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 Poem for RMP:
This is a quantum-interpreted version of a poem illustrating author-intended semantics for an original poem.


Dedicated to Robert M. Pirsig

Would that our waves could interfere,
Co-aware we might mingle here,
Being superposed, find per chance,
One more us, multiversed in stance,
Just in harmony truly stand,
Realizing synthesis too grand.
Special events mark something new,
Flux dynamic urges stuff through,
Observation when we're aware,
Sees patterns and waves everywhere,
Tunnels open show us the way,
Virtual paths and tolls to pay.
Vacuum energy makes it work,
Classic truth says no, "Ether's quirk!"
Same people said, "The Earth is flat!"
Now they have to eat their hat,
Pay homage to paradigm shifts,
Ergo's selection extincts rifts.
Dump schisms, no biformal be,
Wide spectral senses set ye free,
Found Quality and Quanta dual,
Metaphysics', Mechanics' tool,
Enlightenment from MoQ-two's lore,
Intuit more than we did before.
Doug Renselle

Say 'Mach 2'


Poem Dedicated to Robert M. Pirsig
By Doug Renselle, January 10, 1998

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Term from Poem

Quantum Interpretation of Term

Waves are quantum systems whose complements may be particulate. Waves are the most primal of patterns in both MoQs. In some manner which is uncertain, waves manifest themselves at the boundary of the known and unknown. Waves then become the changeable constituents of static reality's ensembles.

See Doug's embellishment of Bunge's term "quanton." Understand that waves are stochastic, and quantum~waves are n¤n mechanically QLOistic. See our QELR of time on PNFings.

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Interference — the unknown means of mixing of waves prior to the possible occurrence of quantum science's special events or their dual — Pirsig's New Philosophy Quality Events. A precursor to quantum science's quanton entanglement and MoQ's pattern latching.

See Doug's more recent discussion re: quantum~interference. Doug - 18Mar2008.

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Assumes waves can 'sense' each other. Where classical science observation is uni-aware, i.e., only the observer is aware, in quantum science waves and their duals — MoQ SPoVs — are co-aware. Co-awareness is a precursor to potential interference and entanglement and the concomitant special and Quality events.

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A result of interference of waves or patterns at special or Quality events. Also called entanglement or collapse of wave functions, or latching.

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The mixture of actualized and nonactualized waves and their multiversal complements.

See Doug's QELRs of superpose and complement. Doug - 11Jan2009

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Indeterminate journey of special events.

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Indeterminate outcome of observation and interference.

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The Hugh Everett metaphor of quantum theory. Also known as the Many Worlds version of quantum theory. Part of the justification for Pirsig's MoQ's many truths.

See Doug's QELR of truth. Doug - 11Jan2009.

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 in stance

A metaphorical latching or standing after special events. Standing waves are metaphors for waves which latch after special events.

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Mixed waves are harmonious/disharmonious and may harmonize/disharmonize with others. Emerging reality may be the harmony/disharmony of all standing mixed quantum wave systems. Devolving reality may be the disharmony/harmony of quantum wave systems.

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Mixed, harmonic wave systems which 'latch' we say, "stand realizing synthesis too grand"

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Latching, becoming real, standing quantum wave systems 'observed' in our universe.

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Both/and, creation, unification, Gestalt, syncretism, interpenetration. This interpretation is more complex than a classical static pattern synthesis, but reflects ongoing change and dynamic synthesis by special events at all levels of quantum systems.

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 special events

The quantum dual of MoQ's Quality Events. Special events according to quantonics theory are omnidirectional (omnispatial). However, addled SOM-think endowed us two directional perspectives:

  1. The latching or emerging actualization direction special events.
  2. The unlatching or deemerging deactualization direction of special events.

Most authors only see and describe the first direction, a single direction of creation. See the links to the reality loops below under the term flux dynamic.

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 flux dynamic

 See the two reality loops:

  1. MoQ I Reality Loop
  2. MoQ II Reality Loop

Flux dynamic is shown in each of these loops as the change at the N-spatial surface among reality and its complement. In quantum science it is the surface among VES and real, entangled quantum systems which build our familiar reality. In Pirsig's MoQ it is the surface between unknown Dynamic Quality and known Static Quality.

Flux dynamic says that when reality differentiates (becomes the known) from the undifferentiated (the unknown) it keeps an unlimited complementary coupling to the undifferentiated, thus allowing the undifferentiated (in the li-la dance in concert with the differentiated) to continuously change the differentiated.

Please note that we limit the loops to Homo sapiens' finite dimensional perspective and that there are infinite instances of these loops ubiquitous in N-space continually changing reality.

