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Quantum Links

Some of these links are getting stale. Doug will make an effort to repair and grow this list during 2007.
Just fixed Dan Thomas' link: moved from U Guelph to U Calgary. Doug - 13Nov2006.

Identity and Individuality
Quantum Theory



Dan Glover's

Niels Bohr's Philosophy

Web Page

Learn about Bohr's
Controversial Complementarity.
Consider Bohr's views as compared to Pirsig's.
Learn some rudimentary quantum science.

Dan's work here is excellent!

Dan is an active participant in The Lila Squad. (We have temporarily lost this link.)

H is for h-bar...

A great alpha-reference to things quantum-mechanical

by Rhett Savage

Under construction, but worth your time. E.g., see the description of spin and how a quantum system changes like a chameleon as it rotates in h-bar increments. The title of Rhett's page relates to the MoQ II Reality Loop graphic here on the Quantonics web site.
This site was moved from Guelph to Calgary - Doug - 13Nov2006
Rudiments of Quantum Theory
If you want a thorough overview of quantum theory with biographies of its founders and technical treatises too, this is the place to go.
by Prof. Dan Thomas
at University of Guelph, Canada

(you may find some bad links on his 'papers' page)
Arkadiusz Jadczyk
Quantum Future
Arkadiusz' page is about his quest for his own dream. See the links to his Quantum Future project. This is an excellent site we found via Rhett Savage's quantum-d list. Thanks Rhett!

 Quantum Chemistry

Chemistry 277: A First Year Graduate Course

Prof. J. C. Baird

In depth fundamentals on quantum science and quantum mechanics. Enjoy!

Quantum Mechanics

and other
very wonderful science
on the Web
This page is mostly links to other quantum science pages on the Web.

 Oxford University's Quantum Computing Home Page

This is EVE's non-classified home page.

You can find many of the articles which provided the seminal and foundational thinking for quantum computing. Articles by Feynman, Deutsch, Shor, etc.

 What is Quantum Physics?

Despite misspellings and a few typos, this page is useful to the uninitiated. It gives a quick, simple overview which you may find very easy to understand. The bibliography is short but a good place to start if you want to visit both ends of the quantum physics rainbow. Feynman (theoretical) and Gribbin (popular) are at opposite ends of the 'understandability' continuum. (repaired link 27Jul99 PDR)

 Physics Education Group

Visual Quantum Mechanics

by Kevin Zollman

A list of interesting links to a variety of sites and subjects related to quantum science. E.G. SEMs, STMs, nanotechnology, etc. Quicktime movies and other good visual materials.
 "Global View" Project
Home Page
(Ignore the IE commendations! J)
(Go Netscape!)
ð (We lost Smolin's page.)
Quantum Information Page
John H. Reif
Department of Computer Science
Duke University
The Bose-Einstein Condensation
Georgia Southern University

Mathematical Physics

World Wide Web Page
for the
Maynooth Open Day
From Jason Twamley:
Some interesting links for

Bose-Einstein Condensates

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