quan).

So we may also grasp Zincreff's Y~cloud (dew) as Aleph's impositionq of turbulentq changeq
(with Mem as a stindyanicq metaphorq of lifeq)
and evolutionq of all Y¤d's living~evolving~actualityq.

An Essay
Using Doug's Cloud Study
Study Selected Other Quantum Exemplars

Our cloud study here is of great heuristic and innovative Value!

How can we generalize our study to similar quantum~evolutionary phenomena?

An answer: Apply our learning to other examples of historic (in Quantonics, for example) interest.

How can we ostense our memes of cloudsq to educe Value?

An answer: One answer to this query is to (heretically, intentionally violating classical dogma and orthodoxy) choose other quantum examples (apparently quantum~phenomenal examples) and apply what we have learned in our cloud study to those other phenomena.

What do we observe about clouds and their Aleph~Tav, livings~dyings, resurrection~apoptosis, quantum~evolutionary~cycles?

An answer: For Doug, we see, using clouds as our current base~study exemplar, mostly these obvious (perhaps only to Doug) radical quantum~cloud~features: openness, freedom of local action, ease of transmutative change, ease of emergence~immergence (a kind of strange~attractor trope of (e.g., ros~dew~dust to water, cyclic phase transformation evolutionary~) movement and rest), along with most of Doug's quantum~radicals including: rcoc, rioq, rqac, rqcs, rqeh, rhei, rqfi, rqfv, rqis, rqsa, rqsu, rsqs, and so on... We do not see any classical features in that quantum~evolution and that evolution's quantum~radicals. Classical features are mostly dialectical, formal, mechanical, objective, etc., none of which are even remotely quantum...simply because classical features are dead (stux). Quantum features are alive (flux).

Clouds do not make sense to any classicist. They cannot understand them without using Newton's mechanics. So, bluntly, they cannot see, they are blind. Newton's mechanics cannot explain: thought, con(m)sciousness, rapid arm flexure (please refer Mae~wan Ho's the Rainbow and the Worm), gravity, time, space, gradienceq of measurables (borne of quantons(scin,quan), etc.

As Doug has narrated, just above this blue text box, quantumly clouds' evolutionings make quantum~chaotic~equilibrial sense when we use quantum~memeos to explain them.

What other examples of historic interest may we use here in this brief essay? Doug suggests at least three, which to Doug exhibit quantum~autsimilarityings: tsunamis, sonoluminescence, and submarine propeller cavitation (a bedfellowq of sonoluminescence).

Doug will spend next (however much) timings on these three Study Exemplars:

Tsunamis -

Sonoluminescence -

Cavitation -

Keep an eye out for evolutionary progress here...

Doug - 12-13Feb2015.

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25May2014 - Doug:

Frances Yates, in her The Occult Philosophy in the Elizabethan Age, offers a footnote regarding dew which is profound for Doug:

Footnote 12 - Chapter VIII, 'John Dee Christian Cabalist:'
(Observe that Doug habitually coopts 'Cabalist' with Qabalist, emphasizing Q as quantum hyper C as classical.)

Written below Dee's monas symbol is a text from [Old Testament] De rore caeli, et penguidine terra det tibi Deus: (From Genesis 27)

"God give thee the dew of heaven, and the fatness of Earth. It is Isaac's blessing on Esau. This is a favorite of Giorgi's which he writes twice in the De Harmonia Mundi. In one of these passages the meaning assigned to dew is the usual one, that it refers to divine grace (De harm. mun., II, 7, iv). In the other passage the Hebrew word for dew is given and the meaning is said to be that dew is a symbol for the four lettered name of God, with references to Hebrew authorities (De harm. mun., II, 7, xviii)."

Readers must grasp that ihn Qabala's Autiot any adept Qabalist hermeneuts many Autiot scriptings of 'god.' Allow Doug to, via his opinionq, show several here:

