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Arches           Art
This Graphic Derives from Chapter 10 of Nick Herbert's Quantum Reality.
The art depicted here connects Robert M. Pirsig's Metaphysics of Quality,
a new philosophy for Millennium III, to Quantum Science.
The art shows how Boolean logic is the logic of SOM's One Truth.
The art also shows how Quantum logic is one of many logics of MoQ's Dynamic Quality surface,
what we call paradox, irony, and dilemma from classical science's SOMThink perspective.
As Herbert explains, some of the QNDRs are referred to as "Isles of truth" which
Homo sapiens can see only from a SOM-biased Boolean perspective in SOM's One Truth.
These isles of truth often appear paradoxical from SOM's one-Boolean-truth
perspective, because Quantum logic is non-distributive.
The art shows Quantum logic's many isles of truth in combination with
SOM's one Boolean truth the aggregate we call MoQ's "Many Truths."
Another interesting connection here is that Pirsig in Lila shows signs pointing
to an unknown place he calls "paradise." In Quantonics, we refer to the plural
of paradox as 'paradice.' Thus we may view the isles of truth as 'paradice.'
Perhaps Pirsig's signs were pointing to paradice too?
Artwork and MoQ Enhancements to Herbert's Work
by Doug Renselle

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