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How to Find One's Inner

A Primer On Quantum~Being


by Doug Renselle

First instanced 30Dec2010.

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An emergent scion from Doug's Primer on How to Find One's Inner
is another
Primer on Some From-To
Guidance on Emerqing Quantum Politics.

Doug - 9Jan2011.

30Dec2010 - 1-3,5,9,11Jan2011

How may one find one's inner?

There is only one way that Doug Renselle knows that we (individual humans) can find our inner selves.

We must make an individual quantum~choice to leave SOM's dialectical mythos and
immerse our individual quantum~self in reality's quantum emersos.

Simply, "How do we do that?"

By subsiding and subsuming our use of CTMs and embracing and inuring our uses of QTMs.

But it isn't that simple!

We have to really change what we really believe.
We have to "evolve as individuals."
That evolutionary process takes us away from classical
social dogma and carries us toward quantum~individualism.
We have to do that in a way that emersces a whole new human
epistemology while quantum~complementing (verb) both science and religion.
Most people, currently, can't, won't, and are unwilling to undertake a major remake of their hylic-psychic selves into a more pneumatic self.

Bottom line here on [Vv]alue:

value: Classical social dogma as OSFA orthodoxy is worse. Doug calls it "wors[e]ship."
Value: Quantum individualism as MSFA quantized choice, chance, and change is better. Doug calls it "bettership."

A few of you want to do that. That few is about to avalanche into many. We are "at an end of an age" as John Lukacs has written.
We are in Kondratieff winter. Keynesianism is in its death throes. Christianity is dying. Dialectic is becoming
extinct due its genetic defects of which Pirsig warned us. We are entering a new pragmadigm borne
of novel memes in cognitive systems and omniversal quantum~comscious~awareness.

Recently Doug has been working on an Internet Book about Financial, Economic, and Political Value.
In that opus Doug has referred Danah Zohar, David Bohm, et al., regarding quantum~comsciousness.
Danah writes to us that classical physics lacks qua to understand and describe 'consciousness.'
She claims, and Doug agrees, that quantum memes can do that. David Bohm has given us a start.
But we are all fallible and pioneers often fall short.
When they do we often need to go back to philosophy and reexamine our underpinnings, our beliefs, our assumptions.
Doug's heroes and sheroes have done that, and Doug has exploited their works to carry us forward only in a most partial sense.
Doug is happy that he has made some progress, however little.

A recent reference Doug is using in this regard is a book by David Parrish, MD.
It's title is Nothing I See Means Anything. It's dialectic is abominable.
However, it accomplishes a task of giving Doug foundation for omniscussion
of current psychological efforts to help individuals find their own self's inner.
Parrish refers this "Cognitive Systems Psychology."
That approach redirects patient external projection of negative energy into patient internal
introjection of positive energy, which Doug chooses to interpret as a metaphor of "finding one's inner."
Again, excepting his atrocious dialectic, Doug can intuit Parrish's book's quantum~essence.
Doug will use that essence to give all of his readers and students a reference set
with which they can relate more novel memes Doug wants to introduce here.
Doug's emotions regarding Parrish's book are quantum~complementary. I love it. (BAWAM) I hate it.

I.e., quanton(I_Love_It,I_Hate_It).

To Doug, that's reality, and that is part of this n¤væl reality we all have to begin entering sooner than later.
It is Doug's view that QuPo plays a leading role in nourishing this change.

A 23-24Sep2012 Doug Aside:

What does Parrish mean, objectively-literally-hylicly-dialectically-dichonically by his book title, Nothing I See Means Anything?

Let's obtain hylic semantic 'value' from 'nothing' and 'anything.'

No thing, hylicly, means literally 'no' 'thing.' Parrish claims he can 'see' that?

Oh! I get it, none (no one) of 'any' 'things' he formally, objectively, mechanically 'sees' mean any 'thing,' right?

Parrish appears to be claiming that 'what' he sees is no longer re cognizable in terms of any other 'whats' he sees.

Generally then, Doug interprets Parrish's claim as "Reality, as Parrish used to know it, is now n¤t re cognizable." Do you agree?