  • YahWeh: Yod~Waw. This one is used in footnote above by Yates. It means to her, God. In Qabala, however, and Qabala's Gnosis it means demiurge: dialectical Error prone, without Hay, dead ruler of earth 'god.'
  • Yod~Yod: Yod~Waw~Dallet~Yod~Waw~Dallet. This name is pronounced Yayeen, and its pronunciationq ciphered 'gives' its god~like essenceq ihn Gematria: Yod~Yod~finalNoun. Literally "divineq isofluxq quantization." Very, very, very quantum! Even more awe~affectationallyq, Yayeen and Myayeen mean wine. Quantum~wine. Doug - 13Sep2014.
  • Al[la], El[le]: Aleph~Lammed[~Hay]. This name, with Hay, is for g¤d and Doug views this as that g¤d (Aleph) which is living ihn us (aleph 1).
  • YhShWh: Yod~Hay~Sheen~Hay~Waw~Hay. This one is used by Suares to 'name' Jesus, and it is a take-off from Joshua. To Doug this is g¤d's messenger to us and as Jesus claimed ihn his Farewell Discourse, paraphrased, "Along with G¤d, I too am living ihn you." Literally, this is Adam as Aleph~Dallet~Mem, "Aleph (1) ihn blood.
  • Elohim: Aleph~Lammed~Hay~Yod~Mem. This is ineffable (only apparently n¤n existing) living G¤d (Aleph 1000).
  • Try Elohimiot (See hologralexology™ of Autiot, especially Iot feminine plural tricodon. Aut tricodon is singular feminine.) This shows 'god' as hermaphroditic plural masculine and plural feminine. This follows Abraham's nearly four millennia old Chaldæanq Gnosesq. Doug - 13Sep2014.

Doug isn't sure, but he senses there may be other variations too. That tetragramation, however, is potent in understanding (standingunder) quantum~Qabala and its Gnoses, its Autiot, its Gematria, its Sepher Yetsira, and its Sefirot. Those six 'keys' tend to hexagrammatically align Star of David which is heart of Sefirot's Quantum~Life~Motif™. Doug's opine.

So now we may select, quantadulate, blithely brushing orthodoxyc and dogmac aside, dew as G¤d's Memq (Mark Gaffney's "the waters," hoi polloi) ihn all of us!

Doug - 25May2014, 13Sep2014 - add more names of 'God.'


Doug will add much more here as his learning evolvesq from Dame Frances Yates' opus...

For Doug, this is a tell, a tell that we must pay attention to ancient memes. Many of them appear to embrace quantum~reality, however, in ancient wayves of btwsding.

End 20May2014 - A Doug aside on Ros i crux.

If one follows an ontology of epistemology as described by Yates, one garners our old philosophical war in one of its major battles during Europe's renaissance.

That war still rages...however, this is Millennium III, Day 3!!!

Doug's depiction of said war is: "quantum versus classical." Here you see essence of Doug's con(m)frontationalq
antinomialismq borne of today's academically-rampant (and bogus) dialectic plus asynchronous and anachronistic history(ings) and many prior battles.

Doug views dialectic as, "Babel of so-called 'scholars.'" Suares, Pirsig, James, Bergson, et al., agree! Doug senses that Dame Yates also agrees.

In terms of philosophical history two warriors of Renaissance stand out:

Marin Mersennec versus Robert Fluddq.

Classical-Dialectics versus Quantum~Hermeneutics.

Quantityc versus Qualityq.

Mechanicsc versus Hermeticsq.

Descartesc versus Bohmq.

Oppositionc versus Antinomialismq.

Socialc Hegemonyc versus Individualq Freedomq of Choiceq.

"Hey Doug, What is Raysh~Tav~Raysh~Tav hermeneuted?"

Doug's best guess issi a divined (used as a verb) tautology of "spiritual [Raysh]~turbulence [Tav]." Repeated Aut patterns usually imply divinity.

Please recall importance of Tav as a double, one of seven doubles.
Tav plays a double role here in sustaining indeterminationq, quantum~uncertainty, and a con(m)curringq need for humilityq.
Role one [Tav] is to quantadulatively~collide (modulateq) with spirit brutally (i.e., with very high energy). Aleph plays an enormous role, too, here.
Role two [Thav] is to take energy of that collisionq and mirrorq it, retroreflectq it as a n¤væl and emerging rebirth of ascendent energyq.
This is an complementaroceptual exemplar of Qabala's insistence on perpetual and ubiquitous evolutionq of all while hologra[[il][m][ph]]icallyq "mixing all in all."

Latest update on Zincreff's Y~Cloud - Doug - 9Oct2014:

Take another look at Zincreff's Y~Cloud plate:

Doug thinks he has finally found an answer to our conundrum of 'the four Aut,' Raysh~Hhayt~Raysh~Hhayt emanated above.

Months ago when Doug was reading Suares' opus re Sepher Yetsira, Doug perused text regarding Divine Emanations.

These aren't Suares words, rather Doug is re streaming them from recall.

Suares writes narrative similar this.

"Those clouds you see represent a kind of cosmic cup, a grail (K[h]af)."

Said cup is holding a packet (energy~wellings) of divine emanations.

