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This Graphic is courtesy of Dr. John G. Cramer
Department of Physics
University of Washington
PO Box 351560
Seattle, WA 98195-1560 USA
Dr. Cramer drew this graphic. It depicts his description of his own interpretation of quantum mechanics which he describes in this paper:
The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
"The basic element of the TI is the transaction describing a quantum [special] event as an exchange of advanced and retarded waves, as implied by the work of Wheeler and Feynman, Dirac, and others."
As quoted from the Abstract of Dr. Cramer's paper.
"It provides a description of the state vector as an actual wave physically present in real space.
It provides a mechanism for the occurrence of nonlocal correlation effects
through the use of advanced waves.
The collapse of the state vector in the TI is the formation of a
transaction which occurs by an exchange of retarded and advanced waves.
The transaction model provides a way of clearly visualizing and developing intuition about the quantum phenomena which have remained mysterious and counter-intuitive for half a century."
As quoted from Section 3.0 of Dr. Cramer's paper.
Note that Cramer's transaction is a quantonic interrelationship!
It is a 2D non-loop graphic similar to the ones we drew for
Pirsig's new philosophy called the
Metaphysics of Quality or MoQ I Reality loop, and
Mechanics of Quanta or MoQ II Reality loop.
Artwork by John G. Cramer

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