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MoQ Essence:
The question we hear most often is, "What is Pirsig's MoQ?" A good answer is:
MoQ is —
  1. change toward better, which is moral,
  2. latched temporary stasis, which is an agent of change, and
  3. exclusive stasis, which is immoral.

Change is Pirsig's Dynamic Quality, the first Good. Stasis is Static Quality, Pirsig's second Good. In MoQ, Dynamic Quality reigns over Static Quality.

Note that in Pirsig's MoQ, temporary stasis is a moral agent of change. But exclusive stasis is evil itself. Both of these compose Static Quality which is why it is the second good.

Bottom line: Pirsig's MoQ — change is moral, temporary stasis is an agent of change, and exclusive stasis is immoral.

One more very important thing: Truth resides in Static Quality! Intuitive, eh?


"Where MoQ interrelates patterns of Value,
SOM only
measures objects, and
CR claims measurements & interrelationships lack purpose."
Doug Renselle, 16Nov1999

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