Irenaeus' Hatred of Women

Doug's philosopher friend was reminded of Hippolytus' speech in Euripides' drama, The Hippolytus: (excerpted, 616-668)

Women! This coin which men find counterfeit!
Why, why, Lord Zeus, did you put them in the world,
in the light of the sun? If you were so determined
to breed the race of man, the source of it
should not have been women. Men might have dedicated
in your own temples images of gold,
silver, or weight of bronze, and thus have bought
the seed of progeny

So we might have lived
in houses free of the taint of women's presence.
But now, to bring this plague into our homes
we drain the fortunes of our homes. In this
we have a proof how great a curse is woman.
For the father who begets her, rears her up,
must add a dowry gift to pack her off
to another's house and thus be rid of the load.

And he again that takes the cursed creature
rejoices and enriches his heart's jewel
with dear adornment, beauty heaped on vileness.
With lovely clothes the poor wretch tricks her out
spending the wealth that underprops his house.
That husband has the easiest life whose wife
is a mere nothingness, a simple fool,
uselessly sitting by the fireside.

I hate a clever woman... God forbid
that I should ever have a wife at home
with more than woman's wits...

She was right, in Doug's opine...this is a perfect exemplar of dialectical-hatred, and it shows why Doug quantum~'hates' dialectic.

To Doug, Irenaeus is human detritus. He and his ilk are part of a dialectical metastasis which has overwhelmed our Earth with their 'garbage intellects.'

I despise them and that for which they stand and worseship: death and dead things.

Quantum~Gnosis and quantum~Qabala hatæ dialectic...Doug's opine.

"Do not do what you hatæ!"

Doug Renselle - 28Feb2015.