Before we continue let us examine "used to know" from classical and quantum views:


Using Reality to Know

Doug's Comcision
Classical view: Use of reality to know (re cognize) some 'thing' depends upon stability and independence of objective things AKA dichons. To classically know, one must have two or more stable and independent objects to stuxically (statically) compare logically.
Quantum view: Usings of reality to be k~now~ings quantons assumes all reality is flux, stindyanic, hologra[[il][m][ph]]ically~middle~includings quantum~waving quantons. Quantum k~now~ings are what we intend in quantum~reality by hologramically "measuring, m¤niht¤ring, ¤mniht¤ring, and ¤mniht¤rings" quanta.

Again, compare "holograph, hologram, and holograil" in terms of quantum~reality.
Hologram is to holograph as phenome is to genome.
Holograil is their omniplex nexi to all of their said and unsaid quantum~complementings.
Doug's use of omniplex~nexi here is an acknowledgement of hologra[[il][m][ph]]ic quantum~reality's
grail~ubiquitous and perpetually~fluxing everywhere~included~middle~associationings (EIMA).

Philosophical potentia of Doug's interpretation of Parrish's claim are profound.
One possibility is that classical objects (things) aren't. "Aren't what?" Objective.

Isn't that what Quantonics claims? "Reality isn't objective, rather it is quantonic."
Quantons are always changing, always evolving quantons(waves,wavicles).

Allow Doug to alter and paraphrase Parrish another possible way:

Nothing I See Means Anything then becomes "Everything I see is evolving and changing."
To a classical mind quantum~absoluteness of "Everything evolving and changing" is
impossible since said objective classical mind wors(e)hips stoppability and state, AKA Newtonian-Einsteinian analyticity.

Parrish's book title, when paraphrased by Doug, appears to claim reality isn't dichonic, rather reality is quantonic!

Compare fundamental How SOMites Measure Reality's value with
more complamental How MOQites Omnitor Reality's Value.

Parrish, as interpreted by Doug, is claiming reality is complamental~quantum~Value, 'not' fundumbmental-classical-value.

This whole exercise, linguistically, is interesting to Doug, since Parrish probably wasn't thinking
like Doug when he wrote that, but it may be hermeneuted semasiologically as Doug did.

"Exactly what does Parrish mean?"
(Slightly paraphrased quote of George Edward Moore.)

End A 23-24Sep2012 Doug Aside.

Henri Louis Bergson and Robert M. Pirsig and Danah Zohar describe similar
quantum~complementary interrelationshipings to Doug's love~hate complement for Parrish's book.

Pirsig describes quantum~complementarity of DQ and SQ: quanton(DQ,SQ), and quanton(monism,pluralism).
Also he describes quanton(mind,body) as, paraphrased, "...mind and body each capable of co containing the other
without conflict, without contradiction:" quantum~coherence as self~other quantum~complementation. This is a Pirsigean quantum HotMeme™.

Bergson describes several of them, including: quanton(pluralism,monism), quanton(dynamism,state),
quanton(spontaneity,inertia), and quanton(individual,society) as quanton(freedom,state).

Students should compare Pirsig and Bergson on monism~pluralism quantum~complementation.

So a huge part of finding one's inner is foregoing classical dialectical notions of middle-exclusion in favor of
quantum memeos of middle~inclusion of which quantum~complementarity and coherence are but two exemplars.
Doug's best exemplar of coherence is his brief study of Kuhn's puzzle.
Sperm and ovum partially middle~include one another while partially cohering as a multicellular zygote.

To most of you, that forego is "absurd." Stay in SOM's box. Do not waste Doug's time. You are extinct.

A few of you may see that these quantum~miracles are prerequisites of you in your personal
adventure of finding your inner
. Doug has lots of examples to offer regarding this adventure of yours.

From this juncture forward I assume those of you who chose to proceed want to find your inner, indeed you are highly motivated.
It's good for Doug to know that. He will be much more motivated to assist you in your journey.
He has done his due in partial process of finding his inner.
Now he can only lead you to novel memeos.
He cannot 'make' you partake. It's up to you.

