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How SOMites View Reality

"If it doesn't 'exist,' ignore it."
"If it has been classically ideally negated, it doesn't 'exist.' Ignore it."
Anonymous classicist.

This graphic illustrates what Doug means when he says,
"To blindly see."

"This partition [SOM's wall] has penetrated deeply into the human mind during the centuries following Descartes and it will take a long time for it to be replaced by a really different attitude toward the problem of reality." (Our brackets.)

Henry Stapp, 1971, re: Heisenberg, in 'S-Matrix Interpretation of Quantum Theory.' From Fritjof Capra's 1982-3 Turning Point, Ch. 2, p. 60 of 464 total, Bantam paperbound.

"Historical evolution has developed the brain's so-called 'objective' powers of thought. It is high time these powers break through some of the barriers they have erected to prevent cosmic energy from penetrating the psyche."

Carlo Suares, 1968, Mont Blanc, Qabala Trilogy, pp. 384-385 of 549 total, Shambala paperbound.

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How SOMite Classicists View Actuality
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In Pirsig's MoQ (Metaphysics of Quality),
our dotted probability distribution circles represent DQ (Dynamic Quality).
Solid circle represents SQ (Static Quality).
Separated, as shown, they form a dichon(DQ, SQ), and classicists choose to only see SQ!
Classicists can only see SQ and are self-blindered to DQ.

In quantum Gn¤sis, "The ignorant cannot see their inner."
(See Elaine Pagels' The Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis, page 21, 1989, SBL Monograph Scholars Press. Doug - 29Aug2007.)

Classicists are trained, very carefully, very fundamentally, to be only capable of seeing SQ.

Also look at this graphic in its larger perspective related to how Quantonics teaches you to view reality.

Bottom line, a quantum~bottom line, which we can ill afford to ignore is that quantum~flux is positive. There is no classically 'negative' flux.
Positive flux can tentatively
cancel (appear from a classical mindset to cease 'existence') however it takes
two positive fluxes in phase inverse interrelation to achieve an only tentative cancellation.
As soon as that phase inversion is undone, both fluxes 're appear.'

Ponder quantum~scintillation deeply.

See projection vav projected.

Classical 'negation' is a major, logical faux pas.

Doug - 19Jul2003, 4Mar2015.

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