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A Primer on Quantons




Quantum Reality

Quantons as SONs of Fuzzons of De- & E-merging Quatro-Coherent Interrelationships Among Quantons


See our 2D fuzzon symbols and fuzzon QLO. Doug - 4Jun2006.


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What are quantons and how do we use them in Quantonics?

Quantons are co-metaphors:
both actuality as quantum c¤mplementings of n¤nactuality,
and n¤nactuality as quantum c¤mplementings of actuality, i.e.,


A metaphor is: meta- (changæ-) phor (carrier).

Quantons are quantum changæ carriers/bearers in quantum reality.

Quantons are Dawkinsian (quantum included-middle both 'mind' and 'body') memes.
See Richard Dawkins' book, The Selfish Gene.
Memes are viral/metaphoric/emergent-demergent/changæ-bearing ideas/concepts.
Usually, ideas and concepts are classically perceived as static/immutable/stopped,
and thus incapable of emergent quantum anihmacy and changæ.

Pirsig might say, "Platonic formal ideas and concepts are Exclusive Static Quality.
I.e., stopped thoughts which have lost their Quality. SQ without DQ."

In Quantonics we can show Platonic ideas and concepts, e.g., as dichons(SQ, SQ).
I.e., Static Quality absent any Dynamic Quality.
Analogously, quantum actuality absent any (of its quantum c¤mplementary) quantum n¤nactuality.
(Which is what classicists do to quantum reality when they "zero h-bar" to make reality classical!)

In Quantonics all memes are quantons(DQ,SQ), amd quantons(n¤nactuality,actuality).
Quantonic memes are quantum recursive which we can show thus:
actualityquantons(n¤nactuality,actuality) (i.e., actuality's self-/other-reference while co-here-ing n¤nactuality), amd
memesquantons(n¤nactuality,memes) (i.e., memes' self-/other-reference while co-here-ing n¤nactuality).

We can show any quantons that way too.
These quantonics scripts illustrate quantum reality's intrinsic sophism.
Quantum reality is intrinsically EIMA fractal and recursive.
"But, but, but..., what does that mean for me, as a reader, as a potential student of Quantonics?"
It means that you, as a quanton, in quantum reality, cannot act
without qualitatively affecting both yourself and others.
Similarly, it means that others cannot act in quantum reality without qualitatively
affecting both themselves and you to both greater and lesser extents.

Indeed, quantum realityquantons(n¤nactual_changæ,actual_changæ)

Quantum actuality always carries its n¤nactual c¤mplement
(potential interrelationships to all other reality)
whether a quanton semiotic shows it or n¤t:

quanton(actuality,actuality) (n¤nactuality is intrinsically cowithin actuality even though we do n¤t show it)

quanton(n¤nactuality,actuality) (here, we explicitly show actuality's n¤nactual quantum c¤mplement,
which we may also say as, we explicitly show n¤nactuality's actual quantum c¤mplement.)

To be able to see this students of Quantonics and MoQites look at reality like this:

Not as SOMites and CRites (i.e., classicists) view reality similar to this:

SOMites and CRites only see that circle in actuality. Their blinders
(depicted as a brick wall; a classical hypostatic of their anti-memetic, anti-metaphoric, CTM beliefs)
prevent them from 'seeing' quantum n¤nactuality as actuality's quantum c¤mplement.

We offer both above graphics combined with additional comments here.

Every quantum 'thing' in (Quantonics' version of quantum) reality is a metaphor, a quanton, a meme,
therefore we use quantons (as metaphors, and as memes) to describe quantum reality.

But are quantons just metaphors?