If Doug were good at writing Fables he could probably ease your journey.
As an expert on Fables has written, purpose of a Fable is to remove our teacher from that role.
Students do not learn as well in an authority-based dogmatic environment.
Doug, not being good at writing Fables, must beg his students..."Please do not view Doug as an authority.
Please view him as a kind of assistant, a helpful guide attempting to ease your journey while maximizing your uptake of spiritual energy."
If it is omnifficult for you to understand what Doug is suggesting here, recall Dr. Scott Peck's, MD, definition of love:
"Love is the will to extend oneself for the purpose of nourishing one's own and another's spiritual growth."
Try to view Doug more in that role. View Doug as a kind of guide helping you to achieve a quantum~leap in your spiritual growth
out of classical society's Bergsonian "inertia of state" mythos into quantum~reality's emersos of Bergsonian "individual spontaneity."
From state's stux sux to individual's freedom of flux.

Distilled, we may see a learning adventure of finding one's inner.

I have much more to offer here...

...but for now this should give you one hell of a kick start.

30Dec2010 - 1-3,5Jan2011

31Dec2010 - 1-5,11Jan2011 - 6Mar2011

Why do you want to find your inner?

Why do you ask questions?

So you can understand.



You may see an implication that finding your inner somehow helps you better understand reality.

Heraclitus was one of early individuals who actually expressed this simple meme eloquently. He was a gnostic. He exemplifies what concerns gnosis and gnostic thought.

He said (wrote) paraphrased, "You who cannot find your inner cannot understand the logos, the account."

You may choose to view, then, the logos as an essential description of reality.

"But how can I use that quote and its hermeneutics to find my inner Doug?"

If you told one of your classmates, "Our universe is conscious," would they laugh at you?
Doug thinks most of them would laugh at you.
A classmate who does that, according gnosis, is showing you s~he hasn't found he~r inner.
S~he has been carefully, dialectically trained not to be capable of seeing he~r inner. Academe does this now, early Millennium III.
Academe is in SOM's Box, SOM's mythos. To find your inner, you have to uncloak means to leave SOM's Box. You must leave SOM's mythos.
Robert M. Pirsig's two books, ZMM and Lila are stories about individuals who attempted to do just that.
Dr. Scott Peck's The Road Less Traveled offers a series of case studies about individuals in a process of doing that.
"Cognitive Systems Psychology" is a qualitative method of helping individuals do that.
(Even though academe tries to dialectically reify said "qualitative method.")
Doug's Quantonics is a philosophy and quantum~science about helping individuals do that.
Carlo Suares' Qabala and its Autiot's cosmic energy language rigorously help individuals do that.
An Essene Gn¤stic, "Jesus the Jew's," Farewell Discourse in John~Mary (fourth NT
gospel, NT's only gnostic gospel) explicitly shows individuals how to do that.

"Yes, yes, Doug, I understand," but what are keys, perhaps secrets I need to understand to do that?"

OK, I'll make a list, but you will see you have a lot of individual due diligence ahead, just
understanding this list and how that understanding assists you on your journey of finding your inner.

Let's do your list as a from-to list, a Chautauqua of finding your inner by learning and understanding
item-by-item, incrementally, how to move from SOM's mythos to your own quantum~emersos.
Doug's approach here exemplifies application of one of items on your list: empirically real quantization as incremental
itemization of quantized~enablers helping you find your inner through incremental evolutionary progress.

Froms-Tos To Assist Finding One's Inner
which also suggest
From-To Guidance on Emerqing Quantum Politics

by Doug Renselle

©Quantonics, Inc., 2010-2028
Classical Mythos
Quantum Emersos

Doug Comments

Quantum~Individual Quantum~Being Due Diligence "To Do" List for Finding One's Inner

Evolving Your Individual Quantum Stage from Mythos to Emersos

State Flux Synonyms: stability (state) and change (flux), stoppability (state) and perpetual fecundity (quantization's Waw of flux AKA nature's perpetual and fractal~recursive self~other~measurementings based in and upon quantum~reality's radical instabilityings, radical stindyanic animacy, etc.).
Q~V Stability
(Utopian Perpetual Equilibrium, UPE)
(UraPEon; involuntary servitude of individuals)
(Scalable Gradient Chaos, SGC)

From classical state-event formal, stable-monistic either-or bivalent ontology to [up to] Planck rate absolute holographic, ephemeral, heterogeneous quantum~flux "change by quantizationings~scintillationings" omnivalent ontology.

See QELRs of: aware, chance, change, chaos, choice, equilibrium, evolution, gradience, selection, transmutation, wisdom, etc. See Doug's QVH Table. See Doug's What is Consciousness?

