In [The] Beginning(s)...Was(Is) [The] Word(ings)...

by Doug Renselle - 8May2014

Are you familiar with Magdalene's Fourth Gospel?

It's narrative commences, paraphrased by Doug,

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God, and the Word was with God.
The Word became flesh and dwelt among us with grace and truth."

Of all biblical texts, for Doug, that is most impressive.


It is Gnostic (wisdom of sophia, wisdom as feminine),
it is Sepher Yetsiral (a book of life's formation),
it partially unentangles Sefirot (a tree of life),
it is Qabalic (how to play the game of life),
it is unlimited potentia (cosmic energy),
it is Autiot (quantum~linguistic),
it is cosmic~consciousness,
it is quantum (almost),
it is semasiological,
it is ontological,

"But Doug, What isn't it?"


"So, just do it!"

OK, then, remediated it becomings...

"Perpetually evolving are all Wordings, and all Wordings are God, and all Wordings are with God.
All Wordings become flesh and ubiquitously dwell among us with grace and truth."

"Doug, omnistinguish that unremediatedc text and your remediationq of it, please."

What linguistic and other facets, artefacts, features of that unremediatedc text stick out like a sore thumb? Let's make a list:

past tense
radical beginism
dialectic (and its metastatic linguistic disease)
death-dead (dead 'things')
radical finalism (implied, inferred)
temporality (monistic)
closure (conservation)
inclusion (only gnostic facet)

To Doug, that (only partial) list shows us that translators of ancient biblical texts reified
(except for middle~inclusion) text's original linguistic (Qabalic, Sepher Yetsiral) semiosy.

We may choose to perceive a kind of Pirsigean Value reversal from Subjectq over Objectq to Objectc over Subjectc.

Suares explains, partially, what Doug is attempting to convey,
"The reversing of values, thanks to which the psychec anaesthetizes itself,
transforms at all costs a mythq into an historical [probabilistic] reality whose existence
is violently denied by those who believe in a contradictory mythq."
Page 202, Suares' Trilogy. Doug's subscripts and brackets.

Doug asks readers to compare Heraclitus' Diels Kranz B1 and B2 quotes.

"Doug, How would you quantum~remediate those classical linguistic facets?"

Like this,

present~future tense
using quantum~radicals like comtext~sensitivity
quantons(monism,pluralism): coherent islandicity
stindyanic~evolution assa quantons(scin,quan)
quantum~uncertainty, indetermination
quantumism and its plethora of cobenchmarkings
finding one's inner
islandic plurality
stochasticsq: pastings, nowings, futurings
in all endings are new beginnings, there is n¤ 'endc'
atemporality (heterogeneous)
genericityingsq cowithin specificityingsq
openness (unlimited potentia)
antinomial~complementarity; complamentalism
radicalq middle~inclusionq

Doug's emphasis here, in his quantum~remediation is living~lifeq hyper dead-deathc.

Jesus emphasized, "Living~Father," while denigrating, "dead-father (YahWeh) demiurge."

Here we see "dead-father" as Peteresque Earth's Satanic hegemon (Çatholiçism).

Doug says, "Worseship is about common reverence of dead icons (e.g., 'saints'). Bettership issi about Sepher
Yetsiral pragma as living iconoclasms:" Gnostic~individual agents of Qabalic action!

Classical language as evidenced by unremediated text above is dead, by dialectical 'intelligent design.'

Quantum language (Autiot) offers us an living analog, through individual's intuitive radical quantum~evolutionary unending redemptive~remediating processings.

Suares shows how classical mind and its static-stuxic-final-determinate facets worseships death:

""It may well be that the greatest error of the Christian dogma is the assertion that the Holy Ghost engendered an infant only once, and at a certain date..."

Can you fathom how 'christians' see Jesus as dead: an icon of radical finalism? An evolving reality cann¤t be classically dead!

However, Jesus told us (and this is Gaffney's Naassene Gnostic Secret) that Jesus is
perpetually and ubiquitously alive and pragmatic in all of us (who have found our inner).

He goes on to imply that said infant is reborne in all of us (all of Jesus' church of humanity) perpetually and ubiquitously:
Jesus expressed it allegorically restating, "In the (many novel and evolving) beginning(s)..." like this:

All of you, from Magdalene's Farewell Discourse, paraphrased by Doug,
"I am in you and you are in me. I am in God and God is in me. God is in you:"
i.e., "Aleph in Blood:" A~dam: Aleph~Dallet~Mem.

All of us are radical quantum~middle~inclusion~quantons living perpetually and ubiquitously.
Clearly that is n¤t a dead~father's sword-bearing incisit forcing us to worsehip dead iconic things.

8May2014 - Doug.
(I'm n¤t 'done' here...)

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