In the first loop we use the following terms to describe the surface and the transformations which occur there:

  1. Direct experience
  2. First new experience
  3. Edge of now
  4. Quality Event
  5. Surprise

In the second loop we use the following terms to describe the surface and transformations:

  1. Special event
  2. Entanglement
  3. Observation
  4. Choice
  5. Measurement

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An act of creation in the direction of emergence. An act of discreation in the direction of deemergence. Analogs are measurement, choice, etc. Observation values the preconditions of the current iteration of the Reality Loops described under the term dynamic flux described above.

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Within Pirsig's MoQ these are real patterns, or known patterns. Pirsig reveres this term by uniquely attaching it to known reality's Static Patterns of Value. In Pirsig's MoQ SPoVs are everything that we know: things, songs, music, art, intellectual patterns, etc. His MoQ disallows us from using any patterns to describe the unknown, or what he calls Dynamic Quality, because DQ is undefinable — not within the scope of pattern assessment by finite intellect.

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In this poem the word tunnels has a uniquely quantum semantic. In quantum science tunneling is a crucial quantum act of borrowing energy to perform seemingly impossible acts. We can see tunneling in the real world in wave energy of water that appears to penetrate barriers. Modern solid state physics depends on tunneling for viable solid state electronic devices. It is said the universe we know could not exist without tunneling. Tunneling is the ability for quantum systems to penetrate barriers. Metaphorically it is one's ability to see through and move through apparently impossible barriers.

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 virtual paths

Tunneling uses virtual paths. Superluminal communication uses virtual paths. Metaphorically a virtual path is direct with no impediments or latencies. In the MoQ DQ has virtual paths to all of SQ, i.e., the unknown has virtual paths to all of the known. In Quantonics we like to think the other direction is open to us, too, if we can only find it.

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 vacuum energy

Vacuum energy (VE) is the quantum science dual of Pirsig's MoQ's DQ or Dynamic Quality, AKA the unknown. It occupies VES or vacuum energy space. VE probably got its first physical science confirmation via the Casimir effect. VE shows an incredible energy density of approximately 1093 grams per cubic centimeter. Now consider that our known universe has 1080 atoms and an average atom (say 58 nucleons) has an energy density of 1028 grams, then the mass-energy of our universe is roughly 1052 grams. The implication is that VES has enough energy in one cubic centimeter of volume to create 1041 of our universes! Now that is simply incredible! If that does not fill you with awe, nothing can!

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Ether is the classical term for VES. The term and concept of ether was rejected by classical science as a ruse. The reason is the wrong-headedness that derives from SOM thinking. VES cannot exist, in fact is prohibited in an 'objective' reality. Quantum science brought it back to the fore of physical understanding of our interpretation of reality.

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 paradigm shifts

Thomas Kuhn's term for revolutionary changes in complex systems.

In Quantonics and Pirsig's MoQ we see the selection process moving gradually toward 'better' until no small, incremental changes are possible. At that point true paradigm shifts may occur.

In Quantonics and Pirsig's MoQ we see the need for both: gradual improvement and less frequently, massive change. Reality appears to provide some balance of the two and lesser and greater variations on each.

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Ergo is used as a 'therefore' producing a selection which values preconditions of rifts or schisms mended by change, in particular change imposed upon Static Quality by Dynamic Quality.

Ergo in Quantonics is not causal, but probabilistic. Ergo is kin to change by both chance and choice. One must begin to realize that all choice involves both chance and change.

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Schisms are SOM-entropy, the leavings of SOM-think. SOM relies on dichotomous- and centric-thinking techniques intrinsic to the Subject-Object schism at the apex of SOM philosophy.

See Doug's coinage of 'dichon.'

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 spectral senses

If we see reality in its most quantum scientific interpretation, everything is waves. So we can infer that reality is an infinite spectrum. The poem says we are 'better' if we have, "wide[r] spectral senses [that] set ye free..." The wider our spectral senses, the more we see, the more we are free.

But that is just one perspective. Seeing too much may garner sensory overload. So 'better' includes emergence of more capable beings with wider spectral senses. Consider your current finite spectral sensing abilities.

See quantum~sensory, quantum~omnitor spectral bandwidths.

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Complementary alikeness of concepts. Pirsig's MoQ is very much like the Mechanics of Quanta. In Quantonics we see the MoQ as the parent philosophy of quantum science, so it is not exactly a dual, but the MoQ descriptions of reality appear as duals of quantum science's descriptions of reality.

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Quantum science is a tool of the physicists for understanding physical reality. MoQ is a tool of philosophers for understanding metaphysical reality. In Quantonics we believe that these dual tools provide a kind of double-entry bookkeeping which permits a kind of co-validation and co-verification of the other.

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