Either-or Both~and From SOM's classical excluded-middle walls to quantum~reality's middle~including quantum~fluxing hologramings.
Continuity Quantization From monism of classical continuity to heterogeneity of quantum~flux' quantization.
Homogeneity Plurality

From one to many. From monism to pluralism. From state-ic monolythic objects to dynamic heterolythic quanta.

Those who have found their inner (in a process of finding their inner) will learn to view 'plurality' as an hologra[[il][m][ph]]ic ensemble of energy~wellings all antinomial one another in pairs of interrelationshipings called quantons. No pair (duality) is ever identical due absolute change. Yet each duality quantum~antinomially~complements any of its quasi~unlimited duals.

Essence of this contradiction essential classical-value comparison (AKA 'oppositional and nonordinal' scalarbation) is that any classically-static (stuck) homogeneity cannot understand itself. Quintessence of this Quantum~Value antinomial complementarity is that cosmic reality can understand itself (can find its inner), and scintillation~quantization evolve itself through perpetual (scin,quan)~omnitoring of these ensembles of antinomial evolutionings of their pairwise Value assessments.

Excluded-middle Included~middle From SOM's Wall to William James' "compenetration," and Doug's "coinsidence."
Dialectic Complementarity From 'scientific' and 'logical, Boolean' state-ic bivalence to quantum~antinomial~complementarity's stindyanic omnivalence.


(View Jung's Red Book Plate 127 as quantum~islands of Libido Triumphant.)

From classical analytics' state-ic lisr formal objectivity to energy~welling quantum~fluxes' perpetually evolving and thus always partial quantal~hologra[[il][m][ph]]ic immanent cowithinitnessings.
Formal synthesis Coherence (Immanence2) From classical mechanical assembly of objects to evolutionary emergence~emerscenture of ensembles of quanta emerqing complementary holographically coherent islands of fermionic and bosonic Value(ings).
State-ic creation Evolution From classical monism's inertial continuity to quantum~heterogeneity's parthenofluxic~adaptive evolutionary quantized spontaneity. From Planck's clock set to zero to Planck's clock fully enabled. From classicism to quantumism. From 'state' to flux. Add 'parthenofluxic' link.
Q~V Truth
(Socialc OSFA commonc monistic-systemic absolute 'truthc')
(Pluralityq of individualsq abducedq through evolutionaryq phylogenyq; each individualq having rqcs hologra[[il][m][ph]]q socialq coherent~autonomousq worldviewsq as many truthingsq.)

From classical immutable, concrete, perpetually-static 'truth,' to quantum~perpetually changing and unstoppable and immortal evolution. A huge comsequence of quantum~evolution is: Quantonics HotMeme™ "There is n¤ classical status quo." Quantonics HotMeme™. "Duality is no more!" Suares, Song of Songs, Shambala, 1972, p. 49.

From classical 'çatholiç,' universal, common, concrete dialectical truth's 'value-freedom from concrete context,' to quantum~evolution's radical comtext sensitivity. See rqcs. See rioq. See Hume's, "There is no logical bridge over the [dialectical] gap between fact and value." Doug's brackets. See QELRs of fact, logic, truth, and value. Try to fathom evolutionq in terms of Doug's Hermeneutics of Qabala's Game.

Socialism (we) Individualism (I) AKA
From classical socialist continuously inertial dogma (i.e., status quo) to quantum~individual evolutionary quantized~adaptive spontaneity (i.e., semper fluxio). From stux sux to flux is crux. From social state is simple and individual change is complex to social state is complex and individual change is simple. See Doug's What is Simple? What is Complex? Doug - 9Jan2011. From social orthodox religions to individual quantum~gn¤ses. See Doug's What is Gnosis? Doug - 11Jan2011.
Classical Social Detention
Classical Social Control
Classical Social Hegemony
Individual Freedom
in Islandic Quantum~Societies
From mythos to emersos. From SOM's Box to quantum~reality. From dialectic to quantonic. From few formally ruling many to many holographically ruling selves. From 'Çhristianity' to quantum~gn¤sticism. Doug - 4Jan2011. From classical-effect[u]ation to quantum~affectation. From social control to individual free will. From classical-politics to quantum~politics. From social control cann¤t explain individual free will to individual free will can explain social control. From social control hyper individual free will to individual free will hyper social control.
Q~V lisr Coherent~Autonomy From classical localability, isolability, separability, and reducibility to quantum~holographic grail~enabled systemic coherence of unlimited islandic ¤mnihquæ (see unique) Energy~Wellings' both locally evolving while n¤nlocally affective islandicities.
Inertia Spontaneity From classical monism's perpetually closed, determinate mono-sloped posentropy and conservative state-ic continuity to quantum~reality's perpetually evolving~adapting mixentropic stochastic open and generative quantal spontaneity. From classical social status quo to quantum~individual vicissitudinality.
Q~V Proof Choosings~Chancings~Changings

