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Acoustic Inertial Confinement

Download PDF and read.
Lots of recent news about Purdue...
The Chronicle just published a huge April, 2007 Issue article. We'd like to link this, but it is paid subscription only.
Doug - 11Apr2007.
 => This work is now published as a Shipov volume of same title. You may order a copy online. Doug - 11Apr2007.

A Theory of Physical Vacuum

by Gennady I. Shipov

New Concepts
Matter, Life and Mind

- Ervin LASZLO - 1996

A quantum view:
Zero Point Field or Vacuum Energy Space
as both shared consciousness and shared reality.
Superfluid Helium
as a

This is a tech brief by Dr. David Ceperley. His full article appears in the June 1998 issue of PhysicsWorld (We,
In Quantonics, recommend this highly: available by subscription online.).

What is intriguing about this article is, if you use our Quantonic Model of Reality, you can imagine Ceperley's words describing an atomic-scale version of it. Imagine Quantonic nonactuality as an isotropic bosonic superfluid, and imagine actuality as latched fermionic impurities cowithin the bosonic flux. See Ceperley's graphic which illustrates the boson superfluid as one great loop of countless unlatched bosons (nonactuality) commingling a smaller number of individual loop-latched fermions (actuality).

Also see Ceperley's list of published papers.

What is the Casimir Effect?

Philip Gibbs 24-January-1997

"According to the theory the total zero point energy in the vacuum is infinite when summed over all the possible photon modes."

Bernhard Haisch's

ZPF Links Page

Haisch co-authored the

Beyond E=Mc^2

article appeared in the Nov/Dec 1994 issue of NYAS' journal

The Sciences

Find a link to the article here.
to the
ERATO Yamamoto
Quantum Fluctuation Project Homepage!


A Page on the Practical Application of ZPF

for Space Propulsion.

Supported by the authors of The Sciences' Nov/Dec 1994

Beyond E=MC^2

The Institute
New Energy

Links to ZPE, ZPF, et al., articles.

(Speculative, high risk, leading edge
pioneering of new energy sources.)
Kim Milton's Papers
Vacuum Energy, Casimir Effects, and Sonoluminescence
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List of Highly Technical ZPF Articles

Generated from a search of the HEP database at

Modern Scientific Theories
of the Ancient Aether

A wide range of articles, pro and con aether/ZPF.

H.E. Puthoff's research on Vacuum Energy.

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