Those divine emanations appear as radial rays of projected energy.

Shown ellipse with our four enigmatic Aut represents a message being projected to us (Yodq and Yodc).

Please recall that Autiot means Aut (Aleph~Waw~Tav) (life 1) and Iot (Yod~Waw~Tav) (life 2), AKA "...these two lives." I.e., Yodq and Yodc.

Autiot exegetizes self as two quantum~antinomial triples: Aleph~Waw~Tav (pneumatic life) and Yod~Waw~Tav (psychic~hyliccdead amd~¤r qliving life).

Doug likes to thinkq of life1 as pneumatic~psychic which Elaine Pagels in her Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis referred, "the electq."

Doug likes to thinkq of life2 as psychic~hylic which Elaine Pagels in her Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis referred, "the calledc."

And Doug's innovated...

Doug likes to thinkq of Life0 as hylic~hylic which Doug uses for narrative illustration of his hermeneutics referred, "the extinctc."

Life 1 is Yodq (life 1) with Aleph

Life 2 is Yodc (life 2) without Aleph.

See Doug's Aleph~Yod Script.

See Doug's Topos Table for omniscriptioningsq of pneumatic, psychic, and hylic.

Suares went on to say:

Paraphrased by Doug, "When our divine creator, our divine cosmic energyq communicatesq messagesq to us,
Shæ does so by projectingq Autiot's wave~functionalq analogical~memeticq ideogramsq for usq to seeq."

[Doug's use of usq makes a powerful implication of us as Yodq!]

Marion Woodman, a student of Jung, explains Jung's version of quantum~projection, by Hær, ihn ¤ur dreamsq.
Dreamq hermeneuticsq are quintessenceq of Jungian psychologyq.
Philip R. Wallace in his Paradox Lost would agree via his, "Interpretationq involves according primacyq of subjectivityq above objectivityc."
Bravo! Dreamlandq here we come...

Then Suares explains that ellipse's comtentq isn't 'a projected message,' rather it is 'a projection of a message.'
Then Suares explains that ellipse's comtentq isn't 'a projection of a message,' rather it is 'a projected message.'
(Repair unintended sematic reversal by Doug - 2Jan2015.)
That is a subtle omnistinctionq, very subtle.

In essenceq Suares is showing us that any cosmic projected energy is a
complementary~antinomial of its projection (let's imagine projection on a display screen).

Zincreff'e plate is showing us projected energy coming out of rays as emanations.

Simply, if you look at a projection of projected energy on a screen (like taking creator's view of Hær projectionings),
you will see pattern reversed (imageq antinomial~complementationq).

Shades of da Vinci's handwriting...more to say imminently...Essence (power of ciphersq) of Gnosis, Qabala, and Sepher Yetsira.
(e.g., intrinsic quantum~complementary~antinomialism of all Aut, pattern reversals, Atbash and Bash ciphers, evolution itself, etc.)

So instead of directly seeing projected energy as Raysh~Hhayt~Raysh~Hhayt, we see projection energy on a screen as Hhayt~Raysh~Hhayt~Raysh (Kirker: to kindle, to incite.).

Doug would never have ciphered this issue (although he had quantum memes to do so) if he hadn't assiduously studied Song of Songs verse 6.


Third word in verse six is Sh'hharhhoret. Extract hharhhor as an infix of Sh'hharhhoret! Said infix means, according Suares, "to kindle, to provoke a strike."
It is pronounced Hhirhher, Kirker using a guttural 'k' similar Challah.

Doug sees it more like "...setting spirits of those warriors on fire." Thus you may fathom Qabala's Game of Life mission: to set our spiritual energy aflame!
Marion Woodman describes a similar process when she studied in Zurich. One of Jung's lovers had ever greater spiritual flames alighted.

That isn't dialectic, folks!!!

This epiphany, for Doug, happened during breakfast at Sunrise Cafe 8Oct2014 between 9 and 10am.
On Monday, 6Oct2014, just prior Doug's breakfast there was a rainbow. Jenny described it after I arrived.
That rainbow (pictures of it from hær iPhone) stirred Doug's pneuma.
Strangely Sunrise Cafe's logo appears as an Aureola, a Halo, potentially a rainbow.
Odd, yet epiphanous. Jung's Synchronicty! (Terrific read, by the wayvings.)

As Beth used to say, "And there you have it."

Latest update on Zincreff's Y~Cloud - Doug - 9Oct2014, 2Jan2015.

More to for it...lots more...

Doug - 22-24May2006 (expect lots of changes here at least during June-July, 2006)

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