From provisional classical objective 'proof' by 'contradiction' and classical dialectical social consensus (AKA 'common sense') to quantum~CH3ings massively ubiquitous grail~coobsfective scintilla~selectionings of holographic grail interrelationshipings.

A huge issue here is, "How does one measure quantum SEPings (vis-à-vis classical 'proof') without classical analytic tools?" Doug's answer is a Quantonics' HotMeme™:

Quantonics HotMeme"Scintillation energy is an quantum~omnitor of gradience from-to equilibrium." Quantonics HotMeme™.

Taken from a hand written note by Doug dated 26May2011.

See Doug's more recent autsimilarity gradience as a metric of quantum~equilibria changings.

Be assured that scintillation energy, at least in QED, is assessed by quantal wave~number change on Balmer's ladder. Wave number tells us flux~relativity of a scintillation change as a relative gradient and so assesses changes From-To relative equilibrium which we may refer "relative quiescence."

See Doug's recent Quantum Value Hierarchy table. That table's depiction of quantum~reality's essence is a strategic breakthrough borne on basic Quantonics research.

Q~V Contradiction Quantum~Uncertainty From classically certain ('no' chance) 'contradiction' based upon a classical illusion of 'objective negation' to quantum~uncertainty of all positive quantum~fluxings' radical stochasticity.
State Perpetuity Quantal Adaptation From monistic continuous inertia to spontaneous evolutionary adaptation. From absoluteness as 'perpetual state' to absoluteness as "perpetual change." From 'absolute stux' to "absolute flux." From 'continuity' to "quantization." From MBO to wMBU™.
Mechanical assembly Holographicity (Gestalt1) From classically ideal objective state-ic parts 'production,' to emerscitecture and emerscenture of quantum~fluxing holographic energy well(ing)s.


From dialectic's bivalent duality of either negative or positive to quantum linguistics' phasemental BAWAM mixings of wholly positive evolving fluxings. Implications of this From-To are nearly unfathomable-unimaginable, for example, "...classical dialectically ideal 'negation' does not 'exist' in quantum~reality." See Bergson's Negation is Subjective.
Q~V Negation Packet Energy~Wellings From a bogus classical presumption that classical 'negation' 'exists' and is classically 'real,' to quantum~grail coobsfective stindyanic interrelationshipings of all systemic hologram energy~wellings. Doug - 8Feb2011.
Logic Coquecigrues From dialectic's canonically-immutable inertial bivalence to Quantonics' quantized fluxings' spontaneous interrelationshipings.
Q~V Falsifiability Quantum~Grail (Gestalt1 Immanence2) From a bogus classical presumption that classical 'falsifiability' 'exists' and is classically 'real,' to quantum~grail's perpetually evolving quantum~everywherings~and~everywhenings~middle~includings~everywherings~associative auto~recursive interrelationshipings among all energy~wellings in any quantum~hologram. Doug - 1Apr2012 - Add qwf reservoir link.
Identity Autsimilarity From A=B to both A issi ihn B and B issi ihn A. From Aristotle's 'identity' sillygism to Quantonics' cowithinitness quantumism.
Idea Meme From Plato's concrete thought form to Richard Dawkins' viral evolution of "ideas as memes." See Dawkins' The Selfish Gene.
Notion Memeo From "...classically as idea is to notion," to "...quantumly as meme is to memeo."
Posentropy Mixentropy From J. C. Maxwell's "Entropy is only positive and positive entropy only has one gradient" to Quantonics' "Mixed entropa have unlimited stochastic gradients."
Truth Truthings From classical state-ic truth to quantum stindyanic truthings. See Doug's QELR of 'truth.'
Orthodoxy Heterodoxy From state dogma to absolute changes' unlimited, fecund, and spontaneous vicissitudinalityings. From classical y=f(t) orthodox determinism as 'certainty' to quantizationings' spontaneity as heterodoxical ensemble uncertaintyings.
Quantity Quality From Parmenides, Plato and Aristotle to Bergson and Pirsig. From Greek dialectic to Suares' Autiot. From mechanics to Quantonics. From measure to omnitor. See Doug's QELP on monitor.
EEMD EIMA From "everywhere-excluded-middle-dissociation," to "everywhere~included~middle~associationings." From classical objects to Quantonics quantons. From formal inertial lisr mechanicity to complementary spontaneous quantized holographicity.
Creation thence Eschaton A~T thence T~A, also
E~T thence T~E.

