Mag Intrudes Orpha

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A Next Iteration

One of several impending books by Doug Renselle

Orpha's urge to go to Canada is surrealistic. She envisions mountainous terrain and incomplete images of an Auelean skin-draped-bear-woolly-mammoth-bone-cave and large-tusked animals. A waft of muskellunge and sturgeon spawn primes her olfactory senses. Missing is an pendulous Earth-mother icon hewn in stone

For some reason now, during recent months she feels another being commingling her and prodding her to contrive reasons to visit southern Canada next year — province Quebec — in July during warm weather. It is though she had a quantum twin, a conjugal other whose influence waxes and wanes in a kind of chaotic deterministic nonperiodic flow.

At their most intense, these odd intrusions are almost like headaches, and they accompany mild burning and itching sensations along two thread-like subcutaneous green marks behind her ears. Orpha has learned by experience that her green marks show subtle precursor affects, and mild tingling precedes her sieges of urges and images. Orpha intuits her events prefer some strange attractor preconditions at a nonlocal intelligent source, but who is it, where are they, and why are they doing this?

Orpha decides to monitor her body's prime metrics and see what happens during these pragma-nexus episodes. Temporally her episodes happen most often on weekends between 9 and 11 AM.

Orpha's degrees in quantum biochemistry, neurology, and genetics give her nearly an equivalent of a general practitioner's skills despite not studying and training as a physician. She knows how to monitor her body, and even better how to interpret results in multiple contexts and many modes of her physical and mental behavior. Orpha, self taught, is almost a quantum system theory expert, especially in applied systems. Her uncommon jargon reflects her excellence of knowledge and intuition in applied quantum systems.

At 0830 Saturday morning she gathers her biometric equipment and arranges it near her Quantum Navigator and Just Colleague. She nicknamed him Juco for short. Juco easily and quickly applies quantum contemplation to difficult, multi-contextual problems which exceed even Orpha's quantum thinking skills.

Her new Quantum Navigator has both quantum computing systems and local/nonlocal — i.e., quantonic — quantum sensing capability. It can compute and interrelate 1000 factorial in five milliseconds. It can find one unique paragraph out of over one trillion hypernet pages in less than one second. It has all new quantum wireless terrabit hyper-link IO support and a new self-evolving quantonic OS. Quantum Navigator's hyper-link handles all IO protocols with burst bandwidths, depending on hypernet traffic up to ten giga-packs. Orpha loves hyper-link's wireless quantum communication capability. No more power lines. No more connectors, bundles, and messy nests of wire and fiber optics.

All this new technology was not achieved without adverse results though. Some of Orpha's investments took a hit because she did not carefully monitor indirect buyouts, mergers and alliances. Many global communication utilities suffered when all their infrastructure became obsolete, almost overnight. Some became extinct! Quantum evolutionary warning flags had been up for more than a century, but few believed change would shear at an exponential rate.

Hyper-link is a technology breakthrough phenomenon. Business growth has exploded because most existing systems need conversion to newer hyper-link capability. Virtually every piece of equipment which communicated with any other gear needed an upgrade or replacement to support hyper-link benefits. Even more significant was a new way of thinking associated with new quantum technologies. Many prior systems seem silly now. "Why did we ever do that?" is a common refrain among new adopters. Many can see analytic left brain thinking modes being rapidly replaced by more quantum, direct and more parallel right brain modes.

When she finishes her test set-up, hyper-link equipment surrounds Orpha's Quantum Navigator: heart attractors, temperature attractors, blood pressure attractors, active quantum blood serum chemistry, respiration attractors, heart quantum states, and quantum brain flux monitors. In a system like Orpha's Quantum Navigator, each attractor appears as one end of a quanton tunneled to its other ends which may commingle an almost unlimited list of other attractors.

At 0850 she attaches an Affymetrix universal biometric sensor to her waist and sits in Quantum Navigator's Poetic Technologies ergoenviron. She waits for an intrusion to begin. Juco and Quantum Navigator show her status via her own quantonic mind-local projection.

She asks Juco to record her equilibrium body condition before another intrusion starts. Juco notes her body temperature is 98.9 degrees and has fluctuated between that value and 101.3 for 10 minutes. It tells Orpha she should see a physician soon because this rapid rate of change in humans is unprecedented and requires immediate attention. Its cursory diagnosis gives uncertain results, but a close match is with Bracken's disease symptoms. This is not news to Orpha, and she is not surprised by it, having received this diagnosis several times previously.

At 0903 an intrusion starts, and Orpha's heightened sensitivity focuses attention on her own body and its changing metrics displayed in her local projection. She feels mild tingling and heat behind her ears, and simultaneously experiences an odd effect of dream-like images superposed on her wake states. Similar prior images recur: a cave and what appear to be late Pleistocene epoch animals and background greenery on mountains.

But differently this siege, those green threads behind her ears infer location. Somehow she knows where Quebec province is in southern Canada. If she were to start traveling now, she could go directly there. She knows this, but can't understand how she can do it, yet she feels supremely confident she can find cave, man, and animals precisely. It feels as though she is in both places simultaneously, superluminally.

Orpha's heart rate accelerates from 58 to 65, and her respiration jumps from 10 to 12. Her diastolic drops from 70 to 62, but her systolic jumps from 118 to 128. Her images are more intense this time, and she sees a ~human life form — an almost god-like form — accompanied by spontaneous heat in her loins. Orpha experiences her first spontaneous orgasm. Respiration jumps to 20 and heart rate pounds to 135. Juco warns that her body conditions are changing abnormally and her symptoms fit no known human malady.

Orpha quickly recovers from her unsolicited, delightful delirium feeling reduced stress, but mentally and physically deflowered. She returns her mind to monitoring her body's status. Images are still superposing, hyper-nexus is still active.

Her heart waves are normal, and her HR, BP, and RR are at pre-orgasm levels. Her brain waves have been abnormal with alpha notes interspersing theta on an approximate 10% duty cycle, but pseudo-randomly. She focuses her attention and sees that alpha flux bursts are synchronous with each image's omnimensional, almost holographic solid flux. And now her images alternate among: cave and animals, green mountains, and a god-like quasi-male form.

Finally she notes that her body temperature flux is nearly synchronous with alpha-theta transitions but with a temporal phase shift of about two seconds.

Orpha reasons that this is probably due to latent time it takes for blood heating and cooling quantons to overcome thermal inertia while she recovers from her extended nonlocal coherence with her intruder from Quebec. Nonlocal tunneling is a zero entropy quantonic process, but actual local quantons remain partially decoherent and experience acceleration of positive entropy during nonlocal tunneling of their neighbors. Simply, they must recover. That is what Juco tells her. It is time to recover.

In one of her typical heuristic spasms, Orpha thinks to herself, "Someday, new hyperlinked quantum-symbiotes will mitigate this problem."

At 1054, as suddenly as her episode began, intruding events and images stop. Orpha's body conditions return to their pre-episode measurements.

Orpha disconnects from Juco's waist sensor. She leaves Juco's ergoenviron and moves to her study. She sits in her favorite lounge chair and starts mentally planning a July trip to Canada.


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