Nope! And we can coin some ~n¤vel terms to show you. Quantons are also:

Heterophors - multiplicity/omniplicity everywhere-association carriers,
Interaphors - quantum c¤mplementary interrelationship carriers,
Pragmaphors - action/flux carriers,

Classical philosophy and science assume reality composes
different classes of inanimate, excluded-middle stuff 1, and humans must unify reality.
Outcome? Classicists implore pursuit of GUTs 2 and ToEs 3.
Quantonics phil¤s¤phy amd science assume reality is
¤ne class ¤f included-middle, anihmatæ b¤th stuff amd n¤n-stuff 4, amd reality is intrinsically unified.
Outc¤me? A New Way ¤f Thinking f¤r Millennium III.

1 I.e., dichons. 2 I.e., Grand Unifying Theories. 3 I.e., Theories of Everything. 4 I.e., quantons.

Innate unificati¤n n¤t required!
Reality is intrinsic unificati¤n!
Bottom line:
N¤n-unified dichons represent SOM/classical reality. Unified quantons represent MoQ/Quantonic reality.
In a 1999 email t¤ a Quantonics visitor, Doug used some Pirsigean comcepts t¤
illustrate why quantons are s¤ very imp¤rtant:
Pirsig tells us that if we drive a motorcycle intellectually rather than intuitively we will crash.
If so, we might infer SOM/classical science is headed for a major accident.
We can add that if we drive a motorcycle as though there is no static reality, we will crash too.
We need quanton(Dynamic_Quality,Static_Quality) to avoid crashes!
Quantonics Uncertainty Principle ¤n Truth - quanton(comsistencyvcompleteness):
"It is imp¤ssible t¤ think ab¤ut truth with¤ut perturbing it." Doug.

Doug Renselle, October 27, 1999


Quantonic Reality


Coined Quantonic Terms
A Quanton's Quantum Emergence
A Quanton's Ontology
A Quantonics Remediated English Language for Millennium III
Quantonics English Language Problematics for Millennium III


  1. Quantons are a Quantonic means ¤f ev¤lute m¤deling (metaphoring) ¤f dynamic Value interrelati¤nships.
    (By "ev¤lute m¤deling," we intend a semantic which educes use ¤f
    QTMs am¤ng practiti¤ners ¤f
    Quantonics. Th¤ugh, f¤r c¤nvenience, we craft amd assemble 'static' semi¤tics amd f¤nts,
    ¤n ¤ur
    quantum stages we anihmatæ them. With practice, we c¤mmence tapping ¤ur reserve energies
    t¤ perceive reality as dynamically ev¤lute. We begin t¤ see reality as dynamic, included-middle
    quant¤ns ¤f quant¤ns, like ¤ur flux¤r graphic bel¤w.)
  2. Quantons pr¤vide general n¤tati¤n, i.e., reality itself may be expressed (b¤th largest amd smallest scales).
  3. Quantons innately pr¤vide self-similar n¤tati¤n, i.e., quant¤ns similarly represent all scales ¤f reality
  4. Quantons are fluxors: they are dynamic Valuati¤ns ¤f c¤mplementary pairs ¤f fluxing attract¤rs:

  5. Multiple quantons may sh¤w unlimited Value interrelati¤nships.
  6. Quantons may be shown thus:
    1. quanton(DQ,SQ)
    2. quanton(SQ,SQ)
    3. As Bergson's I-Cubed,


      Belying SOM's detending deign of feign.
    4. DQ SQ
    5. SQ SQ, and in m¤re c¤mplex, extensible emerqants (~f¤rms) like this:

      SQ SQ DQ DQ

      If you have been keeping up with Doug's studies on Pribram, Sherrington, and Quantonic versions of neurons, you may have qua to make some prescient nexi of your own here, re that diagram and its symbols:
      1. Each SQ may be thought of as an energy well which emerqs holographic interrelationshipings with other energy wells,
      2. Each DQ is a quantum reminder that DQ is ubiquitous and compenetrates all SQ~quantum~actuality,
      3. Each '' may be thought of as representing omnirectional holographic nexi in our 2D hologram,
      4. All symbols are quantum, and thus quantum~comtextually sensitive and omnique (Qese for 'unique') to all (there is an issue with quantum~fractal antennæ wavelengths here, re Doug's usage of all...) quantum~wavings in any quantum~environment,
      5. All symbols are dynamic BAWAM REIMAR coobsfecting (omni~obsfecting) holographic interrelationshipings,
      6. Energy wellings are like fuzzonic attractorings, any pair of which, becomings quantons, and they may 'nest' omnivalently in any omnimensional hologram,
      7. Energy~wellings, we infer, heurist, and hermeneut quantumly, emerq layers~levelings of quantum~wave hololanguage~holocommunicationings which pretty much adhere our quantum~bandwidth~perspicacities~and~perspicuities. Here is a slimmed~down version of that much larger page version:

      8. All comstituents sorso adapt relentlessly as quantum~evolving both novel and ensemble peaQLOs in said holographic omni~environment,
      9. etc.

        Doug - 5Dec2008.
    6. Tao symb¤ls may be used t¤ symb¤lize quantons.
    7. Mobius strips are excellent quanton symb¤ls (surface amd edge unificati¤n).
    8. Fuzzons are powerful quantonic~quantum means of doing genuine quantum modaling; see point, line, circle, fermionta, latter shows a fuzzonic SON emersing a fermion.
    9. Quantons may appear in alm¤st unlimited n¤tat¤ns amd symb¤l¤gies.
  7. Quantons are usually sh¤wn as c¤mplementary pairs ¤f attract¤rs.

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  1. Attract¤rs represent b¤th MoQ's Dynamic Quality amd MoQ's Static Quality.
  2. Attract¤rs may be pure DQ or mixed SQ:
    1. DQ attractors:
      1. DQ attract¤rs may bec¤me SQ.
      2. DQ attract¤rs may changæ SQ attract¤rs.
    2. SQ attract¤rs:
      1. SQ attract¤rs may unbec¤me DQ.
      2. SQ attract¤rs c¤mmingle, interpenetrate, c¤here, amd are c¤within DQ (i.e., they are mixed).
      3. SQ attract¤rs are seld¤m exclusive (i.e., seld¤m permanently latched, with¤ut DQ mixing).
      4. SQ attract¤rs may be temp¤rarily latched.
      5. SQ attract¤rs may changæ.
      6. SQ attract¤rs changæ at Quality Events, QEs.
      7. SQ attract¤rs may changæ in QE threads.

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Threads (A potentially better way to visualize our Quantonics' quantum "threads" is as many-to-many affine Greek actin, i.e., EIMA spreading NN axon "rays." Our current description below, unfortunately, carries some of Doug's latent ~1999 SOM baggage. Our intended 'threads' are quantum omnimensional, not classically two dimensional. We were at Hap & Amy's Stone Hill Inn in Stowe, Vermont when we wrote this. Doug - 13Dec2002):

  1. Threads may affect changæ within l¤cal Quantonic/quantum systems.
  2. Threads may affect changæ acr¤ss multiple Quantonic/quantum systems.
  3. Threads may tunnel. (via DQ/VES)
  4. Threads may bifurcate.
  5. Threads may oscillate. (E.g., neutrino planet~tunneling.)
  6. Quality Eventings, QEs, may initiate threads.
  7. Threads pr¤pagate QEs. (in b¤th DQ amd SQ)
  8. Threads in DQ are is¤n¤npreferential (see Stein's quantum rand¤m walk)
  9. For an quantum ontological thread example of a fermion's emergence see our 2004 fermionta.
  10. Threads are quantum processings of fuzzonic emergence.