Emersos' cyclic pneuma of reality's cosmos. These cycles are both
open and quantized, and they are ensembles within ensembles scaling
all cosmos from microscopic to mesoscopic to macroscopic. 4Jan2011 - Doug.
Endless breathing out (exhalation as a masculine fecundity) and
breathing in (inhalation as a feminine fecundity) cycles. These
cycles are hermaphroditic: male~out,
female~in, male~out, female~in,...
quantum~both~and middle~inclusionings

See Autiot's reality loop as portrayed by Doug.


1 - Gestalt - Quantum aspects of Doug's quantum~gestalt include: complementarity, quantum~hermaphroditic SOrON recursive~holographic~grail nexi, grail secret, etc.

2 - Immanence - Quantum aspects of Doug's quantum~immanence include: middle~inclusion, perpetuity and ubiquity of quantum~coherence, grail secret, i.e., hermaphroditic quantum~immanence, as key to understanding logos (AKA "the account") and thus key to finding one's inner and emerscing quantum~politics, etc.

©Quantonics, Inc., 2010-2028
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(8,20,23Feb2011 rev - Add Quantum~Value, Q~V, rows and contents to table. Minor table formatting changes and text edits. Update from social control to individual freedom.)
(1Apr2012 rev - Add 'Gestalt' and 'Immanence' footnotes. Add qwf reservoir link. See pink background boxes, and associated red text markups - Doug.)
(22Jun2012 rev - Extend From Stability To Quantization
field in QuPo Table.)
(15Oct2013 - Reset legacy markups.)
(14-15Jan2014 rev - Update QV Truthc
vis-à-vis Evolutionq field. Update Analyticityc vis-à-vis Islandicityq field.)

There you have it!

A primer on QuPo emerging from a primer on How to Find One's Inner.


A key enabling meme from our list above is "finding one's inner by moving self from mythos' social inertia to emersos' individual spontaneity."

Bergson describes it as, paraphrased, "...moving from social inertia to individual spontaneity." Too he writes, "...think being directly."

Pirsig describes it many ways, including paraphrased, " at the edge of now, living at now's edge, moving to head of the train, etc."
Pirsig permits us as individuals to infer that SOM's Box is many edges of 'no.'
(Thinkq toposically 'edge of no,' 'edges of no,' 'edges of nos,' 'edging of no,' 'edgings of no,' 'edgings of noing,' 'edgings of noings,' etc. Doug - 10May2012.)
He wants us to leave there (SOM's Box) and move to reality's spontaneous ensemblings of nowings.

Doug's many heroes and sheroes offer similar memes.

Doug isn't sure this is apropos to do now, but he is obsessed with won't leave him alone, so let's proceed...

What are good metaphors of "finding one's inner."
Over several millennia abundant humankind have suggested to us quite a few.
One that stands out for Doug is Light.

Doug offers a simple phasementing that when one commences,
"Seeing one's inner, one has begun a long journey of moving Into the Light."

Modern western culture is commencing this movement now. A major tell is recent movie content.
Doug's list of movies, quantum~movies, show his thoughts on this subject.

One more recent movie, Avatar, excels many of its predecessors in important "finding one's inner" ways.
Most significant of all to Doug is simply, Avatar's, "I see you."

I ask you with all sincerity, "If I can see you, and you can see me, are we In the Light?"

Classicists interpret that as "light shining on us," right?

Quantumists hermeneut that as quantum~ihn.
We are holographically ihn the light and the light is holographically ihn us.

As Pirsig and Herrigel (Zen in the Art of Archery), among others
have implied, "We are ihn Iht and Iht issi ihn us!"

