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by Doug Renselle

Yellow:: light, enlightenment, unification, whole, pro-, superluminal, ascending
Supple: quantum~coherence of many truthings, many comtexts, value, goodness, awe, QICheadedness
Top: high road, evolving, better, quantum~positive
Inside: core, in-touch, inside track, everywhere~association
sacred feminine, Venusian, included~middle, phase~ic, bettership, etc.
Mauve: paradox, confusion, schism, broken, mal-, local, descending, endarkenment
Absolute: local one truth illusion, local one context illusion, dogma, doctrine, arrogance, DIQheadedness
Bottom: low road, devolving, lesser, classico-negative
Outside: out-of-touch, passè, everywhere-dissociation
Classical: corrupt masculine, Martian,
excluded~middle, state-ic, wors(e)ship, etc.


This graphic is over six years old. When Doug first made it he was operating without as much quantum qua as he has incrementally, gradually acquired during those six years. We have been doing research reviews of David Bohm's opus. Early July, 2006 we were working on Bohm's dialogue with Renée Weber and we wrote how Bohm's and our work are just now beginning to bear fruit when this artwork sprang into our quantum~stagings' foreground. That research effort explains how quantum holograms are quantum~flux phase~encodings of quantum~reality.

If you have ever opened a pomegranate, you have some memes, memeos, and memeotics of which our graphic begs so quantum~cohesively.

Want to try drawing your own artistic version of a quantum pomegranate? Visit Zentangle.

©Quantonics, Inc., 1998-2007 Rev. 4-5Jul2006  PDR Created 27Apr98 PDR
(4-5Jul2006 rev - Complete Illustrator 9 redo of graphic. Update text for our Bohm SIOD research review.)

Arches           Art