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Assumpti¤ns ab¤ut Quantonic reality:

Quantonic reality:

  1. reality quanton(DQ,SQ), i.e. reality is ¤ne en¤rm¤us DQ/SQ quanton. We can sh¤w it like this, t¤¤:
  2. DQ quanton(DQ,DQ), i.e., pure DQ, its c¤mp¤siti¤n is pure flux.
  3. SQ quanton(DQ,SQ), mixed DQ amd SQ, i.e., DQ commingles all SQ.
  4. reality's m¤st primal Value (SQ) comstituents may be represented sub- thr¤ugh mes¤-at¤mically. Primal examples.
  5. reality's bi¤l¤gical Value (SQ) may be represented via Quantonic n¤tati¤n. Bi¤l¤gical examples.
  6. reality's intellectual amd s¤cial Value (SQ) may be represented via Quantonic n¤tati¤n t¤¤. S¤cial amd intellectual examples.

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Quanton primal reality examples:
  • quarkquanton(DQ,SQ); (up, charmed, top, down, strange, bottom):
    • quark2•upquanton(quarkup,quarkup),
    • quark2•downquanton(quarkdown,quarkdown),

      Note: We are showing our quark quantons as quanton(SQ,SQ)
      where our comma-n¤space acts like a gluon and thus indicates
      intrinsic compenetration of DQ/
      isoflux. Our graphic at right shows
      Quantonic n¤nactual-actual
      comjugation, where our quanton(SQ,SQ) shows actual-actual conjugation. Consider that William Hamilton, between his birth (1805) and death (1865), developed his theory of quaternions. Physicists today use quaternions to show and manipulate classical concepts of actual-actual conjugation. See our own Quantonics quantum remediation of Hamilton's classical quaternions. You will also find it fascinating that Hamilton was a child prodigy much similar to William James Sidis.

      Quantum n¤nactuality is always present even though both conjugates of a quanton are actual. We show two 2D graphical quantons as
      up quarks (hinting that quarks, too, have 'finer structure') in this script:
    • quark2•upquanton(,);
      quarkup_blue, quarkup_red, and

    • quark2•downquanton(

      , );
      quarkdown_red, quarkdown_green,

  • b¤s¤nquanton(DQ,SQ),
  • fermi¤nquanton(DQ,SQ),
  • ph¤t¤nquanton(DQ,SQ),
  • electr¤nquanton(DQ,SQ),
  • nucle¤nquanton(DQ,SQ) amd mes¤at¤mically:
    • protonquanton(quark2•up,quarkdown)
    • neutronquanton(quark2•down,quarkup)

      Note: nucleon colors are always neutral. Each nucleon must have
      three quarks one each of color Red, Green, and Blue.

  • at¤mquanton(DQ,SQ) amd then superat¤mically,
  • m¤leculequanton(DQ,SQ), etc.


Dear reader, we can see essence here in distinguishing aspects ¤f MoQ and SOM:

  • MoQ - Quantonic Think-king Modes, QTMs, and
  • SOM - Classical Thing-king Methods, CTMs.

For example, SOM sees quark, boson, etc., only as labels (significates) for a quanton's right, SQ part. SOM claims only dichons exist. SOM denies quantons exist, because SOM denies any quanton's left, DQ part. SOM denies DQ's reality. SOM says DQ does not 'exist.'

MoQ sees quark, b¤s¤n, etc., as a b¤th/and c¤mmingling/interpenetrati¤n ¤f b¤th DQ amd SQ. Using QTMs we can readily ¤bserve their en¤rm¤us advantages ¤ver SOM's CTMs.

SOM uses objective CTMs to reason: Classical Thing-king Methods.

MoQ uses h¤listic, inclusive QTMs t¤ reas¤n: Quantonic Think-king M¤des.

Als¤ see m¤re rig¤r¤us, in depth c¤mparis¤ns ¤f MoQ, CR & SOM.


End aside.


Quanton bi¤l¤gical reality examples:


Quanton s¤cial amd intellectual reality examples: (Students of Quantonics should view each of these as quantum, plural, animate, c¤mplementary, included-middle quantons. Grammatically, e.g., using plural anihmatæ present participle qualogos, we should say "truthings.")



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