If you really want to find your inner, that phasmenting must be
your major attractor~affector for your own emersos.

If Doug condensed our list above into a single phasementing,
"We are ihn Iht and Iht issi ihn us!" is that single phasementing.

When we view that phasementing as stindyanic quantum~processings borne of
quanta and ensembles of quanta we are, "Thinkqing Being Directly."

Pure Bergson. Pure Pirsig. Pure Bohm. Pure Mae-wan Ho, Pure Carlo Suares.
Pure gn¤sis. Pure Autiot. Pure quantum~reality. Pure Quantonics.

Pure Essene~Gn¤stic Jesus.

And for extreme emphasis, not Jesus 'the Christ!'
Not Peter's contrived and phony Roman 'Christ!'
Not dialectical (satanic) 'Christ!'

Latter of Doug's list of "Pures" is what has come to be a Doug obsession.


What does 'Jesus' mean? Light!

Gives novel semantic head to "We are ihn the Light and the Light issi ihn us" doesn't it?

Who said that? Jesus! In his farewell discourse to his disciples. He said, condensed and paraphrased by Doug,
"I am in you and you are in me. I am in God and God is in me. Therefore God is in you (and you are in God)."

We may choose to hermeneut that as "We are ihn the Light and the Light issi ihn us."

Doug believes that if you believe that you have commenced finding your inner.

When you do believe that you are, in Doug's strongest opinion, "A Quantum~Being."

Quantumly "photonic hologra are ihn photonic hologra," intrinsically. See content of a photon at Doug - 2Jan2011.

More generally, "All hologra are ihn all hologra." Doug's qualifier here: quantum~ihn~ness is always at least islandic, partial, and stindyanic.

"Doug, why are you obsessed by this?"

The formidable ensemble of nexi which support it.

Allow Doug to show you many autsimilars for 'the Light:' to see, the logos, the account, the word, Jesus, the son, the membrane,
Adamas, Autiot, cosmically the grail, Quantonics' comma~nospace, quantum~middle~inclusion, quantum~coherence,
quantum~complementation, and QCD's and QED's quantized~spontaneous~selection via quantum scintillation, etc.

Now, to find your inner, does just one of those suffice?

We may choose to see that finding our inner is an adventure, a journey, a Feuilleton Chautauqua of sorts.

"Doug, from whence your 'the membrane' autsimilar?"

Allow me to show two lines of script to exemplify:

Mother,son,mother,[Ff]ather, and


That script is Doug's hermeneutic of Chaldæan gn¤sis, which is autsimilar Peratæan, Valentinian, and Essene~Naassene gnoses.
He derived it from Elaine Pagels' Johannine Gospel in Gnostic Exegesis.

They are bases for what scholars refer, the Ogdoad.

As students of Quantonics you must hermeneut those scripts close to how Doug does.
View "Mother" as "a hermaphroditic G¤dhead and representative of what Quantonics means by "n¤nactuality," and "Iht."
Then view "son" and "membrane" as Quantonics' comma~nospace in any quanton's script.
View "mother" AKA "sophia" AKA "gnosis" AKA "wisdom" AKA "Venus" AKA "Magdalene," etc. as quantum~actuality's "top."
Finally, view [Ff]ather as actuality's hylic bottom. (no pun) Father (upper case) as "living Father" whom Jesus the Jew omnistinguishes 'father.'
Lower case 'father' represents the demiurge who is satanic since he endlessly practices patriarchal dialectic thus committing perpetual, static Errors.

You must note Doug's extensive use of 'significates' here. Ethically, as do Pirsig and Socrates we must offer a caveat re significates at this juncture.

Doug - 5Jan2011.

When one understands the logos, one sees Jesus "the Jew" (not 'the Christ') as quantum~complementation of
n¤nactuality and actuality: quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality), and Pirsig's quanton(DQ,SQ).
Jesus AKA Light pneumatically is our quanton's comma~nospace.

Doug became obsessed with this long before he ever uncovered biblical notions of "finding one's inner."

I just want to make it clear to you, in Doug's opinion, to the extent you grasp essence here you are developing qua to find your inner.

It's a process, and it appears that n¤ne of us will 'arrive.'



To be continued...

Thank you for reading,

Doug - 30Dec2010 - 1-5,9,11Jan2011.

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