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Heterogeneous Cultures & Individuals
Classical Contexts vis-à-vis Quantum Comtexts


Of course classicists deny any reality of heterogeneous cultures while

insisting that their monism offers one global context (OGC)
within which everyone adheres a single belief system.

If one carefully ponders those graphics,
one may commence an understanding of how imperative reform is
to move from
classical individual and societal notions
quantum ihndihvihdual amd s¤cietal mæmæos.

See our 2003-2004 Feuilleton Chautauqua.

See Heraclitus on dialectic.

In our Quantonics quantum belief system those graphics explain:
  • why some Christians call Muslims "infidels," (Aquinas called non-Christians "infidels.")
  • why some Muslims call Christians "infidels,"
  • why some Irish protestants hate Irish Catholics,
  • why some Irish Catholics hate Irish protestants,
  • why some Christians claim to love God and hate non-Christians,
  • why some Muslims claim to love God and hate Jews,
  • why nearly all religious belief systems claim to know God and know what God wants, (e.g., declare nonbelievers "infidels")
  • why adherents of 'political correctness' know exactly what 'political correctness' is, (and are delighted to tell us)
  • why Usama bin Laden calls USA "the great Satan,"
  • why George W. Bush says, "You're either for us or against us,"
  • why most classicists say, "The truth is absolute,"
  • why most classicists believe they can assess 'absolute truth,'
  • why Parmenides, Plato, and Aristotle love(d) dialectic and hate(d) rhetoric,
  • why some classicists perceive their 'laws,' 'rules,' 'axioms,' and 'principles' absolute,
  • why hollywood 'actresses' and 'actors' call conservatives vile names,
  • why radical liberals call radical conservatives vile names, (Are pots, kettles and either-or blackness involved here?)
  • why radical conservatives call radical liberals vile names,
  • why any belief system claims it is the belief system,
  • etc.

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